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w.i.w. {with thoughts on the skinny jean}

    It was fun to start up What I Wore again last week. 

    image   boots

    Many of you wondered about the blue shoes with bows {Report Halle Shoe} and my new boots {Civico 10 Remmington riding boots}. The blue shoes were purchased a few years ago and the boots were on sale, so neither are readily available, but do a little searching and you just might find them in your size.

    This week, I did a bit of hands-on fashion research all for the sake of what I wore.

    But first, my day 1 & 2 outfits:

    1  2

    1. Vest: Nordstrom Rack ages ago, scarf: Nordstrom, jeans: Citizens of Humanity. Just wanted to prove that I am a true Pacific Northwest girl by wearing a puffy vest, jeans and running shoes together. 

    2. Dress: Banana Republic, tights: target, shoes: payless, necklace: Old Navy.

    Last week, a reader mentioned that she didn’t see me wearing what EVERYONE is wearing these days : skinny jeans. Then she asked for my thoughts on them. To which I was very ready to reply, “I don’t like them.” But then I realized that maybe before I make that blanket statement, I should try some on.  Since we live in a very hip town, there are only three stores that sell jeans within 20 miles and Target was my best bet. So off we went on a Skinny Jean Research adventure.

    legos keys

    When you want to try on a million pairs of jeans with three small children, I find it helpful to bribe them.  Legos for the boys, car keys for the babe. Worked like a charm.

    I keep hearing the word ‘jegging’ all over the place, so decided to give those a try first.



    Nope. WAY too tight for my liking. #2 didn’t like them either.


    sweater: Gap, jeans: Mossimo at Target, boots: DSW.

    I put on these ones and found myself sort of liking them. I think. They are tight, but sort of cute. I surprised myself and bought them {for $13} and we’ll see how much wear they get.

    4 5

    4. sweater: Old Navy, jeans: target, boots: DSW. I bought this pair too {$13 as well}. I’m not sure how I feel about the bagginess of the knees. Is that how they are supposed to look? I’m not sure about this skinny jean thing :

    5. sweater: Target, t-shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Seven Dojo, shoes: Payless.

    To conclude my thoughts on skinny jeans: I’m no longer going to say that I don’t like them, but I can’t say I love them on me either. I’ll keep trying and see if they grow on me.

    What are your thoughts on the skinny jean?

    117 thoughts on “w.i.w. {with thoughts on the skinny jean}”

    1. I’m not a fan of skinny jeans. I have one pair that I wear with my riding boots. They are just too tight for me. I don’t like the bunching at the knees either, but I don’t think there is anyway around it. I guess I just have to wear them more, but I prefer more trouser jeans. Love the blog and WIW….so glad I found you!

    2. The key to jeggings are sweater dresses and tunics in my book! Definitely gotta cover the booty like everyone says! But I am such a fan! They make me wear my sweater dresses more often because it’s casual and cute!

    3. I have to say, you MUST be the cutest, classiest dressed mom on the block! I haven’t seen an outfit yet that didn’t look great on you!

    4. so I’m blushing like a small school girl because I can’t believe how far you took my skinny jean inquiry! Your documented outing was so awesome! And your response to my question is pretty much EXACTLY how I feel. I finally gave them a shot this year and they are “okay” on me…. But I really have to be in the right mood, weird I know. But I must say, skinny jeans fit you well! You’re so long and slender, you look great! Thanks for being such a trooper and taking to the shops on this one (ps. No jeggings for me… I about laughed myself out of Express when I attempted that one)

    5. have you discovered “Maruices” yet?? they have great fitting jeans for every body type, I just bought my first skinnies too from there. I also tried the jeggins…to much of my assets showing.

    6. the jeggings look great on you! not too tight. just need a bigger shirt on top. tight on bottom and big on top, or vise versa. and i tuck my skinnies into a thick pair of socks to keep them tight and from bagging at the knees
      (delete the first one please, i didn’t mean to include my full name. thanks!!!)

    7. I just recently started wearing skinny jeans and I am hooked on them. I never thought I had the body type to pull that look off. I thought they always look cute on everyone else but I can’t do that look. They look the cutest with boots but I see in magazine that people wear them with cute flats/wedges or with high heals like a gladiator type sandal. I do think that everyone is wearing them right now, but that’s kind of the trend. I went to a baby shower and everyone was wearing leggings and boots or jeans and boots. It was kind of funny.

