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christmas movie bingo

    Confession: I’m an unashamed fan of Hallmark Christmas movies. It all started for me last year. I sort of feel like maybe Hallmark Christmas movies made a leap into pop culture last year? All of the sudden it felt like people were watching and talking… Continue Reading…christmas movie bingo

    who am i?

      I sat on the beach, tears streaming down my cheeks, asking the hardest question I could think to ask: WHO AM I? Towards the end of our trip to Hawaii last spring, I just needed a moment to myself. Just me. And God. On the beach.… Continue Reading…who am i?

      free spring art print

        There is still a week or two before the official first day of spring, but don’t you just feel ready?! We’ve had some uncharacteristically sunny, warm days in the Pacific Northwest and it’s been lovely. We’ve played outside and opened the windows and bought my… Continue Reading…free spring art print

        freebie gift tags

          Are you busy wrapping gifts? I’m still shopping (still!) but soon I’ll move on to the wrapping phase and the pretty gifts will sit under the tree for all of two days before they are torn open. Someday I’ll learn to move things along a… Continue Reading…freebie gift tags

          First of Fall

            Happy September 1st!

            I’ll be honest … I’m not as ready for fall as I usually am. This summer has been great and I’m still hanging on to the last threads. The kids go back to school in a few days and so I fully expect that by the end of the week I’ll be back to my normal autumn-loving self – lighting candles and pulling out my favorite fall sweaters and craving hot tea.

            Last year I painted this cute Autumn Essentials watercolor print and just looking at it reminds me how wonderful this next season is.

            autumn-essentials printable free-download

            Slippers. The sound of rain. Changing leaves. Tall boots. Cozy, warm colors and pumpkin pie.Continue Reading…First of Fall