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What I wore is a weekly picture archive of what I wore for a week. It’s usually tied in with other bloggers and what they wore.

what i wore these past two weeks(ish)

Ready for another round of what I wore?

I’m trying to be a bit more intentional about sharing my outfit choices because I know how stuck in a rut we can get when it comes to getting dressed (especially if you don’t go to a traditional job each day where you have a dress code).  I work from home half the week and hang with my kids the other half so it’s important that my clothes are functional, not precious, and make me feel cute without being overly ‘done up’ (see day 6). I share these photos to offer some inspiration both to get yourself out of your yoga pants(!) and also to try out different combinations that you might even have in your closet right now.

While putting these photos together, I can’t help but notice that every single day I’m either wearing jeans or navy blue – oftentimes both. I guess I know what I like.

So here you go …

//  D A Y   O N E  //


jacket: target (no longer available) / coral stripe sweater: j.crew factory / cropped jeans: express / flats: target

//  D A Y   T W O  //


Taking my pups for a walk.

cardigan: target (similar) / t shirt: target (similar) / cropped jeans: express / flip flops: reef

//  D A Y   T H R E E  //


blouse: j.crew factory / cropped jeans: express / flats: target

//  D A Y   F O U R  //


drawstring maxi dress: gap (sold out, but here’s a striped version)

//  D A Y   F I V E  //


Headed to the rainiest baseball game ever. PNW weather is so sporatic! #goseahawks

hat: seahawks / jacket: target (no longer available) / sweatshirt: landsend / jeans: hudson / boots: hunter

//  D A Y   S I X  //


This was a rare moment when I put on heels and dressed much dressier than normal. All I did was go to a doctor appointment (to get my Rwanda shots!) and to the mall to get my ipad fixed, but it was out of the ordinary enough to get out of my cropped jeans + flats box.

top: banana republic / skinny jeans: hudson / heels: target

//  D A Y   S E V E N  //


Confession: I wore this outfit two days in a row.

top: gap / cropped jeans: express / flats: old navy (old)

// D A Y   E I G H T  //


dress: gap (I just bought it on sale in the store, but not finding it online) / wedges: DSW (no longer available)

//  D A Y   N I N E  //


top: old navy (super old) / white jeans: express / wedges: dsw (no longer available) / bracelet: noonday

There you go. Two weeks(ish) of what I wore.

Wondering: do you have any fashion-related questions? Are these wiw posts helpful? Anything you’d like to see?

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what I wore

Since it’s been over a year since my last what I wore post, it felt like the right time to bring it back.

But first, a few disclaimers before we get to the looks:

1. I am not a fashion expert and spend very little time on clothes shopping, reading fashion magazines, keeping up with trends. There are so many great fashion blogs {this one’s my fave} but sometimes I feel like the clothes are not functional/practical/affordable for my lifestyle. Which leads us to number two.

2. I am a mom of four who works from home. Yoga pants could be my regular uniform {and you’ll see there are days when they are!} but I do make an attempt to get dressed. It just seems to help with productivity and feeling good about myself.

3. I really like jeans. If there is anything I splurge on, it is a good pair of jeans. Seven For All Mankind is my go-to brand, but each body is so different, you really have to try on a bunch of different brands/styles to see what works best for you.

4. I’m not going to list sources below the photos because honestly, most of these clothes are not currently in stores. Like I said, I don’t shop a lot and it’s mildly frustrating to see something you like and then realize it’s out of stock {or three years old}. I will say that the majority of my clothes are from Target, Old Navy and Banana Republic {regular and factory stores}.

5. I love pinning outfits on my pinterest board to get ideas of what to wear. My hope with these types of posts is that maybe you’ll see an outfit you like and pull things from your own closet and put them together in new ways. A little inspiration to be creative in your wardrobe.

So here we go:


Love this light weight sweater and the necklace {from Noonday} in outfit one. My husband thinks this striped sweatshirt dress is a little too much on the zebra side. I do agree, and yet I still wear it because it is super comfortable.


Never did get dressed on day three. Day four is my version of soccer mom. I have learned that rain boots are the only choice while standing on a squishy grass field.


