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a handmade doll for harper

    College friends of ours are adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. Her name is Harper.

    You may remember we did a really fun crafting fundraiser a year and a half ago so it feels special to have walked a teensy bit of the adoption journey with this family.

    Last month, Audrey and I took down her crib and delivered it to Harper’s mommy in preparation for her fast-approaching {and long-awaited} arrival. Since then, Audrey has named all of her babies Harper and talks about her often.  It’s pretty cute.

    For the baby shower, I made a Harper doll. She and the Audrey doll were fast friends.

    The real Audrey loved her as well.

    Our friends are in Ethiopia as we speak picking up their precious daughter.  I get teary just thinking about what a special time this is for both Harper and her new family.

    She is one very loved baby who has this baby waiting for her at her new home.

    To make the Harper doll, I used this doll pattern. Her body is made of menswear plaid with a ruffled jersey body. I wanted her hair to resemble the darling curls the real Harper has, so I modified this felt flower to use as pony tails.

    I’ve made a few other babies {see here and here} and they turn out so cute every time. Time consuming, yes.  But so worth it. If you are looking for a special gift this christmas, a handmade doll could be a great one.

    Many blessings to sweet Harper and her family. I can’t wait to hold that little one soon!

    24 thoughts on “a handmade doll for harper”

    1. Hi Emily, I am making this little doll for my 4 grand daughters. The youngest of the set is also an adopted baby (now 3 1/2) from Ethiopia. I ould like to do the hair s you did, ut am wondering how you attached it to her head? Any other helpful instructions would be appreciated!


      1. I made a loopy felt flower {you can google a tutorial – I don’t have one} and then sewed it into the face/hair the way you would do it for just a ponytail. Hope this helps! And I hope the girls love the dolls.

    2. Hi! I wanted to check in and see if you have ever done any labels for jam? We make homemade jam for Christmas gifts each year and I’d love to have labels for my mason jars for Pomegranate Jam, Plum Jam, Peach Jam and Apricot Jam. I am happy to pay you to create if you have not already created jam labels. Please let me know!
      Thank you!

      1. I have done labels for strawberry & raspberry jam, but not other fruits. It is a great idea! I’m not going to be able to get them done this year – I hope you can find something great!

    3. I am in love with these baby dolls – you are so clever in fabric choice! This is when I wish there was
      girl in our clan – all boys for me, friends, and family – maybe someone will have a little girl so I can try this darling pattern! Wonderful adoption story too – Hooray!

    4. Love the doll…super cute. And so happy to hear the news of this adoption. We had the pleasure of having Jessie Butterworth lead worship at Mt. Hermon Family Camp 2 summers ago and we were so impressed with him. My husband would have offered him a job on the spot but he was just starting his own church at the time…

    5. Emily, I can’t believe you posted about this today! I just met with a dear friend of mine today and they found out last week that their babies were ready! My friend is adopting 2 babies (a boy and girl) from Ghana and hopefully will get go bring them home by March! We were talking about how to help them raise the last 10K they need and the crafting day seems like a perfect way! Would you email me some info about how you pulled it off, what you did, what you charged or whatever! Any suggestions would be great!

    6. A beautiful doll. What a dear friend you are.

      It is such a blessing for me to see others have their family dreams realized through adoption, especially after our being blessed with Landon.

      God bless!

    7. I love Bit Of Whimsy dolls. I have 3 of their patterns (butter bean, Mae and Jane) that I originally bought to make for my niece and now am preparing to make for my daughter. I love the idea of the menswear for her body!

    8. Emily, have you seen a bit of whimsy’s Jane doll? I am currently making her for my daughter for Christmas. She looks like a ballerina, with a top knot, so that why she made me think of you. This is beautiful and isn’t always wonderful to see answered prayer?

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