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What I wore is a weekly picture archive of what I wore for a week. It’s usually tied in with other bloggers and what they wore.


what i wore these past two weeks(ish)

Ready for another round of what I wore? I’m trying to be a bit more intentional about sharing my outfit choices because I know how stuck in a rut we can get when it comes to getting dressed (especially if you don’t go to a traditional job each day where you have a dress code).  […]

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what I wore

Since it’s been over a year since my last what I wore post, it felt like the right time to bring it back. But first, a few disclaimers before we get to the looks: 1. I am not a fashion expert and spend very little time on clothes shopping, reading fashion magazines, keeping up with […]

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grey dress

what i wore {maui edition}

I had great intentions of having Ryan snap a photo of me each day for this post – somewhere scenic and beautiful and not just me standing awkwardly in front of a flimsy mirror like normal. The first morning he did take this photo but that was as far as we got. It didn’t take […]

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what i wish i wore

It’s What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy today. Have you seen how many ladies are linking up with Lindsey these days? My goodness, this WIWW thing is big. I was on a roll for the past few months with photographing my outfits, but I’ve decided to take a short break. To tell you […]

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1 & 2

what i wore for these past two weeks

Two weeks worth of what i wore … I think I like this system better than posting my outfits weekly. I get a little weirded out by seeing myself on the computer screen each week. So, here is what I wore for the past two weeks: 1. ruffle sweater: target   jeans: hudson   necklace: allora handmade […]

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{almost} all the colors of the rainbow {what I wore}

Without even trying, I wore almost every color of the rainbow this week. And jeans all but once. So here I am, in all my colorful glory: #1   cardigan: old navy   shirt: old navy    jeans: seven flare    flats: old navy {p.s. I should have put on makeup} #2   sweatshirt: banana republic   long-sleeve: marshalls   jeans: seven […]

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what i wore {new year edition}

What I Wore … a fun idea I borrowed from the darling Lindsey.  I’ve done lots of what I wore posts, but it has been a while, so I thought I’d go for it again. The purpose of WiW is to keep us accountable for getting dressed each day. I know that sounds strange, but […]

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matchy, matchy

I’m not sure if this happens to you, but I find that most days Audrey and I end up wearing matching outfits. Well, maybe not matching but definitely coordinating.  I suppose it makes sense as I am the dresser of both of us as well as the purchaser of clothes and so whatever I am […]

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w.i.w. {with thoughts on the skinny jean}

It was fun to start up What I Wore again last week.     Many of you wondered about the blue shoes with bows {Report Halle Shoe} and my new boots {Civico 10 Remmington riding boots}. The blue shoes were purchased a few years ago and the boots were on sale, so neither are readily available, […]

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what I wore {end of january}

If you are new around here, this is what I call ‘what I wore’. It is, quite obviously, photos of me wearing what I wore. It really wasn’t my idea : Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy got me started when she showed just how darling she looked every day. It seemed like a good way […]

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w.i.w. and tying a scarf

Not the best week of outfits. Sorry about that. But I did put together a how-to of sorts showing how I wear a scarf. We’ll begin with that because the photos are fun. . S C A R V E S . I like them and wear them often. I prefer ones that are large […]

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what I wore

Autumn is in full effect up here in the Pacific Northwest – and oh how I am loving every {rainy, windy then randomly sunny} minute of it.  I’m just such a fall girl : which is actually kind of funny because I’ve also been known to fall/trip a lot. Did you know that about me? […]

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what I wore

It’s what I wore today? Really? That was fast. 1. shirt: Old Navy, necklace: hmmm : maybe Target?, jeans: Seven {flare}, shoes: Nordstrom 2. sweater: Gap, scarf: Target, jeans: Banana Republic {wide leg}, shoes: Nordstrom 3. jacket: Banana Republic, shirt: Target, Jeans: Citizens of Humanity {ingrid} 4. sweater: Old Navy, tank: Target, jeans: Seven {flare}, […]

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what I wore

Back by popular demand : okay, fine. It’s not that popular. But one person did ask for it back. And to tell you the truth, now that fall is upon us and I can wear layers and sweaters, I’m a bit more excited about getting dressed in the morning. Taking photos {however awkward it is} […]

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what {i wish} i wore

I’m feeling rather uninspired by my closet.  I’m not crazy about summer clothes and our summers are typically mild and short-lived, so buying new ones feels like a waste. I like sweaters. And jeans. And layers. Good thing I live in Seattle, eh? But it’s been hot here and I’ve pretty much been wearing the […]

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