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Inspired by Emeralds

    inspired by emeralds / jones design company

    You all know I’m a forever-and-always neutral girl. But mixed in, I usually have a certain color I’m drawn to at the moment. Sometimes it’s blue (usually it’s blue), sometimes mustardy-yellow, once it was orangey/peach. Right now, I’m feeling emerald green.



    This deep, pure, bright-ish-but-not-too-bright green feels so fresh and early fall and compliments my skin tone and hair (I’m vain like that). My approach to color is not to over do it – just a touch goes a long way when everything else is neutral. It’s how I decorate our home and how I dress myself. Lots of classics like denim and white and linen with texture to add interest and maybe a pop of color in an accessory like a pillow or candle or shoe.

    I scoured the internet for my favorite emerald green things and I would like one of each, please. Here they are:

    Inspired by Emerald / jones design company

    1. NECKLACE  It’s so pretty in person. Ryan complimented me multiple times on the day I wore it, so I’ll be putting it on a lot this fall.

    2. WALLET A great way to add color into your life – through your wallet or bag.

    3. SHOE I just received this pair and I’m excited to add a pop of color to my neutral outfits with unexpected green shoes. Root Collective provides jobs to artisans in Guatemala who create these gorgeous shoes and a portion of all sales are donated back into the nonprofits. Learn more about The Root Collective here.  Use discount code JONESCO20 for 20% off all orders.

    4. PILLOW Two of these on my couch. I’m thinking yes. Plus each cover is only $12.99 so I could enjoy for a short time and not feel bad about packing them into my overflowing pillow closet when I’m done with emerald green.

    5. TUNIC This shirt has long been on my shopping list. I’ve just never pulled the plug. Have you ordered from ModCloth? How was your experience?

    6. LE PEN Give your envelopes or notebook a happy burst of color with a beloved pen in emerald green.

    7. PENDANT Wouldn’t a pair of these be pretty over the kitchen island? It is not wired for lights, but I know a guy …

    8. GEMSTONE ART I love this artwork by Naomi Ernest for Minted. I actually have the entire collection and I’ve been waiting to frame them all and hang them (hopefully next week – I’ll show you when it’s done).

    9. FRAME My friend Rae wants to start collecting eclectic frames and group them all together. I like this idea.

    10. CANDLE I burned through this candle last year and need a new one. I don’t love smelly things, but do really like this one.

    11. SWEATER Throw this on with jeans and a white tee and you’ve got my favorite everyday fall outfit.

    12. KNOB Bathroom vanity knobs? Nightstand drawer knobs? It’s like jewelry for furniture.

    13. EARRINGS Well, aren’t these cute and understated.


    Any favorite colors popping up on your love list right now?

    25 thoughts on “Inspired by Emeralds”

    1. Emily, thank you so much for including my emerald birthstone in this collection. The greens are STUNNING, and I kinda want everything you posted. ;)

      I’m also blown away that you have my entire birthstone series. Ohmygoodness, I cannot wait to see it all framed!

    2. I love online shopping but am very careful with what I order and from where.

      My 2 go-to online stores are: (.com for all the Americans) and ModCloth. They give you measurements, they have specific comments so you really know if it’ll fit you and the quality is great! I ordered a dress on there and got so many compliments!
      Versatile, fits like a glove and unique!

    3. I love this color! I love it’s freshness and clean look and sometimes even slighly regal :-) .
      I love the necklace and I must have that tunic! I have a ring that a friend of my Mother’s gave me when I was a teenager. The ring belonged to her great-grandmother. It is a lovely rose gold small beaded band and in the center is a smal oval cut opal and on either side is a tiny triangle of 3 round emeralds. I put it away for a long time as a keepsake. When I was arounf 30, I decided to wear it all the time and it goes with everything. Emerald DOES go with everything!

      1. My grandma gave me an antique ring and even though it is super special and probably expensive to replace, I try to wear it as much as possible. I’m with you.

    4. I love that ring!!! I’ve always been a blue girl, but lately my wardrobe is very neutral with maybe a few colourful scarves and plain simple gold jewellery, come summertime (I’m an Aussie) I’m sure all that will change ha! xx

    5. I am crushing on “mint green” right now. It is still summer here in hot Phoenix, AZ (always Summer compared to the Pacific Northwest), so I feel like mint green is a summery, light color. Love your blog!!

    6. I ordered a dress from Modcloth for my sister’s rehearsal dinner. The shipping was fast, the website easy to use and the quality of the dress was (kinda surprisingly) GREAT! I was very impressed… of course, now my wish list from there is SO long. I have that shirt as one of my favorites. :) I’m hoping for it for Christmas!

    7. I am crushing on this color as well….where is that ring at the very top from ? I am also ready to bust out my crimson and cream for OU football :)

      xo – Terrell

    8. Love it all! I have a pair of Kendra Scott earrings that are an emerald color with gold and I haven’t been wearing them much, but I think its because I think of them as very fall-ish. This makes me want to pull them out again soon! :)

    9. i’m a blue gal, but green is lovely too.
      curious about the shoe…did you order your size or go down as they suggest if you’re in between sizes? Thanks!

    10. I actually have the ModCloth tunic in green! Once you order from them you’ll always be checking in to find something new! The tunic is great- works with shorts in the Spring/Summer and leggings and jeans in the Fall/Winter- good layered under a “third piece” as well! You’ll want it in every color!

    11. Very pretty polka dot blouse! Your “green” choices are very nice. My favorite is your necklace too. We have ordered from ModCloth – or, my daughters have. Some things are OK – some not so much. And, I mean, just OK. The quality doesn’t seem to be there. But, that top is really pretty. I’d probably try it — you may have good luck, plus you can always return it.

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