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a love note to our house

    This week we celebrate our wedding anniversary.  I was going to write a mushy blog-post-love-note to my amazingly talented, handsome, smart, funny, wise husband for all to see, but instead decided he’d probably rather not the world know how thankful I am to be more in love with him now than when we first met when we were practically babies and how special I know it is that we have each other for support and laughter and long, long talks about dreams and goals and what it is the Lord wants for us. He’d like it better if I wrote him a card. So I’ll do that.

    Instead, I have a few words for our house.

    It’s our anniversary, too.

    Seven years ago on our wedding anniversary, we moved into our new home.  Never did we imagine we’d love it so.


    Dear house,

    I’m afraid I have to start this note with an apology.  You see, without even realizing, I’m sure we’ve hurt your feelings. Over and over and over.

    If you had feelings.

    We spend way more time talking about how we’d like to change you – how if only you were more like this we might love you more – than we do loving you just as you are.  From the outside, it’s true. I would love you more if you had wide planks painted white instead of worn carpet downstairs. And I would love you more if our bathroom walls were clad in subway tiles and floors were slate and cabinets were white and we didn’t have that gigantic bathroom mirror but rather two statement pieces with stylish sconces. I would love you more if you had a larger garage to store all of our you-know-what and I would love you more if you weren’t backed up to identical homes on every side. I’m most certain that these things would make us love you more.

    So we’ve made changes to you; we’ve painted and papered, nailed and trimmed. We’ve added molding, changed out light fixtures, replaced counter tops and gave you shingles.

    And even still, even with all of these changes that have made you prettier in our eyes, you are still the same house we moved into seven years ago.

    You are walls. You are a roof. You are a place to sleep and eat and gather.

    And you do all of these things so well. Even without the paint and paper and nails and trim. You are perfect.

    When we moved in, we never imagined we would still call you home this many years later. You were our second home, a BIG step up from our first tiny, practically falling down 80 year-old house with a rodent problem. It was cute, but you were new. And you had a dishwasher! You lured us in with your many rooms and never-been-used kitchen. I remember standing in the backyard on our first visit with the new sod lines still there and feeling in my heart that you were it. You were our new home and a place that we could share. A place we were called to share.

    So we moved in. The four of us, at that time. Which quickly became five and then six. You’ve been a home to not only us, but to other families for months at a time as well. We are grateful for your ability to house friends who needed a home.

    You’ve been a gathering place for parties, holidays, football games, playdates, bible studies, craft nights, poker games.

    And you’ve been our canvas.

    Maybe that’s what I’m most thankful to you for. You’ve given me a place to work out my creativity. Your walls inspire me.

    They say that it’s not the house that makes a home but the people who live in it.

    I sort of disagree.

    Someday we will move away to a new home that maybe has those wide plank floors and a expansive view out our windows and we’ll learn to call it home. But it won’t be the same. We will miss you. Even though it’s our family and friends who have breathed life into you, it’s you that has given us a place to live. A place to love. To share. To rest. To create. To enjoy. To grow. A place to breathe.

    Thank you, dear house, for doing your job and doing it well.

    Happy anniversary.


    your family



    17 thoughts on “a love note to our house”

    1. Dear Emily: I LOVED your anniversary love letter to your house! How very special it is & so original. It made me think about our home of 24 years that we sold & left about 15 months ago, which I will always love & still miss terribly. And our new home now – well, not new, no, NOT at all; in fact, it’s older than the one we left BUT it’s new to us & we are wanting to do many of the things “to embellish” it that you have done/are doing to your home. So I understand all of your feelings & I marvel at how well you were able to organize all your thoughts & put them into words, in such a meaningful way. Sentiments so lovingly expressed. And, having followed your blog since Audrey was barely a toddler, I’ve seen your updates on quite a few of your projects now completed & looking just so cozy & welcoming in your photos here. I might just possibly love your kitchen most of all but then there’s your fireplace – which is so awesome. ANYWAY, one last thing – since I am a writer also (without my own blog) & since I have enjoyed your writings for several years, I feel compelled to point out a couple of misspelled words in your anniversary love letter to your house. I sincerely hope you will not think me a shocking, rude, or arrogant CREEP to even have THE NERVE to mention such things. BUT, I DO mention this because the letter you wrote is just so special & why should it NOT be also perfectly written, including spelling? I am confident that if you had proofread it just once more or had your hubby or a friend look only once more, you would have found these teensy but noticeable mistakes. And there are ONLY TWO. One is the word “lured” – the part about the house “lured” you in with its unused kitchen etc. You spelled it “loured” – just lose the “o”, so it should be LURED. (verb = to lure, lured, luring etc). The other little goof was at the end of the letter, where you finish by thanking your dear house for being a home, for all it gives to you & your family etc. You said “to breath” – which should be “to breathe”. Just the only other little mistake in one of the most creative & touching posts you have written to date. You wrote “breath”, which is missing the “e” at the end & actually, as written, is another word – related but different – breath, as in breath mints, bad breath etc. So, just add the “e” & it’s all perfect – “to breathe”, BREATHE. Easy peezy. So I hope you don’t hate me. These two oh so simple items stood out to me & I know you deserve to have your amazing letter be PERFECT (which, actually, it IS anyway, even with the two typos/misspellings), so now you can eliminate those! Now it will be PERFECTLY perfect, right? Please take my humble comments in the loving spirit I have intended. Let me also wish a very happy spring to you & your wonderful family & of course, your amazing HOME. Your Friend, Georgia from So CA. P.S. You are SO lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest! We have long time best friends in the Seattle area & I fell so in love with it all the very first time we visited up there. Also hoping we can retire up there someday! Blessings to you & your family! G.

      1. Thank you for the sweet words and the spelling corrections! I appreciate spelling and grammar and often miss errors, so I am thankful that you kindly let me know! Changes have been made :)

    2. Love your note your home Emily! Please turn your home pic above into a print to buy. I love it – think it would look great in my home with a cute saying or something under it! :)

    3. How super sweeet. Happiest of anniversaries for your marriage and your home. We have lived in 3 other homes since we were married, and I always feel something in my heart each time we pass them. Homes are where our lives take place.

    4. This makes me a little teary. I’m in love with my house, too. It’s teeny. It’s tiny. The galley kitchen won’t let anyone pass when the fridge is open. But, it’s home. It’s ours and I love it. So, I really loved this.

    5. I love these sweet thoughts and observations, Emily! Well said — us home blogger types are always looking to change things, but it’s good to appreciate our homes, too. :)
      Happy Friday ~ xo Heidi
      PS: and Happy Anniversary!

    6. I love this anniversary note to your home. I feel sure my home has had her feelings hurt over the past 20 years and may be a bit unhappy that we’re going to add on to her very soon. I loved her when I moved in 20 years ago, but I must say I love her more today!! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby (and your home)!

    7. Beautiful note!! I felt this way about our last home and should probably feel bad for our new house with how bad we talk about it :). Homes are where your memories are made!

    8. Aww Emily, this was sweet! And Happy Anniversary! I can truly say I “love” our home, and I feel a little sad as we’ve been talking about moving South in the next few years and leaving this home behind. We’ve been here for 18+ years now, with this being our 5th home. I’ve come to realize that each home has a distinct “feeling” to it, and this home by far is my happiest, warmest and most loving home :)

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