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5 minute makeup

    I’m channeling my inner 15 year old and talking about make up today. My sisters and friends and I used to do makeovers all the time – playing with thick eyeliner or new lipstick and always adding a mole ala Cindy Crawford.

    As much as I loved those makeovers, I never totally got into wearing lots of makeup and still prefer a natural look to a totally made-up face. It’s quite convenient, because I don’t really have the time or energy to give myself a fancy look each day – 5 minutes is about all I have. Thankfully, there are a few beauty secrets that make a quick morning makeup routine possible.


    I made a quick video showing you what I do to achieve a 5 minute face:

    I hope this inspires you to try a few new products/techniques or just encourages you to add a touch of makeup to your already gorgeous face.

    Here are the products I use daily:


    cleaning wipes / moisturizer / tinted moisturizer / concealer / loose powder / blush / brush set


    tightline shadow / smudge brush / mascara / eye shadow / brush / eyebrow powder / angled brush / lipgloss

    To learn more about lash extensions, here is a post all about them.

    For more makeup tutorials (like how to fill in brows, and how to highlight and contour), visit my favorite beauty blog: Maskara. You’re days of playing makeover are about to return.

    23 thoughts on “5 minute makeup”

    1. Loved the tips. Wish the lighting was better as it was difficult to see what you were doing with the black powder on your lids. Thanks for sharing!!!

    2. I love this tutorial by a mom of 4! I have 4 as well and I love Bobbi brown’s how to because she in her book how to do different levels of makeup. 5minutes, 15minutes, and beyond. She has some real fun tips also. Thank you for always have great info and using things that anyone can get!

    3. Love this video! One question-I completely agree about wanting more sheer coverage in the summer. I tend to have oilier skin in the summer, especially living in a super humid place, and have been looking for a tinted moisturizer to use instead. In your experience using this product, do you find that it increases the oiliness of your skin or does it “work well” with this issue. I hope this makes sense!

    4. Gorgeous! I’ve been looking for a good drugstore tinted moisturizer to replace my Laura Mercier one. I’m going to second (third? fourth?) the request for a similar post about your hair. :)

    5. Loved the make-up tutorial. I have fair skin as well and looked at the blush you are using and wondered if the color is Natural Glow. This is the color that comes up when I clicked on the site but it also showed a couple other colors. I think I’m using a blush that’s too dark and I would love to try this one since it looks so pretty and natural on you. Thank you so much!

    6. Emily,
      I have been subscribing to your blog for nearly 6 months and absolutely love your content. I am decor, organizational, and fashion-challenged and am learning so much with each of your posts. Keep writing and posting tutorials! Loved this make-up tutorial and the tip on the lashes!

    7. Agree with Jessica. I think next should come your hair tutorial! I noticed it the whole time you “put on your face.” It’s beautiful. Surprisingly our makeup routines are similar. Mine takes more than 5 mins. but not much! Love your blog!

    8. Gretchen Starrett floyd

      I love this, thanks for posting…also, love your necklace and have been looking for something similar. Where did you find it??

    9. As a fellow mama with a quick makeup routine, I love this. I second the reuest for a hair tutorial… yours looks great!

    10. I always love getting new make-up suggestions! For your next video I think you should do a how-to of your perfectly loose soft curls :)

      (and you may or may not have gotten this comment three times! Sorry!)

    11. So fun! Thanks for sharing this. I love your fresh look, and that three-stone ring is GORgeous! (I do find the music distracting, but that’s a personal preference thing.) Thanks again!

    12. Thanks for a fun look at how another mom gets ready fast. I’m very low maintenance, but this gives me a few ideas that would step it up for me a little bit :) Love these posts (i loved the hair one, too!)

    13. You’re so pretty with out makeup!! I love how easy your make up routine is.. I’ll definitely have to try some of your tips!

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