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he calls me mom

    My oldest son is 7 1/2.


    He is in second grade, is into lego building, video game playing and bike riding. He loves to snack. He is terrified of germs. He {still} adores his tattered blankie. 


    He is really smart, creative, witty and has the cutest freckles on his nose.

    e and mommy

    And he calls me mom.

    I’m not ready to be a mom.  Now, a mommy : I’m all over that one. I was born to be a mommy.

    I can do the late night feedings, the diaper changing, the snuggling with a baby.  I can play peek-a-boo and sing silly songs to an infant.  I can read books like tumble bumble and sheep in a jeep and play play-do with a preschooler.  I respond to mommy. It is probably my favorite of all words.

    But, mom?

    I don’t know if I can do it. I don’t know how to do it.

    To know when to hold on and when to let go.

    To know how to teach my baby without hindering him from learning on his own.

    To know how to relate when he doesn’t want to snuggle in my lap and tell me all about his day.

    We aren’t quite there, but it is coming and I’m afraid. And a little sad.

    I love this boy and I love that I get to watch him grow into such a wonderful kid. He makes me so proud every single day with the things he says, the questions he asks, the kindness and thoughtfulness he shows.  But I kind of miss the baby #1.  My sweet firstborn whom I adore with all of my heart.  I want him to grow, I do. But I sort of want him to stop growing too. 


    He calls me mom, but I hope he knows that I will forever be his mommy.

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    1. You are an Amazing Mom! your son is soo handsome.. and this writing is beautiful…
      I Love the way you say this:
      “I’m not ready to be a mom. Now, a mommy … I’m all over that one. I was born to be a mommy.”

      Thanks for sharing :)

    2. Emily,
      Firstly, brilliant blog! I came across it today at work and I can’t help but neglect my work and browse through your blog in its entirety. Love! Altough I feel like you are writing my life story in every post, I felt compelled to comment on this one. I am the very blessed, very proud and very overwhelmed by every part of them, mother of two little girls (4 and 2). Last week it hit me…my husband and I have decided that we won’t be having any more children (our plans, but His plans are bigger…and I secretly, at times hope His come to fruition). This realisation has spurred on so many emotions. The thought that every “new” word, action, achievments, etc. being made from my “last” baby makes me sad and at times emotional. Reading your above post pulled all the heart strings existing as I know that even this chapter of my life is coming to a close. My baby is growing up. My favorite part of your post and one I relate to so very well is when you write ” I want him to grow, I do. But I sort of want him to stop growing too.” My sentiments exactly!

      Thank you for this wonderful post and for sharing that although we come to a close on some things, there are a million new openings to follow.


      1. thank you for reading! It is so hard to say goodbye to the little stages of childhood. I miss them as babies already and we’re not even that far removed from it! I do cherish all of the times we have together and know that in a few years I will miss this stage too. It all changes so quickly!

    3. hello,
      Every once in a while my 8 year old “little boy” will ask me something and call me Mom, It feels so weird and I am so not ready for it.
      My 16 year old even still calls me her Mommy…
      I love the mommy part.
      It makes me feel like time stands still.
      Suddenly he will try to talk with a big boy voice and call me Mom.
      And that is when I feel that time just flies.

      Thanks for sharing!


    4. Emily, I’m Brazilian and fan of your blog. I clearly understand the meaning of your words. My son is 36 y.o. but when I look at him what I see is a lovely baby (do not let him know …).

    5. Wow! Just came across your blog and I know exactly how you feel and what you mean. Our “baby” just left for college this past August. The time went by way too fast! Obviously, I’m much older than you are, but I can so remember having the same feelings, only at a time when moms didn’t blog or share some of these feelings. It’s OK for him to call you “mom” — you want him to grow up — that’s the goal! Think of how sad you would be if he wasn’t growing and developing the way he should be. At least that is what I’ve told myself over the years. Try to enjoy all the stages along the way — they grow up way too fast!

    6. I bought a sign on etsy. So, there’s this boy He kinda stole my heart He calls me Mom Purchased from InMind4U. I tripped on it on ebay. I’m a single mom of a teenage boy. She customized it for me black with white lettering. Love the sign!!

    7. i’ve read this at least a half a dozen times and it makes me tear up every time i read it. thanks for expressing so beautifully what we all feel (:

    8. I absolutely loved reading this. My son will be 8 years old in 14 days, he calls me “Momma”, and I hope he always does, but that day may be coming someday soon that I will be known as MOM. I’m hoping my 4 year old daughter doesn’t pick up on the change too early on.

