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what I wore {end of january}

    If you are new around here, this is what I call ‘what I wore’. It is, quite obviously, photos of me wearing what I wore. It really wasn’t my idea : Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy got me started when she showed just how darling she looked every day. It seemed like a good way to motivate myself to wear more interesting outfits and actually put on real clothes!  I go in waves; sometimes diligent about taking photos, and other times feeling rather bored of seeing myself {and my slightly uninteresting clothes} plastered all over the blog.

    But I have decided to start it up again for a time. I do this post on fridays and you are welcome to see past outfits {here}


    1. I wear jeans nearly every single day. I really like Seven For All Mankind, but I’m beginning to expand into other brands.

    2. I wear a lot of clothes from Banana Republic. But let me be upfront and say that most of the Banana items I own are from the Factory store.  I love the real Banana and if I were working outside of my house, wasn’t spending my days with sticky-fingered children and could afford it {!} I would dress in their fancy clothes. The Factory store is a bit more casual and their clothes fit my lifestyle a bit better.  If not Banana, my clothes are probably from Target, Old Navy or Nordstrom {regular and The Rack}.

    3. Every time I get dressed and add an extra accessory I feel like such a dork. But I am trying to expand my fashion sense and go with it.  Try not to laugh at me.

    4. Finally, while I don’t particularly love this feature, I do this for two reasons: 1. it stretches and encourages me to put together a more interesting outfit than I would normally choose. 2. I think fashion for moms is hard. We’re not really going anywhere {unless you count Target as ‘going out’} so heels aren’t necessary and we are spending time doing chores or crafts and a silk blouse doesn’t really stand up well to peanut butter or glitter glue. So we resort to comfy clothes and look {and feel} frumpy all day long. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of days when p.j.s or yoga pants are the best outfit choice. But when that becomes my everyday, I start to feel less attractive and become much less productive. Weird how that works. So, I guess you could say this is my encouragement to all the moms who want to look cute, but can’t quite fit a pencil skirt into their daily lives.  I hope that I can give some ideas for how to dress casually and still somewhat stylish {how strange it feels to claim that I am a stylish dresser – I would never put fashion as one of my strong suits}.

    Okay, here it goes:

    IMG_7869  IMG_9090

    1. button up: banana, t-shirt: target, jeans: seven, shoes: nine west

    2. sweater: target, shirt: old navy, jeans: banana {nice scowl}


    shirt: marshalls, jeans: seven dojo, shoes: nordstrom

    IMG_9096 IMG_9097

    I like these shoes. They feel like slippers. And I wanted to show you the gorgeous paint job that #2 {5} gave me.

    IMG_9117  IMG_9120

    4. shirt: gap, long sleeve: target, skirt: old navy, boots: dsw. This is one of those outfits that was a real stretch for me. I do like my new boots though. It only took four pairs and months of searching to find ones that fit right.

    IMG_9121  IMG_9172

    How cute is this tutu skirt? It was a gift from Audrey’s auntie from baby gap.

    5. shirt: Martin + Osa {which is now out of business}, jeans: banana, shoes: payless, headband: me {tutorial coming soon}.


    6. sweater: Target, shirt: Nordstrom Rack, belt: Target, jeans: Hudson, shoes: nordstrom

    There you have it.

    115 thoughts on “what I wore {end of january}”

    1. i just love love your blog. i enjoy most the photographs that you share. Yes, the “what-i-wore” and photos of your family and art and everything. (and the writing takes everything to the next level) it keeps the perspective of being connected to a real person. and the quality of your photos are really really awesome – especially for the inanimate objects. you have inspired me to get the courage to start my own blog. Thank you for being a real down-to-earth woman we can all relate to. Happy Blogging!

    2. Thanks for these tips! The boots from DSW…is there a brand name for them? I have been looking everywhere for a cute pair to wear with skirts and dresses, and I can’t stop thinking about these! Thanks!

