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christmas house tour

    You know that book “if you give a mouse a cookie”? Cutest little picture book and fun story about the chain of events that happen when you give a mouse a cookie. That’s how I felt this year while decorating for Christmas. When you bring in a christmas tree, you’ll have to move the piano, which means the dresser has to move and then while you’re at it, you might as well change the curtains and relocate the coffee maker … and on and on and on.

    After a week of the house in utter disarray, things are put together {at least until the tree gets taken down}, and ready for our annual christmas party this weekend.  I usually use red in our holiday decorating {mostly for the kids’ sake}, but this year I put all the red upstairs in their playroom {see it here} and stuck to my beloved neutrals with lots of green for the downstairs.  It is so me.

    Enjoy the tour …

    // ENTRY //




    // DINING ROOM //

    aka gift wrapping station




    {my newest painting!}






    // THE TREE //



    // STAIRS //


    This was all the kids’ idea. We made snowflakes out of coffee filters for our advent activity one night and the next morning I woke to them taping them up to the wall. It was so creative and sweet and Anthropologie-ish that we kept going.


    // LIVING ROOM //








    living-room-christmas-cards     living-room-sofa-looking-into-kitchen


    // KITCHEN //






    // MY OFFICE //


    office-shelves-and-chair  office-owl-and-ribbons

    Want more christmas decorating ideas and inspiration?

    I’m the first stop on day three of a big blogger home tour, Jamie at  C.R.A.F.T. is next and the tours continue all week. For the entire list of homes, head to The White Buffalo Styling Co.

    I love answering questions and sharing sources, so let me know if you’re curious about anything about our home!

    203 thoughts on “christmas house tour”

    1. I love love love your decor and your pics have been an inspiration for years. And I realize that years have gone by but I still love it and can finally incorporate some so here goes…I’d love to know where you found some of the decor, if you can even remember or point me in the right direction.
      Green pillows?
      Striped rub in kitchen?
      Striped throws?
      Noel pillow?

      For now I think that’s it so thank you in advance!! Again GORGEOUS! I love everything you did here.

      1. Thank, Donna!

        Here are the sources:
        stag – Restoration Hardware
        Green pillows – assorted. Most I made myself, others were from Home Goods or Target.
        Striped Rug – I found mine years and years ago at Ikea, no longer available. But Crate + Barrel has one that is affordable!
        Striped Throw – Ikea
        Noel Pillow – Target, no longer available.

    2. I love the black and white, rug in the kitchen, the black & white light shade, the black & white blanket over the chair, the black & white mugs, and the square basket!! Where did you get those items?!?!

      Thank you!!

      1. Apparently I’m in to black and white :)

        The rug is from IKEA (old). Crate & Barrel sells one as well called the Olin rug (we have an 8×10 up in Audrey’s room).
        The lamp shade is Target (old). Could be a great DIY.
        Mugs are ikea. Should still be available.
        Square basket is a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law.

    3. Hello, I love love love your style! Can you tell me where you got the garland from on your mantle. Is it real? If not, I love how real it does look. Thank you!

      1. The garland is a fresh cedar garland :) It dries up pretty quickly, so you may need to start with one early in the season and then bring in a new one as you get closer to christmas. The good news is that they get less and less expensive the closer you get to Christmas!

    4. I just came across your house tour on Pintrest!! So lovely!! I have a question about the hanging glass door/window in your entry. I l’ve been racking my brain on how to close off a similar doorway in my house!! How did you do it? Used a door or window? This would solve so much!!

    5. I love your chest of drawers. Is it antique? I have read through all your posts and couldn’t see anything on it. Your house is darling!!!

    6. Where are your beautiful chairs from by the fireplace? Are they from the same place as the sofa? Also the black and white striped throw blanket. Such a gorgeous home.

    7. Love your home! Beautiful! Do you know where you got your arm chairs in your living room? Looking for that color. Thank so much!

    8. Hi Emily, I know this is a bit of an odd request in the month of June, but I was just over at Lindsay Letters and saw that she’s having a Christmas in July sale. It got me thinking that I remembered LOVING your All is Calm and All is Bright prints from your Christmas tour. I thought maybe you had gotten them from her and searched all around her site. When I couldn’t find them I came back to your page to look at them again and they look like they’re in your Emily font. ALL THAT TO SAY, just an idea for next Christmas, those would make a great printable in your shop and I would be the first in line to buy them! Hope you’re having a great summer!

