Our house on the market (and off!)

Our old house, which we’ve lived in and loved for 10 years went on the market.

And then last week, we got an offer, accepted it and now it’s off the market. Hooray!

We are beyond thankful that the right family found it, fell in love with it and made an offer. The deal isn’t done, done until the closing date, but we’re feeling good about it.

I thought it would be fun to share the listing photos – the last official photos taken in this very regularly photographed home :)

You’ll notice a few differences between the photos you usually see of our house and what follows.

  1. When listing a house, it’s all about staging, not decorating. Believe me, it was hard for me to take everything that has our personality out of the house and go so minimal. But it looks clean and like a blank slate ready for a new family and that is the point when trying to sell a house.
  2. The photographer turned on all the lights and processed differently than is typical on the blog or in a magazine. It isn’t necessarily my style and yet I absolutely recommend hiring a real estate photographer to take photos of your house if you are selling. People shop online and photos are everything.

Okay! Here is our beloved ‘old’ house:

frontofhouse entry
fireplace living topliving livingtokitchen kitchen kitchentodining sink

eating dining littlebath office mud master bathroom boysroom ethansroom audreys-room kidsbath laundry bonus backyard

Ah, sweet house. It has been so good to us. A place where we raised our babies, made such good friends, hosted countless parties, invited friends to live with us and was the perfect builder-grade canvas for us to add our style.


For more on all of the house projects and before + afters seen in our home, try these posts:

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The Hanging Window in the entry

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Removable Wallpaper in the Hallway

33 Responses to Our house on the market (and off!)

  1. Vicki November 11, 2016 at 10:29 am #

    As a transaction specialist in real estate, these are excellent photos! And yes, always clean, declutter and prep your home before a listing. And, hire a prof. real estate photographer, they know how to take those amazing photos that get your home showing requests. Congrats!!

  2. Kyrie November 9, 2016 at 5:16 pm #

    I am going to miss this house so much! I almost get a little teary – I’ve followed it’s transformation from before you painted the office, and I feel so sad about having to ‘say goodbye’ :) !
    I love these photos! The photographer did a great job showing off the house, and your touches and talents are still visible. If I was in that area, I’d definitely be tempted, lol!

    Soli Deo Gloria!


  3. Auntie Alison November 8, 2016 at 11:00 pm #

    You would be crazy not to buy it!??

  4. Diann November 7, 2016 at 7:18 pm #

    Congratulations! I pray everything goes well and you close soon. The photos are very nice but a little cold and uninviting without all your special warming touchs. I loved your home decorated the way you had it. Can’t wait to see what you do with the new house.

  5. Taylor Norris November 7, 2016 at 6:26 pm #

    I actually love how it looks dressed so minimally :)

    • Maureen November 8, 2016 at 2:06 pm #

      Me too–I like clean lined.

  6. Janet Baird November 7, 2016 at 5:27 pm #

    Beautiful job staging your home. Can I ask where you got your 2 sofa chairs in the living room?

  7. Lisa M. November 7, 2016 at 5:27 pm #

    Beautiful home. Some family is very lucky. Also, I think there are several shots/angles of your home in this post that I’ve never seen! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Jen November 7, 2016 at 5:18 pm #

    I probably have the most random question, lol! I noticed the fridge in the old house. It looks a lot like the one we are thinking about getting. How did you like it? The one we want is just like that but has a sep deli drawer. I’ve read so many reviews my head is spinning!

    • emily November 7, 2016 at 5:42 pm #

      I loved that fridge. I am an ice girl and I liked the ice in the door. I also love a bottom freezer and all of it!

  9. Heather November 7, 2016 at 3:57 pm #

    Thanks for sharing with us! So excited to see your new home “grow” with all your talent!

  10. S Croft November 7, 2016 at 3:29 pm #

    Big Question: Is the dining room/foyer window staying with the old house or will it find a place in the new home? I have a window like it at our cottage which originally came from my parents’ dining room (the house I grew up in) when they put in new more efficient windows. It is one of the things I get the most compliments on. I have mine hanging out on our front porch.

    • emily November 7, 2016 at 5:43 pm #

      We left it with the house. That window was such a perfect fit for that spot and we really don’t have a place for it in the new house. So we’ll find new ways to incorporate old/interesting pieces!

  11. Brandy November 7, 2016 at 3:07 pm #

    I’d love to read a post about how the additions and customizations you made over the years added, or potentially didn’t add) to the sale value of your home. You read articles like that on various real estate sites, but it would be cool to read + see pics from a real life person like you.

