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20 great finds at Target

    I popped into Target the other night to grab something quickly from the pharmacy. But you know how it goes … you go in for one thing and walk out with a million others.

    On this particular night, I actually only left with one thing not on my list (#proudmoment #suchrestraint) but I couldn’t help myself from wandering the aisles for just a few minutes looking at all the cute things.

    I’ve done this style of post before – right here about cute stuff at IKEA – and it was a reader favorite. So I’m back with a Target edition. These are just 20 cute things I found in the home goods section that caught my eye.

    We’ll start with this handsome mug. I almost put this one in my basket because it goes so well with my black and white coffee mugs (seen here).


    Just around the corner from the mugs sat these cute marble bowls. They call them dip bowls and I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I would use it more as a decorative item on a shelf or for holding jewelry on a bathroom counter.


    I don’t know what it is about coasters, but I like them. These wood with brass accents are so modern, yet classic and they would make a really great hostess gift for holiday parties.

    SET OF 4 COASTERS $9.99

    I only barely glanced at the Christmas stuff because I’m just not quite ready. But these gold candle holders caught my eye. They could stay all year long on a mantle or dining table. I don’t currently own candlesticks and I’m thinking maybe I should.


    Oh, boy. Magnolia does it again with this year’s Christmas line. Again, I didn’t fully immerse myself in it because I have willpower and am not ready to let my brain think about Christmas. This wreath, however, was too good to miss. It is faux eucalyptus and very pretty.


    Do you have one (or four) of these hand towels yet? They’ve been in the store for a while and I can’t stop them. The stripes, the fringe, the absorbent material. This is what we use in our guest bath.


    I’m on the hunt for a new fall-to-winter transition scent. This Marine Moss candle from Magnolia is nice. It is clean and not too earthy. And, I like the white tin.


    Remember how I said I only walked out with one extra item? It was this candle. I have it burning right now and it smells delightful. I’m not so sure it smells either fallish or winterish, but I like it anyway.


    This wood frame with mat is such a good basic. I have two of them in our house (one seen here in my office).


    I’ve got my eye on this lamp for a corner of our family room and have only ever seen it online. I went by the lamp section and it was on display and I like it very much in person as well.


    Perhaps you know my love of fresh greenery. Well, lately I’ve been drawn to vases with narrower openings to hold stems and branches. This bubble vase is such a pretty gray-blue color and a great size and shape.

    BUBBLE VASE $17.99 (here’s the same one in yellow and a different shape in the dark gray)

    How cute are these pom pom trimmed curtains? Now, here’s my problem with Target curtains: they are way too short for most windows. But, did you know you can find longer lengths online? They have 84″, 95″ and 108″. Also, I’m a little confused as to why they are not sold in pairs, but alas, they are not. These are single panel so make sure you buy two if you order them for your house.

    POM STRIPE CURTAIN PANEL 54×108″ $34.99

    It’s time to update our sheets for our bed. We rotate between two sets and both are getting a little tired. This set is one that we’ve used for a few years and I still love it. Do I just get a new one in this exact same style?!


    This sweet sweater blanket lives happily on Audrey’s bed (seen here) and in the gray-green version on Ethan’s bed (seen here). The pink one is the perfect shade of dusty pink, they add texture and are warm and cozy.

    SWEATER KNIT BLANKET $39.99 for twin

    This little throw blanket was just down the way from the sweater one and its fringe has me tempted. But do you know what I don’t need? Another throw blanket.

    FRINGE THROW $29.99

    Do you know what I don’t need even more than more throw blankets? More pillows. Oh, but how I want a pair of these for my bed! I prefer down-filled inserts – which Target does not do – so I just open up one seam, pull out the polyfill, put in a down insert and then hand-stitch it closed. It only takes a few minutes and makes the pillows more comfortable and they stay nice and plump.


    Over in the bathroom section, I found this striped shower curtain.


    And this striped bath mat. Can one have too many stripes?!


    Okay, back through the Christmas section I went to get to the checkout and there these darling stools sat. They would be great for a little side table or in a bathroom to hold towels and soaps next to a bathtub.


    Alright, one final item. This one fits right in with the rest of these selections as it is – you guessed it – black and white striped. (Seriously, I have a problem). I think our pup Atlas would look very handsome in this collar.

    DOG COLLAR $8.99

    Those are fun finds, yes?! Even if I walk out empty handed, I always enjoy browsing the latest Target goodies.

    What have you found at Target lately that you’re crazy about?

