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Nonna wreath {tutorial}

    You first saw it here:


    and then here:


    And now it’s finally here!


    Here is what you’ll need:


    :: fabric {I used a wool blanket found at a thrift store}

    :: scissors

    :: hot glue gun & lots of glue

    :: wreath form {10 inch}

    STEP ONE: cut fabric into long strips {approximately 2-3 inches x the length of your fabric}


    STEP TWO: wrap one strip around wreath form to cover, adhering with hot glue



    STEP THREE:  Begin by bunching and scrunching each strip and adhering with dabs of hot glue.




    Continue around the wreath until it is covered. This takes a lot of glue and some playing around to get the fabric bunched how you like.  Keep going in rows from the outside to the inside.

    IMG_7340 IMG_7341 IMG_7342

    STEP FOUR: create a hanger

    IMG_7344 IMG_7346

    cut a strip of fabric, loop over and attach to back with glue.

    So pretty and quite simple too.


    I’ve linked up with
    and Tip Junkiehandmade projects


    So I have a very great collection of holiday projects that I was hoping to present to you today,

    but yesterday this darling girl


    delivered this darling boy


    and I was so honored to be in the delivery room to be part of the miracle.

    Have you ever seen a live birth? While of course I was present and my own babies’ births, there is something so incredible about watching instead of doing {the lack of pain, for one!}. It was truly amazing and I love sweet baby Eli.

    I’m still recovering {ha} and regrouping, so I’ll hopefully have some holiday inspiration to share with you tomorrow

    44 thoughts on “Nonna wreath {tutorial}”

    1. Hello Emily! Thank you for the tutorial – I’m going to attempt to make some for Christmas gifts this year. I was wondering if you could do two different color fabrics? Thank you again!

    2. Hi Emily I love everything you do I want to make the nonna wreath but cannot find the mustard color wool you used ? Where did you find it ? appreciate all you do thanks, Karen Sunday

    3. I have been loving your blog for awhile and have tried many of your projects, thank you for sharing your creativity. Can’t wait to try the Nona wreath.

    4. Congrats on the new little one in your life! He is adorable! Is that a pic of your daughter? She is seriously one of the cutest pregnant mama’s ever! Oh, and the wreath… Love it, it turned out great!!!

    5. HI: I linked over from YAY! The wreath is so cute. I’m thinking of all of the different fabrics one could use. I’m definitely going to make this soon!
      Your grandbaby is so sweet! I know everyone is thrilled with the newest family member!

    6. oh, how wonderful to be part of your darling friend’s verrrry special moment! Can I just share with you HOW EXCITED I am to see all your Christmas crafts and decor??? I think I just did. ;)

    7. I cannot wait to make this wreath! I’m in love! I found you through the Nester and absolutely love your blog. Little Eli is precious. I wonder if his mommy has a Padalily for him? I’d love to send you one to give her. You’ve given me so much inspiration and fun craft projects…it’s the least I could do!
      Lily Winnail

    8. It’s funny how much more you appreciate the whole process when your not the one in agony. It is definitely a bonding moment for you and your friend. I hope it was a peaceful happy process for everyone, and congrats to the new parents!

    9. I can’t wait to try this! Beautiful! Thank you for posting the tutorial!

      What a sweet little guy! I have been present at 3 births (2 before I had children) and it is such a special experience. I think the two I witnessed before I had my children REALLY helped me when I had mine. I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be…I understood the process. :)

    10. I love this wreath. It will make a perfect accent to hang over my fireplace this Christmas. Thanks for sharing the tutorial because I have been wanting to try to make one and now have a guide to follow. Time to start digging through my fabric.

    11. I’ve loved this wreath since you first put it on here. I can not wait to make one for the holidays. Thank you so much!

      What a wonderful experience to see a baby born, I have only experienced my own and hope to someday to witness one without the pain! Congratulations!

    12. Like everything you post, I JUST LOVE THIS WREATH! I too was able to witness my dear friend give birth while our husband’s were in Iraq, it was so amazing, although I might still be more traumatized by her birth then my own…hehe.

    13. Oh, I’m soooo going to the thrift store today for some fabric/blanket/old clothes and making this wreath – Love it! Almost as much as that picture of the brand new boy…..

    14. Oh how exciting to be there for little Eli’s birth – gorgeous!
      do you think the wreath would still work in a lighter fabric? It’s just that it is summer here and I’m trying to think of another option (though the wool is stunnning). Thanks!!

      1. I think a light weight fabric would work beautifully. I should try one in linen. You may need more strips to cover, but please let me know how it works out!

    15. Awww what a sweet baby and yes being on the other side is such a Blessings!!
      Welcome Eli!!
      Love the wreath and am planning to make a few for holiday decor!
      Thanks for the tutorial!

    16. I was wondering about how much fabric also. I can’t wait to make it. Also that is awesome to be apart of a birth (that is not your own childs). I had a similiar experience, but was unable to stay for the whole thing due to complications. :( Thank goodness everyone turned out fine and that precious little baby will turn 5 in Feb!

    17. Love it! Thanks so much for posting the tutorial! How much of the blanket did you end up using to make the wreath? (Just trying to estimate how many yards of fabric I’ll need :)

        1. Thanks! Now I’m off to make one. Just gotta pick a fabric lol

          PS~ Your friend is adorable, as is little Eli. I love the name she picked

    18. I HAVE BEEN WAITING!!!! You just made my day! I did the burlap wreath a few weeks ago and incorporated one of your flowers from your flower pin tutorial and LOVE it….I have gotten numerous compliments and keep referring everyone to your blog. Now, onto Nonna’s wreath – seriously! Love it! Now to decided what color…..
      Thanks for sharing!!!!

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