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what I wore

    Autumn is in full effect up here in the Pacific Northwest – and oh how I am loving every {rainy, windy then randomly sunny} minute of it.  I’m just such a fall girl : which is actually kind of funny because I’ve also been known to fall/trip a lot. Did you know that about me? I used to be a ballerina and my parents would joke that I was as graceful as could be on the ballet floor, but anywhere else, I was just one clumsy little girl.

    Anyway :

    Before we get to my week’s outfits, let me just say that you all {ya’ll, if you will} are a helpful bunch and tipped me off to some great flat boots.

    I’m thinking these ones will be the winners


    {Steve Madden Intyce – $129 on Piperlime}

    but I also like these ones:


    {Arturo Chiang Kirk – $129 on Piperlime}

    and I wish Target was still selling these ones {$35!} but they are from last year.


    Hopefully you’ll be seeing me soon in a cute new pair.

    Now on to my outfits

    IMG_7053 IMG_7033

    1. sweater: H & M, jeans: Banana Republic wideleg, scarf: Gap, shoes: Nordstrom

    2. sweater: Banana, shirt: Gap, jeans: Seven flare – I really should have put a necklace on with this one – it would have looked much better and perhaps a bit less frumpy.


    3. sweatshirt: Banana, jeans: Banana, shoes: Target {when I say Banana, please know that I am also referring to the Banana Republic factory store. The real stores have great fancier items, the factory store carries more casual things like this sweatshirt and they always have a 40% sale which makes me happy.  I like both stores and would probably buy more at the real one if I had a job where I had to wear pretty clothes – but alas, I work from home and sometimes jeans and a sweatshirt is as dressed up as I need or want to be.}

    4. shirt: Old Navy, sweater: Martin + Osa, jeans: Banana Republic wideleg, shoes: Payless


    5. Ugh. as in Ugly. Oh well. Sweatshirt: Nordstrom Rack, shirt: Target, jeans: Seven Dojo. I’m on the phone with my BF who is going to have a baby any day. We were probably talking about how frustrating it is when you have consistent contractions all evening and then you go to bed and wake up in the morning still 39 weeks pregnant.

    6. A big stray for me, but I gave it a try. Tunic: Old Navy, sweater: Old Navy, belt: K.C.’s {the about to pop BF who is not currently in a state where she can wear such a belt}, jeans: Seven A Pocket, boots: Nordstrom Rack.

    And because I aim to make you giggle, look at what I wore to a costume party this week:


    I was some sort of fluffy-pink-creepy-fairy-sparkly-butterfly-early-90’s-prom-dress-girl. What an outfit.  And just to share with you the amazing mask Ryan picked out for me , I took a close up.


    Oh my. I seriously can’t believe I left the house wearing that. The things you do in the name of dressing up for Halloween parties :

    44 thoughts on “what I wore”

    1. I can’t wait to see you in the Intyce boots! I have been looking at them for a month now trying to decide if i want them badly enough! You dress so trending and classy I can’t wait to see what you wear the new boots with!

    2. Ha, you are so tiny and adorable. I would not get any joy out of posting my outfits — I think I would get a bit depressed and scare away my readers, but I do enjoy seeing how cute you look all week! :-) I love wearing boots, on a day like today rain boots are in order.

    3. If I did this it would be the same pair of jeans 4 days in a row and 3 shirts rotated….maybe if I admire yours each week it will rub off and I will dress cute. Probably not.
      (By the way…I had never heard of that Beth Moore study, but I’ll have to look into it)

    4. I have the steve madden ones in black…but I like the second pair you have pictured in the brown a lot!! you always look amazing, emily!

    5. Hello- I love your website. I’m always very excited to see when you have updated. Anyways I’m dying to make that wreath that Nana made you. Its made out of fabric and I think is was yellow? It’s beautiful and I wanted to give if to my best friend for her wedding. If at all possible can we PLEASE get that! Thank you

    6. I so need you to do a tutorial on how you tie your scarf. It looks so cute in all of the What I Wore posts and I don’t know how much more time I can justify spending in the mirror trying to recreate it.

    7. I have the Steve Madden boots! They’re awesome and I wear them with everything. They were worth every penny! You would love them!

    8. Love, love, love your Halloween outfit. What a crack up! You look good in everything because you are so cute and SKINNY. Oh to be skinny and look good in everything. Sigh. I need to invest in some fun jeans. I hardly ever wear jeans. Probably because I grew up outside of DC and it was always fancier clothes. I’m sure that has changed now since that was 15 years ago. Great tutorial idea for you — how about “how to tie a scarf”. I love how you tie your scarfs and have the slightest idea how to do them. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing.

    9. You look FAB as always. (Even in the crazy prom dress costume!)
      And I have to tell you, I bought an awesome pair of black boots 2 years ago at Target ($39!) and they are seriously awesome. They still look awesome 2 years later (after 2 Wisconsin winters). I SO wish I could find another awesome Target pair!

    10. You are cute. Random note: I wish my inner thighs didn’t touch, no seriously the fact that you have a space between your legs must make your jeans last a super long amount of time!?

    11. I really enjoy your blog! I’ll admit that I’m pretty style-deprived but your blog inspires me–the creativity, the whimsy and all the fun! Today’s blog, your costume in particular, did make me smile and-yes-even giggle a bit! You’re such a good sport! Thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween!

    12. I absolutely have that exact same sweatshirt from the Banana Factory Outlet. Just bought it last week – same color and everything. I even went in looking for one of their sweatshirts, because I have a similar one in oatmeal, that I wear the heck out of – almost the exact same style, just no buttons. Love how you can sort of make them appropriate for out and about, but are perfect (so soft!) for lounging around the house.

    13. LOVE the pink dress. It made me laugh – and think of Steel Magnolias. Great movie and a must see… Set in the South with lots of big names. Can so relate to the overdue-can’t-wait-to-have-this-baby thing… My first and my fourth were both born at 41+ weeks.

    14. Super pretty! But, at least from the pictures I have seen, you look a lot like the woman from Enchanted. You should dress up like her some year. :)

    15. 6, 2 and 1 are my faves! I love those boots… Old Navy actually has a dead-ringer for the first pair for about a third of the price! Probably not in store, but definitely online!

    16. I think you are the type who could put on a trash bag and a belt and look like a supermodel…
      I have very similar taste as you, but I NEVER look that good with a sweatshirt and jeans. I look like a fat transvestite. Sigh.

    17. Pssst…Famous Footwear is currently having a sale on boots. You might want to check them out. I bought a pair of brown boots last week.

    18. That costume is awesome.. Love that! My husband and I dress up every year for our costume party.. it’s a blast to see what everyone comes up with.

      I love the Steve Madden boots, they look just like the discontinued Target ones..bummer!

    19. love your style… even the Halloween costume! I’m a southern girl and although we don’t have many cold days to wear a scarf I still love them and will wear them even in 90 weather, my husband calls me weirs but they are too cute not too! I love how you wear yours, could you show how you wrap yours? I’ve tried but can’t get that same look!

    20. Oh my goodness! Are you kidding me? I just saw the EXACT same style of boots as the Target ones you featured, in a local discount store near me!! I even tried them on and debated about buying them!! They actually fit my larger than life calves. lol Now I REALLY have to go back and get them!!
      Love your outfits. Happy halloween!

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