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girlie tee inspiration

    I hang out at Target a lot. Partially because there are not a lot of other shopping options in my town, and partially because I can always find great stuff at a great price.

    Yesterday I was chilling at Target {while my No. 1’s prescription was being made – an ear infection in May? Who would have thought} and I walked through the toddler section only to find the best deal ever on some great little tees.


    So I grabbed a few with plans to embellish.


    {see? great deals}

    My thought is to applique something fun on each one {like the applique tutorial I did here}


    I’m thinking something whimsical, summery and fun like these from miniboden:

    image image image  image image image

    Seriously? How darling are those?! I should probably just buy a few, but I think I’ll try my hand at making my own first {especially since they are $30 each – I like my $3 price tag a little better}.

    I’ll let you know how they turn out :

    39 thoughts on “girlie tee inspiration”

    1. This is my new favorite craft project for my kids. I made a monogram t-shirts for my girls plus a cupcake one for my three year old’s birthday. Each shirt cost less than $5.00 to make (perfect for a gift). They are adorable and so easy to do!

    2. This is such a grand idea. I peruse the Target clearance section all the time. There are some great little finds there. Mostly basic, but thanks for the dressing them up inspiration!

    3. just made an applique t for my daughter’s 1st b-day….so easy and turned out just precious! also made another for a birhtday party coming up. thanks for the easy to follow tutorials! love your work!

    4. Hey Emily! I am a big fan of your blog and I had to smile when I saw your blog post. I just published a post on this very same topic! I, too, stalk Target for those cheapie plain tshirts. Please come on over to take a look (since we’re on the same topic!) And good luck with your experiements…knowing your blog and style, I’m sure they will be AWESOME! -Lori @

    5. Super cute. And since I don’t have a sewing machine, could you sell them?? Always looking for more great Jones Design in my house. :P

    6. Ahh, I love miniboden. So funny that you posted this – I just splurged on several shirts for my little girl. Yes, my daughter wears more expensive shirts than I do! Post pictures with how they turn out! I would love to try this.

    7. can’t wait to see what you do with those, i am having a grandbaby (girl) in sept. and i love seeing the cute things you make for your daughter!

    8. I love Target too, me and my girls go there way too often! I too, have been buying their t-shirts to applique ever since I saw your tutorial! It’s so easy to do, and you can make such a unique t-shirt!

    9. You should check out the great appliques at, or for some really cute ideas and fabric choices. They are for machine applique embroidery but you will get inspired.

    10. Cute, cute! I think the blue would be cute with some patriotic embellishment.

      Scorecard at our home this month: Sinus Infections: 2; Ear Infections 2: Family members left unscathed: 0.

      By the way, I’m doing a benefit for my sister-in-law thru the end of May to help with expenses incurred due to several auto-immune issues she’s dealing with… if anyone would care to help, check it out at Thanks!

    11. I actually bought some of those tees on clearance and used your tutorial to make a few shirts with iron ons – sooo cute!

    12. cute idea. Hope to have some pics soon of what you did for inspiration for the rest of us who like to copy your stuff! I just got back from Dr with one of my twins…ear infection…in May – funny you had the same. I got my pack of prints – LOVE.LOVE. Thanks for the deal!

    13. Oh My Goodness, I follow your blog daily, and just had to say- I bought the same Target T’s to make the minibowden shirts as well!! Too too funny. Excited to see how yours turn out- I haven’t been able to find the time with my 13month old running around and design business in full swing to do these. Thank you for the inspiration!!

    14. Usually I love every single post you have but today, no so much! Only because seeing those Target clearance stickers makes me so jealous! I MISS TARGET! Not to worry, we go on furlough in a month and I’ll get eight weeks to enjoy the clearance racks.
      Thank you, as always, for the encouraging, inspiring posts. God blesses me through you very often. You are a treasure!

    15. These are great deals! I can’t wait to see what you make. I tried a t for my daughter after your last post/tutorial and it just looked ok. Nothing to do with your tutorial and everything to do with my fabric choice. It definitely needs more than 1 single fabric.

    16. ohhh this makes me want a girl! My husband is just not all about putting my son in appliques. But these look so cute and fun to make! Oh and I love mini boden! But really who wants to pay $30 for a tee that your child will outgrow in 3 months? Yours will be just as cute, I am sure Emily!
      I might have to make one from Aubrey and bust it out when my husband isn’t around! ;)

    17. Oh what a cute idea! I love target, you can find some neat stuff and great deals there – and they often have really good ‘trending’ home stuff.

    18. I was stalking the racks at Target yesterday too. Ours only had sweaters and when its in the 80s and high humidity I couldnt even touch them! I did get some t’s just like these for under $2 last year tho. Thats why I was shopping for shorts and skirts, to go with all the cute ts. Cant wait to see what you choose to go on them. (sorry about the ear ache. My 21 yr old was just real sick with one.)

    19. Your projects for your kids ALWAYS have me wishing for babies! :) I think I just need to start making things for my future children and stock piling them I doubt I’ll have time and energy when I actually have them!

    20. My 1st born also got an ear infection this week! so crazy. We also live in the same area as you. It must be all of this crazy May rain :-) There is also strep going around, so watch out! ;-)

    21. you know what would be cute, emily? if you did an offset ruffly “stripe” down the front of one of the t’s… like you did for her birthday invitation. {but using fabric or tulle and not tissue paper, obv.}

    22. I always mark the tees in my mini boden catalogs to try & replicate too! The striped shirts (with the heart, star and anchor) are easy do with freezer paper & fabric paint.

    23. Oh, a great idea!! Never can have too many cute t’s for the little ones, they go through them so fast, which is exactly why you don’t want to pay $30 for all that cuteness! Janell

    24. Oh, what a great idea!!!! Yes I’m with you on cheepo T-shits. My little girls are always ruining one, so when I see them for $1.00 or $3.00 I snatch them up. Oh. I’m so excited to see how you do these!

    25. I’m in LOVE with MiniBoden for my 6 year old son. Lots of cute graphic tees (with the appliques!). But like you, I don’t love the price tag. I’d love to see you do some for boys, too!

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