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ice ice baby

    There were only a few things I truly missed while in Rwanda and one of them was ICE.


    It’s one of those quirky things about me – I am addicted to good ice. Soft enough to break, just the right amount of crunch, not too solid or too melty. Who knew you could be so particular about ice.

    My love of ice started at a young age, but came to it’s peak when I was pregnant. While my friends craved hamburgers or steak or sour patch kids, I would go through the Starbucks drive thru just to order a cup of ice. It was like dessert. Some call that an indication of iron-deficiency (which I also had), but there was nothing so satisfying as a cup of frozen water.


    My compulsion to eat ice has settled down, but I do still love a good ice cube. Give me a glass of water with a slice of cucumber, a sprig of mint and a bunch of ice and I’m a happy girl. (Well, that or a gin + tonic with extra lime and lots of ice. I’ll take that, too.)


    Ryan and I are not great gift-givers, but he has bought me two completely un-romatic, yet perfect-for-me gifts in the past few years. One was this milk frother that makes the most delicious lattes, and the other was this portable ice maker.


    Since our fridge does not have a built-in ice-maker, we keep this portable version on the pantry floor. It makes great ice, the kids love to snack on it, and I find I drink way more water with ice so accessible. Win all around.

    And now you know a very random fact about me: I love ice. Off to go make myself a glass of ice water …

    22 thoughts on “ice ice baby”

    1. You all make me so worried! After working as a dental assistant for years and seeing broken teeth…at a $1,000 a crown to replace a cracked tooth, please find a softer habit! Haha

    2. As a reformed ice chewer, yes I was severely anemic and now I’m just anemic, I will say I asked for one of these last summer because we couldn’t keep enough ice in the house. ( I was purchasing bags of sonic ice too) we now have a new fridge and thus ice maker so not a problem. Also, there are droplet ice cube trays that I bought several sets of to make my own pebble like ice. :)

    3. Pagophagia: the compulsiveness eating of ice that is a common symptom of a lack of iron
      I experienced this – so accurate. I really enjoyed the ice until I got my anemia under control and no longer had the craving. It is weird because I was happy to want ice for a snack – zero calories, zero cost. I still like a good crunchy ice but I don’t crave it.

    4. haha! I love this post! I love ice also, I mean I really really really love ice! someone noted above it could be due to iron deficiency…but, I think it just becomes a habit after a while. Anyhow, how fun to have that cool little ice maker! what a nice gift!

    5. I can totally relate…but just during the third trimester of my pregnancies. (And I don’t have an iron deficiency.) I recently saw that ice maker and since I’m 7 months pregnant, I told my husband that we had to buy it. Unfortunately, he didn’t take me seriously so I spend my days filling ice cube trays halfway so by the time I finish my bottle of water, they’ve melted to the perfect size and consistency.

    6. Just to mix it up since all of the commenters so far are from ice queens: I don’t like ice. It hurts my teeth and I can drink room temperature water no problem. Ice coffee is a different story & I usually freeze coffee to make ice coffee cubes. Just thought I’d represent! From the other side.

    7. I thought I was the only one with this habit! I was actually sitting down with a handful of ice when I read this post! My friends and family think I’m so weird!! Glad I’m not alone!!

    8. I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been craving ice like crazy!! More than any other pregnancy. And just TODAY, I learned that I am iron-deficient and have to start amping up my iron before delivery. I bet the ice cravings are an indicator! So strange.

      I totally understand the not-too-hard, not-too-melty ice. I like mine to sit for just a few minutes in my glass and it’s just right.

      OK, now I need some ice. Right now.

    9. Honey if you have “”Sonic”” near you go get couple bags’ the best ice & soft crunch,we put bag in freezer in basement & one in refridgerator / freezer ,its’ best we wanted buy one that made ice but around $2000.00 sooo we just buy bags’ SONIC try it you will love it ,,woot woot…

    10. I have always craved ice!. Of course our hot Texas summers add to the need to cool off. Sonic ice is definitely the best! Sadly my teeth have become so sensitive that I have to restrain myself most of the time.

    11. I love ice, too!! A iron deficiency? Could be, as I am a vegetarian. When my friend and I went to London a few years ago I couldn’t believe they served their Diet Cokes lukewarm and without ice…..yikes!!

    12. Oh my goodness…I am totally with you on this!! I lived 6 years in Europe (3 in Germany and 3 in England) and traveled a bunch around the continent….and they are NOT big on ice! If I asked for ice they would generally put a cube or two in the glass….WHAT?!?! May as well not even bother with it if that’s all you get! So…before traveling to any non~english speaking country I learned the phrase “with LOTS of ice” in that language! That’s my big travel tip!! haha

    13. I craved starbucks ice too!!! I couldn’t get enough. It WAS like dessert.

      This ice maker is the perfect solution for us. We’re renovating and do not want ice/water in the fridge.

      Thank you!

    14. Funny. I’m an ice girl, myself. We recently had our kitchen repainted, and somehow something about the oil paint (we think it’s because they painted under the sink where all the water stuff happens) has been affecting the taste of our water (and, by extension, ice). When you let the filter run, it goes away, but since you can’t do that for the ice maker, I’ve been iceless at home for about 6 weeks, and I find myself drinking way LESS water than usual. Not so great when you’re preggo.

      Speaking of which, my biggest, most consistent pregnancy craving in six pregnancies now is a Coke Icee. Sure, I like the sweet Coke flavor, but I LOVE the ice! (And I’ve never been iron deficient…go figure).

    15. Omg, I could’ve written this post. I knew the ice maker from the first picture of the ice because my parents have the same one! I have loved ice my whole life and am so particular about what constitutes “good” ice. We even buy bags of Sonic ice for our freezer. Although, my need for it has decreased since my anemia has gotten better. We should start Ice Addicts Anonymous :)

    16. I had no idea that craving ice was could be due to an iron deficiency, interesting association. I too am a lover of good ice. Sonic has some of the best ice. My preference is just a tall glass of ice, and a separate glass of water, with a straw.

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