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a simple birthday party {and a really great gift idea}

    My No. 2 turned six this month. September is usually a beautiful month around here and so we decided to do a party at the park again this year {see last year’s here}.

    brady invite

    But the day of the party was chilly and blustery, so we moved the party to our house.

    Have you ever played cookie doodle? It is my boys’ current favorite ipad game. We based the birthday treats on the game and the kids decorated cookies.






    There were a lot of kids! And I was a little worried it would be out-of-control, but it actually turned out to be a really fun project {and yummy too}.



    {do you think my oldest has a sweet tooth?!}


    {she does too}

    If you are looking for a simple party idea, perhaps you could try a cookie decorating party. I bought the sugar cookies from walmart for $2 a dozen, a few jars of frosting and lots of sprinkles, mini candies and sour gummy worms {a big hit}. Easy, inexpensive and lots of fun.

    zig zag

    At the party, one of #2’s best buddies gave him the most thoughtful homemade gift.


    My friend Rae {} comes up with the best ideas : I’m especially in love with this one : a build a fort kit.


    For a family who builds forts daily, this is the perfect make-it-yourself gift.


    The kids love it.


    Rae has put together a tutorial with instructions for how to put together a fort kit of your own. You can learn how to make it at


    34 thoughts on “a simple birthday party {and a really great gift idea}”

    1. Love this whole thing and just might use it for my little girl who’s turning 6 in March. She loves the fort thing and couldn’t understand why she doesn’t have one! Haha, just you wait peanut!

    2. Super cute birthday party! I love how together everything looks even though you had to change it the day of. And those bright and happy birthday plates? Perfect! Thanks for all the great ideas.

    3. Really Really like.. as in gonna steal it ;) ! Where did you get the plates?.. I really love those, and I am sorry but the straws make the whole party! :) LOL! getting those too. Thanks Girl!

    4. This is just about the cutest party idea and the cutest gift idea I’ve ever seen. I think my nease (5) would LOVE this for a Christmas gift. A GIRLIE fort!!! I can’t think of anything better!!!!

      As for the party I will be borrowing this idea as soon as my sweet little girl is old enough for sour gumming worms!!!

    5. This is such a cute idea – both the cookies and the tent! :) Does anyone know what font is used on the invite (in orange). I’ve actually been searching for something identical for my little man’s b-day invites and keep coming up empty handed!

    6. I LOVE the party idea and the fort gift idea. Fabulous! What a fun post to read…on my birthday! I’m 29 and would love both of those for my birthday. But I can’t complain because I got my first dog yesterday. Murphy is a great gift.

    7. I used to decorate gingerbread men with friends every year for my birthday! It was SO FUN! It’s a great idea…it can be a little messy, but it’s worth it! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! :)

    8. Our family has two birthdays coming up next month. We usually just do a small family party, so it’s easy for me to go simple. Too simple. This is a great reminder for me to get in gear and plan some fun, special days for my kiddos.

    9. WOW.!!
      And the cookie decoration idea is so fun. We used to do the same with cupcakes for several birthdays. Very fun & inexpensive! But I think cookies is an even better idea and think we might use that idea next. Thanks!

    10. What a wonderfully yummy and simple birthday party idea. Kids birthday parties have gotten so entirely out of hand, that my nieces have forgone them altogether, for their children. I think some of the over the top parties are more for the parents, than the kids. I am stealing the “fort” idea for my nephew for his birthday! He’s gonna love it!

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