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Free Fall Iphone Covers (in updated sizes!)

    A friendly reader emailed a week ago mentioning that she loved the free iphone covers I posted years ago and switches out the cover with each new season.

    To tell you the truth, I forgot about these darling covers! My poor phone has been naked for over a year (and it shows with all the dings and cracks. oops! Lesson learned: use a cover!).

    She went on to request updated sizes since iphones have increased significantly with each new fancy upgrade. So, blog friend, your request is granted. Free fall iphone covers in updated sizes!


    You may remember from the original post that this is the most basic of all diy projects.

    Free Printable Iphone Covers for Fall . Just snap into a clear case for a totally custom cover! / jones design company

    Start by downloading and printing the covers on white card stock (click here for recommended sources).

    Next, trim around the edges of the design you like best.

    Cut the camera hole using a hole punch to start and then cut the rest with scissors.

    Now place the cover face down into the clear case.

    Snap your phone into the case.

    And there you have it … a totally customizable iphone cover that you can switch out anytime.

    Free Printable Iphone Covers for Fall / jones design company

    The updated files are now in THE ARCHIVE along with all of our best free prints, templates and fonts.  If you are not an Archive member, simply add your email to the list and you’re in!


    I’ll be updated the other iphone covers as the seasons come, so keep an eye out for them!

    15 thoughts on “Free Fall Iphone Covers (in updated sizes!)”

    1. Hi Emily,

      These images are just right for the season! I have been using them as changable art on my bulletin boards at work and home. I would love to use them as wallpapers for my phone and laptop…is there any way that can be done?


    2. Hi Emily! I think I’m missing something! I’ve downloaded the autumn ones, but all I see in the files are the ones from iPhones 4 & 5. Where can I find the ones for iPhone 6?

      Thank you!!!!

    3. I love these! When I went to the autumn covers download, I only saw 4s and 5. I didn’t see the updated sizes? Am I missing something obvious?

      1. Sorry for the trouble. I had to reset the page and they should show up now! You know it is the current page if the fall iphone covers are the first in the grid :)

    4. I so appreciate your creative kind and your willingness to share with us! I may need to invest in a clear case… These are too cute!

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