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lots of stuff to share {of very little significance}

    Time for a random chat session. In case you have missed our last coffee dates, you can catch up here and here.  And this is another pretty random post. And this one too. {I see a theme :}

    So here’s what I have to share today:

    We’ll start with the biggest news in our household. Our No. 1 lost his first tooth.


    Keep in mind that he is 7 1/2 and in second grade. Probably the only second grader who had not lost a tooth until yesterday. Bless this late bloomer’s heart.  The tooth fairy left him $5. I remember getting a quarter when I lost my tooth : my, how times have changed.

    zig zag

    My cousin got married this weekend and it was beautiful. I can’t wait to share the photos.

    fall flowers

    She sent us home with flowers from the reception. I am enjoying the fall color they add to the living room.

    zig zag

    Ryan and I went to the cutest restaurant for my birthday.

    r and e


    I want to move in.


    Plus they have a really great logo.

    zig zag

    Did you notice how tan I am in the photo?


    That’s because I decided to try spray tanning. The last time I did it was for my wedding and I had drip marks down my back. Awesome.  I heard that the technology has changed since then so I figured it was worth a shot.

    Let’s just say that it might have been overkill.

    When I picked up the boys from the bus that afternoon, all of their friends stared at me and asked why I was so tan.  You know it doesn’t look natural when little boys start making fun of you.  Doubly awesome.

    zig zag

    Have you seen these new ingenious inventions?


    Baby food in a pouch. No spoon needed.  Whoever came up with this is one smart cookie.

    zig zag

    My little ones like to do this:


    It makes a mess, but keeps them busy for hours. Or maybe more like minutes, but those minutes are precious.

    P.S. #3 prefers to not wear a shirt. Even when it is freezing out. He is crazy.

    zig zag

    I’m pretty sensitive to smells and generally scented candles give me headaches {walking into a candle store is like torture to me}, but I found this one and actually enjoy it.


    It is the Florence scent by Tocca.

    zig zag


    I pinned this rick rack rosette on my things to make pinterest board and decided to make one for Audrey.  Then I clumped in another flower, a loop of velvet ribbon and a couple of feathers. Love how it turned out.

    zig zag

    Speaking of ribbon, I found this cute scalloped ribbon at my paper store last week. Also love.


    They have lots of other cute styles too.

    image image

    image image

    Check out the retailers tab to find a store near you.

    zig zag

    Anything else? Hmm :

    I went to costco yesterday and I really appreciate how big their parking lots are.  I don’t, however, appreciate how much money I spend there.

    zig zag




    I think these prints are really lovely.

    zig zag

    Have you seen this video? Cutest thing ever.

    kiki and coco

    My friend Nina has helped turn the video into a book that I can’t wait to add to Audrey’s library.


    You can order one here, or like the kiki & coco facebook page to be entered to win a copy.

    zig zag

    And that about wraps it up.

    Thanks for listening to my rambling thoughts.

    37 thoughts on “lots of stuff to share {of very little significance}”

    1. Random, agreed. But VERY fun to look through and read! Don’t tell my daughter about your son’s tooth fairy…she’ll think she has a cheapskate one! :) Also, I have decided I am just supposed to be palely white…I’ve had similar experiences with tanning agents. Just not in the stars for me to be tan. Oh well! So fun…thanks for sharing!

    2. Hi Emily! I am in love with the rosette flower pin you made. Beautiful!! Also am wondering what paper store you are referring too….Paper Source in Bellevue? Or is there anything closer to us “south end” gals ;)

    3. Okay, my son LOVES the happy tots fruit and veggie pouches. he calls them bot bots. I’m not sure what is in there (supposed to be organic and healthy) but he is addicted!

    4. Just ordered 2 books for my 5 year old granddaughters for Christmas! Just wish there was a DIY for making those sweet dolls. How about a tutorial on how to make that darling pin? Thanks, Emily!

    5. What a fun collection of thoughts and tidbits. Your son is adorable! The flowers are beautiful. The restaurant is so pretty — you’re right, I’d move in too (happy birthday, by the way). And the scalloped ribbon? Precious.

    6. I hope it makes you feel better to know that our (always shirtless) No. 1, who is also 7-1/2, just lost his first tooth last week as well. So your second grader isn’t alone! I was in second grade when I started losing teeth myself. The tooth fairy brought Parker $5 too; although I must admit that back in the day, somehow I ended up with $11 for my first! I think everyone was just so glad I finally lost a tooth, that they were thrilled to pay me. LOL!

    7. Loved everything in this post. thanks for sharing. Friends have given me the advice for a spray tan to tell the person applying to go very light, though I still haven’t tried it. Those food pouches (we call them fruit pouches) are a lifesaver in our house. My 1 1/2 is a terribly picky eater, but he devours these. Oh, just watch out, if they want to squeeze, your little one may do so while the pouch is in front of her, not in her mouth. Or maybe that is just pesky little boys. I also found an applesauce variety (applesauce with bananas, peaches, apricots, etc) in a 4 pack at Target in the grocery aisles with the other applesauce. its a lot less expensive, though granted not the same as the organic variety. They help in a pinch.

