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    screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-4-31-57-pmWhen we look back at the year 2016, I think we are going to say, “Whew. That was a lot.

    We road-tripped. We bought a house. We sold a house. We went to full-time self-employment. We created a new class and launched a new shop (well, as of next week :)). We parented four kids and transitioned to a new town. We did business trips, family time and even lived with friends for six weeks. It’s been so good. And a lot.

    And here’s the truth: I’m tired.

    My poor mom came to help me at an event last month and I’m pretty sure she has never seen me quite so drained. She keeps bringing it up and checking in to make sure I’m doing okay.

    I keep assuring her; I’m doing great. I’m just a teensy bit tired.

    I’m so grateful for all of the goodness that has been 2016, but I’m a regular 30-something who can’t do it all.

    To top it all off, I’ve been seeing a naturopath and discovered that my iron levels are ridiculously low. The weird symptoms I thought was just me being out of shape or how I’ve always been (shaky hands, short of breath, light-headed … ) turn out to be big indicators that my body is lacking oxygen. Who knew!

    My doctor has me on a weekly IV dose of iron and we’re hoping it will help this body heal.

    All to say …

    In blogland it is so easy to share the projects, take the pretty photos, present all the good and miss the chance to connect with readers in the fact that we are just as regular as ever.

    Our life is pretty fun right now with a new house and business opportunities, but that doesn’t mean it all comes without an insane amount of effort, letting go of many, many things (ahem, boxes everywhere) and just taking things one day, one project, one IV treatment at a time :)

    front yard sun shiningOn a very practical level, I realize that I am a fairly productive person and so here are a few things that allow me to get a lot done:

    Use a check list.

    I am so motivated by crossing things off my list so I pretty much always have a paper to-do list waiting for me. I love the paper products from our membership site called Paper Works (shameless plug). Cute designs + a task list = happy Emily.

    Outsource whatever we can. 

    It’s a total luxury, but wherever we can move things off our plate in a budget-friendly way, we say yes. Landscapers come twice per month, our meals are delivered weekly, at our old house we had a housecleaner, my sister does all of our shipping and packaging of products. These are all things we could do, but by hiring others to help out, it frees us up to do the things we are best at (which for me is definitely not meal planning!).

    Recognize that life is a series of seasons. 

    We never would have been able to take the road trip or be self-employed or move to a new house with so many projects when we still had babies. Life, finances, parenting demands were all different then.

    There are times when you have to just make things happen and times when you need to wait for the right season. I’m not sure what that exactly looks like, but I do know that much of my ability to work so hard right now is because I am no longer spending my day caring for toddlers.

    When I see mamas with little ones who feel like they can’t get anything done, I can’t help but encourage them that there will be a season soon when it will all change. They will be able to sleep in on a Saturday or leave an open can of paint out or take a shower in peace.

    It takes patience, grace and resisting that powerful urge to compare and instead sit confidently in our current season.

    Which is why I always do my best to be honest on this online life I live. Please don’t ever let the photos fool you into thinking we’ve got it all together over here. We’re a regular family who works hard, loves in the best way we can, messes up, succeeds, takes on a lot and can sometimes feel just plain #tired.

    So be encouraged my friends, wherever you are.

    xo, Emily

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    1. Thanks for sharing this. With a six year old kindergartener, 16 month old toddler, and a full time job, I am constantly #tired (love the shirt). It is nice to know that others are out there treading water every day too (although I really don’t wish it on anyone).

    2. Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista

      Thanks for sharing Emily! I feel like we are living similar life changes right now. We just took our two week cross country trip to move from California to Virginia (with our now four month old!!!). We were in a hotel for a week and a half while our house closed and we are finally moved in. A week later and the house is still full of boxes, my husband started his new job, my good sleeping baby no longer wants to sleep at night, and we are trying to make friends while living 20 minutes away from the nearest town. Life is crazy! But I know this is where God wants us and it will only be a matter of time before we finally start to feel settled. I am just so impatient to get there. So thank you again for sharing. From afar you have some exciting changes in life – but that doesn’t come without a lot of work. I feel encouraged knowing I am not alone in feeling tired and overwhelmed with these big changes. You are living an inspiring life and I hope that I can provide a little of that to others as well as we adventure into big changes.