    8. Yes! You look amazing in skinny jeans with your teeny tiny legs!!! Do you have that kelly ripa syndrome where you get skinnier after babies? I’m thinking yes, because you look awesome!! Rock those skinny jeans, Emily! You were made for them.

    9. You are so funny. You look adorable. I LOVE skinny jeans. They are just about the only jeans that look good on me (I am boy shaped. So I need all the help I can get in the curve department!)

    10. the picture of you with your kids in the target dressing room cracks me up, because that is exactly how i look with my kids while trying stuff on in target! loving the skinny jeans, but i hate when the knees bag out!

    11. You look great in them! and the first time ( a while ago:/) I wore skinny jeans, I thought it was weird, but now I wear them all-the-time! And I’m a big lover of boots, so they work well with those=) If I wear jeggings.. I normally try and treat them like leggings and wear a longer top with them.. but that’s just me!

    12. I think they look great on you! So cute! I just bought a pair a couple of months ago {even though I vaguely remember swearing that I would NEVER wear them when they first came out again} and I do really like them with my riding boots and my other warmer boots. I swear you need skinny jeans to wear tall boots….at least with my boots anyways…they are kind of too tight to fit bootleg or flare jeans. Anyways…good for you for trying…can’t say you don’t like something unless you try it, right? :)

    13. Girl, don’t kid yourself, you look awesome in those skinny jeans!!! you should totally wear them! Personally, I am NOT a fan of the jegging just because it doesn’t allow any room for a flaw in your figure {definitely out for me}, but I really love the skinny jeans by Gap. I bought two pair this fall and they are tight but have a little wiggle room and they don’t do the bunching around the knees that you were talking about. I have found skinny jeans looking best when my tops are baggy and flowy {like that gorgeous blue sweater in look #4} so that you keep your figure in proportion. And vice versa, if I wear a tight top then I tend to go for the bootcut or flare jeans.

      Good luck on your jeans hunt but I love all of your outfits, you have my identical taste so every time I see W.I.W. I’m like…I loooooove it all! Have a great day!


    14. I’m with you on the skinny jean thing. But I have to say if anyone should wear them that would be you. You have the perfect figure for them. And I love seeing what you’re wearing. I need some wardrobe inspiration! Thanks.

    15. I never thought I would say this….but Im loving the whole skinny jean/leggings fad. I finally broke down and bought a pair of both and (as long as they’re worn tastefully with something covering the booty) they work so well for my curves.

    16. i love them on you! i went way out on a limb and bought the jeggings from aero for $14. they are super comfortable and i wear them with my high (not heeled)boots. I’ll only wear them out with my long coat or something that covers my behind :) have a great day! susan

    17. Love these posts! Fun to see your creativity in clothing style. Have you visited Glamour UK? It is awesome and a fun place to go for inspiration!!

    18. totally think you should give the skinny jeans a chance! they look great on you, and work with your wardrobe! much more current than flared, boot cut, bell bottom jeans even if those are a designer brand.

    19. i think some people look slimmer in skinny jeans and i think they look great tucked in boots, you might be too skinny for them:) big problem!

    20. i love my mossimo jeggings from target….but have recently moved on to the new flare jeans for gap, I am loving those. I really love that you shop all ends of the spectrum, it is nice to see Old Navy and Target paired with 7 and CoH. Thanks for sharing

    21. Those boots with skinny jeans look fabulous! Way to break out of your comfort zone. Can always add a longer cardigan sweater if feeling self-conscious. For 13$, score!

    22. Love your blog! You look cute in skinny jeans, but I must say, I HATE Targets. They do not fit well at all. I would vote that if you want to go on the lower end, you should go to Old Navy. Actually even out of my Gap and NY& Co. skinnies, they are my favorite. Target’s are just wonky. I looove Target, just not their skinnies. :) I found my Old Navy ones on clearance. Even better! I only wear mine with my boots as well. They are perfect for it!

    23. Would not be caught dead in the skinny Jean! But that is me and I am 5’2 and have an athletic build…no matter how thin I get I still have thighs. Just not a good look for me. You rock the skinny jean…but I am also a proponent of wearing what makes you feel beautiful.