      Great blog. Love it!

    9. This made me cry today. I found your blog through pinterest (the fake calligraphy post) and started browsing. My boys are 9, 6, and almost 2 and I’ve had all these thoughts about them, especially the big boys lately. Thanks for this.

    10. Thank you.
      With each of my children I could feel them slipping through my fingers even as I held them…wishing I could capture their scent, their feel as I held them…snuggled them. Motherhood is so terribly wonderful.

    11. I feel the SAME way! My lil guy is 6 1/2 and I wonder where the time went so quickly! The funny thing is just this morning as he was calling me (luckily he stills calls me mommy) I was thinking my daughter (12) doesn’t call for me that much anymore….she needs me less than he does…..I was sad…..sad that sometimes I let these moments slip away, and always feel like I have tomorrow to play a game, or do a craft….I am making TODAY tomorrow…

    12. oh my.. i saw the title of this one in my email inbox the other day. not having the time to read it i saved it for later. then i was cleaning out my inbox and saw it again. almost swept it with all the other “i would love to check out but need to move on” deletes i had. but i didn’t. i am very glad.

      you could have been writing the words on my heart just yesterday. i was snuggling with my 7 year old & he was reading to me. the same thoughts went through my head .. i mean Exactly the same thoughts! Garrett is my oldest. A sweet, sensitive, emotional, fun, athletic, smart, huggy little boy! when he was done reading his book, i asked him “you’ll always be my little boy right?” he giggled and said he would. “and you’ll always love your momma, right?” he giggled again and said Yes.

      thank you for sharing.

    13. This post made me cry. My first and only will be 1 in 2 weeks, and I keep looking at her and asking her…where did my little newborn baby go? It’s bizarre so I can only imagine you don’t know where the last 7 years have gone, and how it happened so quickly? My mom whos 55, always says how proud she is of her 2 daughters but she looks at baby pictures and little kid pictures and misses those girls. Amongst all the things we have to do as mothers, we all need to take our time and just enjoy it while it lasts.

    14. holy cow. emily.

      you went and slayed me with this one.

      my baby firstborn is 6. He called me mom. My eyes got as big as saucers, and I said “WHO is MOM???”

      oh… how to let go? I will never know. only the peace of knowing that he was never mine to begin with…

      he currently calls me momma.

      and I can breathe for a little while longer……….

    15. Emily Ethan is SUCH a handsome and perfect merging of you and Ryan. I look at that last photo on your post and see SO much of Ryan in his face!

    16. I have become so sensitive since becoming a mom- when it comes to my babies (or any kids), I cry when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad…needless to say, I’m working very hard to hold the tears back now. My babies are only 1 and 2, and I’m lucky enough to get to stay home with them…but I still feel like the time is going too fast (although I won’t mind not changing diapers), that I’m missing too much, that I don’t appreciate every moment, every breath they take, enough. I’m holding my daughter now as she naps, she looks like an angel…I am her favorite person, and I eat it up because I know that this will likely change as she gets older. Thanks for sharing this post and reminding me to cherish every moment with my babies. (this is my first time to your blog, and it’s gorgeous…I’m looking forward to exploring it more.) Take care. No matter what they call us or how old they are…they will always be our babies.

    17. Oh Emily I so remember Ethan when he was a baby–such a sweet, beautiful little sweetheart. And now he is growing to be a sweet beautiful little boy. I don’t think you are ever prepared for them to grow up, but you learn and grow right along with them. : )

    18. Wow!!! I have a 19 month old son and your post made me cry. So I read it to my husband and cried again. ha!! Just the thought of him growing and changing and being less and less my little boy. Well, he’ll always be my little boy but… you know!!

      You son is beautiful! Thanks for blogging such great thoughts everyday!!

    19. Amen! I feel the exact same way. My son Sam is 5 and called me “mom” the other day. I almost cried (but I am PMSing). I want him to always want me to hug and snuggle him. What am I going to do when he doesn’t want me to do that anymore? My solution…have more kids! But, i think you’ve got that one covered. ;)

    20. Is it crazy that my 11yo daughter calls me “Mom”, my 9yo son calls me “Mommy” and my 6yo daughter calls me “mama”… not sure why that is, but I answer to all, but like you, I prefer “mommy” the most!!!