    • emily November 7, 2016 at 6:16 pm #

      We bought right before the real estate market took a big dip and only in the last year or two have values come up to where we bought. We sold our house for a slight profit – about what we put into it as far as upgrades. So basically, we are even as far as investment goes. HOWEVER, I do not only consider resale when making improvements … there is much value in having our homes feel like us, reflect our style, be places we are excited to use and invite others into. So while there is no monetary value on it, I place a high importance on the intrinsic value of making a pretty home.

  12. Nancy Skora November 7, 2016 at 3:01 pm #

    Congratulations on the Sale of your house, now you can concentrate on your new one! Are you keeping it decorated just in case?

    • emily November 7, 2016 at 5:44 pm #

      We kept it staged for as long as we could … we need our furniture! We have a moving company coming tomorrow to bring it all to our new house! Can’t wait for a bed and sofa and real table!

  13. Tiffany November 7, 2016 at 2:46 pm #

    Beautiful! I am wondering about the pulls in what I’m guessing is the “kids” bathroom… where are they from?

  14. Laura November 7, 2016 at 2:20 pm #

    Imagine how much fun it could be for the new homeowners to look back over the blog to see how far you’ve taken the home.

  15. Ilene Smith November 7, 2016 at 1:52 pm #

    Where did you find that fabulous deer with antlers that’s hanging over your fireplace?

    • emily November 9, 2016 at 9:37 pm #

      The deer is from Restoration Hardware: https://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod1860696

  16. Marilyn Kay November 7, 2016 at 1:13 pm #

    Looking at all of your photos of your home over the process of your decorating has always left me with a sense of calmness. It is a clean fresh pallet that anyone could live with and add their own touches. Good luck to you where ever you roam.

    Marilyn K

    • emily November 7, 2016 at 5:44 pm #

      Thank you Marilyn!

  17. Marie November 7, 2016 at 1:12 pm #

    Hi Emily
    I’m new to your blog. I can’t remember what led me here but I’m enjoying it. We are at different stages (you have young boys) and my kids are grown, you’ve just moved and I’ve been in my home for 20 years – but I like the variety in your blog and appreciate your opinions.
    Wow! the house pics look awesome no wonder it sold so quickly! I have a few decorating questions for you. I hope you don’t mind.
    1. I love your living room “feel”. But I have to say the tv is in an odd place. Why did you put it there rather than above the fireplace? We struggle with this and ended up using stands for both of our tvs which I hate.

    2. I might copy your kitchen colour scheme! But no upper cabinets in the kitchen? Was this merely following a trend? Do you regret it? We will do our kitchen next and I like the look of the shelves but I need the storage. I love the simple look of your kitchen but I’m wondering if you were happy with that choice and whether you will repeat it in your new place?

    3. My husband desperately wants a built in bench in our kitchen eating area. I see you had one. Did you put storage under? Why no cushions? I’m thinking if. Have to have a nook seating area to want cushions and a able with a piano screw that will go coffee table to eating height for more flexibility.

    Sorry about all the questions I just need to get a different perspective to move forward on some changes and Im considering. I hope you don’t mind…

  18. Liz November 7, 2016 at 1:04 pm #

    Blessings all around for selling your “old” home and buying your “new” home Emily! Such exciting news! Thanks for sharing with your friends who read your blog. :)

  19. Laura November 7, 2016 at 12:42 pm #

    And yet somehow, even your real estate photos are totally inspiring. Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to see how you transform the new place!

    Also, not that you’re busy or anything with buying / selling / mom-ing to 4 kids, but do you think you might do a fall fashion post again? I’ve so loved your past ones!

    • emily November 7, 2016 at 5:45 pm #

      Thank you Laura! I just took photos today of fall outfits. Should be posted on Wednesday!

  20. Ellen Hoffman November 7, 2016 at 12:39 pm #

    I feel blessed to have spent time with you all during those years and sharing in your beautiful world. People were always welcomed and wanted. The photos depict the truth of your warm inviting personality.
    I love your heart!

    • emily November 7, 2016 at 5:46 pm #

      Ah, thank you miss ellen! So many good memories and I love that you were part of so many of them! xoxo.

  21. Brenda November 7, 2016 at 12:02 pm #

    I am drooling over these gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Laurie @ Laurie Jones Home November 7, 2016 at 8:43 am #

    We’re getting ready to have our house photographed to put on the market and after looking at the other houses in my area’s listing I for sure think we have the advantage! Your house looks fantastic!!! Congrats!!

  23. Jill T. November 7, 2016 at 8:15 am #

    I can’t wait to see where the “L” wall lands in the new house. I’m hopeful it pops up somewhere :)

  24. Jennifer November 7, 2016 at 5:52 am #

    Having just done the home buying/selling thing, I can say that these are GREAT listing photos. It’s not wonder it went under contract so quickly!

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