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fabric covered monogram

    Today seems like a good day to share a simple project as seen on our wall of L’s.

    The thing I like most about this project {besides the fact that it is quick and easy} is that you can totally customize this … make a huge letter for a wall or a small one as a gift topper. I even made one to hang on our front door at Christmastime {embellished with ribbons, a merry christmas banner and crepe paper flower}.

    So let’s get to it.

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    :: piece of sturdy cardboard {I used the back of an old calendar, but any box from the recycle bin will do}

    :: fabric

    :: scissors or x-acto knife and cutting mat

    :: hot glue gun

    :: spray adhesive

    :: pencil

    STEP ONE: draw your letter on the cardboard. You can print a letter and trace it, or just freehand. Remember that you will want the letter to be thick enough to make an impact {go back to your middle school bubble-letter-making-days}

    STEP TWO: cut out

    at first I used scissors, then I realized that an x-acto knife would make it much easier.

    Once it is cut out, you can make little adjustments to the letter, if needed.

    STEP THREE: cut fabric to size

    My fabric was double sided so this didn’t apply, but in most cases, be sure to flip your letter so that the print side of the fabric will be on the front of the letter {right sides together}.

    STEP FOUR: use spray adhesive to secure the fabric to the front of the letter, smoothing any wrinkles as you go.

    STEP FIVE: make snips around corners so the fabric will lay flat

    STEP SIX: run a small bead of hot glue around the edge of the letter and press down the fabric to secure

    If you have center holes, just snip into the center with your scissors and make those same little cuts to get the fabric to lay flat as you glue around the corners.

    And you’re done!

    15 thoughts on “fabric covered monogram”

    1. Is it okay if I pin your fabric covered letter tutorial? It is a really neat idea, and I don’t want to forget it! Of course I will include in the description that I found it on your blog.

    2. I so luv your stuff! This wall of letters is awesome!
      I have so many places that are just screaming out for some letters! and you have made it so easy for me!


    3. There really should be more blogs like yours. Inspiring, Creative, Successful, the perfect mix of purchasing items as well as free downloads, Giveaways, you show us behind the scenes, you’ve got a great design style.

      You’re pretty much awesome and I find myself waiting everyday hoping that I’ll get an email with a new blog post. :-)

    4. Thank you for your How To! I have been admiring your Wall of L’s for a couple of days now and am using your inspiration for my own Wall of G’s in my laundry room :) I was fretting about how NOT to spend tons of money on this endeavor! Brilliant and I’m now more motivated than ever!

    5. What a fun project for a quick update. You could also do seasonal cutouts or geometric shapes. You have opened up my imagination. Thanks for the creative idea.

    6. Seriously, I think I’ve pinned all your tutorials! And, I laughed out loud at your “middle school bubble letter days” comment, but for me it was more like sorority bubble letter days. We got all kinds of crafty for big sis/lil sis reveals, bids day, and initiations. Fond memories for sure!

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