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thank you notes for kids

    One thing I’d really like to instill in my children is the art of the thank you note.

    My sister is so good about sending notes {in the mail!} and I always appreciate her thoughtfulness in doing so.  Plus, I think reminding my munchkins to be full of gratitude is a good thing.

    I have a small line of printable note cards that I designed with kids in mind.

    We decided to try out a few designs after our February birthday craziness calmed down.


    Fill-in-blanks for my now SEVEN year old {still tearing up at the thought}.


    Super easy and quick to fill in the fun stuff {perfect for those who don’t want to sit for hours writing thank you notes}.

    And for Audrey’s thank you notes, I used a couple of my favorite designs:


    flower {in blue}


    frame {in taupe}


    and tweet {in pink}





    I like a small note card so that I can write a nice sentiment quickly {these are 3.5 x 5}.  Because inevitably, while I am trying to complete a task, this little darling is moving all over the place and climbing up on the table.


    I think she just wanted in on the action of writing thank you notes.

    You can see the entire line of printable cards by clicking on the button.


    40 thoughts on “thank you notes for kids”

    1. Emily, I love your paper products! I will admit I’ve been stealing your decorating ideas too. Do you have wedding cards by any chance? My husband and I are recently married and as freshly graduated students from a Christian college, many of our friends are getting married too! I’d love to have something cute and original to give. I know I received several of the same Hallmark cards when we got married. Thank you!!

    2. I just used all of these last weekend after we hosted 30 people for BOTH of our kids’ birthdays! They are 1 and 3, but I did one from each kid…and taped it inside a thank you card. They looked ADORABLE! and I know that the relatives appreciate the cuteness:) Thank you Emily for making life a little more beautiful!

    3. You write so pretty! I love the cards, they are adorable. I might have to get some, my little one turns 5 in a few months … just have to decide which one to get :-\

    4. just ordered your entire set of printables i think! lol. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again……they are so HAPPY! thank you for making them available :)

    5. oh my, I know everyone else is saying it, but I LOVE YOUR HANDWRITING! Can you please make this into a font so I can pretend I write like you??? Let me know about this handwriting class! Man, I’m so jealous!

    6. Hi Emily,
      I just LOVE all your printable cards!!! Quick question, what envelopes to you buy for the cards? Thanks!

    7. Truly love your handwriting myself Emily! I purchased your first set of thank you notes and have enjoyed using them and giving them as gifts. I embelished some by your tutorial (many thanks!), and they were accepted with “oohs” and “aahs”! I will be purchasing some of your newer ones also. Always, thanks for giving us pretty paper ideas….I’ve always had a love of paper, and still believe it’s the “southern” thing to respond with written notes. Keep up the great work, and all your wonderful ideas. I too would love to know what pens/markers you use when writing your wonderful words.

    8. I really, really like these. When you purchase them to print, do you print as many as you want or only one page of 4? Please advise as I also love the art of thank you notes and want to have a bunch on hand in a basket in the kitchen so the kids can do at any time. Let me know. Also, do you have a multi-pack?

      1. Ahhh, thanks. This is my handwriting just as it comes out but believe me, it can get pretty sloppy too. I’m thinking about doing a little online workshop on penmanship … thought it could be a fun thing for us ladies who like to write pretty! I’ll keep you posted when I put it together …

        1. I love that idea! I hope you do it. Funny to see Im not the only one admiring your handwriting, I was hoping it was something I could download at the website you introduced last week (that I am now OBSESSED with). So many great ideas. Thanks!

      1. I use a 100# linen textured paper from I buy wholesale and in bulk {like 1500 sheets at a time!} so I’m not sure if it is for everyone. Paper Source has a nice paper that is very thick called Luxe White {300gsm}

        I don’t have a very favorite pen, but I do like an ultra fine tip. The one that I was writing with in the photo is a Pilot Precision Extra Fine in black.

    9. I love all of your ideas and tutorials! This is such a great site you’ve got!

      I have a question: What kind of printer do you have that you can print on heavy cardstock? I’m guessing it must be pretty heavy-duty.


      1. My printer is a Canon Pixma ip8500. It is a photo quality printer with 8 ink cartridges which makes for nice print quality. Unfortunately it is discontinued, but I have heard that the Canon i9900 is equally great with taking heavy paper.

    10. I love the fact that I am not the only one left in the world that sends out Thank You notes! I was raised that way so I have continued it into my adulthood and am teaching my children the same. My husbands family are not thank you note people so he doesn’t quite understand it. I think not only is it polite to thank someone for taking the time to do something or buy something for you, but also if it comes in the mail, it lets the sender know you did in fact receive it. Also, I like when i get a thank you note from someone and they let me know that they enjoyed whatever i did/made for them. It makes me smile. Good for you!

    11. Those are adorable! We are thank you note fiends around here and I have a wee bit of a notecard problem. Do I understand your shop correctly that it’s only $4.95 and I can print as many as I want? What a fabulous bargain!

    12. super love your handwriting! wow does that take time to write? beautiful stuff, once again….thinking of getting a few for my son’s upcoming birthday.:)

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