So denim on denim has been in style for quite some time and I have finally decided to give it a try. The shirt is new {from j.crew} that I hope will be a versatile piece. It still feels a little 1996 to me, but I’m trying. Day six is the day I made the hair video. For a clearer image of the shirt {old old old} see this post.


More workout gear but I can’t promise I actually worked out on this day. Day eight is probably my favorite look – a classic white button up {also from jcrew}, jeans, glitter belt and flats. Totally me. seahawks-shirt--gray-collar-sweater

Actually, day nine is my favorite outfit. Go Seahawks!!! I look so mad in day 10’s photo. Not sure what was going on, but I hope I didn’t scowl all day.


New jeans that still need to be hemmed. And day 12. Just look at that cutie in the background. She looks like a little girl instead of the baby I imagine her to be. That went so fast.

So there are my outfits for these past two weeks. Do you have a favorite? Any thoughts on trends like denim on denim or staying in yoga pants all day? Let’s chat …

{ps. if you want to see more what i wore posts, here you go}.

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what i wore {maui edition}

I had great intentions of having Ryan snap a photo of me each day for this post – somewhere scenic and beautiful and not just me standing awkwardly in front of a flimsy mirror like normal.

The first morning he did take this photo

but that was as far as we got.

It didn’t take me long to get in 100% vacation mode.

But I still thought a what i wore post would be fun to share my vacation outfits, so i’ve put together some photos for you. Sources are listed under each photo with links where available.

for the flight


jeans: emersonfry lowrise vintage | blouse: old navy {old} | shoes: DSW life stride romp wedge

to the club

dress: borrowed | shoes: payless {old}

to mama’s fish house

dress: nordstrom rack max studio | shoes: payless metallic wedges

to the luau

dress: old navy printed ruffle sundress | shoes: payless {old}

to casual dinner

shorts: jcrew 5″ chino | shirt: marshalls {old} | necklace: target {purchased recently, but can’t find it online} | shoes: payless {old}

to the zipline

zip-up: lululemon in stride jacket | capris: marshalls | flip flops: rainbow {old and very worn in}

to the snorkle trip

tunic: marshalls jordan taylor | sandals: gap outlet

to the bbq

shorts: banana republic factory store | shirt: target {old} | necklace: target | sandals: gap outlet

to the beach

dress: old navy {recent purchase, but can’t find online} | flip flops: rainbow

dress: target kimono dress | sandals: gap outlet

coverup: target ruffled tube dress | flip flops: rainbow

coverup: nordstrom riviera stripe tunic | flip flops: rainbow

beach accessories

sunglasses: banana republic | hat: san diego hat company large brim hat

beach bag: lands’ end canvas washed tote

to swim

old navy | rey swimwear | lands’ end canvas | old navy

And that is what i wore {maui edition}.

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what i wish i wore

It’s What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy today. Have you seen how many ladies are linking up with Lindsey these days? My goodness, this WIWW thing is big.

I was on a roll for the past few months with photographing my outfits, but I’ve decided to take a short break.

To tell you the truth, I’m not crazy about taking awkward photos of myself and then sharing them with the world. It’s sort of embarrassing. Second, pretty much everything I wear is from Target {except my jeans. I like expensive jeans.} so I feel super dorky sourcing my outfits and writing Target five million times. And third, we are finishing up an exciting new project {details to come in the next few days!} and I haven’t had much time think about clothes, let alone take a shower.

Oh, and the flimsy $10 mirror that I had propped up on a cardboard box {classy, right?} cracked so I need to get a new full length mirror. I’m thinking I’ll spring for something a little bit nicer next time.

Fashion is most definitely not my forte, but I do like clothes and I like a cute, coordinated, casual outfit.  The web is filled with all sorts of fashion inspiration.

So in honor of WIWW, I’ll share with you:

Love this outfit.

{source unknown – from my pinterest board}

So pretty.

{source unknown}

jeans + blouse + cardigan. I think I need a white watch.


Adorable. See? White watch again. Maybe that’s the same girl. She’s cute.


And then I found my best friend’s pinterest board called ‘my closet’. Good thing she lives right down the street and she lets me borrow her clothes because I’d wear every one of the outfits in her closet.



double yes.

If you ever need inspiration with what outfit to put together, jump on to pinterest and browse the thousands of fashion boards.  You are sure to be inspired.