      Here is a brief post highlight of our trip I thought you might like to see. We hit a few of the places your family did and had an amazing (and tiring!) time! :)

    3. Hi! so this is crazy, but I love to chew ice (but really, LOVE COLD ICE in my water/drinks) — and I know you do, too! Let me know if the iron drip makes a difference in your love for ice… because that’s when I started chewing ice… while being pregnant with a kiddo. I haven’t stopped since (last kiddo was 5 years ago….)

      I’m sure you’re gonna write me back… (or maybe mention the ice thing in a coffee chat?) ;) Way to keep hustling through being tired. Aren’t we lucky to have moms who check in on us?

      1. annnnd now I see the comment below me. but still! i’m curious. (i don’t really have low iron levels anymore… so maybe i should buck up and knock off the ice chewing and protect my pearly whites)

    4. What amazing support you have in all these commenters! I knew you were having iron issues when you talked about eating ice. I had pica when I was pregnant with my second child, I LOVED the smell of dirt or hardware stores. I never actually wanted to eat anything weird though!
      My doctor checked my thyroid and iron levels and they were dangerously off. I immediately went on supplements and a prescription for the thyroid. Both of these illnesses cause major fatigue. I remember asking my ND how I was able to make it through the day if my test results showed that I shouldn’t even be able to stand? She said that all women have the ability to push through using mostly adrenaline, but that can be really dangerous and you will eventually crash.
      She emphasized (again!) that women, especially mothers of young children need to take care of themselves first!! So often we sacrifice our own well being by putting others first.
      Since then, eight years ago, I regularly get my iron and thyroid levels checked. And if somethings off we adjust my supplements right away. (Also I second that floradix is amazing if you want your iron levels up quick!)
      So, take care of yourself! And our thoughts and prayers are with you.

      1. I absolutely had pica during my last two pregnancies. The smell of lemon soft scrub is what got me salivating :) It’s hard to take time to care for ourselves, but I’m glad I’m taking the time now. HOping to get this body thing figured out!

    5. Thank you for sharing. It’s been so hard for me to be in the season with little babies and toddlers. I know you have mentioned on earlier posts that it gets easier, but its always so nice to hear those words of encouragement especially when I am just bursting with ideas and dreams of traveling and working again. Good luck with your health. Sounds like you are in good hands.

    6. Hi Emily… I always love reading your blog and am sorry to hear of your iron deficiency. All I can say is – cook your food in a cast iron skillet. You’ll get an added boost of iron. I’m sure your Dr. has the rest covered. I hope you feel better very soon. Keep up the important work you do.

      PS – thanks to you I donated to the Water project today. It felt good!

    7. I have two little ones, so thank you for encouraging me that life will get a little easier soon but also for reassuring me that it’s normal and ok to already be full with the day to day at this point.

    8. This post was so good. I love your openness and honesty…’s absolutely refreshing! I highly recommend doing a food elimination to see if your gluten intolerant. I know it sounds like the current fad, but discovering that I am super sensitive to it has been life changing for me. I had so many of your symptoms…fatigue, low iron levels, shaking hands. After, removing gluten my hands don’t shake, I have way more energy, my iron levels are perfect and a lot of other unexplained issues that I’ve suffered from are gone. It’s hard to eliminate it (mentally and physically) but if you have a sensitivity, it’s life changing.

    9. Needed to hear this today Emily. We’re always struggling to get anything done, it takes a lot of team work and encouragement from others. Thanks for yours today! Good luck with that IV. Yikes!

    10. okay, you probably got a host of opinions about your low iron. Here’s my unsolicited advise: The two most common symptoms (and there are myriad) of gluten intolerance are the big D word and weight loss and the other is low iron. The iron deficiency is due to the lack of proper absorption of nutrients in your compromised bowel. The little villi that grab your nutrients get wiped out and stuff just goes through without absorbing the good stuff. Something to consider. You might just read up on gluten intolerance and celiac disease. I was diagnosed with celiac (seely-ack) in 1994, long before it was trendy, via endoscopy. But the cheapest approach is just elimination diet. Go GF for a month and test your levels again. Just a thought. Whenever I hear of mysteriously low iron levels, I bring gluten intolerance up. Especially if you don’t have any abnormal female issues/blood loss and considering you do eat meat.

      Prayers for rest. One foot in front of the other!


