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striped rug {how I love thee}

    A few years ago I bought this black and white striped rug from IKEA for $12.

    striped rug at the boutique

    It has moved from room to room throughout our house.

    striped rug in the kitchen

    striped rug in nursery

    striped rug in the bathroom

    And currently resides in the master bath {and now you know why ‘paint the bathroom cabinets’ is on my summer to-do list}.

    I’m not sure if it is terribly tacky to have the same rug in multiple rooms in your home, but I’ve gone to IKEA many a time to grab a few more : only to discover that they are out of stock. And now, they are discontinued.

    But just wait until you see what I spotted in the new Crate & Barrel catalog :

    crate & barrel striped rug

    It looks like the exact same rug. Only it comes in a variety of sizes. AND it isn’t crazy expensive {as far as rugs go}.


    The 2′ x 3′ is $19.99

    crate & barrel rug

    The 8′ x 10′ is $299.00

    Now don’t you all go and buy them all : I need to get approval from my husband so that I can grab one before they are out of stock.  You know how I love a black and white striped rug.

    {click on the rug images to shop Crate & Barrel}

    42 thoughts on “striped rug {how I love thee}”

    1. i have heard of all of your wonderful stories about the IKEA stripped rug. I love mine as well.
      However the question remains. How to clean your rug. Machine wash, Professional or hand wash?

    2. LOVE the rug. I have been dreaming about it since this post. :) But I have been dreaming all the more of those awesome letter hooks in your bathroom. I can’t find them. Where oh where did you get them? Do share. LOVE.

    3. LOVE that striped rug. I just spotted a brown and white striped rug in the newest IKEA catalog but didnt like it in person. I was bummed. Might just have to buy the C&B one. Did you get approval yet? =)

    4. Funny, I actually just ordered that C&B rug today! I’d seen the Ikea one before and had also been hoping it would come back in stock. I saw the C&B one featured on another blog (Elements of Style) and was so excited! You simply cannot go wrong with a black and white striped rug! xoxo

    5. Thanks for the tip! I went and bought one (the 30×50 size for $40) that very same evening. I am loving it in my entry. But while I was there I was coveting every single piece of over-priced furniture in that store. Sigh.

    6. I just bought this rug at Grocery Outlet for 7.99! I love it and have it my bathroom too. I was wondering though, how does it wash? Have you had any problems with bleeding?

    7. can’t wait to see your finished bathroom cabinets…needing an idea for some of mine. i have a creamy countertop, and that is what has me stumped, because I don’t want the cabinets and the top too close in color, and I don’t know what color would look nice…plus….my trim and closet doors in that room are all stained, and they could use some paint…so as I was saying, hoping for some inspiration from you again :)

    8. I am in LOVE with this rug. Like you said IKEA doesn’t make it anymore so I bought the flat weave rug in white that they DO sell with plans of striping it black and white for our dining room.

    9. Of course I look for your update emails every day, and feel excited to see your new offerings: tutorials, changes to your darling home, etc. My question is what color and how are you going to paint your bathroom cabinets. I have the same type in my bathroom and HATE them. I was thinking of layering with an oatmeal color first and then painting a matte black. Then sanding the edges and giving them a ‘distressed’ look.
      What do you think? and what are your plans…..?

      Thanks for all you do to brighten our days and be an inspiration :)

    10. I’m so glad you posted this! I looked for the Ikea version of this rug about 3 months ago, and was so disappointed to find that it had been discontinued. I am excited that Crate & Barrel is carrying one now. Thanks for posting!

    11. I so adore your fun and classy sense of style girl. You inspire me all the time!! Thanks for sharing such a great find. Also, just the other day, I was attempting to make a flower pin for a hat, and I totally thought of you and was so grateful for your fun tutorials. (It actually turned out quite sweet.)


    12. Love this rug! I actually just saw the exact same rug at Ruffles & Rust – cute little store in Snohomish – for $30 last week! So if you want a cheaper option, it might be good to check that one out! (Not sure on the size though)

    13. That rug looks great in every room of your house!!! Definitely cool that you change it up and move it around in different places! Is that first picture of the rug in your house? If so, where is that awesome blue chair from? I adore it!

    14. So crazy because I just went rug shopping with Hubs last night and found nothing that appealed to me. I wanted either a boring sisal rug or something that was plain, not a crazy pattern. Love this. And love how it is not crazy expensive.

    15. I meant to tell you about my recent find….. Ever since I saw your striped rug I wanted one really, REALLY bad. The one at Ballard Designs was just too expensive, and IKEA just didn’t have anymore. Low and behold, I was in BIG LOTS of all places the other day and they had 3 of those suckers! I picked up two of them! Of course, right now, I can’t seem to find the right place in my house to put them, but I’m SO GLAD I found some, because they were only $9.95 each for like a 2×4′ rug.

    16. Ohhh I love this rug AND my husband wants to know our first born son Olin so I’m pretty sure this will be an easy one to convince him to purchase:) Now I just need to figure out where to put it…We have grey horizontal stripes painted in our future nursery on one wall, do you think this rug would be too many more stripes to add if maybe it were on an opposite wall in front of a changing table or something?

    17. I have decorated our guest room with some white and black accents and this might be the perfect rug! I tried a black and white rug with a different pattern and it just didn’t work…returned it to the store…but I love stripes and this might be just what I was needing. THANKS!!

    18. Might I recommend that you buy a large plain rug inexpensively, tape off some stripes, and paint your own striped rug? It really isn’t that hard, and with the contrast of black and white, you shouldn’t have any trouble making it look crisp. And, it would make a nice tutorial. :)

      1. Now that is a great idea! I have a big drop cloth I was going to paint with stripes to use as a picnic blanket, so I’ll try that first and see how prickly the paint dries.

        1. Yep – that sounds like a good first try so that if you don’t like it, there won’t be any big regrets. I have painted flat-woven rugs with good results. Actually – this one from Ikea would probably work if you end up wanting to try the technique with something heavier than the drop cloth.
          Fabric paint is less crusty too. Dobbing it on, rather htan painting it seems to work best. Good luck!

    19. I sooo wanted that rug from IKEA but didn’t snatch it up in time. At least Crate and Barrel offers some sort of option…expensive option. Love your blog!

    20. I LOVED that rug and actually planned to buy the navy stripe one for my baby boy’s room! Of COURSE crate and barrel would come out with one after I already purchased another rug! ARGH!

    21. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your creativity! I have the black and white rug from Crate and Barrel. I really love it, but am wondering how I an best clean it. I have it in the kitchen and the white really shows the messes I make. Did you put your Ikea rug in the washing machine? I am thinking I will try that…but it might be a little too big.

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