For more real-life WIWW, click over to The Pleated Poppy.

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what i wore for these past two weeks

Two weeks worth of what i wore … I think I like this system better than posting my outfits weekly. I get a little weirded out by seeing myself on the computer screen each week.

So, here is what I wore for the past two weeks:

1. ruffle sweater: target   jeans: hudson   necklace: allora handmade

2. shirt: target   scarf: nordstrom   jeans: seven flare

3. sweater, belt, shirt, jeans: target   boots: dsw  necklace: a cool little shop in Seaside, FL

4. sweater: target   jeans: seven a pocket   headband: audrey’s. I was hoping the big fluff on my head would distract from the breakout on my chin.

5. coat: nordstrom {old}   shirt: gap {borrowed}   jeans: seven a pocket

6. shirt: marshalls   jeans: seven dojo   necklace: old navy

7. shirt: marshalls – a real stretch for me!   jeans: target   boots: dsw

8. shirt: marshalls   jeans: target   boots: dsw  {and a cute little matching boy who loves to grab my legs and never let go}

9. shirt & sweater: target   jeans: seven boot cut

10. sweatshirt: roxy   jeans: seven dojo

11. sweater: target   ruffle shirt: walmart {wish I bought a bunch because I like this shirt}   jeans: banana republic wide leg   ring: Poppy & Pearl Co.

cute new shoes on clearance at Target.


11 out of 11 days I wore jeans

5 out of 11 days I wore yellow

5 out of 11 days I wore gray

4 out of 11 days I wore blue {not counting jeans}

5 out of 11 days I wore stripes

8 out of 11 days something I have on is from Target

Those numbers say everything about my style {comfort + neutral + touch of color + a little bit of pattern + nothing so special it could get ruined by my munchkins}.

How about you … do you see trends in how you dress?

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{almost} all the colors of the rainbow {what I wore}

Without even trying, I wore almost every color of the rainbow this week. And jeans all but once.

So here I am, in all my colorful glory:

#1   cardigan: old navy   shirt: old navy    jeans: seven flare    flats: old navy {p.s. I should have put on makeup}

#2   sweatshirt: banana republic   long-sleeve: marshalls   jeans: seven dojo   flats: old navy

cute flower in my hair: allora handmade tulle fluff {click here to shop}

#3   shirt: ann taylor loft   jeans: banana republic wide leg   slippers: oldies from target   ring: stella & dot

#4   shirt: target   long-sleeve: target   jeans: seven a-pocket   boots: even older oldies from nordstrom

#5   puffy vest: gap   long sleeve: marshalls   jeans: seven dojo   hat: my son’s {i’ve always had a pretty small head …}

#6   I am a walking advertisement for target – all but the boots were purchased there.  boots: dsw {civico 10 remmington riding boots}

One good perk of taking photos of my outfits is being able to see what I look like through different eyes. And now that I know, I will never again wear outfit #5.

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what i wore {new year edition}

What I Wore … a fun idea I borrowed from the darling Lindsey.  I’ve done lots of what I wore posts, but it has been a while, so I thought I’d go for it again.

The purpose of WiW is to keep us accountable for getting dressed each day. I know that sounds strange, but if you are a stay-home-mom or work-at-home lady, you understand the problem. Sometimes it is much easier to stay in pj’s all day {see day 4}. But then you end up feeling slumpy and somehow that translates into less productive days.

I am generally pretty good about getting dressed, so this is less for that purpose and more for the purpose of being creative with my outfits. I am a plain-jane dresser. Solids. Cotton. Jeans. That’s about it. But when I know I have to take photos, I try a little harder with accessories.

So here is what I wore this week:

1. green striped sweater {target}, brown blouse {target}, jeans {banana republic}, belt {target}, shoes {nordstrom rack}

2. sweater {nordstrom}, tshirt {target}, jeans {seven for all mankind flare}, flower headband {me}

3. shirt {target}, cardigan {martin + osa}, jeans {seven flare}

4. Oops. It was a jammie day for all. And I should probably clean the mirror.  Not that you want sources, but the sweatshirt is my cheerleading sweatshirt from 1997 {oldie but goodie} and the sweats are from martin + osa – a store that is no longer in business and I’m really bummed about it. Audrey’s cute pjs are from Hanna Andersson.

