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A new iphone wallet case and why I’ll never go back

    One year ago (almost to the day) I posted about the iPhone case that changed my life.

    The phrase ‘changed my life’ sounds a little intense for something as insignificant as a phone case, and it probably is. But I’m happy to report that using a wallet phone case truly has simplified my daily routine.

    The first case held up great for over a year. It was starting to crack a little (perhaps because I drop it often?!) and instead of ordering the same one as last time, I went with something new.

    Introducing, my new iPhone wallet case:

    I just received it in the mail yesterday and popped it straight away onto my phone. It’s nothing fancy and cost only $15, but it totally makes me happy.

    The gray canvas. The leather detailing. The slim profile. It’s a good one.

    I shared a photo on Instagram and there were a bunch of questions in the comments so I thought I would talk about this little life-changer on the blog today.

    Can you still talk on the phone?

    The quick answer is yes. You just flip open and fold back the cover and it works great. It is a bit more cumbersome than if you didn’t have the case on but as all my people will attest to, I am not a phone talker, so it really isn’t an issue for me.

    Is it hard to take photos with the case on?

    Not at all.

    Here I am in the Redwood Forest taking a picture with the old case on:

    I’m a two-handed photo taker anyway, so I hold the phone with my left hand and snap the picture with my right. The case doesn’t get in the way at all.

    What do you keep in the case?

    One of the biggest reasons I’m sold on this type of phone case is how convenient it is to have my most essential cards with me all the time.

    The wallet portion has three pockets and I keep 5 cards in them: my driver’s license, Costco card, Target Red card, personal credit card and business credit card. In the little pocket behind the cards I keep my insurance card and maybe a few dollars. It could probably fit more, but the case starts to get a bit bulky and doesn’t close all the way with much else in there.

    Someone on instagram wondered if I worried about leaving my phone somewhere and losing all the cards inside. I guess that is always a concern, but I’m pretty trained to keep my wallet/phone combo nearby pretty much everywhere I go.

    How has this phone case simplified your days?

    I talked a bit about the reasoning for switching to a wallet case in the first phone case post (you can read that in full here) but I’ll recap and update here.

    First, since switching to a wallet case, I rarely carry a big catch-all bag. Having just the essentials in my phone works for at least 80% of my daily errands and outings. When I drop the kids off at school all I need are my keys and phone. When I hit the grocery store it’s just my keys and phone (and maybe a list). Post office, dry cleaner, hardware store, gas station. You get the picture.

    When I had babies, I needed to carry a bag with all the things in it but I would still imagine that having a wallet case would make getting out of the house just a touch easier since it is only one thing to remember rather than a wallet and a phone.

    Here’s another random reason I love a wallet case: I tend to do a lot of our shopping online and it is just the worst when you’re all cozy on the couch and in order to checkout you have to get up to go find your purse for your credit card number. As long as I have my phone with me (which I pretty much always do), I can just grab the card I need without having to move a lazy muscle.

    Limiting the number of cards I can carry also keeps things streamlined. I used to carry a big stack of random cards – debit, punch cards, gift cards, membership cards – and they totally weighed down my wallet. Now, I just carry the cards I regularly need and use. I have the extras in my real wallet in a bag and will bring it with me when I know I’m headed somewhere where I might need one.

    I used to leave my Target card in my real wallet and it helped me avoid stopping in (and spending way too much money). We now live far enough away from a Target that it doesn’t have the same effect on me, so I can keep the card in my phone without much risk. If you have a card that you need to limit yourself from using, leave it at home and it is much less convenient to use it.

    Maybe the best reason of all? I only have to remember to grab one thing when I leave the house. Super simple.

    What’s the biggest downfall?

    This wasn’t a question anyone asked, but I wanted to talk about it anyway :)

    The only thing I don’t love about a wallet case is that it doesn’t really fit in my back pocket. This probably has more to do with the size of my phone, but it is just something to consider. I typically carry it in my hand or put it in a coat pocket and it is fine. But sometimes I miss the ease of the back pocket.

    Whew. That was a lot of words about a phone case. Clearly, I’m into it.