    11. Thank you so much for this post! I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old, and I feel so drained at the end of the day but also stressed that I need to keep working on our house we’ve lived in for a year, as well as take care of the 1/2 acre of land it sits on! You have reminded me that it’s okay if a project takes longer than I wanted it to because, in my present life, I have little ones who need me and they won’t need me forever. So, it’s. okay to put off painting doors or taking the yard and pulling out Ivy. It’s okay to be tired and just be while my little ones are still little. Thank you.

    12. I needed to hear the reminder about everything being a season. I have a baby at home and two older kids- and I’m surprised at the setback and frustration of not being able to get my projects done. This gave me some peace, so thank you.

    13. Hope you get to feeling better soon! I just have to say AMEN to all you said! This momma to 5 has very slowly learned as my oldest two are off to college that this time is fleeting and that we sure do need to treasure the moments that matter most. I use to cringe when older moms would say that to me when I was a younger mom with little ones. Now I guess I am that oldish mom saying it to younger moms and making them cringe. ? But those words are SO SO true. Enjoy each season,don’t wait for things to be better, or whatever your waiting for, live for NOW! Embrace it! Whatever IT is!
      Have a wonderful day Emily! Take care.

    14. loved this and so needed to read it today after a long night with my almost 2-year old. My blog isn’t where I’d like it to be, but I have a full-time job and am just trying to be happy with this season. =)

    15. Wise words. As women we are often bombarded with such negative messages when we don’t do it all. You are an encourager with your honesty and positivity. Hope you feel better day by day.

    16. It was an honor to meet you at that event at U village. Your candid writing style is always so refreshing. I’ll be in prayer for your iron levels and overall refreshment through the holidays and new year. You do so much, I pray God brings you just what you need to feel less tired and supported. Thank you for this post, it’s helping me get through finals.

    17. Low iron is no fun at all! I probably won’t be the only person to chime in here, but if you need something to maintain iron after your infusions, try Floradix. You can buy it on Amazon or at Whole Foods or Sprouts. I used it when I had low iron after a blood transfusion and during pregnancy. It’s effective without the side effects that go along with taking iron. It tastes like prune juice if you drink it straight, but if you mix it with a shot of OJ, there’s no discernable taste. xo

    18. I went through this last year. The infusions will help immensely! I did need to have 7 rounds, but my iron loss was caused by very heavy periods. Once I got that taken care of, I was able to hold the infusions. Best of luck! I hope you feel better soon.

    19. Hello Emily! My name is actually Emily too haha, and I’ve never left a comment before but your blog post popped up in my email just now and it was so perfect because I have a 3 week old and 2.5 year old and am SO tired today! So thank you for sharing and encouraging all of us!
      One of the practical things that has really helped me on tired days is this awesome vegan b-vitamin drink!! Have you ever heard of or tried a fizz stick? They are a working, busy mama’s best friend. Seriously help me get through the day. I’d love to send you some just to try. If you email me an address to send them to I will pop some in the mail this week! ?

    20. Praying you will return to 100% very soon! In the meantime, listen to your body and slow down and let others care for you a bit. It soon shall pass.
      God Bless!

    21. Really love your blog. I’m an attorney and just starting my own law practice. Really needed this today. So happy I’m not alone :)

    22. Thank you for sharing your heart. We are so lucky the Lord supplies all our needs in every season! Praying for healing for you. I’ve been looking for a naturopath doctoring in the pierce county area for my family. Would you recommend yours?

    23. I hope you are feeling back to your old self soon! I can’t imagine the time and effort it takes to blog, let alone all the other endeavors you are into.

      1. Such a great post, I really needed that. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes while I pump at work. I’m new a new mom slowly learning how impossible it is to do it all, but trying to take it all in stride knowing the sleepless nights and needy baby are fleeting, and someday I’ll miss those moments.

    24. Wow! You certainly have had so much going on and that alone would make any of us tired. Plus you have 4 children AND that alone would make any of us tired. And then on top of this you have issues with iron and that takes you to a whole new level. I struggled with low iron for years and it shuts you down for sure. I am a very energetic, busy person but when my iron is low I have to tend to it. Praying for you to get your energy back very soon. Your transparency is refreshing.

    25. Love seeing real life on the internet! You are obviously a super hero but even super heroes need a break every now and then! Your fatigue and low iron and shaky hands that you described, are the mirror image of myself. After years of those same symptoms, I finally learned that I have Celiac Disease. I don’t want to be one of those annoying people who tries to diagnose everyone but I know so many people have this disease and don’t know it. For anyone who is experiencing these symptoms, please ask your doctor for a Celiac panel blood test. If nothing else, it will rule it out for you. In the US, the diagnosis rate for Celiac stands at about 20% which means that roughly 80% of the people who have the disease are unaware of that fact and therefore struggle through their days with a myriad of symptoms, often too vague to be taken seriously. Just something to consider. I LOVE your blog! Thank you!