    9. You have done such a wonderful job with your ‘simply elegant’ decorating! Absolutely gorgeous! My favorite part?? The TREE! You must have gone in and hand pruned it to get that wonderful, open, old-fashioned look. Am I correct? That is my dream tree! TFS!

    10. I love your gold striped drapes! Such a statement!!! Could you share your glitter spray source? (brand?) and the name of the ikea curtain you used? Thanks!! :)

      1. I found the gold paint at Home Depot in the spray paint aisle. Lowes does not carry it. The curtains are a few years old so they are the older style of the lynda curtains.

    11. I am an Australian living in Minnesota right now but when we return to Australia in a few years and build a house, I HAVE TO have a shingled fireplace. I cannot stop thinking about it! Everything in your home is so lovely and calming and not overdone and real and livable. Just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

    12. Lovely! one quick question – what did you use to stick the snowflakes on the wall, that you know won’t remove any paint when they come off?

    13. Your home is lovely Emily! I love the fireplace and the snowflakes going up the stairs is wonderful!! The neutrals and greens are so you and are beautiful!

      I’d like to know where your deer mugs came from and the Owl cookie jar(?). I love these and the completely go with your decor.

    14. The elk head is amazing, I’ve been looking for one with antlers that large. Would you be able to share where you found it?

      I absolutely love your style! We have a lot of leftover coffee filters (upgraded to a Keurig) and I love what you did with yours, thanks for the inspiration!


    15. thank you , thank you, Emily, for the cards on the blog today -” there IS a Santa, Virginia” – but more to the point, there IS a loving God who cares for us – and we are blessed that you allow Him to work through you to encourage us with His word. I wonder how many others requested that you make this available – I’m just going to believe it’s my own special gift. :)

    16. Love your holiday decorating…those polka dot pillows are awesome and I love the snowflakes. We do this in our kitchen on our huge sliding door, but the windows were just cleaned, so I “borrow” your idea.

    17. Hi Emily !

      Just discovered your blog by way of ” Paint Colors”. Your kitchen walls were highlighted there.

      Was hoping you’d consider sharing the color on your kitchen ceiling, the wall behind your tree and the staircase wall.

      Thanks so much. Your home is lovely & I look forward to reading your blogs.


    18. I just LOVE your coffee mugs with the deer on them! I have been searching for those, where did you find them! Your home is stunning!

    19. So lovely & serene! I love your decorating style so much! Thank you for the walk thru & constant inspiration! I especially love the snowflakes up the staircase!


    20. your home is lovely… I would also like to come and sit for a cup of coffee or cocoa and just take it all in!! Every room has something so unique and the colors are just spectacular! Wish I could turn my house into something that beautiful!! hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season and enjoy your beautiful home!

    21. Thank you for sharing your lovely decorating with us! Want to travel to Michigan and come do mine, too?! :)

      I’d love to know what color paint is that rich gray behind your Christmas tree! I have gray throughout my house but can’t seem to find the right shade—I keep picking ones that have too much purple included!

      Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    22. This is perfection. Not overdone, so classy. One of my favorite parts is the tree skirt. I need a new one; did you just wrap fabric around it, or is it an actual tree skirt? I was going to make one, but if just wrapping fabric around it looks this good I may rethink! If so, how many yards did you use?

    23. Absolutely beautiful! Looks so cozy and comfortable! I would love to know where the striped throws and the striped lampshade are from. Thank you:)

    24. Everything is so beautiful, you have such great taste and style. My favorite is the gold dots on the sliding door. Are those just stickers or what? I want to do that somewhere in my house too! You are such an inspiration!

    25. I so enjoy your style and taste! It is elegant and cozy. It makes me want to swing by for coffee the next time I’m in Seattle (I live in Portland). :-)

    26. Love your home and your style – it is beautiful. Was hoping you could tell me where you bought your couch? Is it comfy and would you buy it again? (We’re in the midst of couch regret.)

      Thank you. Merry Christmas.