    21. Hi Emily,

      Your post really touched my heart and I wanted to share something with you.

      I am a mom of two very special children. My son is in college, and my daughter a high school senior. As I am facing the “empty nest”, I feel myself slipping deeper into sadness. I have the best husband ever, and I am very close to my kids. I seriously don’t know what I will do when my baby girl moves out. I am so happy for my children, because I raised them for this next stage in life. But, I have given my whole life so far to be home with them…and I am just sad.

      I cried myself to sleep last night thinking about how fast this school year is slipping by. But then, I woke up this morning and this message was in my inbox from my son:

      • I just watched a video of a guy who had to watch his mom pass away, and he never had the chance to tell her he loved her. It made me sad.

      So this is me telling you that I Love You more than bike riding, video editing Coke and rum and everything else in this world combined. You are the greatest mother i could ever ask for. Seriously. It took me some time to see it, but I never realized how great of a mom i had. It is almost sickening how much you love me, but you would be absolutely nauseous if you knew how much i loved you back. You’ve taught me all of the most important lessons in my life (save a few from jim).

      I think it is incredible that you picked up bike riding to spend more time with me and dad, and i think it is even more incredible how much you challenge and push yourself.

      I’ve learned more from you than I will ever know, and i inspire to be only half as amazing a human being that you are.

      I think i am the luckiest son in the entire universe to have such a loving, caring, and most of all FUN mom.

      So thank you for being awesome. I hope you feel loved.

      This Emily, reminds me that he too, will always be my baby!

    22. Thank you. Such a beautiful post. I’m in the same situation. My kids are growing and I’m afraid I’m not good enough or I just want the best for them and have no idea how to help them with out being bossy.

      Thank you.

    23. Thanks for the touching words, Emily. Obviously, many of us moms can relate! May I encourage you by telling you that now that my 4 girls are grown (15-24 years old), they are reverting back to their childhood names for me. The young years, I was Mommy, the teen years I became Mom and now that 2 of them live hundreds of miles away, they call or address me in emails and letters by Mommy or Momma again. So, yes, even though he may not call you this now, you will always be his mommy! Blessings.

    24. Megan Trowbridge Hartley

      One of the sweetest things I have ever read! I know just how you feel. My baby girl turns 11 tomorrow. The whole preteen thing is starting to make me feel a little over my head. Thanks for sharing Emily!

    25. I won’t lie, it only gets harder as they get older. My son is turning sevenTEEN in a few months and I have moments all the time where I just can’t believe the years are gone and he’s closer to being a man than a boy.

      When he got his license this summer, I was the only one crying in front of the DMV. And I didn’t stop crying for about a week. To this day, I haven’t blogged about his license because it was too painful for me!

      I know I’m ridiculous, but it’s just so bittersweet to watch your baby boy turn into a young man. Lovely post.

    26. Every milestone is so bittersweet, you are excited for them and all the while wishing life would move a little slower so you can hold on just a tad longer.

    27. My oldest is also 7 1/2 and before I know it she will be out of the house and married….

      Your post made me cry because that is how I feel and I don’t want to be mom, I want to be mommy.

    28. Goodness! I can always count on you for a tear streaming down my cheek. My firstborn son is two and a half. Seven and a half sounds heart wrenching, friend! Know that our Lord will give you the grace and wisdom to shepherd his heart. Enjoy that boy! I know you do!

    29. I TOTALLY relate….write about the same thing all the time. It’s so hard…and so wonderful, watching them grow up to be the little men we’re raising them to be. From one mama to another, I get you. :-)

    30. What great photos and what a handsome young man. Time flies so fast. My oldest is now a sophomore in college and I miss him terribly every single day. I am enjoying watching him turn into a fine young man, but still miss him so much. I am clinging on to my youngest who is 13 for dear life. No mommy or mama, its mom or mother but he is still my baby! Happy Birthday to Ethan!

    31. what a very sweet post… you’ve said so well what we mothers feel during that pivotal time b/t toddlerhood and big boydome.

      {but, girl, just you wait ’til he calls you, mo-THER!} ;)

    32. wow…talk about hitting the nail on the head. I can relate to this post completely. My son turned 15 this year and I’m so grateful that at least he still says “I Love You” every time we part, whether in person or on the phone. I know I’m lucky in that aspect.