    3. Wow you are adorable. I LOVE all your outfits. You may just be my newest inspiration- not just for wardrobe, but body. The whole reason I started my blog was to chart my journey back to a pre-kids body. Kind of got sidetracked. Thank you for posting to Lyndsey! So glad I found your blog.

    4. I really enjoy your blog- and this is my favorite feature. You always look great and so put together. I know that you wrote today that you are stressing, so I thought that I would pop in and comment that I know how you feel. I linked up to JDC at my most recent post:

      I am also really excited about the “be thankful” print that I ordered, but girl, there is no hurry. I know that you are swamped- whenever you can get to it. :D

    5. love your looks, but I would love to see you in a skinny jean! if you don’t have them already, look for a cigarette style leg. it’s an easy transition into the style.

    6. I’m new to your site and i LOVE this!! i work from home and often feel very uninspired to wear anything without an elastic waistband and um, well that’s not good for the waistline!! Love this! You will inspire me to actually get dressed and throw on that extra accessory.

      1. I think I only have three belts … I would like a couple more, actually. The red one is from Target, I have one from Gap from ages ago and a cowboy-ish one that I think I wore in 8th grade. How is that for stylish?!

    7. Like everyone, I love those blue flats from Nordstrom. I was sad to see they are already out of stores. On my lunch at Target I saw that they have a shoe that is incredibly similar available in black and camel. Although I would prefer a spunky color like your blue, these were on sale for $14 and I couldn’t pass them up!

    8. Emily,

      I love your website! All of your tutorials are so simple to follow and make some pretty cute things! I am going to try the ruffle pillows, I hope they turn out as cute as yours. I love your WIW posts, they inspire me to put different things together. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Amy Adams? I hope that is a compliment for you! Take care.

    9. I love this! It is encouraging and inspiring to see moms out there who stay home like me but who still care about looking attractive and putting together a good outfit. I think you absolutely have an eye for fashion!

    10. I’ve missed this segment! It’s actually very inspiring for me. I’m wondering if you’d consider writing a bit sometime about how you keep yourself in shape…if you watch what you eat or work out? How you make time to take care of yourself physically? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    11. Hi Emily,
      I just discovered your website yesterday through a friends post on Facebook. I had just planned to stop by and quickly check out your website before heading to bed. 45 min later, I finally tore myself away from design heaven and went turned off my computer. I fell in love with those blue flats from Nordstrom (among EVERYTHING else on your website). I was in quaint little Fairhaven, WA today and I wandered into consignment store and to my delight, what was staring back at me in the shoe section?! Those amazing shoes! In my size!!! Well, ok, half a size bigger but who needs to know that. I look forward to future blogs and amazing ideas! Thanks!

    12. I LOVE your blue shoes from Nordstroms!! Are they a recent purchase or have you had them awhile?

      I totally get what you mean about stretching your comfort zone on fashion. I see women always dressed so cute with flowers pinned on their clothes or knee socks and boots but when I wear them I feel like I’m wearing “trying to hard” banner. I keep doing it hoping that one day it just feels natural!

      Love your blog and thanks!

    13. I think you look adorable and completely un-momish. I love your style and I seriously wished you lived next door and we could be friends.

    14. Thanks for sharing. I know how easy it can be to wear yoga pants every day. I am inspired to try and wear “real” clothes this week. Normally when I see cute outfits I think they are probably too expensive but it sounds like we shop at the same places.

    15. Well i think you look beautiful and you are fabulous. I love seeing your outfit combos too… I might even try t tshirt over a button up because of you! :)

    16. WIW is definately one of my favorite posts that you do! It motivates me to put a little extra effort into dressing myself and it gives me such great ideas! Can’t wait for next week!

    17. I love WIW! It inspires me to take my SAHM look to the next level and ditch the every day jeans and hoodie look. Looking forward to your headband tutorial!

    18. Love the boots! I ordered them for myself after seeing them somewhere (here, I think?) but fully expected to be sending them back since I’ve probably tried on no less than 2 dozen pair of boots this year in my attempt to find something comfortable. I didn’t have to send them back (yay!) and I love them! Thanks for sharing!

