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White Pom Pom Wreath DIY (for under $20)

    Make a pom pom wreath for under $20 / jones design company

    How festive is our stag in his new pom pom wreath?!


    Last year I made a bunch of pom pom garlands to hang around the house (see an example here). This year, I thought I’d take the yarn pom pom thing a step further and make a big, fluffy, wintery wreath to hang around the neck of the stag head hanging above the fire place.

    About the stag head: it was an on-a-whim purchase by Ryan when we redid our fireplace and it is such a great statement piece. I know deer heads have been all the rage, but I’m still into this one. We bought it from Restoration Hardware. Good news! It’s on sale now for over $100 off.

    So back to the pom poms. I made a bunch using two full skeins of chunky yarn (be sure to use your 50% off craft store coupon as each pack is about $9). I had a few leftover poms in a different shade of white from the garland that I added in and the slight variation in creamy white is nice.

    To make the pom poms, I use this large pom pom maker. You can see the exact pom-making steps on this post. For this large wreath, I used about 35 large pom poms (I probably could have used more).

    To make the wreath, here’s what you’ll need:


    large pom poms / styrofoam wreath form / chunky yarn / tacky glue / embroidery floss / needle

    (PLEASE NOTE: I bought the 12″ styrofoam wreath form at my local craft store for $5.99. The link above is some outrageous price, so don’t buy from there, but I just wanted to link you to the product so you can see exactly what it is.)

    STEP ONE: wrap the wreath form in yarn


    Tie a knot to hold and start wrapping, keeping the yarn taught. You can add drops of glue every once in a while to hold the yarn in place, but it is not necessary.


    I’m sure you’ve seen wreaths just wrapped in yarn – they look very modern and pretty, so go ahead and stop the project at this point if you’d like :)

    STEP TWO: add the pom poms


    You could add your poms in a number of ways – hot glue would work or that tacky glue. I just wasn’t sure how well the pom poms would stay with glue, so I decided to stitch them on using embroidery thread and a large needle.


    Thread the needle with a long piece of thread and knot the end. Run the needle through the center of the pom so it goes through the center knotted part to hold. Now stitch it to the wreath either under the wrapped yarn (but not through the styrofoam) or by wrapping the thread around the wreath and back through the pom to secure tightly.


    As long as your embroidery thread matches your poms, go ahead and be messy with your stitching method.


    I stitched poms to the front and outside edge because I knew it was going to be a tight fit around the stag’s neck. You could fill in as much as you prefer.

    With space for about three more pom poms, I ran out of yarn (oops!). Not a big deal in my case since it was going around the stag’s neck and you can’t see the top. But if you are hanging yours, go ahead and finish the wreath.


    Once it was done (ish) I pulled the stag off the wall, put the wreath around his neck and hung him back up.


    What a fun way to add color and texture for very little time and less than $20.


    We’re slowly adding in Christmas decorations to our house (I’m trying to go with white, white and more white) and this pom wreath is a great start.


    Need an afternoon craft? Give this pom pom wreath a try!

    26 thoughts on “White Pom Pom Wreath DIY (for under $20)”

    1. Love this!! Can you explain how to finish the wrapping of the yarn on the wreath? Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see that explanation. Thank you! Live your blog. :)

    2. I love your Pom Pom wreath! I think I may make one after Christmas for a winter decoration. I think you should hang an ornament off your deer’s antler!?

      1. And, I saw a tall pom pom tree (attached to a styrofoam cone, I’m sure) at Home Goods that was to die for…I might attempt that as well. Thanks for the tutorial.

    3. How many sceens (I think thats the word.. rolls, maybe?) of yarn did you use to make 35 pom poms. I bought the pom pom maker in your post, did you use the larger (blue) or smaller (green) of the two? I made 22 for a pillow (not done yet) with the blue larger one and it took lots longer than I anticipated, maybe I’ll use those for the wreath and the smaller for the pillow???? I love all you do. It speaks to me :)

      1. I used the large (blue) pom pom maker. I used the full two skeins of the chunky yarn pictured and then a handful of poms I already had. To be safe, I would go with 3 packs of yarn.

    4. Quick question! Is your stag head the “Iron” or the “Rust” version … I’m guessing Iron but thought I’d double check…

        1. You answered “iron”, but I think the finish is rust. The iron finish is very shiny vs the rustic look of yours. Oh – and it did go on sale again…:)

    5. Can you show us a close up of the tags hanging from your stockings? They look so pretty I would love to see the details! Thank you!!

    6. Perhaps you can’t share, but what brand / type of yarn do you use? Love the look of the chunky but there are so many types! We made our first 5 poms this weekend. LOVE.

    7. So pretty, I love it! And you can leave it up all winter! Don’t you love the pom pom maker? I just used the large one to make big pom poms for the corners of pillow covers for the chairs on my porch.

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