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How to curl your hair with a curling wand

    How to curl your hair with a curling wand (how-to video) / jones design company

    I’ve recently added a new tool to my beauty regimen and like it so much I made you a video for how to use it.

    This is becoming like a mini series – first I did a video about how to curl your hair to get loose waves, then came a video about my 5 minute makeup routine and last time I showed you how to do your hair in a messy side bun.  I like these simple beauty + hair videos!

    Today, it’s all about how to curl your hair with a curling wand.

    A few notes:

    • Did you see my cutie No. 3 come press his nose against the door about halfway in? My kids think I’m the strangest mom, I’m sure, recording myself curling my hair in my office.
    • Make sure you curl your hair away from your face. That’s the key.
    • Sometimes it helps to use a curling iron to style the front hair/bangs.

    Products used:

    Kerastase Thermal Spray
    Hot Tools Curling Wand
    Redkin Volumizing Powder

    If you have any questions about beauty/hair tips or suggestions for future tutorials, please let me know in the comments below!

    18 thoughts on “How to curl your hair with a curling wand”

    1. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your blog/instagram but I’m glad I did. I actually have quite curly hair, but naturally curly hair is usually nothing like curls we see in magazines. Nothing. Mine in its completely natural state resembles a cross between a lion’s mane and a Bozo the clown wig. Great in humid Florida. I recently purchased a something that is a cross between a narrow hair iron and a hot curling brush. So I’m simultaneously straightening and curling my hair. Almost instant smooth, soft curls. I think I might give this wand a try now that I’m feeling brave about hair implements. Thanks.

    2. Thanks for your response. I look forward to seeing your new haircut – we have nearly identical colouring, so I’m always interested in your ‘looks’!

    3. Is it super awk that you are always my hair inspiration pic when I get to the salon? LOL! Such pretty hair! This might be a random question, but how short would you say your shortest layer is, like where does it fall? I just grew out all my layers and have very similar hair to you it looks like…it’s way too heavy with no layers. I need my layers again. But then I know all these super fun pinterest braids will look silly with hair all sticking out…Anywho, that was a lot of hair talk, lol! I love the tutorials!

    4. Thanks Emily.
      Great tip.
      Love your blog.
      I am in Kenya (originally form South Africa) and here on a work contract.
      Love seeing your blogs and ideas.
      Going to try this and will have to use different products as we dont get many here, only in South Africa. Kenya is still 3rd world with a lot of things.
      Loved no 3 peeking in.x

    5. Hi Emily! Love the tutorials, but please tell us more about your wash/dry routine! I wish I could get away with once every 4 days but my hair gets so flat and greasy. Any suggestions?

    6. Thanks Emily! Mascara recommended these too. You’re video definitely makes me think I could do this:)) you’re beautiful

    7. Love it! I need to replace my ancient curling iron & I believe I’ve just found my replacement. I’m sure I will have to share it with my 12yr old daughter :-) I’m intrigued by the volumizing powder. I’ve used dry shampoo, but I love the idea of a “dry” volumizer. Does a little go a long way? Thanks for the tips.

    8. Loved seeing the little person’s face at the window! I sometimes wonder what my son thinks when he sees me styling my hair or putting on makeup. He does tell me that I look pretty even when I do neither of those things, which of course warms my heart! Thanks for sharing this. I definitely want to get one now, and give that a try.

    9. I love this I also watched your 5 min makeup and messy side bun and got products you used! My kids think I am weird for watching a mom do her hair!! So grateful as I am a busy mom and need all the help I can get to stay hip! You need these products to pay you cuz I am certainly buying them after watching

    10. I was just thinking about buying a new curling iron. What’s the difference between a curling wand and a curling iron? Do they make different type curls?

    11. Emily, I would love to know any tips you have for growing your hair in the first place! I suspect you are blessed with strong thick hair in the first place, but I’d still love to know!

      1. I’m about to cut it! I do have thick hair that grows fairly quickly and I’m thinking it has more to do with genes than anything I actually do to it!

        It probably does help that I only wash and dry my hair about every 4 days.

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