    19. I know the focus of this post isn’t your hair, but I have to say, I love. your hair. And your outfits are amazing, too, of course. I may or may not save my favorites from these posts for my everything’s-clean-but-no-outfits-are-coming-to-me days. :)

    20. your style is so cute! being a mommy is so easy to just stay at home all day in my PJ’s .Always feels so good to put a cute outfit and seeing these pics is motivation! Check out my Etsy shop

    21. You are adorable:) Some lovely ideas you’ve given me and it is so true- today I showered (!), put makeup on (!!) and everything to “show up” for my day and it helps.

    22. You hit the nail right on the head, it’s so easy as a stay at home to an infant to get so casual everyday that you fall into a bad rut, and then start to feel kind of bad about yourself. It’s amazing what a good pair of jeans, a cute simple sweater, and some jewelry can do! I bought some new makeup yesterday and it made me feel great~and my new year’s resolution to start slowly rebuilding my wardrobe up with classic, timeless pieces that will last :-) Thank you Emily for the motivation!

    23. I am a relatively new comer to your site and let me tell you that you are so awesome. I love so many things about the website and your blog but I particulary love “what I wore”. You have a great fashion sense and like with your friend, you inspire me to try a little harder. I also love that I shop at pretty much the same stores you do and I realize now I can step it up a notch without a high price tag. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

    24. I adore your blog!
      I’ve been reading for a couple of months now and you are my absolute favorite – your a woman after my own heart in so many ways.
      And, your boots are To.Die.For!
      Love them!

    25. You are super cute and I really love seeing what you wore! It inspires me, too, to dress a bit bettter. I don’t have kids, yet it is still easy to get sloppy and uncreative with getting dressed. And you’re so right, it makes a difference when we do make an effort! Thanks for sharing.

    26. I have been missing your “what I wore” part of your blog!! I especially like #1, it is fun and funky! Elly will actually put together some fun combinations that I would never think of and they always remind me of Anthropology! I also adore the skirt / boot look. Too cute~

    27. Great post! I always like your WIW post so much. You and I shop at a lot of the same places and wear a lot of the same brands, but I don’t look nearly as chic and stylish as you. You seriously make it look effortless. I love those brown boots. I found a pair on sale at DSW a few weeks ago but they weren’t my size. I didn’t see any like yours. I’ve looked all fall and winter and haven’t found any. I may just have to go back to DSW.

    28. I am new to your site and I loved this section. I am a month away from my 3rd baby and I’ve been wearing ponytails and sweats a bit too often (as in daily). Its such a good reminder to TRY, I think your super brave for taking pics and being accountable to people.

    29. Adorable! You are fast becoming my fav blog. I agree totally with what you said about inspiration. My hubby always says, “Don’t worry about what you have on, you’re just going to the park, preschool etc.” But since those are the only places I ever go- I feel the need to try as well. Thanks for the pep talk and great photos. :)

    30. I agree with you theory that how you dress affects how you feel. My grandmother use to say that if you wake up in a funky mood, put on bright colors and it’ll change your day!

    31. I love the post. I am so glad you are doing it again. The outfits are great!! I also love your kids in the pics! Adorable!! I can’t wait to see how you make those lovely headbands. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    32. This is the first time I’ve read this segment on your site and I LOVE it! I am much too often caught in the yoga pant look all.week.long. Did I miss the post where you explain how your baby and kids play quietly while you have time to shower, dress cute, and do your hair and makeup? Is there a secret? ;) You look beautiful, thanks for the fun motivation!!

      1. My best tips on getting showered and dressed with four children: I only shower every 3-4 days. Seriously. I set the boys up with breakfast and plop Audrey on the bathroom floor with a brush or curlers or any non-toy and throw on some clothes. It’s not glamorous, but it works!