    24. Love your style. I am with your original thought…no skinny jeans for me. They do look great on you, but I am still going to stick with my Hudson boot cuts and Seven Dojos! I am from the Pacific Northwest as well and rock the puffy vest, jeans, and running shoes (clogs, or boots) look a few times per week!

    25. You look wonderful in them! I think the key is finding a pair with lycra, but not too much. They need to move with you or else they are just unflattering and uncomfortable. Again they look great on you!

    26. I have the same pair that you bought! I hate skinny jeans but I only wear them with my boots (the kind that you wear over jeans- like you are wearing) because I really have no other choice. I would never wear them with regular shoes where you can tell they are skinny jeans! I’m not overweight but my legs are not sticks and I just don’t like how my thighs are WAY bigger than my calves- I know thighs are supposed to be bigger than calves but it just looks weird to me!! I’m sticking with bootcut :).

    27. my thought is…you look AMAZING in skinny jeans. 4 kids, and a body most early 20 something’s would kill for. i say rock it!

    28. I thought I would absolutely not be wearing them either. For me it has to be a jegging. The jeans are too tight and unforgiving. I like the jegging because of the give. Good luck, I think it just takes the right pair before you love them. I like AE’s jegging. =)

    29. I HATED them until I tried them and jump on board with the “riding boots.” So I am a convert and love how comfortable they are.

    30. I do NOT like skinning jeans, although, admittedly I’ve not tried them on. I just don’t like them on most people. I have an hourglass figure and I just don’t think they’re the most flattering in balancing me out. You look very cute in them, you really do, but I still think that the flare/boot cut look the best! :)

    31. You look amazing in those skinny jeans!!!! I’m glad you bought them and can’t wait to see what outfits you pull togeter with them! They are a must with your new boots and those cute flats. I too didn’t think I could wear them (with a more ‘athletic’ thigh) but they are my favorite jeans now and I wear them almost everyday. I definitely pair them with longer looser shirts and cardigans or tunic style tops to balance them out. So far my favorite skinny jean brand is GAP…..I just got a pair on sale for $17 bucks!!! Can’t beat that. And yes, please, please, please wear your new jeans…alot!

    32. I’m in the same boat as Amy. I just feel that I’m too old. I wore skinny jeans in HIGH SCHOOL and let me tell you…they were SKINNY!!! They look cute on you. You have the figure. I guess if I were still a size 2 I would still wear them even at my age. I bought a pair and wore them once. Not a fan. So glad some flares are back this spring for real women.

    33. I think you look great….I actually think your legs look super thing-gotta love them. Also when I wear them I rock the knee length SPANX just for some confidence:)

    34. I tried them and they were bad on me…I am a 40ish mom and I am only 5′ tall. My lovely husband said that they made me look shorter than I am, which is very difficult, if you ask me. Soo, I am not a fan.

    35. love that you tried the skinny! I’m not a fan of the jegging either, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. But you still need to try a cigarette leg! Think Audrey Hepburn with ballet flats. Very flattering.

    36. I, too, was against skinny jeans for the longest time, and my closet still consists of mainly “old fashioned” bootcut designer jeans. But I have recently thrown two pairs of skinnies into the mix to wear with boots. Also, I love the straight leg jeans from Banana and J.Crew. They are not as tight as skinny, but they add variety to the denim collection. If you ever leave your 20 mile shopping radius, you should go try them on. They look amazing with cute flats and a polished top!

    37. I tried on skinny jeans after I had our fourth baby this summer. Mostly just to ‘feel’ skinny again, LOL! I wasn’t sold on them at first, my 8 year old commented that I am not allowed to wear skinny jeans because I am a mom. So after that I wore them just because I wanted to prove that even Moms can wear skinny jeans. =) Now I love them! But you do have to shop around and find the fit that works for your body type. My favorite are Vigoss. So keep trying them, you might just find a pair that you love!

    38. Alright now. I have been hopelessly addicted to your blog for about a month now and am a fan of your “what i wore” posts! Do you really dress that nicely every day? Do you ever wear sweats all day? Pyjamas?? I am a stay at home mom of 2 (a nearly four and a nearly 2 year old) and I have to say, I RARELY ever get dressed! What’s your secret??

    39. Not a fan of skinny jeans!!! Maybe age has something to do with it, but I think they are a fashion nightmare! I really do wish they would go away.