      1. Thank you Rachael. I do have gut issues which is what initially brought me to the naturopath … we’re working on that as well with an elimination diet. Hopefully we’ll get my iron fixed and gut healed!

    26. Thank you :) you do an awesome job staying real and vulnerable. And that encourages others to do the same, online or in person. You do it often enough that I’ll talk about you (occassionally) to my husband like I know you. I’m all like “Oh hey, Emily and her family got a new house!” And he’s like “Wait, who?”
      Mom of 3 littles here, and I’ve followed you since before kids.

    27. My sister (who is also an Emily) and I always joke about how you must read minds with your posts. Today was no exception. Thanks for being a great source of balance for those of us that are sitting (not so confidently) in our current season. Having a full time job, a side (dream) hustle, a 2 month old and a husband is hard, but your post gave me a little hope that one day the season will change and things won’t be as hard.

      Disclaimer: I may or may not have been having an emotional breakdown about this very thing minutes before reading your post. Way to go, mind reader. Keep reading our minds. You’re doing a good thing.

    28. Hi Emily…I’m a blogger over at This is a great message and so timely for me. I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately with all that I have on my plate and all that I want to still do. My kids are all in school too, but I still feel like there are not enough hours in the day. It was a good reminder that I need to let go of things that don’t require me. I don’t have to do it all. I have such a Type-A personality that this is really hard for me. Thanks for this post. And for being real.

    29. this was such a great post. we had a similar year, really busy, lots of traveling, and life changes. all good things, but still really exhausting. glad i’m not the only one.
      i recently shared a real life post too, as i have been feeling anxious:

      i hope that it will be of some encouragement to some others. you’ve also inspired me to check in to my blog and share a little more of the real life.
      thank you for keeping it real with us!

    30. Thank you Emily. So much. I have a 9 month old and life has drastically changed, in good ways. But I do get frustrated sometimes by all the things not happening in our lives right now. Thank you for the reminder to savor the now and that this current exhaustion doesn’t last forever :)

    31. Hi again, I am reading this as I await my Dr. appt today for utter exhaustion. I cannot take care of myself, I cannot cook my family a meal, I have to sit to take a shower, I could go on…Thank you for being real today. It is very encouraging for me to know I am not the only one.

      Blessings prayed for you and your family as you try to heal,

      1. Holly,
        I hope you get a few answers today. Sometimes it is hard to determine if it is more stressful to change parts of your lifestyle to reduce stress or to keep doing the same ole same ole because you at least know how that works.

    32. Thank you for sharing this. I have young kids and try my darndest to keep a pretty house, keep up with current fashion (as much as a mom of 3 can) make time for beautiful baking creations, volunteer with kids activities, help run a business and take care of an acreage (country life is bliss)…but it’s such a great reminder that this too shall pass and one day soon I will dearly miss the dirty faces and cutesy giggles. Thanks for being real and for the reminder of seasons:) Time to just breathe and be grateful….

    33. At age 62, I,have learned that the seasons change, but don’t always get easier in every way. Preteens and teens have sports and many things..while parents work too. Now, my time is devoted to caring for and arranging care for my 91 year old father. Somehow, I try to manage my own life while my husband travels for work at times. The grass is really never greener. We will all go through it all. Taking care of our own health has to happen..which I sometimes have ignored.

    34. Thanks for sharing this! And praying for your body to heal! I am one of those mamas with little ones and lots of plans, projects and ideas! I have to remind myself that this is a season… my little people won’t always be so little and eventually the progress will come faster… inspired and encouraged by your post xo ?

    35. Thank you for posting this. I have been following along with your blog for about 6 years. I love your style and the fact that you have a large family! I started reading when I was pregnant with my first, now I am pregnant with my 3rd.

      My husband is in the ministry, and housing is part of his salary package. There is so much 80’s and 90’s in my house, and I am always trying to figure out how to lighten it up, but the house isn’t really ours and I don’t know what is wise to invest in when it comes to living here. With little kids, and a limited budget, my home is no where near where I want it to be aesthetically. So, thank you for this reminder, that there are seasons to life….

