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answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had

    I don’t know why I titled this post like that. It just sounded fun.

    There are a handful of questions I get frequently and I thought I’d jot down all the answers here. Perhaps you’ve wondered about one of these things and now you’ll know the details.

    Here you go …

    Where is the living room couch from?


    We bought our pretty sofa a few years ago from Andella Home (it’s called the Audrey linen tufted chesterfield). I’m slightly protective of it and while it gets daily use, we don’t eat or drink or wear our shoes on it. I love that the back is tight and seat is deep so I can fill it with lots of favorite pillows (all of the ones shown above were made by me). Even with the light color, it has held up really, really well.

    What are these wedges?


    I searched high and low for the perfect nude/brown wedges. These are from Nordstrom by Vince Camuto and (of course) they are no longer available. These are very similar.

    Where did you get the light fixture in the dining room?


    A little over a year ago, we replaced the chandelier in the dining room with this linen rectangular shade pendant from Restoration Hardware. We found ours at the outlet store for super cheap, but they are on clearance on the rh website right now. The light came with a diffuser for the bottom, but we like it better without. The table and chairs are from RH, too. Apparently we have a thing for that store.

    Where is the stag head from on the fireplace?

    The deer in our living room is such a statement piece. I love a decorated mantle, but when we re-surfaced the fireplace and added the stag head, it feels fine just to leave the mantle empty. Ryan ordered the iron stag head from restoration hardware. It’s probably time to remove the wreath …

    What color is your bedroom?

    The deep tealy-blue in our bedroom is so moody and serene. The color isĀ Marine Magic by Behr. I waffle back and forth between painting the whole room the color (right now the other walls are light gray) and going white in there like the rest of our house. It is a really pretty color.

    All of the paint colors we’ve used in our house can be found on this page (but it’s no longer up-to-date because we painted over most walls with white this fall).

    What’s your favorite source for washi tape?


    Washi tape is such an inexpensive, universal, fun to use craft supply and there are a million different patterns/colors to choose from. I order most of my tape from here – the selection is great.

    I have a whole page of favorite sources with links – everything from printers to paper, ribbon and curtains. You can find those here.


    Anything else? If so, feel free to ask in the comment and I’ll reply back!

    32 thoughts on “answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had”

    1. Yes, yes, yes to the blog class! Perfect timing for me! I used to have a blogspot blog several years ago and just started up my new site in wordpress but things have changed a lot and I am a little clueless now! Looking forward to the details coming soon! :)

    2. Do you happen to remember if your dining chairs are the chrome color or gunmetal? I was planning to purchase these same ones for my dining room and am debating about the color. Thanks so much!

    3. Hi Emily,
      Just popping by to say that I’m an avid reader of your blog (from across the pond!) and always like seeing your email updates pop into my inbox. It wasn’t until I started reading your posts that I realised someone else is as into watercolour illustrations as I am! :)
      Love your stags head by the way…wish we had Restoration Hardware over here in the UK, seems like a great resource!
      Thanks again for your work.
      Beckie x

    4. Hi Emily, my daughters keep bugging me to start a blog so I’m happy to see you are offering a class in getting started. Just wondering if you will be applying it to all platforms. I think I want to do WP as I’ve had one Blogger years ago, and it seems most bloggers eventually move over to WP. I am a little familiar with it from a job I had a couple years ago but I’m sure it’s changed since then.

      Also, I wanted to mention that I saw you at IF:Gathering in Austin a couple weeks ago, as I practically attacked Paige Knudsen.

      I was working the event for IF and loved seeing Paige since her story is so similar to my own. After the fact I realized she was with you but felt a little embarrassed, like I was some weird stalker. I thought if I had gone up to you too it would have been too much. Once it was over though I thought to my self, how silly, I’m sure Emily would have loved to meet someone who adored her, and appreciated her talent. And I’m sorry I didn’t act on my instinct to tell you how great you are, because , really, don’t we all need to hear that!
      I hope y’all had an amazing time and we loved serving such awesome women!

      1. I wish I would have met you! I know what you mean – I introduced myself to someone and felt like such a weirdo, but I really like her and appreciate what she does, so I just went for it :) If:gathering was so, so great. Can’t wait for next year.

        As far as the blog class – yes! We teach using the platform. Might as well start with the best, right?! Lots more details to come, but we’re excited to help as many people as we can get their blog up and running.

    5. I have been a fan of your blog for several months now & I absolutely love your style. In fact, you are probably the blogger who’s style is most similar to mine, so I love to read your blog & find inspiration here from time to time!
      We just redid our family room & I desperately want to replace one of our couches with something similar to your tufted chesterfield & replace the other with some deconstructed chairs. I think the look would be perfect! Maybe I’ll end up reupholstering something old & ugly to get the look!
      Anyway, I love your blog! Keep up the good work.

      1. Thanks Erin! We love our couch and it has held up well. Most of all, I really think having neutral bases is the best way to go with big furniture pieces – you can always add color through accessories and it allows you to switch things up throughout the year.

    6. I really enjoy reading your posts. I’m a houseplant novice but am on the hunt from some small potted plants to add to our home. I like the small green plants you have scattered around your place, especially the ones on the living room coffee table and side table. What are they called? Thank you!

      1. I’ll do a post about my favorite house plants. They don’t stay alive long for me since I forget to water (oops!) but they do last longer than cut flowers and are less expensive, so I don’t mind replacing them every month or so. And doesn’t the green just breathe life into any room?! Post coming …

    7. Love your blog and tips!
      I`d like to know where I can find the fabric vintage/shabby flowers from your message board, which are decorating the wall on your office. I will be vey happy with your answer. Thank you!

      1. The flowers came from lots of different places. The large blue linen flower is by EmmersonMade (no longer in production). Others are silk flowers from the craft store, vintage millinery pieces.

    8. Thanks Emily! Love learning more about your home. Not sure if you ever get this question, but I bought the IKEA Lenda curtains at your recommendation last spring and they were perfect! Sadly, when I washed them recently, even on cold and low dry, they shrunk so much they went from puddling to two inches off the floor! Do you dry clean yours or just buy them extra long? I bought the 98″ but am now thinking I should have gone with the 118″ length. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks!

    9. I’ve been reading your blog for years and never noticed until yesterday that you have a labradoodle. We too have a black labradoodle. His name is Charlie and he is a F1. He looks identical to atlas and even sports the red tinted heard. So precious. We too deal with TONS of shedding. We bought him with the expections of him being a non-shedder….good thing he is sweet and cute. :) Charlie weighs 70 at 7 months old. How large is Atlas? Do you get him groomed?

      They are the best dogs for small kids–smart, easy to train and very social…..just so much hair!!!! :)

    10. I’m trying to find out where you got the painting of those flowers in a green/blue vase that I believe sits in your front hallway across from your dining room? I love it and the colors in it…..

      thanks! C

    11. This is completely random, but I’m always searching for a better system for the quantity and storage of our three kids’ clothes. I love children’s clothing, so we tend to have WAY too much for each kiddo, and it has started to overwhelm me, especially as I take all the hand-me-downs out of storage for #2 and #3. Do you have a system? Do you limit how many kids’ clothes you have for each one? Any great advice? Thank you!

    12. do you have an e.t.a. for when you are starting the handwriting class?? i’m REAALLLLY excited to take that class!

      happy valentine’s day!

    13. Hi! I was wondering where the lamps in your bedroom are from? I love the shape and I’ve been looking for something similar but can’t seem to find it…. thanks!

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