    33. Emily,
      This is the first time I’ve responded to one of your posts, but I figured it was about time to stop lurking and introduce myself. I follow your blog faithfully and look forward to your fashion posts. As an at-home-at-the-moment mom I need beauty and fashion inspiration such as yours to keep me from completely losing what little style I have left. PLEASE continue to share with us! I ADORE your outfits/color schemes/hairstyles, etc. and when I HAVE to put on something other than yoga pants and a circa 1984 t-shirt with paint splotches, I stand before my closet and think to myself, “Hmm… What would Emily wear?”
      <3, Andrea

    34. What a great post! I love this! Let’s face it, pretty much all of us women have these same thoughts about our wardrobes…. I know I do. I think the skirt with the boots outfit is awesome! I too absolutely love my Seven jeans. I must ask (since everyone is wearing them these days and I didn’t see you in them with this latest post) what are your thoughts on skinny jeans :)?

    35. I love your casual/chic outfits. Such an inspiration to us stay at home moms who fall into slumps of yoga pants every day. A year after having my daughter I vowed to not wear them outside of the house any more unless actually going to a yoga class :)

    36. I love this post! I have always wondered about “what I wore” posts and now I have a much better understanding of why peeps are doing it. You are super cute! I am laughing too at the boots–I searched *forever* to find the right pair of boots and I bought the same ones!

    37. Yay! I’m so glad WIW is back!! I’ve been missing it! I do love your sense of style, really, I do! I’m not a mommy {yet} but you inspire me to be more creative now, and you give me hope and encouragement to continue my attempts at being cute and ‘stylish’ even after kids arrive.Thanks : )

    38. Love the red turtleneck shirt with the headband with huge flower on it. Not only would I wear that but I’m in a family where I have a bunch of nieces and I only have boys so it’s so fun to learn how to make things for them. Can’t wait for you to put up the tutorial for the headbands.

    39. I love this post – I find when I am wearing the frumpies, I am wayyyy less productive. Not that I wear pearls on cleaning day, but I DO try to put together something relatively decent each day. I love your style – it’s absolutely fabulous.

    40. thanks for the motivation to put a little more effort into my “everyday clothes.” It does make me feel better. And my husband usually expresses pleasure over how i look when i do put a little effort into it. so i know he appreciates not always seeing sweatshirts as well!

    41. Absolutely adorable!
      It’s really quite inspiring – And it’s an encouragement to “stay-at-home” moms that we can do better in the “wardrobe department.” :)
      Thanks for posting such great inspiration!

    42. Thanks for posting this. It is hard to feel gorgeous and hip when your chasing little guys everyday. Yoga pants have been my best friend lately. I do add the extra accessories too, like a headband or flower pin just to help give me a pop. LOL.. Now I don’t feel silly knowing I’m not the only mom that does it and I love that other people have said the same thing.

    43. Oh my gosh…you are too adorable! I’m a stay at home mom too who probably too often wears workout clothes and it is so true what you said…you kind of just start feeling frumpy and less productive! I love that you tell where you bought from…b/c I’m sure like most of us, we don’t have an endless supply of money to spend on ourselves and I shop at all those places too! I’ll have to keep my “fashion” eye out for cute, trendy but practical for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

    44. First off, you are giving me courage to wear the jeans with the big flares that I bought. They are super cute, but I’m short, and I feel like I need long and lean legs to make it work. Second, (and very random) what do you use to curl your hair? Curling iron? What barrel width? Hot rollers? I want to start giving my hair some style now that it’s passed shoulder length, but I need some mini-appliance suggestions. Thanks!

    45. This is my favorite part of your blog, i love it! It makes me want to put more of an effort into my clothes, even when I am hanging out with my girls! By the way, I love the flats with the big blue bow from Nordstrom!

    46. Thank you so much for posting this. I’m a fairly new follower of your blog. This is really motivating for me; I try to at least wear jeans every day so I’m not in jammies, but I really need to a) start losing my baby weight, and b) go shopping so I have clothes that look nice. I am purging my closet today and it is sad how much stuff has to go!