    27. Love your home Emily! Thanks so much for letting us readers in. Also love your blog. I was wondering how you did the sillouetts up your stairwell? Would love to try it out. Thank you so much

    28. Sorry but I just want to come and sit and sip coffee(or tea or cocoa) here and soak up every last bit of it! Your home is truly lovely! It is a true reflection of the family who lives within its walls! I am still working on our decor… I have a feeling it will be January before it is “done”, ha ha! I’m just not stressing it… and add to the fact that we are doing little entertaining. But I want it to be happy and calm and beautiful for my family especially since will be the last one where our middle boy will be home. come next year we will be down to one child at home… I so do NOT like that!!!

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us!!

    29. Such a beautiful home! I just adore all of the colors…so calming. Silly question for you…did you have the 3 barstool chairs when your kids were younger? I’ve got an island like that and don’t have chairs there b/c I’ve got 3 littles, but it would be nice to have the extra seating. Just curious if I should forgo until they get older???

      1. We have had those bar stools since we moved in 7 years ago – and throughout the two little ones’ lives. We had their portable high chair seats strapped to them when they were babies, and once they hit about 2.5, they just sat in them with no problem. We’ve maybe had only a few falls and nothing serious. I suppose it depends on the child and family, but we have been fine having the chairs available.

    30. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely home!

      I love the postcard spinner rack on your coffee table holding Christmas cards. Where did you find such a low one? Great idea for Christmas cards!

      Merry Christmas!

      1. Isn’t that so funny how you picture houses differently than they really are? I walked into my friend Melaine’s house {mysweetsavannah} and it was all layed out differently than I imagined.

    31. SO BEAUTIFUL Emily! I loved this post, it was like looking at a magazine. But better. I wish you could style my living room. I don’t know what my taste is, but when I see your home I think- that’s it :)

    32. So, so pretty…love the neutrals and sparkle! Maybe someone already asked, but where are your sisal rugs from? Thanks Emily, as always, for the beauty and inspiration you share with us..

    33. Love your home!!! Where did you buy your Living Room chairs? I also love your new painting in the Dining Room. Where did you find it?

    34. Absolutely beautiful! I am in love with anything that have deer on them and I spotted your mugs with deer. Could you tell me where you got them? Thanks so much!

    35. Hi Emily,
      I was wondering where you get the black and white ribbon on your wreaths and the Merry Christmas ornament? Love your home, it looks so cozy and inviting. Thanks for sharing!

    36. So many things. . .but mostly, the “noel” pillow. Love it!! The pear painting is amazing, & I am dying to copy the “no red” decorating theme. The red in my Christmas decor makes me feel stressed! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. :)

    37. Lovely job Emily. I would love to have a tree for the kids ornaments (that have taken over our tree) and an adult tree. So, one question is: How did your kids respond to having their own tree?
      2) Where did you get the green polka dot pillow in your living room? and the gold polka dot pillows?
      3) I really like the new painting. When will it be available for purchase?
      Thanks for the inspiration.💚

      1. 1. Kids think it is fun to have a tree upstairs. They are pretty laid-back kids, though, so they kinda go with whatever.
        2. I’ll give sources for all of the pillows on tomorrow’s post.
        3. I’d love to scan and offer the new pear painting for sale!

        1. Hi Emily

          Your house is just stunning and one of my favorite pins to refer back to. I absolutely LOVE the pear painting. Is this something you made? Do you sell them? Thanks so much

    38. I think I pinned almost every photo! Gorgeous! I am wondering where the cool, white floor lamp by the couch in the living room is from?

    39. I love those white shelves in your office! Been looking for something similar for a while now!
      Are they a DIY or did u purchase them somewhere?!

    40. It’s like too much beauty to take in at one sitting. I just made it to your dining room and have to take a break. I’ve pinned like every picture so far, ha! (stunning job, as usual)

    41. Emily,
      If you ever decide to move, please leave the house “as is” for me. I promise to take care of it just as well, okay so minus the family photos… lol.

      I love following your blog and am a new fan!
      Everything is beautiful.

    42. Everything is absolutely gorgeous but I have one question– how do you keep everything dusted?? I love the look of open shelves but I’m always scared of how much I’ll have to start dusting if I put them in my house!

    43. Thank you for sharing your home! You inspire me to be more thoughtful about how I decorate my home, and not being so rushed about it. Merry Christmas!