    So let’s chat … are you a non-case, a regular case or wallet case type of person?

    46 thoughts on “A new iphone wallet case and why I’ll never go back”

    1. Really cute looking phone case wallet but I’m not sure it would fit in a small purse. I’ve also noticed the phone is harder to cut off and on in some of these cases. Is yours? Really like the color of it though. I currently have a Lilly Pullitzer 6plus case which I love the color but tired of it now and want a new one. The case I’ve had is super protective even though thin. I’ve had them for all of my phones and they have been driopped numerous times on concrete and tile. I never have to worry about breaking my phone if it falls. Thinking about yours for a change.

    2. I got the same case as your last one after you posted about it! Absolutely life changing!! I drive a small car everywhere and also have 4 kids. There just isn’t a lot of room for my purse in the car. I love that all I need to take to the store is my phone!! I’ve had my case for over a year and it is still going strong. Also, looks stylish and matches all of my outfits ;)

    3. Got one for my 5SE and we will see how it goes…so far, it’s really nice! I’m going to NYC for the FIRST time ever this weekend and that will be a true test I think!!!! :)
      Thanks for the great idea(s)!

    4. My husband has an otterbox case with a back compartment for cards. It truly has been life changing for us. The amount of time we spent looking for his wallet before was just ridiculous. Weird how he doesn’t lose his phone.:)

    5. I am a regular case girl. I love your new case, and you make some awesome points about why the wallet case would be awesome. Just might have to try it… :)

    6. I really liked the phone/wallet when I made the switch, I felt like I kept better track of my phone and it was a deterrent from my kids picking up my phone to use. The only thing that I must have is a wristlet strap and the ones I kept ordering weren’t strong enough!!! Anyone have any resources for a favorite case/wallet wristlet??

    7. I’m still stuck on my wrist-let. I still like to have my one lip product in there and my car keys. My vehicle is keyless so the key remains tucked in my pouch for weeks without me needing to grab them.

    8. I would like to try this but I’ll have to psych myself up to leaving my Kindle at home. I carry it in my purse all the time. When I’m in a line or have any down time I pull it out. I do have a Kindle app, though — even though I don’t like reading a lot on my little iPhone SE — but it might be worth a try. If I buy a cheap case it’s a low-risk proposition, right?

    9. Emily–I bought a case similar to yours after your post last year…I’m now on my second one! I absolutely LOVE having it. 99% of the time, it’s all I need to go anywhere! I love having everything at my fingertips–I fit my license, debit card, 2 credit cards, my Costco card and my health insurance card. Anything else I need–store credit cards that I rarely use, and a few other cards–I keep in a zipper case in a canvas catch all bag in the back of my car. Nothing in there that would compromise my identity if it got stolen, or be too big of a PITA if it needed replacing. I find BECAUSE I have so much in all together in a phone case, I am less likely to leave it anywhere. Haven’t left it anywhere in a year! (knock on wood) :-)
      Thanks to technology, I never carry my grocery store card, as I have an app for that, my doctor appointments are all on my phone, so no reminder cards needed. I’ve used it for a year and I think I had to go into my “accessory wallet” ONE TIME, as like you, I do mostly online shopping. I never carry cash either, as I pay with a card or an app (Apple Wallet) 99% of the time when I am out. As far as not carrying it against your body, I would be much more concerned about holding it against your head–and since I rarely call anyone not on speaker concerns. It actually has a wrist strap, too, which I use a lot! Thanks SO much for the recommendation. –Ann

    10. I’m a Samsung/Android girl but do have a wallet cover and I love it for all the same reasons you do. Mine is leather and has held up very well. But something new for spring and summer would be fun–I’ll have to see what is new for my phone.

    11. I love this post! I love using my phone wallet and have been using it for a couple years. I love the convenience of having the important cards on hand at all times. I think the phone wallet and the amazing life-changing magic of tidying up go hand in hand. You realizes what really brings joy. Lugging around a huge handbag most of the time does not bring me joy. It has helped me realize which essential things are really needed, and I have been able to just carry a clutch purse instead of a huge handbag. Lighter load for me.