5. A cold and snowy day in the Pacific Northwest. Jacket {old navy}, sweater {nordstrom}, scarf {nordstrom}, jeans {target}, boots {DSW}. I tried a new braided messy bun I learned on this video tutorial {cutest girl ever}.

A few notes:

Clearly I buy a lot of my clothes from Target. Its one of the few clothing stores in my town.

The only thing new enough to still be available in a store is the green striped sweater. They have a yellow one I want too.

I bought the puffy coat on Black Friday and love it. I don’t see any more of the blue ones, but there are a few more white {click here}.

I am linking with Lindsey.

pleated poppy

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matchy, matchy

I’m not sure if this happens to you, but I find that most days Audrey and I end up wearing matching outfits. Well, maybe not matching but definitely coordinating.  I suppose it makes sense as I am the dresser of both of us as well as the purchaser of clothes and so whatever I am in the mood for, we both end up wearing.

This is not really a what I wore post {I’ll be doing one of those soon}, but I’ve been snapping photos for the past few months when I’ve looked down and realized I am matching my daughter.

IMG_1780 IMG_3008

1. this is us at Alki beach on the lowest tide day of the summer. It was a total bust. But at least we looked nautical in our navy & white.

2. me: gray & white dress from Walmart {who knew?!} and red shoes, Audrey in a cute dress made by my mom.

IMG_3030 IMG_3079

3. I’ve been into yellow lately. I like this shirt {from Old Navy} and love her ruffled cardigan {target} that she has almost outgrown.

4. More blue, white & denim which is a theme in most of our clothes.

IMG_3337 IMG_3781

5. dusty lavender – a new color for me, but I like it. And Audrey has on a sweet little eyelet dress with lavender clip. Seriously, not intentional.

6. This photo makes me laugh  : we look like we are posing for an 1800’s oil painting.  More navy, a little bit of brown and embellished cardigans.


And these are our feet yesterday. Matching animal print shoes.

I never thought I’d be one of those mamas who wore the mother-daughter matching ensembles : but I guess I sort of am.

Does this happen to you?

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w.i.w. {with thoughts on the skinny jean}

It was fun to start up What I Wore again last week. 

image   boots

Many of you wondered about the blue shoes with bows {Report Halle Shoe} and my new boots {Civico 10 Remmington riding boots}. The blue shoes were purchased a few years ago and the boots were on sale, so neither are readily available, but do a little searching and you just might find them in your size.

This week, I did a bit of hands-on fashion research all for the sake of what I wore.

But first, my day 1 & 2 outfits:

1  2

1. Vest: Nordstrom Rack ages ago, scarf: Nordstrom, jeans: Citizens of Humanity. Just wanted to prove that I am a true Pacific Northwest girl by wearing a puffy vest, jeans and running shoes together. 

2. Dress: Banana Republic, tights: target, shoes: payless, necklace: Old Navy.

Last week, a reader mentioned that she didn’t see me wearing what EVERYONE is wearing these days : skinny jeans. Then she asked for my thoughts on them. To which I was very ready to reply, “I don’t like them.” But then I realized that maybe before I make that blanket statement, I should try some on.  Since we live in a very hip town, there are only three stores that sell jeans within 20 miles and Target was my best bet. So off we went on a Skinny Jean Research adventure.

legos keys

When you want to try on a million pairs of jeans with three small children, I find it helpful to bribe them.  Legos for the boys, car keys for the babe. Worked like a charm.

I keep hearing the word ‘jegging’ all over the place, so decided to give those a try first.



Nope. WAY too tight for my liking. #2 didn’t like them either.


sweater: Gap, jeans: Mossimo at Target, boots: DSW.

I put on these ones and found myself sort of liking them. I think. They are tight, but sort of cute. I surprised myself and bought them {for $13} and we’ll see how much wear they get.

4 5

4. sweater: Old Navy, jeans: target, boots: DSW. I bought this pair too {$13 as well}. I’m not sure how I feel about the bagginess of the knees. Is that how they are supposed to look? I’m not sure about this skinny jean thing :

5. sweater: Target, t-shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Seven Dojo, shoes: Payless.