    44. Love it all, especailly the snowflakes, totally a la anthro!
      I wanna see the gold dots on the barn door.
      I think my favorite room is the dining room….but hard to pick one!

    45. It looks beautiful. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who has to move one thing and then another just to set up a tree.
      I would love to know where you got the mugs with the deer on them.
      Thank you

    46. emily!!!!
      i looks amazing!
      & talk about a giving the mouse a cookie…switcheroo on so many things. i absolutely love it.
      AND the painting!
      AND the drapes!
      just perfect!
      all of it.

    47. Oh my goodness. Where do I begin? Every inch of your home is perfection. I love the wreathes in the windows with the striking striped bows. The snowflakes going up your stairs are beautiful and I love that the kids helped. I like your combination of white, gold, black and green. Everything is just wonderful. Definitely the best tour I’ve seen this season and I don’t just gush for the heck of it!

    48. That new painting is just beautiful, Emily! And I love all of the green.

      But I think my favorite is the snowflakes. It’s fun to see how your kids have grown…they seem like wonderful children, you should be very proud.

    49. Simply gorgeous. I enjoyed it very much. I, too, adore the snowflake wall and may have to recreate it! How many packs of coffee filters and aren’t you worried about them leaving tape marks on the paint? Lastly, do you have a post on the childrens’ silhouettes leading up your stairs? I’d love to know how you did them and and what they are printed on/framed in.

    50. Absolutely beautiful. I want to pin every. single. picture. I will be referring back to this post as I finish up my own decorating. Thanks for inviting us in!

    51. Love your home. Festive but in a simple classic way. I’m curious about your kitchen pantry. Is it as neat and organized as all other rooms in your home? Do you store most things in there?

    52. Love your house tour! So pretty all decorated for Christmas! Where did you find the cute glittered reindeer in your dining room? Also love the pear painting. Very pretty!

    53. love so many of your details….
      the entry is beautiful…
      love striped ribbon that you used…black and white is so classic.

      LOVE those chairs in front of your fireplace….where’d you get them?

    54. Hello Emily!
      I admit it, I drool when I look at your house. ;)
      Green & white are my favorite colors & it doesn’t change at Christmas so your décor is right up my alley.
      But I must, MUST have some of those reindeer mugs. Where, oh where, did you get them?

      Oop! I just saw the answer.

      Still want to share how beautiful I think your house and your family are.
      Merry Christmas.

    55. Emily! your home is gorgeous! i love everything you have done for the holidays. I especially love the pillows in your livingroom, where do you find them all?

      happy Holidays!

    56. Gorgeous! Fresh and festive; classy and calm. What a delight. In a season that can be full of clutter and chaos, your home is like a breath of fresh air…

      And I love your new painting – I hope you’ll offer art prints (that would look pretty great on the brick wall of my kitchen).

    57. LOVING the black & white stripes this holiday season! Beautiful home.. simple and elegant! Ps.. I too stick with neutral tones during the holiday season.. with soft whites, golds and silvers :) How do you hang wreaths in your windows? What do you adhere the bakers twine to?

    58. {{{LOVE}}} oh my gosh, you always inspire me i LOVE everything about your house! the striped ribbon that you use can you please share your source? (one used on wreath and also the 2 on your gift wrap station). Thanks and have a wonderful holiday!!

    59. What a gorgeous home! Thank you for the inspiration. I love your stockings and color scheme. Just curious- how did you hang the wreath in the kitchen window? Is it with sheer ribbon?

      Thanks for sharing. You have an amazing eye for design!

    60. LOVE your home! Where is the white bowl in your living room from? I have been looking for a bowl like that to put fruit in. Merry Christmas!

    61. Emily–that pear painting!! I love it! The color is just perfect. Might it become a print someday?!? Thanks for sharing your beautiful home–always so wonderful to see how others interpret Christmas.

    62. so very pretty!!!! i love how you decorated for the holidays without the traditional red and how it looks so festive and fabulous! also love your mix of patterns and colors! what a beautiful home : ) happy holidays!

    63. The house looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I’m curious about something in your first kitchen photo. What is the hanging piece on the far right, that looks like it has tags in it?