      Thanks so much for the style ideas. I’m going to make it my goal to wear nice things every day next week!

    47. What kind of socks are you wearing with the boots? I’ve always liked that look of the socks just peeking out of the boot, but never know where to find the perfect length sock. Thats my favorite outfit, by the way. Even though it was a stretch for you, you pulled it off great! The last one with the red sweater is my second favorite! But you look adorable in all of them!

    48. I love your outfits. I like seeing what you put together. Most days I’m a yoga pants mom, but it really does affect my productivity, which is quite a shame considering I love those pants. Anyway, I hear you on point number 4, but I say keep it up! You give me hope to take a shower and put on “real” clothes… even if just for Target. ha!

    49. Thanks for bringing this feature back. I’m definitely not going to start taking photos of my outfits anytime soon, but at least I think about looking stylish thanks to your inspiration. :)

    50. I’m so glad you have hudsons! The only jeans i wear are either hudsons or 7 for all mankind. Do you ever snag good deals with hudsons? I’m pregnant and am about to splurge $200 for a pair of hudson maternity jeans. Ugh, the curse of being tall!!!

      1. Before you buy retail, check ebay. I bought a few pair of maternity jeans on there. I didn’t mind wearing used jeans – especially because I only wore them a handful of times.

    51. Love this post and I agree. I am a lawyer so I tend to wear alot of business clothes and then come the weekend I feel like I have no fashion sense whatsoever. Casual and trendy clothes are a tough one for me!

    52. I love seeing the outfits you put together, and I would call you pretty stylish. :) It’s hard for Moms who are home most of the day to have motivation to go beyond the basics, and you are inspiring me to try adding a few accessories here and there. It doesn’t have to be boring or frumpy, you can be comfortable, practical and CUTE! Oh, and I have those very same boots from DSW – love them with skirts!

    53. Please don’t feel funny about saying you’re stylish! YOU ARE! I love seeing your different outfits. You and Lyndsey stretch my thinking…I’ve got to put some more umph into my wardrobe. Right now it’s jeans and clearance rack long sleeve tees. That basically sums it up. I’ve been hunting for the exact same boots. Knee high, brown, a little loose at top. I hadn’t thought of DSW. I’ll keep looking. Thanks for your post! Love it!

    54. I am the EXACT same way. If I leave my jammies on all day, nothing gets done and then I feel grungy and dirty later on. So, as much as its hard to do somedays, I just have to suck it up and put on some jeans and some cute accessory! Love your style, keep on inspiring all us stay at homes to feel beautiful even in the confines our four walls we call our own.

    55. Love this feature! I have missed it!
      I live in the Pacific Northwest so your style and the weather that you dress for speaks to me. When I was working, I loved to wear Ann Taylor, Nordstrom and Anthropologie. I had a closet full of cute suits that I recently passed on to people who need them more than me. I am even finding that my Anthropologie clothes are not getting worn because I fear they will get ruined by my 3-1/2 year old and 18 month old (I now only buy sale items from Anthro). I love, love, love Target for simple pieces that I can dress up with some of my Anthro pieces. I also love a good pair of jeans…and since I wear them everyday will spend more money on these. I love the Seven Dojo and Hudson! I have to admit, that I am also found in yoga pants and workout clothes a lot of days (I like Lucy and Target for workout clothing). I am hoping to pull out some of my Anthro skirts once the weather warms up…or, I guess I could try tights/knee socks and boots!
      Thanks for your inspiration! You look amazing!!

    56. LOVE this!!! I am also still in my workout clothes from the day with an added accessory of a bobby pin in my hair. I’m lookin’ goo-oood! :) I have the same question as above…..what white tank are you wearing under your shirts? I love it!

      1. I wear a mens Ashirt tank pretty much every day as well {Hanes brand I think}. You can get them in the underwear section of the mens department at Target or Walmart for $9ish for a pack of 5. They are thin and long and work perfectly.