      I really want to push for all membership (rewards programs) to have the ability to just punch in a phone number. No one should have to carry around multiple cards just to be included in all the rewards programs available. Help us simplify our lives!

      Love reading your blog. Happy Spring!

    12. I’m pretty sure you can store all those reward cards in the passport app on the iPhone. You can also store your credit cards in Apple Pay and your phone will auto populate the info when you get to the online check out. It can be set up so you have to enter the 3 digit security # to prevent inadvertent purchases (i.e. Your toddler went shopping 😉). Happy lazy, don’t have to go find your card shopping 😁

    13. I could not agree with you more. I got my first wallet case last year and I will never go back. The comment that resonated the most for me was not having to get up when I online shop on the couch! True true true!!!
      PS – Kate Spade makes really cute ones, if you want to change over to something more fancy/schmancy. Some even have little mirrors. Love!!

    14. I love the idea of it. It sounds great! But, I’m curious about what you do with your keys if you don’t have a purse to drop them in. Do you just hold on to them along with the wallet? I know if you’re wearing a jacket or sweater with pockets, that would work, but what if you’re not wearing one? Is the answer obvious and I’m just not getting it? :)

    15. Hi Emily-
      I also have carried a phone/wallet for a few years. The only addition I would make to the perfection of this phone/wallet system is that I have a “Lippy case” attached to mine. So now my Burt’s Bees is always with me. I never go anywhere without my phone and my lippy :) My case is by Arae and it is a rosegold color…I love it! Yours is so cute too.

    16. Thank you for this post. I’ve been looking for an iphone wallet for all the same reasons. (Especially the online purchases.. I hate to get up and go searching for my wallet ;-) sometimes I just won’t purchase something because I don’t want to get up and go find my purse. Anyhow I just pulled the trigger and purchased this case.

      So while you think it was a lot of words about an iphone wallet I think it was perfect and very relevant (to me anyhow).

    17. I had a very similar case for my Samsung Galaxy Note…just remember this is not a protective case. It may work beautifully for you and not be an issue but I dropped mine and it shattered…..Have used an bulky/unattractive Otterbox since because I am so clutzy!

    18. I made the switch for my 6S+ a couple of months ago and have had the same experience! My drawbacks are more phone-related than case-related:

      1. The whole thing is heavy. I have “pinky dent” issues from holding it one-handed.
      2. It doesn’t fit many places easily.
      3. I would love if the case snapped shut or closed for transport.

      Like I said, though, those aren’t big issues and aren’t (for the most part) case-related at all. I’m not sure if I’ll do a “phablet” again due to the size and weight issues I’m finding, though I really do enjoy the larger screen with my almost-40yo eyes!

    19. One of my “concerns” has been about whether or not the phone would mess up my cards. I had a hotel room card next to my phone once and it quit working. But apparently this isn’t an issue with these cases?

    20. I recently went to the same type of case and love it……looking forward to seeing how it will protect my phone in the long run. I drop mine a lot as well!
      Always enjoy your posts.

    21. I was a back pocketer too…until the one day that I forgot it was there and went to the… ahemm… “privy” and in the pulling down of my jeans…into the bottom of the bowl it went. Amazing how fast your reflexes will over-rule the grossness factor and your hand will automatically make the mad dash to the rescue.( it was filled only with water…thank God. But ugh anyway) Still, water seeped in and disabled the phone. I put it into a big bowl of dry uncooked rice for about 2-3days, and it works again. But what an inconvenience and scare that was!

    22. I love my wallet phone case. For all the reasons you list. Plus I love the wunderlist app for grocery lists. To do lists and Improvement goals….

    23. This is fantastic! Getting out the door is the hardest part! I used your link and noticed that the same style case exists for the iPhone7 as well in case anyone is looking. Thanks!

    24. I love my iPhone case also. I have my car keys attached to my case. If I need to go anywhere I need my keys so I never have to worry about leaving my case with all my cards or my phone.

    25. I just can’t live without having chaptick on me at all times! I would love to make this switch, but wouldn’t know what to do with my chapstick.

