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who am i?

I sat on the beach, tears streaming down my cheeks, asking the hardest question I could think to ask: WHO AM I? Towards the end of our trip to Hawaii last spring, I just needed a moment to myself. Just me. And God. On the beach. I get this way sometimes; it’s the true introvert in me. After […]

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Christmas Essentials (free art print!)

Merry Christmas, my friends! I’m so happy to finally share this newest watercolor illustration with you! The Christmas Essentials print has been on my ‘can’t wait to make’ list for a while. I did a winter essentials print (found here) to go along with the seasonal essential prints (here is the spring, summer and autumn […]

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Free Fall Iphone Covers (in updated sizes!)

A friendly reader emailed a week ago mentioning that she loved the free iphone covers I posted years ago and switches out the cover with each new season. To tell you the truth, I forgot about these darling covers! My poor phone has been naked for over a year (and it shows with all the […]

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fun freebie / fruit note cards

While cleaning off some files in my computer, I came across these fruit note cards. I designed them months ago – probably more like a year ago – and they sat there in a hidden file, forgotten. Poor cute little fruit note cards. So yesterday I finished them up, formatted the pdf file and today they […]

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fun freebie: summer essentials watercolor art

Well happy (official) summer! School ended for us last week and we’ve jumped right into summer mode: lazy mornings, shorts + flip flops, grilled anything for dinner and evening walks around the neighborhood. This time of year is the best in the Pacific Northwest – the weather is warm, but mild (think high 70’s – […]

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fun freebies: striped number art

Because I can’t get enough of black + white stripes (I even have a pinterest board dedicated to the pattern!) and bold typography (here’s the pinterest board for that!), I had some fun combining the two into these cute STRIPED NUMBERS ART PRINTS. You could use them for birthdays, add them over coat racks to […]

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free spring art print

There is still a week or two before the official first day of spring, but don’t you just feel ready?! We’ve had some uncharacteristically sunny, warm days in the Pacific Northwest and it’s been lovely. We’ve played outside and opened the windows and bought my first bunch of springtime tulips. Last year I watercolored an […]

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freebie gift tags

Are you busy wrapping gifts? I’m still shopping (still!) but soon I’ll move on to the wrapping phase and the pretty gifts will sit under the tree for all of two days before they are torn open. Someday I’ll learn to move things along a little faster so I can enjoy those festively wrapped gifts. […]

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First of Fall

Happy September 1st! I’ll be honest … I’m not as ready for fall as I usually am. This summer has been great and I’m still hanging on to the last threads. The kids go back to school in a few days and so I fully expect that by the end of the week I’ll be […]

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free easter goodies

Two years ago, the oh-so-talented Lindsay and I collaborated on this set of prints for the Easter season. The mix of her lovely lettering, pretty watercolor backgrounds and my favorite Easter-morning saying makes for a cheerful collection. Using Lindsay’s artwork as inspiration, I played around with some holiday table settings. There are lots of do-it-yourself […]

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spring essentials (freebie art print)

Well, it’s still raining daily up here in the Pacific Northwest and I know elsewhere around the country fresh snow covers the ground, but I’ve seen tiny buds on blossoming cherry trees, heard the first chirp of a bird and have the itch to give our house a big wipe down. This could only mean […]

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serve one another in love (free printable)

As I was thinking about different quotes and song lyrics, phrases and thoughts about love, my mind remembered a verse that truly is the embodiment of how I want love to look for me and my family. To serve one another in love. To be kind and generous with our time, our home, our food […]

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free iphone covers {new designs}

These new iphone cover designs were supposed to be wintery to go with the previous original, summer and autumn designs – but what came out is decidedly un-wintery! We’re still so far from spring, but cheerful colors and trendy geometrics can work for any time of year, maybe even especially when the weather is on […]

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winter essentials {freebie art print}

When I first painted the summer essentials artwork, I was just doodling with my kids. Who knew this would turn into a seasonal series of artwork?! If you loved the summer essentials print and adored the autumn essentials print, I think you’ll be pleased with this charming new winter essentials painting. Included are some of […]

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three ways to practice gratitude

How wonderful is it to have this community where we can let down our guards, be honest for a moment and admit that we don’t have it all together?! It seems many of us desire to have hearts full of gratitude, but we’re falling short and not exactly sure how to get there.  I’ve spent […]

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