    57. I’m so glad this is back! Your past fashion posts inspired me to buy a few new sweaters and think a little more about my “mom wardrobe.” You’re great at looking pulled together without looking like you’re trying too hard–does that even make sense? :) Love it!

    58. Love that you do this! At first (on someone elses blog) when I saw this I thought how concieted, however I then found your blog, and I was so inspired to dress better! Then you went away with it, and I was pretty sad.: ) the last outfit you have on looks really good on you. We have very similiar hair coloring and body types, so it has really helped me! Thank you…

    59. Please, please, please don’t stop doing this little segment on your blog. I love your outfits. We have similar taste in clothes, and I love to see what you put together. I can’t wait for the headband tutorial…I’m growing my hair out, and it’s finally long enough to look cute in a headband!

    60. SOOOOOO glad you brought this back!

      Every Friday I open your blog up on reader hoping that you will show us what you wore. I am not a mother but I do like to live vicariously though your closet. I am also one to take off the accessory that I put on. I always feel like a “poser” or that it is “wearing” me. I need to get over this-there are far to many cute things out there to dress up my outfits.

      Can’t wait till next Friday’s outfits!

    61. I work in an office setting, so I usually have to “dress up” every day. No jeans – lots of tights, pantyhose and Spanx. Therefore, when the weekend comes, I relish the days spent in baggy sweatshirts and yoga pants. As the mother of two boys, 3 & 4, I get the whole function-over-fashion concept. After looking at your pics, I am newly inspired to step it up a little bit and not be such a frump on the weekends. Now don’t get me wrong, I probably won’t be dragging out the Spanx on a Saturday (my husband jokingly calls them “sausage casing”) but I may just throw on some comfy jeans, a cute cardigan and a bit of jewelry. If I could look even 10% of your gorgeousness, I would be thrilled!

    62. you make me laugh cause i can relate to it all! i wear jeans everyday, except for church days. i feel funny getting all done up cause i have no where to get unless you count back and forth to school 15 times a week, target, food shopping or the post office! i have to tell you i struggle with wearing jewelry/accessory other than something very simple, if i put something other than that on i usually take it off it just feels weird and i call myself a dork all the time! you look adorable! enjoy your weekend! susan

    63. I’m so glad you started this again! {It’s the reason I started following your blog :)} I love all of the inspiration I get from you. Yes, you! Thanks bunches :)

    64. I love seeing what moms are wearing these days. Since not working out of the home I too feel silly dressing everyday. It almost seems like a waste. It is always refreshing to look cute and actually put make up on every day!

    65. i LOVE this feature and your explanation of why it’s important for moms to dress up a little hit close to home. i immediately ran upstairs, removed yoga pants, put on jeans and a fun scarf. i’m already feeling better ;)

    66. All outfits are great! I don’t think I could come up with that many cute outfits, but maybe I’ll play around later in the closet and see, just for silliness sake really. :)

    67. fun outfits. I agree that it makes a world of difference in how you feel when you dress cute. I love those brown boots. I’ve been looking for some for a long time. Where did you get them? (sorry, I’m not familiar with dsw. Do you have a link you could share?)
      Love the headband too!

    68. Maybe I should start doing this…. I’m not a mom, but I just started working from home, and I’m totally finding myself in a rut with clothes, and being motivated to make myself look good if I’m just going to be at home all day working by myself. Thanks for your practical outfits!

    69. I think you are more then “somewhat stylish”! I agree that what you put on = what you put out (and seeing that I am wearing lounge pants at 1:30 in the afternoon this day is pretty much shot).

    70. Thanks for the inspiration! I just started staying home, and I find it so hard to get out of my comfy clothes and into something cute. I (and my husband) will appreciate this little kick in the rear to start getting ready in the mornings.

    71. hello, emily! thanks for the inspiration for this s.a.h. mother of 3! i think you mentioned this a long time ago, but what tank do you wear under your outfits. I love that extra layer and am excited for the headband tutorial as I have been contemplating making one!

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