    45 thoughts on “20 great finds at Target”

    1. I have the tripod lamp and LOVE it! Definitely a great purchase. I’ve used it in multiple rooms, and in several locations in our living room alone. It works well with any decor. I got it on sale for $60.

    2. Love it! Great minds think alike-already have the pom pom curtains in gray, and LOVE them! They had some at Anthropologie very similar, but way more $. Also already bought the collar for my pup! Keep up the great work you do!

    3. I have that lamp and absolutely ADORE it. It’s modern and classic at the same time and looks great in our living room. I think you’d love it, too. I like all of your picks! Time for another Target run.

    4. After seeing the hand towel on your list was wondering if you still have any of the striped ones you used to sell? I bought some from you a few years ago and they are my absolute favorite. I have managed to burn a hole in one of them and would love to buy more.

      1. I have that exact floor lamp, and it actually doesn’t take up that much space! Our living room is pretty small too, and you can adjust how far the tripod extends out. It’s my favorite Target purchase ever.

    5. We have been doing the EXACT same thing with our sheets – rotating that exact set with a blue-green pattern one I’ve seen you use in Audrey’s room. And ours are getting tired, too, but I still like them. I’m thinking to just get the same ones again. I love the Threshold performance sheets!

    6. Get the same gray sheets! I had those gray Threshold sheets and I loved them so much until my dog ripped the fitted sheet. I went back for a replacement and got the green and blue patterned ones of the same brand and thread count and they were not nearly as soft. I wish I had gone with the gray ones again because they were the softest sheets I’ve ever had.

    7. I’ve seen some of those things as Target is 5 minutes from me. I think I want those candleholders and that towel. I bought the eucalyptus swag from Magnolia awhile back. It’s very pretty. As you said throws and pillows are so addictive. I always see so many I want . Love posts like this. Keep them coming. I also love when you do the clothes and outfit posts.

    8. I was just at Target and saw many of these things. I’ve had the shower curtain for a few months and love it. Of course that means the entire bathroom now needs an update ….

    9. I had to laugh when I saw this post, I own the first three things (and a note on those coasters, they look great but they do suffer from any moisture) and several other things on your list. Keep an eye out on your mailbox, the Christmas flyer has a $5 coupon (on a $25 purchase) and the home decor stuff is 25% off right now. Might have to get one of those wooden tables….

    10. Your Target has such nice things! I just went to ours hoping to find some of the things in your post, but unfortunately we don’t get the same stuff in Australia :(

    11. You said you didn’t know what dip bowls were, it would be for sauces to dip things like chips and crisps ( French fries and potato chips).

    12. Wow, you hit so many favorites! I have a few of these on my list as gifts for others (and dare I say for myself?!). Lucia has that striped dog collar and I think Atlas would look very handsome in it, indeed! xo

    13. Nothing to do with Target, but you mentioned rotating sheets and I recall in reading your house update that you hadn’t done the master. I loved the master in your old home, what made you decide not to bring those items with you (at least that’s how the photos appear)? I just love that chrome bed and all you had going on and it seems like from what I’ve seen, you didn’t bring those items to the new space and that you are I waiting for something…

    14. I haven’t bought it yet, but I just discovered the “Always Take the Scenic Route” candle, such a great scent! The name and logo are cute, too :)

    15. This is a fun post. I don’t often get much time to wander around at Target, so it is fun to see what things caught your eye. Thanks for sharing!

    16. We have those sheets and I love them! And I think I need that towel for our guest bath. And I’m with you on the pillows. My husband said I need to stop. :)

    17. The candlesticks, wreath and hand towels are my favorites of the group. I think I will have to get the candlesticks for sure. Thanks for taking us shopping with you.

    18. I’m laughing because I spent time at Target! I bought those exact too short curtains to see if I like them in our bedroom we are redoing so I knew whether to order the longer ones. Why do they even make 84” curtains anymore? My store did not have the magnolia hand towels but I’m going to order those ASAP! Thanks!

        1. The air plant is a cute idea. Emily, you said you didn’t know what a dipping bowl was. It’s for olive oil. To serve crusty breads with dipping bowls of different flavored olive oils with dinner as in restaurants.

    19. Thanks for taking me shopping! We are re-doing our basement bathroom and finding a new striped shower curtain is on my list. This one is perfect. You did my work for me, lol. While I don’t like the redesign of my store (I feel like I get trapped wandering around, which is what they want me to do, and I can’t find things as easily), they really have nice home items now.

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