      As for him calling me Mom….I so wish he wouldn’t. I have heard that word at least 100x a day for the past 15 1/2 years….I mean seriously….sometimes soon, “Mom” might be going on strike and I’ll just have him use my actual name for a bit.

    33. Wow! Isn’t that true, my oldest just turned 9 and it feels like just yesterday that I was staring into her big, beautiful brown eyes while nursing her! How the time flies but what a wonderful time of life to be able to see her turn into a little lady who wants to be just like mom, still looking for “mommy’s” approval. I love that girl!

    34. I CRIED while reading your post at a stop light today. I have no one to call me mommy or mom yet but for reasons like this kind of love, I hope to someday. Thanks for sharing.

    35. I know, I want to bottle up my 3 boys at each age. You know that book called I’ll Love You Forever? I read that too my boys the other night, my oldest (9) decided to leave the room- he’s heard it before….sigh. Meanwhile I cry whenever I read it.

    36. You very well could have been writing my own story a few years ago. My Ethan is now a big 11 year old. He stopped saying I love you a few years ago and I thought I would never hear those sweet words again. But, like all things it was a phase and now my big boy will say I love you too mom instead of O.K. or I know! I’m with you, I loved the baby and toddler boy phases but, now my Ethan is growing into a young man and I must admit he melts my heart just as much.

    37. Totally made me cry… your words are truer than true for most mommies/moms/mamas!!! Thank you for posting such amazing thoughts and sharing your family, and gifts with us!!!

      Always – Abbey

    38. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant with baby 2…I am definitely misty eyed reading your post today! What a sweet reminder of how time flies and how those mommy feelings never go away. :)

    39. I know this feeling all too well! I have 3 daughters (11,9,6) and the youngest is the only one that still calls me mommy … it brings a smile to my face every time I hear it. Last night I heard my oldest say “good night daddy” and it took me back to when she was just a little girl! I almost cried to hear her call her dad “daddy”! You are entering such an exciting new phase in life … embrace it!

    40. awwww that was totally like reading a little book…… you should publish that as a book! you have a wonderful talent for writing and expressing your thoughts and feelings. had to try to hold back a tear! that was really sweet to read and it is so so so so so true. your son is adorable.

    41. Emily,

      Thank you so much for sharing. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Your son is so precious! I have a 4 year old son who amazes me every day. He still calls me mommy but occationally he slips in a “mom”. I say , “my name is mommy” because, like you, I am not quite ready to let go of my baby boy. I know that mom is in my future but no matter what name I am called he will always be my baby and I will always be his mommy. This is one of many things you don’t understand until you are a parent.

    42. Wow, you had me tearing up on this one. I feel the same way about my oldest. She is so much older and more mature than other 5 year-0lds (that’s what happens when you are the oldest of 4) and yet she is still so innocent and pure. I love these younger years when they still try hard to please and relish the “mommy” relationship.

    43. wow, this made me tear up a little. my girl is only 19 months, and her ‘mama’ is just about the most beautiful thing i have ever heard. it will definitely be difficult to be ‘mom.’ :)

    44. i just cried through this post.. i completely understand. my first born is an Ethan too. he’ll be 12 in two weeks and oh, how i miss my sweet baby & active toddler. there are definitely no more kisses in the drop off line at school BUT, an occasional hug by the locker or on the football field is okay. i will take whatever he is willing to give. at home, it’s a different story….he still desires to cuddle and tells me all about his day. so, for that i am a grateful mom! now, more than ever, i am on my knees praying for his heart and the choices he makes. thank you for a wonderful reminder today of how important our role as “mommy” will always be.

    45. I don’t have words to the mix of feelings I had once reading your post, it’s so SWEET how a baby can change your world, and I totally get how you’d always want him to be your baby.
      I am currently TTC, and this totally made me feel that I have gone the right path (after so much thinking abt it). Thank You for sharing this.

    46. that’s the worst and best part of being a mom: watching them grow up. You want them to, but you don’t.

      such a sweet little guy!

      (and um, the picture of you with the baby, I swore I thought that was taken recently. you never age, do you?)

