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It’s What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy today. Have you seen how many ladies are linking up with Lindsey these days? My goodness, this WIWW thing is big.

I was on a roll for the past few months with photographing my outfits, but I’ve decided to take a short break.

To tell you the truth, I’m not crazy about taking awkward photos of myself and then sharing them with the world. It’s sort of embarrassing. Second, pretty much everything I wear is from Target {except my jeans. I like expensive jeans.} so I feel super dorky sourcing my outfits and writing Target five million times. And third, we are finishing up an exciting new project {details to come in the next few days!} and I haven’t had much time think about clothes, let alone take a shower.

Oh, and the flimsy $10 mirror that I had propped up on a cardboard box {classy, right?} cracked so I need to get a new full length mirror. I’m thinking I’ll spring for something a little bit nicer next time.

Fashion is most definitely not my forte, but I do like clothes and I like a cute, coordinated, casual outfit.  The web is filled with all sorts of fashion inspiration.

So in honor of WIWW, I’ll share with you:

Love this outfit.

{source unknown – from my pinterest board}

So pretty.

{source unknown}

jeans + blouse + cardigan. I think I need a white watch.


Adorable. See? White watch again. Maybe that’s the same girl. She’s cute.


And then I found my best friend’s pinterest board called ‘my closet’. Good thing she lives right down the street and she lets me borrow her clothes because I’d wear every one of the outfits in her closet.



double yes.

If you ever need inspiration with what outfit to put together, jump on to pinterest and browse the thousands of fashion boards.  You are sure to be inspired.

For more real-life WIWW, click over to The Pleated Poppy.

37 thoughts on “what i wish i wore”

  1. So sad to see “what I wore” go–it’s inspiring to see what another mom pulls out of her closet (even if/especially if it’s from Target)

  2. Okay, so I’m going to join the others that said they bought the yellow striped cardigan because of your post where you wore it.

    I did.

    And I think all your outfits are adorable. We have a 40 dollar a month budget for clothes so Target is about the only place that I can shop. :) And thrift stores.

    Please keep posting your outfits! You have a style that I love, both in your home and clothing. Don’t feel silly. We enjoy it. :)

  3. All super cute ideas! I stay home with 3 little boys and comfort and cute can be tricky. By the way–I thought all your Target clothes looked great. It was nice to see you can look chic and not spend too much on clothes!

  4. This made me laugh (in a good way!!). I wish I had wore those items too. :) And my best friend is also named Pinterest, is she double timing me I wonder??

  5. I happen to love your WIWW posts! I always get inspired by them! I love your style and I don’t think its dorky that its mostly Target stuff- Target is awesome! I appreciate the effort it takes to put together those posts and I will miss them if you stop for good but I can understand how it would feel awkward. You DO inspire other Moms :)

  6. Oh Emily! I LOVE your outfits for ‘What I Wore’. Who cares if it’s Target?! Now whenever I’m in there, if I see something you posted, I buy it. Your style is impeccable. Target should use you as a spokeswoman!

  7. Hi Emily, I really love your style ….I was so happy to see the Georgeous stuff you wore and put together from Target and other places…at such reasonable prices…( you got me over to Target to check out some of their cute stuff…including you yellow striped cardigan….Loved!!!) Your such an Inspiration to us all …keep up your Great work!!….And as someone else posted, I would rather a SuperMom then a SuperModel..Thanks for being so down to Earth…!!

  8. As a total stranger who works as a corporate attorney, I want to let you know you’ve always looked enviously cute. If I worked from home or stayed home, I’m not sure I would manage to look nearly as put together. So, while it may always feel awkward, I’ve always been impressed. Seems like it might give you a little structure ;)

  9. I’ve participated in WIWW for a very long time, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over feeling like a huge dork and awkward. I’m always self-conscious about posting pics of myself and my clothes. It makes me feel better to know you feel the same way because I always thought your WIWW posts were great! The inspiration photos you shared are perfect, effortless and chic. Also, my full length mirror is usually propped up on a stepstool from IKEA or Wal-Mart!

