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a wall of L’s

    We have this random nook between the dining room and the staircase that fits our piano perfectly. The wall above the piano is one of the first things you see when you walk into our home, so while I want it to make a statement, I have never known quite how to go about it.

    Last year, I put up a crazy bird collage {seen here}. A few months later, I took it down and added a silhouette painting I did of our kids {seen here}.  At Christmas, we moved the piano and put our tree up in this space {seen here}, but once it came down the walls have remained bare and crying out for something new.

    Graphic typography and monograms have always caught my eye and over the years I have collected a few L’s {my married last initial … my maiden name is Jones}. One day a few weeks ago, inspiration struck and I decided to group some of the collection and create a wall of L’s over the piano.

    Here’s how it turned out:

    Fun, right?

    I’m really happy with it.

    I kept with a gray/white/black/ theme to keep it neutral. Only a few of the letters were purchased {at the craft store} and the rest were made with things I had laying around the house.

    Here are some close-ups:

    descriptions from left to right:

    1. fabric covered cardboard cutout {tutorial to come}

    2. framed glitter letter with linen backing

    3. wooden letter in vintage frame

    4. watercolored L in large IKEA frame {one of the first projects I did when we moved into our house nearly 6 years ago … so many blank walls to fill!}

    5. chalkboard painted board with handdrawn letter {this is acutally the back of a frame that was broken. I just tossed the frame and glass and kept the back, painted it with two coats of chalkboard paint and used the hanger on the back to hang it up. Super easy}

    6. vintage linen hankie with layered scrapbook paper and a printed L {font: barocca monograms}

    7. My favorite. I used the old cardboard backing from a vintage frame, glued on a cut out letter and wrote in No. 6 {for six people in our family}.

    8. wooden letter and old playing card

    9. framed book page monogram {tutorial here}

    Not shown:

    large cardboard letter from the craft store decoupaged with scrapbook paper

    There are so many great ways to add a personal touch to your home and I think adding your family initial is one of my favorites.

    And I’m hoping this wall display will stay for a while.

    56 thoughts on “a wall of L’s”

    1. I would love to create the same wall. I’m not as talented as you.
      My letter would be the letter G. Where or what sites should I started looking for the letter.

      You wall is such an eye popper!!!!


    2. Hi, so your wall of Ls moved across the street, but I also noticed that they multiplied. Can you describe for me the new additions like you did with the original, please?

    3. I, too, love monograms and typography and have the letter “H” sprinkled throughout the house. One of my favorites is a set of three ink stampers that are just grouped on a small side table in the den. This little set of “h’s” gets so many comments….love your “L” gallery wall.

    4. Gah, I have a small obsession with monograms, thanks for posting this and making me feel better about starting a collection of letters! ;)

    5. I love how this turned out! I love using our last initial too, but I always worry about using it too much. After seeing this, I can’t figure out why! These look so awesome grouped together like this!

    6. Emily I love this idea! I am getting married in 6 weeks… and just moved into what will be our first apartment and there is a LOT more wall space than my last little 1 bedroom apartment. I have been wandering around trying to figure out what to put on the walls, and I think i might use this idea and start collecting letter B’s!

    7. Oh, Emily, I LOVE this! I’ve been looking for a new wall project for our daughter’s big girl room & I’ve definitely found it. Her name is Landry so when I saw you post title I was immediately inspired without even looking at the post. What a great idea!

    8. Would you be wiling to share how you made the large L that you mentioned was not shown (the one covered in yellow and white scrapbook paper). I’m in love with it but have been afraid to try decoupaging out of fear that it will be bumpy and look messy. Any tips?!

    9. The wall is beautiful and adorable. “L” is the best, my last name too! I just might have to do this somewhere in my house.

    10. I don’t know if someone else has already said this but I think it’s especially apropos because music notes are sort of improvised as la la la la la. so the Ls seem very musical.
      If your last name was Zappos perhaps the collection would be best in a bedroom.
      If your last name began with M, as mine does, maybe a collection in the kitchen?
      So, along those lines, if your last name was Parker, would the collection go in the bathroom?

    11. I love you wall of L’s! I have a wall of L’s in progress too (our last name begins with L as well). I’ve need to add some more L’s so these ideas are helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    12. cute, emily! always fun to change things up – though I must be mixed up about the layout of your home – thought the sliding window into the dining room was the first thing…hmmm

    13. Love the Ls! My maiden name was an L but now I am a “T” collector — my one and only collection. I’m not sure why but the graphic punch of typography always enthralls me. Cheers – CT!

    14. I love typography and WORDS. I just finished the wall going up our stairs, which is the first thing you see when you walk in our home…it says “CREATE”.
      I used different letters (from the craft store) painted them, and hung up large bulletin boards to showcase my kids artwork.
      I will be posting about it on my blog soon.
      I love your L wall!

    15. I think it’s fantastic! I want to do that with “H”… but wasn’t sure how to go about it. So this is a great inspiration! I like all the different types… wouldn’t thought of just drawing one on chalkboard to add to the collage! Great idea!

    16. I love all of your “L’s”. I too have a last name that starts with the letter L. I think I might use this same idea for my t.v. Room. You have inspired me to gather all of the L’s I have and put them together. Thanks, have a great day!!

    17. I really love this! And after I am done using your painted wallpaper stencil on a desk I think I will use this inspiration as well. I just loooveee your blog!!

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