    8. Love the post! Your kiddos are so cute. You can tell your #1 is so proud of his tooth! I have only heard good things about kids getting and losing teeth late. One teacher I knew believed it was linked to intelligence. Like, the later they lose their teeth, the smarter they are. Another theory I heard is that they will have healthier teeth less prone to cavities if they get/lose them late. So, while your son may be frustrated to be the last of his friends to lose a tooth, it could actually be a good thing!

      Cute pin and very cute restaurant! I wish there was something like that in my area, but if there is I haven’t found it. Have you ever found a sunless tanner lotion that works for your fair skin? I am extremely fair skinned, to the point where I was buying Mary Kay make-up in highschool, because they were the only ones I found at the time who had make-up light enough to match my skin. When Jergens first came out with their sunless tanner lotion, they had one just for fair skin that I loved, but they have since discontinued it and their fair to medium one is much too dark for me. I’ve also tried Neutrogena’s but it is also much too dark. If you have found something that works, I would love to hear about it!

    9. Did you know…that not only does baby food come in those cute pouches, but you can now by applesauce packaged that way? My boys LOVE these applesauce pouches. We buy ours at Target–they come in a box of 4 and in a variety of flavors: appleapple, applecinnamon, applepeach, applestrawberry, and applebanana. They are great for school lunches or a quick snack on the go!

    10. I second that: Thank you for this everyday post. so refreshing and nice to see what’s going on in your world. I enjoyed this post-alot. Your tan: looks healthy…and your glowing in a: got-a-little-bit-of-vitaminC- kinda way. The restaurant looks thoughts exactly, about moving in. Such a lovely restaurant.

      The childs book and video are so inspiring…so inspiring I wrote down the name of the book/site. Thank you.

    11. Loved this post of randomness!
      Congrats on the tooth, the married cousin, and the fake tan. :-) haha Yeah, I agree that it must look fake if your boys made comments :D hah! That’s hilarious!
      Yes, my sister goes barefoot all winter…….
      And very cute flower! I love Pinterest ideas!! :]

    12. Both of my boys lost teeth late, so your son is in good company!

      Also, I have learned when it comes to my looks, not to fight nature. I am very fair skinned, yet I have dark brown hair and eyes. I used to use self tanner and makeup to make my skin look at least a little darker and then I would highlight my hair with blonde streaks. Now I’m much happier with what God gave me because it not only makes me look younger, it’s much easier to maintain!

    13. Ha! Your spray tan comments cracked me up! I brave the spray tan booth only a couple times a year. I love the fact that I can forget how white I am if only for one week, but can’t hardly bear the fact that I’m simply flushing $30 down the toilet each time. Wish I wasn’t so practical.

      I also cracked up in Walmart last week when I saw applesauce in a little pouch like that. It was at the register… you know, beside the batteries, lint rollers, chapstick, disposable flossers, nasty cheese pizza combos, and candy of every variety. I thought… seriously? I applaud the effort to encourage healthy snacking, but what typical Walmart customer (or typical American, for that matter) would choose an applesauce pouch over a candybar? And I’m only letting myself say that because most of the time I fit in both of those categories too. LOL! :)

    14. Love, love, love your blog and everything in it! I’ve made a few things from your tutorials and they’ve turned out great! I think you need to do a tutorial on the rick rack rosette pin you made for your daughter- too presh! Keep up the great work!

    15. Thank you thank you thank you for your normal everyday post!! We had a tragic loss last week and this post just made me burst into tears of happiness to see joy in the small things and normalcy happening! The prints, the ribbons, the flower pin and you are all beautiful, spray tan and all…I’m whiter then a ghost this time of year…which coincidentally works well with the coming Halloween! Can we say free costume?! Anyway just wanted to say thank you. It may seem random to you but it meant a lot to my hurting heart. Blessings to you and your sweet family!

    16. Too cute and so many ideas!! I am going to enter for the book, it looks great!!

      Oh I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway! I hope you will join! ( a great resource as well)

      Art by Karena

    17. OMG.. I love the photo of your kids playing in the sink. I remember many hours spent at the sink when my boys were little. It was my go-to when I needed to get something done. Thank you for that precious memory!

    18. Greetings! Your kids are at such a fun age. I remember mine loved to play in the kitchen sink too! Thanks for sharing!

    19. I’m really enjoying your blog! I too have 4 munchkins (3 boys and a girl). And my oldest was 7 1/2 when he lost his first tooth – he too got $5! I laughed when I read this:) You’re incredibly beautiful inside and out.:) And your blog inspires me! God bless you and your lovely family:)

    20. Loved the post and I think your tan looks great! I know when I get one those I’m often around are surprised by it, but just because they’re not used to seeing me with a tan more than it looking odd. You look beautiful!

    21. Emily, another great post!! My boys love to be without clothes?! Love the book, going to have to check that out!! I’ll have to add them to my “more great suggestions by emily” folder! Having first girl in Jan, looking forward to using some Emily additions!!

    22. Hi Emily! Your kids are soo cute! That’s a cute idea on the book, I am in my nesting period, having a girl in December and would love to make a doll for my little Maria, and the book is really cute too! Thanks for the links!

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