  10. I keep telling my husband we need to win the lottery so I can buy every one of the outfits I pin on Pinterest! I am LOVING the white watch too…maybe that will be my next splurge:)

  11. Michelle@OurWonderfilledLife

    Love the second set of outfits most, but even more I love this candid reflection. First after 5 boys I am not in a place for the clothes I love to fit how I like them to or to buy anything from anywhere but Target really as well, time, $, all of the above. Someday I’ll coordinate more and I don’t want to look like a frump, but it’s nice to hear someone else say there just isn’t time right now for such a focus on this and to be good with anyone who does though as I am too, it’s just not my time ;)

  12. Emily your Target outfits are FABULOUS – they have also inspired me. I often think that you have to shop at Nordie’s to get a look like you do, so you make it seem more attainable, …so thank you for punching in all your “Target”s. I sit there and say, “No Way…..” after reading your WIWWs.

    Also, I’ve been eyeing a white watch at Craft Warehouse – which is now on sale for like $6, thought you might want your closest location….. if you don’t already shop there (its awesome if you haven’t!)


  13. I, too, am very sad about not doing the What I Wore thing….YOU TOTALLY inspired me to change out of my sweats and wear something “presentable” everyday. My outlook on life has changed because of you. I went straight to Target, bought some cute things, and I look amazing now (if I do say so myself, ha, ha). When I look at models in clothing, I’m just not inspired to change. It seems out of reach. I wear the yellow striped Target boyfriend cardigan all the time and it’s a reminder of you. Keep up those posts..no more fake models, I want a real mom-model…YOU.

  14. I am sad that you didn’t do a What I Wore post as I absolutely LOVE them!!! You have a great style and I often go to Target after reading it and pick up some stuff that I never noticed before (like that yellow striped cardigan;) I can understand taking a break, but please bring it back with some more Target clothes! LOL!

    Now these inspirations are super cute! I have wanted a white watch also, and that striped sweater is too cute. Living in the PNW we have to layer and I am not always good at figuring out how to do it in a cute way:)

  15. Have so wanted to link up with The Pleated Poppy but every week I find myself super embarrased to do so! I think I feel so vain or something, like I think my clothing choices are just so awesome and worth sharing when more times than not they aren’t. LIke today I have on an OLD OLD OLD sweater from KMART, target tank top and walmart red jeans. Seriously. Do people really care?! Ha ha! As insecure I am about doing it, I love WIWW posts and don’t think it the least bit weird that people do it! Ha! Need to get over my insecurity and just do it!

    All that being said, love the outfits with the white jeans! Need to break mine out since it is now “appropriate” to wear them!

  16. love how Pinterest helps me shop my own closet! Oh, I love that first one you pinned. Pretty sure it is on my Decorating Myself board! Not sure, but I think it is from the blog, atlantic-pacific
    Hope you are having a great day, sweet friend!

  17. Love the outfits, they are all so stylish..something I am not. I can’t put an outfit together for the life of me. I enjoyed seeing your what I wore posts…you don’t look silly at all, and I also don’t mind seeing things from Target as well, it motivates me to go browse their clothes section. Can’t wait to see your new project.


  18. I Think I pinned that same image of the girl in white pants with a gray T. In fact, I may wear that tomorrow. Good idea!

    Love the Easter print! Very nice.

  19. Spendy denim is my downfall!! My husband thinks I’m nuts. Glad there’s others like you out there who “get it.” Thanks for this blog post, I love Pleated Poppy!

  20. The best purchase I made a few years ago was my white “ceramic” watch from Fossil. It was around $125 because it has some bling on the face and I wear it all of the time. Lots of compliments too because it looks like a Michael Kors. It’s a new classic and you’ll kick yourself for not getting one. I’ve seen them for $20 at TJ Maxx (the rubber type band) all the way up to thousands of dollars for a true ceramic high end brand.
    Have fun!

  21. LOVE the yellow blazer, gray t and white jeans!!! I also want a white ceramic watch – shopped for one last year and never ended up getting one. Thanks for reminding me!! You just are the cutest thing! Love reading your blog

  22. FWIW, I really LIKE that so much of your wardrobe comes from Target. It shows that one can look fabulous without spending an arm and a leg.

  23. Oh, I love that you did this! I’m the same way. I invest in handbags, snag cute shoes at TJ Maxx, buy a LOT from Old Navy and fill in when I can with J.Crew! I need to find you on Pinterest. (I’m delaneygates.) We have the exact same style! You have such a talent for styling– maybe we could work together on something fun for the magazine I work for: Simply Handmade. (http://northridgepublishing.com) Shoot me an email, sometime, if you’d like! Warmly, Delaney

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