    47. I know…my oldest son is ELEVEN! I wish I had the best advice to give you, but the only thing I can say is gobble every bit of him up. This is the only complaint that I have about my children…they grow too fast and it’s not fair. I’m a big ol’ blat baby when it comes to the idea of my kids growing up. When I fall asleep at night (while nursing my 4 month old son), right after I thank God for EVERYTHING, I torture myself by calculating the amount of time that I have left as “Mommy”. Yes, my time to be”Mom” has come as well (with my oldest). It breaks my heart. Nothing could have prepared me for the moment this summer when he earned privileges to ride his bike around the neighborhood on his own…I stayed on the front steps well after he disappeared around the corner…

    48. This week my 16-month-old daughter went from calling me and my husband “mama” and “dada” to calling us “mommy” and “daddy.” It’s definitely bittersweet. I had kind of hoped that she’d call me mama forever.

    49. Hi sweet Emily!

      Let me just say i so understand how you feel and let me also tell you as a mom of a 13 year old boy – my first born – he does change but the sweetness and love and relationship only gets better! When I started noticing him changing and needing more independance and letting go of certain ways – just took a deep breath and let him lead me into what he needed from me – the hugs and and good night kisses NEVER changed – i learned to watch what he was liking and listening to (music wise) and created a common ground there – respecting him all the while making our mother son relationship matter and grow. He STILL hugs me good night and kisses my cheek as he gets out of the car in the morning – i melt – i am blessed.

      I think that we we recognize our kids are changing and we slowing let go of the phase they are growing out of and embrace the one they are entering (even if we aren’t sure we like it) it makes the relationship stronger – we need to let them grow and if we dont and want to keep them in that “box” that’s when i think they want to pull away more – does that make any sense?

      I so understand your feelings – i love watching my son grow up and some days i long for the time he was a sweet 6 month old that i could carry around and blow on his tummy! :))

      have a great day!

    50. Beautiful…crying…
      I already think about those days and I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I just want them to stay little, but I look forward and I have enjoyed each stage as my girls have grown. I guess it has and will always be this way for mothers.
      Thanks for your beautiful words today.
      Oh, we made a thankful tree out of found branches and it makes me so happy…and thankful!

    51. So beautiful Emily! Those days are only a few short years away for me, and I already see glimpses of them in my funny, intelligent, compassionate little boy! Why … How … Do they grow so fast?

    52. Great story! My son is almost 14 and 6’2″ and too cool for his own good… BUT every time I drop him off somewhere or he leaves the house he says: “I love you Mommy” and doesn’t care who hears him say it! It’s such a treasure.

    53. I have been called (and I AM) Mama, Mommy, Mom, Ma(the college years), and the name I love the most…is when I get that call from Boise…and I hear Hello “Mama Bear! He’s 28 years old…such joy! Last week he called me from the road in Vegas… “Hello Mama Bear, I just called to thank you for naming me Jay. There was a snafooo with the room reservation. The person handling the problem was named Jay, so he gave me the executive suite on the 38th foor!”
      It’s hard to see them grow…but you receive so many blessings along the way!
      There will be a day when he hugs you and look up at him!
      I promise you…it’s one of the best days of your life!

    54. What a beautiful post…you made me cry. My 9 yr old son is the oldest of my 4 children. I can really relate to everything you wrote. This past summer was tough when I realized that we’re already half way though his summers at home as a child:( It’s so exciting to watch him grow into such a wonderful young man…I just wish I could hang on to these years a little longer:)

    55. Emily!
      I love reading all your posts, they are inspirational, funny and informative, but this one speaks to me more a in a different way. I too have a son, and although he just turned 2 like yesterday, and already calls me mom from time to time (he is an old soul). I already feel like he is getting too big and way too independent. “Mom I can do it by myself” he says way too often. My husband often says “I can’t wait till he’s big enough to do this or that” and I just cringe, “NO!” “don’t rush it, let’s enjoy him now when we can still scoop him up in our arms and twirl him around and he still giggles at every tickle”! We are having so much fun with him right now, and I want to be mommy forever too!

    56. I remember when my 3 year old started calling me mom. I couldn’t believe it and whenever I get the chance I try to reinforce being called mommy because I’m definitely not ready for that change yet…

    57. I was tearing up while reading this! I can totally relate and have been feeling the same way. My oldest son is turning 7 in January and is growing way too fast!

    58. The joys of being a mother are sweet, and we cherish the moments. They pass by, and one day you realize and say..Hey…What happened? My first baby (out of 4) is now a senior and turning 18. She can’t wait to go off to college….I get choked up just thinking about it. But just knowing that she has so much to look forward to and to live life along with the experiences that go with it, bring me joy. Bittersweet is probably a more realistic description …(sniff sniff) It is so hard. I know the second I turn around and drive away, I will be lost without her. So we enjoy the moments we have and share moments, and take lots and lots of pictures! Then we can appreciate them even more when they return.
      But you have a ways to go before college, so embrace it all and drink it up! It’s the good stuff in life!