    40. They are darling with the right thing. I’m of the mindset that if are chosing a tighter pant, then your top should be more relaxed & vice versa…tighter top, wear a more relaxed fit pant. I also love them best with a great boot or flat…..I’m not so much a high heel jegging wearer :-) It’s also a MUST to try them on and find the right fit for your figure….they are not all created equal for sure! The one’s you chose are darling on you….way to branch out ;)

    41. I LOVE you in skinny jeans. Itoo was VERY hesitant on getting skinny jeans. BUT I tried them, very reluctantly and they are my favorite. SHOCKING!!! I do think you’re right you have to find the right pair. I’m not a skinny minny, but I really feel more confident in these jeans than I do any other. Maybe it’s b/c they suck everything in, or maybe it’s because I’ve seen people who FOR SURE do not need to wear them. But you do look good in them as you do anything and I applaud you for being brave enough to stand in front of the camera. BRAVO!!

    42. I struggled with the skinny jean myself, and finally gave in and started trying some on last summer. It took many, many, many pairs until I found the ones that I felt fit my body the most flattering way and now I LOVE them (from the Gap)! I’m not a teeny tiny girl (about 5′ 9″ and a size 12/14) but I really think they look good on me. And now I’m pregnant and wear maternity skinny jeans – something I always vowed I would never do. And you look great in them – rock it!

    43. I am not a fan of skinny jeans. They feel too clingy – like I’m being mauled by a slug. I also never feel warm in them (live in Tacoma, WA). See, I feel yucky and cold just thinking about them.

    44. I really am not really a skinny jean person either. I tried a pair, but I still prefer boot cut or flare jeans. I think they are cute on you, but I like the seven and banana more. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    45. I like skinnies on other people. I wear them so I can wear the knee high boots but its never a good look when I am visiting someone and take off the boots at the door!

    46. No skinny jeans for me either..I’m just not comfortable enough to wear them (though, in all honestly, I’ve never even tried a pair on). While I love all your looks, number one is so for me. Maybe I need to move to the pacific northwest!

    47. OMG, I love them on you! I have to say I tried really hard not to like them either, but I did find myself giving in. I like the Gap “Always skinny”. They are not painted on and I still feel comfortable wearing them. I am short and like to roll my skinny jeans when I wear flats so these make it look neat too.

    48. omg i so wish i looked like you!! how do you look that amazing after having 4 kids? i only have 2 and i now look awful. you look good in skinny jeans…..and everything else you wear!! i always said i would never wear skinny jeans!! i was like gross, no way, eww. but then i decided to buy some to wear with boots because it looks awful when trying to bunch/fold a flared leg jean into a pair of boots haha! but now i like them…minus the part where now my belly area looks big compared to my legs. my husband still does not like me to wear them…i think he notices the fat!! haha. but you go for it as you have the most gorgeous body ever!!

    49. Yes! Love them! They look great on you. I started wearing them when I was pregnant. I felt so big on top that I needed to feel skinny somewhere. I haven’t looked back. Yeah they’re just a trend, but worn well they remind me of the classic British riding wear. LOVE!

    50. My friend sent me to your blog via some baby clip tutorials! I am a new follower. You have great style and taste.

      I am a skinny jean junkie. The only type of jeans that I wear. Love them and think they are so comfy. Dreading the day I look dated when wearing them. I think they look great on you! You are so skinny pretty sure you can pull anything off!

      Thanks for sharing your creativeness and craftiness with us!!!

    51. First of all…I am from the generation that had to lie down on the bed to zip up my Calvins! ~ so the jeggings are like wearing opaque pantyhose to me…Emily…you have the perfect {bod} for skinny jeans…but I agree…they are not a basic. Just a fun little trendy addition…and they loooook great on you!!! They are perfect with the riding boots as well! *Lynne*

    52. I, too, fought the skinny jean fad. I fought a good fight but tried on a pair, too. If they aren’t too tight, I like them. Also, at first, I thought I could only wear tall boots with them, but now, I’ll even wear flats with them. My fear was that they’d look tapered. Gag! My other fear, now that I’ve had kids, is that it’d really accentuate my hips. I wear them because everyone else wears them. No, if my friend jumped off a bridge, I wouldn’t follow. HA. Speaking of my hate for the tapered leg, my teenage kids have informed me that the slim fit with a straigh leg is cool, too. That really is close to the tapered leg! Anywho…..Thanks for your post! I always feel that Texas is behind the times when it comes to fashion, so I appreciate your posts on what you wear!