To conclude my thoughts on skinny jeans: I’m no longer going to say that I don’t like them, but I can’t say I love them on me either. I’ll keep trying and see if they grow on me.

What are your thoughts on the skinny jean?

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what I wore {end of january}

If you are new around here, this is what I call ‘what I wore’. It is, quite obviously, photos of me wearing what I wore. It really wasn’t my idea : Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy got me started when she showed just how darling she looked every day. It seemed like a good way to motivate myself to wear more interesting outfits and actually put on real clothes!  I go in waves; sometimes diligent about taking photos, and other times feeling rather bored of seeing myself {and my slightly uninteresting clothes} plastered all over the blog.

But I have decided to start it up again for a time. I do this post on fridays and you are welcome to see past outfits {here}


1. I wear jeans nearly every single day. I really like Seven For All Mankind, but I’m beginning to expand into other brands.

2. I wear a lot of clothes from Banana Republic. But let me be upfront and say that most of the Banana items I own are from the Factory store.  I love the real Banana and if I were working outside of my house, wasn’t spending my days with sticky-fingered children and could afford it {!} I would dress in their fancy clothes. The Factory store is a bit more casual and their clothes fit my lifestyle a bit better.  If not Banana, my clothes are probably from Target, Old Navy or Nordstrom {regular and The Rack}.

3. Every time I get dressed and add an extra accessory I feel like such a dork. But I am trying to expand my fashion sense and go with it.  Try not to laugh at me.

4. Finally, while I don’t particularly love this feature, I do this for two reasons: 1. it stretches and encourages me to put together a more interesting outfit than I would normally choose. 2. I think fashion for moms is hard. We’re not really going anywhere {unless you count Target as ‘going out’} so heels aren’t necessary and we are spending time doing chores or crafts and a silk blouse doesn’t really stand up well to peanut butter or glitter glue. So we resort to comfy clothes and look {and feel} frumpy all day long. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of days when p.j.s or yoga pants are the best outfit choice. But when that becomes my everyday, I start to feel less attractive and become much less productive. Weird how that works. So, I guess you could say this is my encouragement to all the moms who want to look cute, but can’t quite fit a pencil skirt into their daily lives.  I hope that I can give some ideas for how to dress casually and still somewhat stylish {how strange it feels to claim that I am a stylish dresser – I would never put fashion as one of my strong suits}.

Okay, here it goes:

IMG_7869  IMG_9090

1. button up: banana, t-shirt: target, jeans: seven, shoes: nine west

2. sweater: target, shirt: old navy, jeans: banana {nice scowl}


shirt: marshalls, jeans: seven dojo, shoes: nordstrom

IMG_9096 IMG_9097

I like these shoes. They feel like slippers. And I wanted to show you the gorgeous paint job that #2 {5} gave me.

IMG_9117  IMG_9120

4. shirt: gap, long sleeve: target, skirt: old navy, boots: dsw. This is one of those outfits that was a real stretch for me. I do like my new boots though. It only took four pairs and months of searching to find ones that fit right.

IMG_9121  IMG_9172

How cute is this tutu skirt? It was a gift from Audrey’s auntie from baby gap.

5. shirt: Martin + Osa {which is now out of business}, jeans: banana, shoes: payless, headband: me {tutorial coming soon}.


6. sweater: Target, shirt: Nordstrom Rack, belt: Target, jeans: Hudson, shoes: nordstrom

There you have it.

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w.i.w. and tying a scarf

Not the best week of outfits. Sorry about that.

But I did put together a how-to of sorts showing how I wear a scarf. We’ll begin with that because the photos are fun.

. S C A R V E S .

I like them and wear them often. I prefer ones that are large and soft

like this one from target {$12.99}


or this one from nordstrom BP {$18}


and if you are the luxurious type, this cashmere scarf is pretty {$98}


but I still have babies with sticky fingers, so my life + cashmere don’t mix well.  I like my gray scarf {the nordstrom $18 option} so I’ve used it as my example.



IMG_7785 IMG_7786IMG_7787 IMG_7788


IMG_7789 IMG_7790IMG_7791 IMG_7792

. . . . . .