    59. Oh, I LoVe this post! (well…love all your posts ;) Just yesterday, my middle schooler (our oldest who recently joined the world of Facebook) posted “love you Mommy” on my wall. I can’t remember the last time she called me Mommy. I could barely contain my excitement! ;)

    60. perfectly said. i have a 7 year old son too. in the last year i have become mom too. i like how you put it, and how i am not alone in my sentiment!

    61. I love this post. I love how much you love your son, the expressions on your faces! My fifth born is Ethan too, out of six children. My firstborn (a daughter) just got married last month. God gives grace, every day, in learning how to hold on and how to let go. You never really know – you just feel it, like groping in the dark. And you know by His promptings. But it’s never easy. I miss having littles so very much. Can’t wait for grandkids!
      They all, from 24 down to 13, call me Momma. I absolutely love it!

    62. I think I tear up at most of your sweet mommy posts! My son just turned 2 and I’m already not ready for the day I’m a “mom”!

    63. Oh my…you’ve touched my tender spot! Today is my only child’s 28th birthday and I have been reminiscing all morning about that oh so special day in my life. The truth is, your child will always be your baby, no matter how old he or she becomes. I am 56 and my mother relives my childhood daily. I know these feelings so occasionally I will indulge her and ask if I can sit on her lap…yes I do that…because I know what a mother needs. I can tell you this…one thing I know for sure is with the passing of each stage in your child’s life our heavenly Father helps us pass through it and enjoy each new phase. I am now dealing with the fact that my one and only daughter will be married next year this time and although I can’t wait to have a “son”…I will be losing part of my daughter…my baby…the precious one that I was blessed with 28 years ago. I don’t know yet how I will handle it but I do know this…God will help through and let me feel the joy of each new stage. He will be there for you too!

    64. Emily,
      I am crying as I read this. My little guy is only 4, but I can already see the independence and the confidence (which I love) replacing the baby fat and silly songs. You put it perfectly saying that you want him to grow and stop growing at the same time! I can totally relate; sometimes I just want to hit the pause button!

      Thanks for a great post!!

    65. What a lovely post. It made me tear up. I am a Mommy of a 2 year old boy. And I love to hear him say “Mommy”. I know I will not be ready for “Mom”.

      Ethan is such a handsome boy.

    66. That brought tears to my eyes. What sweet sentiments, than you for sharing. It is all too soon coming at me with my only child…. Thank you

    67. This is so beautiful and speaks so loudly to my heart. I have three boys (5, 4, and 16 months). I feel these days creeping up faster than I want them to. I completely hear what you are saying. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

    68. You are a wonderful writer. Thank you for sharing from your heart. My youngest is 40 but I can still feel his chubby hands on my cheeks telling me that he loved me — just as if it were yesterday. And speaking of yesterday, it was my birthday — and I love my birthday. What a beautiful reminder that God gives us one day at a time — filled with blessings — to enjoy. Thank you, again, Emily. You are a treasure. Blessings on all your days.

    69. My kids made the transition from “momma” to “mom” all long time ago. And to be honest I’m glad I have children in the house to call me mom. I know that in a blink of an eye they will be grown and I won’t be hearing that a hundred times a day. So I’ll enjoy it everyday until then :)

    70. My oldest just turned 8…I know your pain…she still calls me Mama…but the signs of the changing seasons are all around us…I just love her so much and am not sure I know how to make the transition to the next stage…so we take it one day at a time…;)

    71. I know what you mean. I have a 7 1/2 yr old daughter, who I remember like it was yesterday….being in the hospital and then bringing her home. She is almost tall enough to not need a booster seat and is growing up so fast. Though last night she crawled onto my lap and wanted to cuddle. I still have the nearly 5yr old who still calls me mommy….. that will be the sad day. They will always be my babies. As they sing… from the book, I’ll Love You Forever to me.