    53. i have to say i’m finding skinny jeans to be perfect w/boots. although they still scare me a little. i think they look awesome on others with boots & flats.
      currently i’m borrowing my lil sisters (also target; skinny in dark wash) and like them but I tried on my own size and they look TERRIBLE – too tight. so i’m in a dilemna too
      i think they look awesome on you!

    54. I, too, am a big fan of skinny jeans. You totally pull them off. I’m amazed at what good deals everyone is finding on them . . . I get happy when I snag a pair for $30. I must be looking in the wrong place. My skinnys aren’t super skinny but they are super comfortable. I’m looking for a good pair of skinny cords– the ones at Banana don’t fit me well.

    55. You look amazing in those jeans! I agree it should be a crime that you NOT wear them with a body like yours.
      I just splurged on a pair of Seven for all Mankind stretch skinnies and I love them. However, I have some ground rules for me personallybefore I wear them. I only wear them with tall boots or uggs and a flowy long top or sweater. To dress them up I wear a belt over a long shirt or sweater and a scarf. But that’s just my own ground rules for my comfort.

    56. i heart skinny jeans. when they first came out, i didn’t. but the only shoes i wear in winter (besides my snow boots) is my tall leather boots, and those only work with skinny jeans, leggings or tights. i don’t wear skirts/dresses much, and i love leggings but I only have so many shirts that cover the butt, so i’m now obsessed with skinny jeans. i think i own at least five pairs. you look great in skinny jeans!

    57. Forever21 also has some cute skinny jeans that aren’t baggy around the knees. I used to be SO against them, but with boots – they are SUPER comfortable and cute when you throw a shorter summer dress or tunic over the top, with a cardigan. It’s totally a staple look for me now. Plus, they are $10! Cheap!

    58. I don’t have the typical body for skinny jeans but found that Banana Republic’s are very flattering. The only problem I have is that tops & shoes that look good with my regular boot cut jeans, look weird with the skinnies. So as a fashionista, there’s a clear call for you to show us what looks good with them. ;)

    59. I bought a pair of jeggings fro Old Navy and wear them with my boots quite a bit. I don’t think they are the most comfortable things to wear, I kinda miss my boot cute jeans. They do look very cute on you!

    60. You look fab in your new skinny jeans. I’ve been buying them on sale at the Gap the past few years and love them, although mine are always a bit baggy in the knees with my tall boots as well. Love your blog and just added you to my blogroll so I can keep up with you.
      Happy Friday~

    61. I don’t like skinny jeans – on me or most of the world….. too much information people! Do I really need to see ALL that?
      You are always lovely though.

    62. You look adorable in all your jeans! I found jeans at the Gap that I love! They’re not called “skinny”, they’re the “super-straight”-they look skinny but not too tight. They were more $$ than I usually spend, but I wear them a lot and feel like they look OK on me… Guess I need to check out Target & Aero next.

    63. I, too, was a slow convert to the skinny jean. My closet is still mainly made up of “old fashioned” bootcut designer jeans, but I have thrown a few skinny pairs in the mix. I have two super skinny pairs to wear with boots, but I LOVE straight leg jeans from Banana and J.Crew. Next time you are out beyond your 20 mile store radius, you should go try on the “straight” styles at both these stores. They look awesome with a cute pair of flat shoes and a polished top.

    64. I was anti-skinny jean, myself, but then I succumbed. Here’s the deal though, I only wear mine with something long enough on top… and they have to have a stretch to them. I can’t do the jegging thing, but skinny jeans with stretch are slowly becoming a favorite for me. If you’re taking votes, I say YES to skinny jeans for you. I think you wear them well. Just own it! :)

    65. I LOVE skinny jeans. Try Aeropostale. They always have a rack int he back of the store with skinnys for $9.99. I like the Bayla skinny and the Ashley ultra skinny. Not a fan of the Lola style. $10! Give em a shot! I bought a pair of matchsticks at Target that I love, but the Aero skinnies are so much better.