    26. that lovely photo on your previous blog regarding iphone case – flower/vase arrangement
      love it. (is it your personal photo?) Love to open my phone to that
      thanks for sharing your life- so refreshing
      blessings to you

    27. Hello
      I have the same ! And I use it every day! It is true that it is heavier and bulky but I thank the complete hull because I have escaped twice my phone lately. And nothing, no break, so it’s an advantage!
      For cards, I am not yet 100% user, the format of cards in France is not the same, I can not put my driver’s license for example! But I put my credit card the other day. I was exposing my creations and I did not want to take my bag, it’s big enough. Also I had my credit card in my phone case. it is convenient! I admit that your model of last year made me look and I had bought my cover once I changed phone
      Have a good day!

    28. I switched over to one of these for my Android about 6 months ago and LOVE it for all the reasons you listed!! The online payment without having to get up from the couch is a real thing ;) I still have a toddler and need to carry a diaper bag, but I tend to leave it in the car and only bring my phone/wallet and keys with me in the house or if I’m running into the store. We tend to jot our grocery list down on paper throughout the week. My husband and I both add to it, so I’ll just snap a quick pic of the list with my phone before I leave and reference that at the store. It does sound silly but it was a “life changer” for me too!

    29. Just a word of caution. There appears to be more and more research about the dangers of carrying a cellphone against one’s body. Each time I see a young woman with a phone tucked in her back pocket I want to scold her like s mom. So, your case not fitting in your pocket is a good thing!

    30. I am always in awe when I see someone with just a phone wallet and I’m envious even when I see someone with one of those cute tiny purses (as I knock over the bakery display with my large handbag). I always think as soon as I get home, I’m going on the computer and ordering a cute little handbag.
      Then I start to wonder….. where do they keep their reading glasses, sunglasses, tissues, Advil/Tylenol, stacks of gift cards unused, microfiber cloth for cleaning the reading/sunglasses, breath mints, hair brush, hair scruchees, etc., etc., etc.?
      Maybe you just look for me in Aisle 5 and ask to borrow a tissue. I’ll smile and say “I love your cute little purse.”
      P.S. I love your blog!

      1. I’m in aisle 5 with Lin! I have a regular case and could never be comfortable with just my phone credit cards. What if I chip a nail? What if I need an Advil? What if I need more sunscreen? etc., etc. Sometimes I even have an emergency book in my purse – either paper or electronic.

    31. I love my wallet case. I am on my second one! I keep my business debit card and business cards in it and stash a $10 or $20. I’ve had my purse stolen before so I keep my driver’s license in a separate small case with insurance cards.

    32. I’ve never thought I would like one of these, but have recently culled down to a much smaller wallet and purse, which I love. Your point about not having to get up when shopping online might be the most convincing argument I’ve seen yet :-)! May have to give this a try myself.

    33. I have a phone cover, from the dollar spot at Target, that has slots/pockets on the back to hold all my everyday cards. Fits perfectly in my pocket, the cards are always with me, and no more big purse! My favorite one ever!

    34. After I saw your post last year I got one myself. Two words: Game. Changer. I love mine, too. I’m totally a list maker and found a solution to that, too. I have a note app on my phone that I keep all of my lists on; one for the regular grocery store, one for Costco, to do lists, etc. I just pull up whichever one I need while I’m out. No more bringing paper lists along. I also downloaded the Stocard app which is another simplifier. I no longer need all of the store rewards cards in my purse. Everything from grocery store cards to my library card are right on my phone now. Technology can be so great. :-) Thanks for sharing these tips with us. And for the record, your new case is awesome.

      1. oooh – I should get that app. I usually can just give my phone number and that works, but it might be nice to have one app with all of the cards. Love it.

        1. Look into Grocery iQ for grocery, costco and other stores. It’s a great list and 2 people can share the same list so if you are going to the store and your hubs is at home looking to add apples, he can go to his app and add ‘apples’ then when you get to the store you open the list and see apples on there as well as the other items. GAME.CHANGER!

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