    72. sniff, sniff. Oh, Emily, I understand – God WILL give you the vision as you move forward, knowing that so many precious things await – a more grown-up relationship (it’s all about the heart, baby), more things to do together – watching that boy bud into a young man! I pray for your heart as you mourn and celebrate the milestones, mom. <3

    73. Awww. Now I’m crying. My elder son just turned five this week. I get “Mom” when he’s frustrated with me. You stated my fears perfectly. He’s so independent that I can only rarely discern what he’s thinking. How do I parent a strong, silent type if I can’t read his mind? Lots of prayer, I guess- and building Legos with him so he’ll open up. Thanks.

    74. As soon as I saw this title, I knew exactly what this post would be about. I was completely not ready for it, either. It’s SUCH a “big kid” word.
      Thankfully my littlest (6.5) is very, very into Mama. And I am praying she hangs on to Mama for as long as possible. :)

    75. Oh, this gets me teary reading it! I know how you feel, and have been feeling sad looking back at pictures of my kids – one just turned *13* this week, 10 and my youngest just turned 6 last month. It really does go by so quickly, and I while I don’t want any more kids, I would love to go back to their babyhood/toddlerhood for a few days and relish it a bit more.

    76. My 10 and 8 year old sons still call me mommy thank goodness- but sometimes “mom” slips out of my 10 year old’s mouth and it makes me sad. :( I would be content to be mommy forever…

    77. You have me crying this morning. Who knew such a little word could invoke such emotion. With two little boys of my own I know this coming soon. Thank you for sharing!!

    78. This is so precious and as a “mommy” of 3 boys I can also relate. My oldest is 11 and I am struggling with alot of these same issues. I want pick him up and hold him close when he’s had a bad day, and it breaks my heart that I can’t, and most of all that he wouldn’t let me. Thanks for sharing. Your Ethan is becoming a handsome young man and what an adorable baby he was. May God continue to bless you.

    79. This made me cry when I read it. My son is only 2 (well almost) and we are going thru the terrible 2’s already. I love how watching him learn something new everyday and copy what we are doing and saying. What I am not looking forward to is being “mom” I’m still “Mommy” when he gets hurt or is running from “the claw”. He is my one and only right now and we go back and forth on if we want to try for another one of if we are just gonna have our sweet Mister Mister. I would like a girl but do want to wait until he is a little bit older because I feel like I would miss something in his toddler years if I were to have another baby. I love reading your blog and you really do inspire me in how you can do it all with four children. I wanted to say that I think we would get along great and have fun playdates with our little ones. I wish I had true friends like you in my life that I could talk to and hang out with!! Just wanted to say that you make me happy when I see there is a new post on your blog, I look forward to seeing what new crafts you have for us. Again Thanks for all that you do and all that you are!!


    80. my oldest who is 6 calls me mom every now and then, I don’t answer to it. He knows I don’t enjoy it and would rather be called mommy or mama so now he does it just for fun, but I still don’t answer to it! I refuse too! I told him he needs to call me mommy until the day I die, and even after!


    81. Beautifully written and yes, I totally understand. I couldn’t wait to be a mommy and although I love this new stage with my 9 year old daughter, it’s so much harder then when they were babies. What I wouldn’t do to hold and cuddle that sweet baby one more time. If only I had known she would be my only….

    82. I know the feeling! My 2 year-old started that trend and he’s the one who calls us Mom and Dad. The older two still say Mama or Mommy.

      Sweet thoughts- thanks for sharing! (And thank you for the free printables a few days ago- I already had my tree but wasn’t sure what to put on it, and your cards are beautiful. I’ve printed out several sets for friends…great gift!)

    83. Oh bless your heart! I understand. As mother of seven, our oldest is 24 and our youngest is 11. As emotional as it is to think about them growing up, you will be so very blessed by the incredible fruit borne in their lives in each new stage they enter. And as they enter each new stage, even though you have thoroughly enjoyed the stage they’re leaving, you will be thankful for what the Lord has done and is doing in them. With one married and now a new mom, I can’t imagine not having our precious son-in-law and grandson in our lives! May He continue to bless you as you train up such a precious young man!! :)

    84. Wow, that brought a little tear to my eye. He is so precious. At least he didn’t skip “mom” and move right on to your first name. Not that my children have done that, but I have heard kids go through stages of calling their mom by her first name. Ha, better never happen to me. God bless your little boy and your sweet relationship!

    85. i got very teary eyed when i read this! i have one 21 month old son and i feel the exact same way. you sound like a wonderful mom and mommy! i love your blog and i have successfully created a book page canvas, book page wreath and nona wreath and everyone loves them! thank you!!

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