    66. You should be put in jail for having a body that is PERFECT for skinny jeans and then not embracing the trend! Okay here’s the deal. I have NO business wearing skinny jeans. None. Seriously…I think I embarass my kids and they’re 3 and 6 and not easily embarassed. But hey, I wanted something to wear with my boots and they just weren’t getting worn without a pair of skinny jeans. So when my hubs and I were in Chicago the week before Christmas I told him I wasn’t leaving until I found a pair…and I was serious! Enter the Levis store on Michigan Avenue. JP was rocking the customer service because he helped me find the perfect skinny jean and this size 32 (gasp!) girl wears them all of the time, I just add a boyfriend sweater and hope no one notices my ginormous rump. I even wear them with flats when this stupid Nebraska weather lets me. So girls who think they can’t but reeealy want to wear them, check out Levis or I got the demi curve but there are other ones too so don’t fret! Emily, you’re so freakin’ cute…you can wear anything so in the infamous words of Digital Underground, “Do whatcha like!” :)

    67. They look great on you! I like to roll up the bottom of Target skinnies before I put on my boots, they seem to help with the knee bunching.

    68. ok, so i, too, was not sold on the skinny jeans. in fact i had, like you, avoided them until just a few weeks ago, when i had gotten too chubby for all my normal jeans & they were on clearance at old navy. so i bought a pair.

      i wore them every day that week. so comfy. and actually not as unflattering as i’d thought. (i should mention that mine aren’t low rise, so i think that helps.)

      a week later, i went back & bought another pair a size down… so that i would have a pair to wear when i slimmed back down :)

      i’m be curious to hear what you think in a week or so… :)

    69. I personally love jeggings…but I think they look best when worn with tunic style shirts that cover the rear end :) …otherwise I can look like a teenager wearing my jeans way too tight. I think anyone a size 2-4 or smaller can pull it off without a tunic. I think you can pull it off! :)

    70. Skinny jeans are going to be one of those ugly styles that we criticize in 10 years. Mark.My.Word. But, for now, in order to stay hip, we have to embrace them.

      I work with high schoolers and they informed me (because I asked them) that baggy knees are a BIG problem. They showed me how to tuck in my jeans to help with that.

      Good luck! Your legs are so skinny. Lucky.

    71. love them! seriously, i don’t own regular jeans any more…except my “goal” jeans from college. I love skinny jeans (and jeggings) but you look adorable in them! seriously, wear them!

    72. Honestly, the skinnies look great on you and they are perfect for your brown high boots. I don’t like tight jeans either, but most of the skinnies stretch out a bit.

    73. I can’t find ANY jeans (much less skinny) that fit me well. I seem to in between sizes in every brand. Having said that, while I like the thought of a skinny jean (and do own some) I don’t think they look quite right on me. I’ll be beyond thrilled if I can ever find some that fit!!!

    74. First of all, they look great on you so I say go with them! But you should try a different brand and then I think you will love them. I tried ALL the ones at Target and they were very tight and by that I mean the fabric, not because they were the wrong size. But I found a great fit with the Levi skinny! I haven’t worn Levi’s since high school but they are now my favorite pair and this is from a curvy leg girl!

    75. I just bought my first pair of skinny pants, black cords from Old Navy. I love them. But the biggest problem I have is that the bottom part of the pants keep hiking up and I have to push them back down to my ankles. I was using my foot to do it the first day and developed a couple of bruises. I guess that’s part of SPS (Skinny Pant Syndrome). :)

    76. I love hearing everyone say they are now eating their words….I had to eat mine too!!! I said I would NEVER have skinny jeans and those “jeggings” were just flipping crazy.
      WELL…I recently fell head over heels in love with JEGGINGS!! OMG
      The jeggings (in my case) don’t get as bulky at the knees the way my skinny jeans can.
      Let me suggest the post:
      She is a fantastic lady that still has not bought a single pair of skinny jeans of any kind. She posted a great demonstration on how to keep the bulky knees to a minimum.

    77. You are super cute ;) I love all the outfits! I found a pair of bow shoes similar to those at Target…they have them in tan and black, really cute! I never thought I’d wear skinny jeans, but then decided to give them a try because I wanted jeans could wear with my boots. I actually wear them often, but I love the wider leg and boot cut too with flats. It’s getting harder to pull them off thought after having a baby, but at least I can layer up in the winter ;)

      Thanks for the fun inspiration! have a great weekend!