      Hope you begin to feel better soon. Rest up and slow down. ;-)

    36. So honest! Thank you!!! I wish you some rest, how about a good ‘ol Hallmark movie:)? Have you tried cooking in an iron skillet? My girlfriend had an iron deficiency and that is what her doctor recommended and it worked for her. Best to you Emily,love your blog!

    37. This post resonated with me so much today, Emily! I was literally just praying for rest as I put my 22 month old down for a nap. We’re awaiting baby #2’s arrival in early January, and while we’re so eager to meet him, I can’t help but feel anxious about how much more challenging life is about to get. The struggle for that feeling of personal productivity during this exhausting season is real, and I will keep remembering your comment that some things have to get done and others just need to wait.

    38. Emily, I relate to this so much. It brought tears to my eyes. And I love the shirt. I need this shirt!

      I’m a new mom. I’m a full-time art director. I have twin 16 month old boys. I overcame cancer this year. I bought a house and moved. I’m painting and re-landscaping. I am tired.

      I love your piece on seasons. It speaks volumes to me and I thank you for that. Your words are a blessing.

      Keep up the amazing work!


      1. Wow, that is a lot! Go easy on yourself. I have 5 kids but can’t imagine twins! That alone sounds exhausting. But beating cancer? That’s awesome! God bless.

    39. Thank you for having a blog and sharing where you are on your path. I’m so thankful for you. This blog is one of my favorite things. #grateful

    40. Thanks so much for this beautiful post. Such a great reminder for all of us and thank you for sharing your feelings in such an open way.

    41. I appreciate your honesty and candidness. I have a 1y, 2yr and 3yr old and I am a newly single mom. I am exhausted and at times, not sure how to hold up my head as I also work more than full time. Asking for help or outsourcing is a very difficult one for me and something I need to work on. It seems everyone is busy and has their own cross to bear so why burden someone else…. Thanks again and wishing you a speedy recovery.
      Oh and to be clear, I did not plan to have kids that close together. They were foster children, I have adopted (I get a lot of harsh words from people who do not know their story and where they came from)

    42. Emily,
      I don’t usually leave a response but I just couldn’t help but to respond to your post. I really was so encouraged by your transparency (honesty). I was crying out to the Lord this morning for wisdom in some life changing decisions for our family and this is how I felt (tired) ! I needed the reminder that this is a season and to look at the blessings within the trials. Being thankful in what they produce in us is the greater blessing. Blessings to you and your family

    43. I totally needed to hear that today so thank you. We are not superhuman and need to me reminded of that. Our seasons are beautiful,
      But it can be tough to recognize in the thick of it all. Thank you Emily. There is a reason why out of all the blogs I subscribe to, yours is THE only one I read everyday:) feel better soon!

    44. Thank you! Only an hour before reading your post, I had a conversation about letting go and being okay with it…not naturally my strengths. Your thoughts were exactly what I needed to read/hear today.

    45. My 19 yr. old daughter was just diagnosed with low iron last month and has been on an iron supplement– she feels much better! She used to occasionally faint which really worried me! Hopefully it will help you too! I’m glad to hear you’re looking at diet, etc. It all goes together. What is interesting to me is another commentor about celiac and low iron. I was tested to be very gluten intolerant and not celiac… and I used to have problems with low iron when I was younger too. hmmm. What I can tell you is that when the kids are in high school, while it may be busy, it’s even easier than elementary years. And now I have 2 in college and I am so discombobulated because I feel like I should be taking care of someone and now it’s just my husband! LOL!

    46. Thanks for being honest and real Emily! But you also manage to be graceful and thankful, which makes all the difference.

      Also, whenever I enter furniture or decor shops in Sweden or Denmark that are generally filled with black, white and neutral shades, I always think of you and your blog :) Hugs.

    47. Yes to seasons, for sure. Now that I’m getting a little older and my kids are too, I wish someone had been around to explain that to me. So simple but so profound and can cause you to pause and give yourself a break. I feel for you about the iron..I’m anemic too and often get short of breath and dizzy. The IV’s are amazing! You should feel better soon?. I hope to start them again soon, but w our mortgage-sized insurance premiums and high deductibles it will all be out of pocket@ about $1900 for treatment. But we’ll see-God is good. Thanks for the reminder to sometimes not try to “do it all.” And I second the checking for Celiac…..