And for the ensembles of the week:

IMG_7706 IMG_7716

1. coat: Banana Republic, shirt: banana, scarf: from my grandma, jeans: Seven A Pocket {for the record, I think I look dorky with my shirt tucked in like that}

2. It’s a cozy day! sweatshirt: old navy, sweats: nordstrom bp – long ago

IMG_7718 IMG_7780

3. sweater: Old Navy, belt: Target, jeans: Seven A Pocket {look mom, Audrey has on her new sweater}

4. shirt: Martin + Osa, jeans: banana wide leg, scarf: nordstrom

Not totally inspiring : I’ll work on that next week.

. . . . . .

Now go enjoy your weekend and maybe tie on a scarf!

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what I wore

Autumn is in full effect up here in the Pacific Northwest – and oh how I am loving every {rainy, windy then randomly sunny} minute of it.  I’m just such a fall girl : which is actually kind of funny because I’ve also been known to fall/trip a lot. Did you know that about me? I used to be a ballerina and my parents would joke that I was as graceful as could be on the ballet floor, but anywhere else, I was just one clumsy little girl.

Anyway :

Before we get to my week’s outfits, let me just say that you all {ya’ll, if you will} are a helpful bunch and tipped me off to some great flat boots.

I’m thinking these ones will be the winners


{Steve Madden Intyce – $129 on Piperlime}

but I also like these ones:


{Arturo Chiang Kirk – $129 on Piperlime}

and I wish Target was still selling these ones {$35!} but they are from last year.


Hopefully you’ll be seeing me soon in a cute new pair.

Now on to my outfits

IMG_7053 IMG_7033

1. sweater: H & M, jeans: Banana Republic wideleg, scarf: Gap, shoes: Nordstrom

2. sweater: Banana, shirt: Gap, jeans: Seven flare – I really should have put a necklace on with this one – it would have looked much better and perhaps a bit less frumpy.


3. sweatshirt: Banana, jeans: Banana, shoes: Target {when I say Banana, please know that I am also referring to the Banana Republic factory store. The real stores have great fancier items, the factory store carries more casual things like this sweatshirt and they always have a 40% sale which makes me happy.  I like both stores and would probably buy more at the real one if I had a job where I had to wear pretty clothes – but alas, I work from home and sometimes jeans and a sweatshirt is as dressed up as I need or want to be.}

4. shirt: Old Navy, sweater: Martin + Osa, jeans: Banana Republic wideleg, shoes: Payless


5. Ugh. as in Ugly. Oh well. Sweatshirt: Nordstrom Rack, shirt: Target, jeans: Seven Dojo. I’m on the phone with my BF who is going to have a baby any day. We were probably talking about how frustrating it is when you have consistent contractions all evening and then you go to bed and wake up in the morning still 39 weeks pregnant.

6. A big stray for me, but I gave it a try. Tunic: Old Navy, sweater: Old Navy, belt: K.C.’s {the about to pop BF who is not currently in a state where she can wear such a belt}, jeans: Seven A Pocket, boots: Nordstrom Rack.

And because I aim to make you giggle, look at what I wore to a costume party this week:


I was some sort of fluffy-pink-creepy-fairy-sparkly-butterfly-early-90’s-prom-dress-girl. What an outfit.  And just to share with you the amazing mask Ryan picked out for me , I took a close up.


Oh my. I seriously can’t believe I left the house wearing that. The things you do in the name of dressing up for Halloween parties :

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what I wore

It’s what I wore today? Really? That was fast.

IMG_6433 IMG_6435

1. shirt: Old Navy, necklace: hmmm : maybe Target?, jeans: Seven {flare}, shoes: Nordstrom

2. sweater: Gap, scarf: Target, jeans: Banana Republic {wide leg}, shoes: Nordstrom

IMG_6901 IMG_6908

3. jacket: Banana Republic, shirt: Target, Jeans: Citizens of Humanity {ingrid}

4. sweater: Old Navy, tank: Target, jeans: Seven {flare}, shoes: Nine West

I tried to follow these fun directions on how to do messy hair and mine just turned out looking like Heidi braids. Oh well, I tried.

IMG_6993 IMG_6995

5. shirt: Martin + Osa, jeans: Seven {dojo}. How is that for the world’s most boring outfit?