    78. You look amazing in them! I love them as seems the best way to wear boots (other than leggings) and in the Midwest boots are a must. However, I too am having issues with the baggy knee.

    79. I know what you mean about the bagginess at the knees – that was quickly resolved by wearing tall socks over the jeans when I wear boots. The socks keep the jeans from riding up. I do like skinny jeans but it took a long while (just bought my first pair around thanksgiving) and now I’m almost loath to go back to boot-cut! I used Lands’ End Canvas jeans and found that the rise is tall enough to keep the “muffin top” away but still modern.

    80. You look great in them! It took me a while to get used to the skinny jean/jegging, and I have found that I like them best with a longer tunic. That way it doesn’t bother me that they are so tight in the rear.

    81. Love them! I was hesitate at first too, but I now love them, and its basically all I wear- skinny jeans and boots. Just keep searching for a pair you love! You have the perfect body for them… so rock em’!

    82. I have a pair but their black and a “little” dressier. The jean ones just seem ridiculous on me! I have really skinny legs yet sport a muffin top (thanks kids!) so the “jean” skinny jeans seemed to make all that WORSE (and scary!) but the black ones just fit better and didn’t seem so scary. I actually like wearing them with heels and flats… have yet to find a good pair of boots I like with them though!

    83. Yes, bribery is very helpful in such situations. I’m nearly deathly afraid of trying on clothes with all my kids in tow. {shudder}

      It’s so funny! I have been wondering all this time where on earth your skinny jeans were since you seem interested in fashion. I haven’t caved myself but I’m currently pregnant so I thought, well, I can wait till next fall. Need some new boots anyway. And hey, $13 is a GREAT price! If they don’t end up working out, no big loss!!

    84. They look wonderful on you! I loved how they show off your adorable boots! They will grow on you:) I have a few a Gap that I got for under $20.00! Thanks for sharing.
      P.S. I laughed so hard because I would bribe my son with that same lego set…I actually have it in my pantry for an emergency situation..heheh.he:)

    85. I always wondered if you dressed like the PNW girls I saw when I lived in Seattle (ten years ago). I don’t recall ever seeing you wear anything The North Face which is all I saw then. Being from Texas I was new to all of that and REI! I think your brown boots are fab. I swore I’d never wear skinny jeans, but I’m having to eat my words. I bought a cheap pair at Target a few months ago and I wear them all the time. They’ve ended up being one of my favorite pair of jeans, next to my Sevens and Hudsons, go figure! As always, you look great, Emily!

    86. My sister and I were just having this discussion. She just “caved” and bought skinny jeans. And like Andrea S., right now says she’ll only wear them with boots. She’s trying to get me to buy some. Sad to to say I can’t get my mind around my body wearing some of the trends, I don’t know if it’s age, mommyhood, or never thinking I’m skinny enough. I must say they look really cute on you!

    87. they look amazing on you! Makes your legs look suuuuuper long! Yay for trying new things! (and for bribing kids… I’m glad I am not the only mom!)

    88. You can definitely pull them off! They look adorable :) I will say…I don’t like the baggy knee thing either but I think that isn’t as bad when you don’t wear the boots with them. I love to wear mine rolled up with a big cuff and my Toms or cute flat sandals :)

      Ahhh…just realized I wrote about the same thing as your first commenter, Andrea…too funny!

    89. I have yet to try them. I have BIG fears of my thighs in that much “skinny” jean. Love! Love! Your WIW! I started this week with my first real post and had so much fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

    90. They grow on you. I bought my first pair a few years ago, after swearing I would NEVER buy them. So, I bought them and swore I would only wear them with boots…then you start wearing them with flats…then with TOMS…the list goes on!

    91. Emily, I”m a big fan of skinny jeans. But I’m also 5’2 and so skinny jeans help make my legs look longer than they actually are. I wear the Diva skinny from Old Navy and I really like it, but it also does that baggy knee thing. I don’t think its suppose to do that, but I have no idea how I can get rid of it. I just bought my first pair of jeggings(again, Old Navy) and I actually really like them, except that they are little to low rise for me. I only paid about $4 for them though so I dont’ really mind.

      Cute outfits! I live in frigid Ohio and so boots are a staple for me this time of year. Your’s are adorable!


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