    64. I love every single little detail. You did a wonderful job! Festive and cozy but still elegant. I love how the gold dots in the first pic look like bokeh!

    65. Lovely! The combination of black, white & green with mixed metals and lots of glass is both current and classic. Great job! I especially love your gallery wall of silhouettes. We had one done for our son when he turned three and it is absolutely one of my most favorite possessions. Happy holidays to you and yours!

    66. Love, love, love your house Emily! I pinned a few of the pictures on my “dream home” pinterest board. Your house is so lovely and so warm and inviting. Thank you for putting up these pictures! It inspires me in many ways.

      I love the nativity set you have – I’m sure it’s older and something you’ve had for awhile, so this may be a shot in the dark. Where is the nativity set from?

      I love the snowflakes!!! I think it’s so important for kids to show their own creativity and I love homes that showcase just that but aren’t too over the top. The snowflakes are just right and are so much fun. Merry Christmas to your sweet family!

      1. What a compliment!

        The nativity set is several years old from my Aunt – one of our favorite christmas traditions to set up each year. The little pieces are not marked so I’m not sure what the maker is.

    67. Such elegant decorations! I’m in all love with all the touches of gold. Can I ask where you got the gold dot stickers and the gold dot banner?

    68. Wow – so gorgeous! I want to “borrow” pretty much every idea you have posted here. You truly have a gift – and thank you for sharing it!

    69. Just beautiful! You have an amazing sense of style. I can feel the peace and joy of Christmas in your home.
      Merry Christmas and many blessings for 2014!

    70. Oh Emily…it is absolutely gorgeous and can I tell you how much I love that wall of snowflakes! I am sure the kids had so much fun making those and you know those are going to be the kind of things that they remember about this time of year and carry on those activities with their own children. I love that. Love the view from your couch of the fireplace, too. So beautiful! xo, Jesse

    71. Yep, just like I thought it would be…gorgeous! Love that it’s a classy yet warm Christmas…that wall with the snowflakes!! and your fireplace Gah! ….Happy to have stopped by and visit you…xox

    72. Love!! It.all. The gold dots? Are they stickers? And the snowflake wall is so charming! I love that your table is gift wrap central…. So fun, a good twist -everyone’s tables are all set, this is more real life to me! Although I think if I had your office I’d never ever leave there to wrap or do anything else for that matter :) and a party this weekend? Wow-how do you do it all?

    73. Your curtains are so pretty! Are they painted? If you did, how wide are the stripes and what color? If you didn’t, could you tell us the source for the fabric? :) Love your beautiful home!

      1. I’ll post a closeup of the curtains because you really can’t see the detail in these shots. They are white ikea curtains spray painted with gold glitter paint. So strange. But I love them :)

        Stripes are 14″.

    74. Your home looks great!! I’d love to know where you got the gold dot pillows in the entry way and living room. Also, the gold dot bunting in the dining room. Thanks!!!

    75. I was so excited when I woke this morning to see your Christmas home tour.. So much inspiration always and absolutely gorgeous as usual! I love the green! Wondering where the striped rug in your kitchen is from and the striped mugs as well. I love your kids’ creativity with the snowflake wall, such a fun, whimsical feel! Merry Christmas!

      1. Striped rug is old from ikea. I have a couple of them and sort of wish I bought a bunch more while they carried them!

        Striped mugs are also from ikea. They came in a set with two striped and two dots. I bought two packs and gave the dot mugs to my mom {who re-gifted to my sister – ha!}

    76. Oh my GOSH, your home is gorgeous! So many pieces I’d love to have in mine ;)
      I love your Christmas decor too. The snowflakes up the stairs are just so fun and pretty.
      Excited to be in this home tour series with you ;)
      Happy Holidays!

    77. I want to come over and have coffee and take a slow tour thru your whole house!! You are one of my most favorite blogs. So my question is what are you using to hold the Christmas cards on your coffee table???? Your home is awesome! Just hung your winter freebie essentials in my entryway!

    78. This is the prettiest home tour I’ve seen all season! I love how sparkly and festive it looks, without being “overdone”. Thank you for sharing!

    79. I love the tour but especially the striped drapes! I’m guessing you painted the ikea curtains? How wide are the stripes and what color?? Love love love!

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