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diy iphone cover {tutorial + freebie}

    Back in the day, your choice for phone color was black or {sometimes} pink. These were also the days of flip phones, long before texting and smartphones and cameras that take better pictures than real ones.

    Now, we not only get the fancy features of new technology {instagram anyone?}, but we get to personalize {and protect} our phones with stylish covers.

    There are a million great options available, but I’m a little fickle and like to switch the cover on my phone on a whim. So I came up with a great solution: printable covers and a clear case. Works like a charm.

    Want to make one for your phone? Here’s how:


    :: iphone cover print out {sign up below to receive your own copy}

    :: clear iphone case {like this one for $10}.

    :: scissors

    :: pencil

    STEP ONE: trim around the corners of the design you choose

    STEP TWO: using your cover as a guide, trace the camera hole onto the design

    STEP THREE: trim

    *tip* use a hole punch to start your circle and little scissors to trim closely.

    STEP FOUR: pop the design into your case and then onto your phone

    When you tire of one design, you have two more to choose from.

    Download these iphone covers for FREE! Just sign up below to receive a copy


    40 thoughts on “diy iphone cover {tutorial + freebie}”

    1. Any chance you can create a template for the new iphone 6? I can never decide on just one iphone case. And could the templates be editable (?) like the note cards from paperworks. I have several quotes I’d like to place on a cool background for the phone. I would even purchase a template! Love you blog; I’m a loyal customer and use your cards and notes and artprints all the time.

    2. Hi Emily! these are awesome and I did some for my razr but it’s had a ton of problems so i’m getting the iphone 4s in a couple months. but i’ve tried twice (filling out the form) but i never get a confirmation email, so no downloads :( I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the fact I already follow you? I would luvs these those they are beautiful!!

    3. Hi Emily

      Thank you so much for your beautiful designs and sharing them. I’ve printed mine out for my iPhone 4s and have found they’re too small for the case. What have I done wrong? Please could you assist.

      Many thanks.
      Jackie (from South Africa)

      1. I had the same problem. I modified them a bit through creative scissor work, but it would have been a lot simpler if they fit properly.

        1. So now I feel kind of stupid…I assumed that Emily did these to iPhone 5 dimensions, but when I checked my printer it was set to automatically shrink large pages. Once I fixed that, these are perfect for my iPhone 4.

    4. Thank you Emily! It is always an exciting day in our office when you gift us with a free download of any kind! These are so fun!

    5. Wow! This is awesome. I already have a custom designed iPhone case but I love the idea of easily changing covers. I just found clear cases in the Netherlands and ordered one. Looking forward to creating these cute cases.

    6. What a great idea! I just downloaded it and can’t wait to buy the clear case. I love that I can change out the designs any time I want. Thank you for sharing!

    7. I literally just bought a clear case on Monday for my new phone… of course, I don’t have the phone yet (argh), it’s on order… spending the mean time designing a couple of inserts!

      Chaney… do you have access to Illustrator or Photoshop? Those would be the easiest programs to use (or any drawing program, really). Just measure the actual case and go from there. You might need to trim a bit, but it’s a trial and error process anyway!

    8. What a fun idea! I was just looking for pretty iPhone cases and was a little overwhelmed with all the options. This is both simple and cheap. Thanks!

    9. Thanks for the download! I love the idea of being able to switch out the design but I have heard that the plastic case is not very strong nor protective. I seem to drop my phone often so really need something sturdy. What kind of experience has everyone had with the plastic case?

    10. You can also make your own with favorite pictures of family and friends…that’s what mine looks like! I love having a little “photo album” or sorts with me all the time. Also makes it easy to show off the important people in your life.

      1. I want to have my own customize picture of my case but I don’t have photoshop for the template. Do you know any website or what for an alternative template? Thank you.

    11. This is so brilliant, Emily! I have been putting off getting a case because I can’t decide which to buy. This totally solves all my problems!

    12. These are awesome, Emily! I was just thinking about doing this! I love the idea and the flexibility of changing the design on a whim. I have the new iPhone though, so the measurements will be different. What program did you use to make them, and how did you get the measurements correct?

      1. Chaney, I think the pattern *is* for the iPhone 5, as Emily’s link to the clear cover is for the latest iPhone :-) Thank you, Emily, for sharing this!

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