    48. As a mom of a 1 and 2 year old-thank you for sharing this. I will remember your encouraging words when I am having a “when does this get easier” moment.

    49. I so heart that shirt. For me the last decade has been a marathon…3 moves, 3 jobs, a doctorate, parenting, my husband not just out of town, but out of the country, for most of it… Maybe in 2017 the stars will align for both of us into the nap position…

    50. It is absolutely amazing how life leads us to places we would not have gone otherwise. That life brings us these little treasures of encouragement and advice. These words were something I needed to hear, today. I struggle with trying to do it all, raising a 5-year-old boy on my own while also pursuing my passions. This short but sweet truth will help me push forward. Thank you :)

    51. I adore your posts like this and can relate so much. I admire you in many ways and look forward to reading your blog! Thank you for always sharing your talents, your thoughts, and your real life. Your site is a breath of fresh air in the Internet world :)

    52. This had me choked up reading at work on my lunch break. My drive into work this morning after dropping my toddler off at school was asking God to give me peace because this season is so hard. My husband is in a very difficult point in his training so he works crazy hours and we are away from family. I want so badly to feel productive and have my act together but it’s nice to hear that this season is hard for others and that I will always have those moments even when my babies are bigger so not to wish it way! I pray you will feel better and get lots of replenishing rest! Thank you for this post!

    53. This is so encouraging. We have a high-spirited and headstrong 2 year old son and we’re thinking of trying for #2, but I just can’t seem to keep up. And then I look around our disorganized home and feel guilty for not being able to keep up because we have so much to be thankful for in our lives. So, thank you for the encouragement and reminder that life’s seasons won’t always look the same. – From a fellow (Eastern) Washingtonian.

      PS: Hope you feel better soon!

    54. Just a thought…..have you been tested for Celiac? 12 years ago I was pregnant and having blood transfusions because my iron was so low. Turns out Celiac was the cause. Hope you get some relief. Low iron is incredibly draining!

      1. The iron was a secondary reason for going to the naturopath … I’ll spare you details, but yes. We’re working on addressing gut issues and the iron is just a symptom. Just need to get my oxygen and iron levels up in order for the rest of my body to heal.

    55. Oh, bless your heart! I needed to be reminded of this once again. We have six kids, three bigs and three littles, and five of them are homeschooled. The youngest isn’t quite 2 yet. Anyhow…I was, once again, feeling frustrated at the lack of progress in our never-ending list of house projects. I was able to get lots of projects done back when my bigs were littles but we weren’t homeschooling at the time. I know that this is my season, albeit an intense and quite lengthy season, but they won’t always be around. I needed a reminder what a privilege it is to do what I do and to remember that eventually we will get to those projects. Seeing someone else just jump in and get things done is a good reminder for me to sometimes just jump in too.
      I hope your treatments are working and I applaud you for searching out a care provider who you are happy with and trust. I have been seeing a chiropractor and naturopath and so appreciate the holistic approach. I had been having some health issues too and I knew how they would be treated with a doctor at my “big clinic” and have been so happy with my care provider and her more natural approach. Rambling now, I hope for continued healing for you. Thanks for sharing!

    56. This is the reason I have read your blog for years. You are real. Hope you feel better soon and so happy for you and your family with your new home. Thank you for the encouraging words this morning. It was things I needed to hear myself as a working mom.

    57. Thank you for this. I always have trouble with the letting go part. I did have a question for you. When you had a cleaning service, how did that work when you were working on a project. That’s what I am having trouble with taking that next step.

      1. We adored our cleaning lady and she was always willing to just skip over areas if we were in the middle of a project. It was the most helpful thing to have her reset our house and get it clean!

    58. Thank you for these beautiful words today! They were so very much what I needed on this day that I felt like the mom in “Bad Moms” right out of the gate. You are a blessing in so many lives!

    59. THANK YOU for the encouragement to us moms in the season of little people. I have 2 boys ages 3 and 2 and most of the time I want to pull my hair out by 10am. Reading this at first i felt that pang of guilt like, “why can’t I do some of that, what’s wrong with me?” But your reality check about seasons reminded me to give myself grace and to be proud of what I’m accomplishing now. Thank you. Congratulations on an amazing year!

    60. Thanks for sharing the reality :) I’ve been reminding myself of the seasons of life a lot lately as my husband and I deal with a colicky 6 week old, a 3.5 year old who doesn’t want to stay in bed and a myriad of other things that have made life crazy / busy lately.

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