6. dress: Banana, boots: Target, necklace: Kukui nut beads from Hawaii. Can you tell I had somewhere to go on this day? Just bible study, but it gives me a reason to wear something fun. I like wearing dresses. I’ve been limited by the fact that breastfeeding while wearing a dress is not so practical {unless you don’t mind hiking up the whole dress}. But that phase of life is coming to an end {tear} so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the near future. I’ve been looking for good flat boots to wear with skirts and dresses like Kasey wears and have come up short.  Actually, I’m sure Anthropologie has some fabulous ones, but I’m holding out for fabulous and inexpensive {at least not nearly a month’s worth of groceries – I’m far too hard on my shoes to pay that much – and I’m pretty sure my family prefers to eat over seeing me in cute boots}. Anyway, dresses are fun.


And don’t forget to click over to Finding Fabulous for the tutorial on how to make a


Have a great weekend!

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what I wore

We have had the most amazing weather in Seattle this week. My absolutely favorite time of the year is when the leaves are turning, the sky is clear blue and I can wear a sweater. It’s been lovely.

So here I am this week – dressed every day in jeans and some shade of gray.

IMG_6241 IMG_6395

1. sweater: Marshalls, t-shirt: Marshalls, scarf: Target, Jeans: Seven Dojo, shoes: Marshalls

{Okay, weird. I think I only own three things from Marshalls and I have them all on in this photo. Not that I don’t like Marshalls – you can get some amazing deals. I just am not a very good Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross/Nordstrom Rack shopper so I don’t go in much}.

2. t-shirt: Target, cardigan: Martin + Osa, jeans: Banana Republic boot cut, shoes: Target

IMG_6304 IMG_6415

3. sweater: Nordstrom, jeans: Joes Jeans, shoes: Payless

4. Ahhh, what a sweet baby girl. Okay, focus.

shirt: Banana Republic, jeans: Banana Republic wide leg, shoes: Nordstrom

 IMG_6421 IMG_6428-1

5. dress: Target {purchased mine from my very fashionable friend who was selling it in her garage sale – does that mean it is no longer fashionable? Oh well.}, cardigan: Martin + Osa, belt: 8th grade {note: I’m not actually certain about the 8th grade thing. It could have been early high school. Yes, it still fits which I’m grateful for, but the fact that I own a belt from 1993 with a huge silver buckle, am not a cowgirl and wear it anyway tells you just how fashion-forward I am. Or how cheap – have you seen the prices of belts lately?!!}. Jeans: Seven Flare, boots: Nordstrom

6. t-shirt: Target, cardigan: Martin + Osa, jeans: Banana Republic wide leg, shoes: Nine West, scarf: Nordstrom


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what I wore

Back by popular demand :

okay, fine. It’s not that popular. But one person did ask for it back. And to tell you the truth, now that fall is upon us and I can wear layers and sweaters, I’m a bit more excited about getting dressed in the morning. Taking photos {however awkward it is} is just one more touch of motivation to put on something {slightly} interesting.

I don’t pride myself on my fashion-ability. Half of the outfits I wore this week I don’t even know if they look good or are ‘in style’. But I prefer classic clothes and neutral colors {go figure} and I’m trying to stretch a little by adding some accessories.

One more note: I’m not mad when I’m taking the photos. Apparently I just can’t seem to pose, hold a camera, find a natural spot for my free hand to go and smile. I’ll work on that for next week.

IMG_6141 IMG_6154

1. shirt: Target, jeans: Seven A Pocket, boots: old old old from Nordstrom

2. shirt: Old Navy, skirt: Banana Republic, boots: same, very white legs

IMG_6184 IMG_6186

3. sweater: Old Navy {a new purchase that I adore}, tanks: Gap, jeans: Banana, shoes: Nine West

4. sweater: J.Crew, shirt: Gap {cast-off from my sister}, jeans: Seven Flare

IMG_6222 IMG_6239

5. shirt: Banana Republic {birthday gift from my Mom}, jeans: Banana, shoes: Nordstrom

6. sweater: Old Navy, jeans: Seven A Pocket, boots: old Nordstrom, belt: 8th grade. Flower pins: made by Nonna & me and a tutorial is coming!

There you have it. That’s what I wore this week.

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