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10 ways to celebrate the BIG game this weekend

    My Seattle Seahawks are playing in the Superbowl this weekend. Two years in a row! It’s so unbelievable and well-deserved and this city has never been so electric and excited for our team.


    I’ve been a Seahawk fan for all of my life and can’t wait for Sunday’s game. Call me crazy, but I can’t stop listening to sports radio listening to the commentary and interviews and lead-up to the game of the season. Just. So. Excited.

    If you’re still putting together your weekend celebration (or need a few ideas for what to bring to a party), here are 10 great ways to enjoy the big game.

    1. Show your team spirit with a diy applique shirt (see full tutorial here)


    2. Make these delicious chocolate covered s’mores and add sprinkles in team colors (find the recipe here)


    Seriously. Make these.


    3. entertain your guests with a Seahawks word search



    4. Decorate with a simple football paper chain


    5. These buffalo blue cheese lil’ smokies won’t last long, but you will be happy you made them.


    6. Print these coasters to protect your coffee table.


    Free football coasters from design sponge – download here


    7. Serve snacks in these printable snack cones (instructions and printable found here)


    8. Bring out theseĀ easy football ice cream sandwiches for a crowd (and kid) pleaser


    9. Grab a few rolls of washi tape in team colors to make these flag food picks


    10. Send your guests off with these cute penalty flag party favors


    Fun, right?!

    Hopefully these will give you some great ideas for making your game-day extra special.


    15 thoughts on “10 ways to celebrate the BIG game this weekend”

    1. Emily, your ideas are as brilliant as your team. If the Seahawks play anything like they did ten days ago, no one will be able to beat them! GO NFC!!! Best of luck…

      …from the Frozen Tundra of Wisconsin

    2. Thanks! I shared the word search with the staff from my two elementary schools (in Shoreline). The 6th grade teachers, especially, loved it and will be sharing with their classes! Go Hawks!

    3. Thank you so much for all these ideas! We’re having some people over for the game and now I have a game plan! Can’t wait to see our Seahawks play and hopefully win on Sunday!

    4. GO HAWKS!!! Love the word search and the food looks just yummy! Wish we could be in Seattle with y’all watching them do what they do…WIN!!! (It’s times like this that my kids hate living on the EAST COAST!!!) I have a Seahawks 12 wreath on my front door that I made while visiting our family in October and our jerseys…Can’t wait for Sunday!!! Be LOUD AND PROUD for us will ya Emily?

    5. I’m sincerely thrilled that you Hawks fans are so enthused about this weekend’s game. Here in Wisconsin, we’re numbed by what happened ten days ago. People are still milling about, going about their everyday chores, unable to speak in complete sentences. Not unlike how Pharoah must’ve felt as he watched his armies being swept up in the sea as the Seahawks made it safely to the other shore. With that kind of backing how do the Seahawks NOT win this game? Enjoy!

    6. You are NOT crazy…i’ve been listening to sports radio too and thought the same. But if you’re not then I’m not either. Our house is all decorated from a birthday party we had for my son on the day of the NFC Championship game (how amazing was that one????)….Go Hawks!

    7. My husband thinks I’ve lost my mind because I’ve been reading all the commentaries and watching all the coverages too! I too have been a hawks fan my whole life and this is just so fun, it’s our reward for hanging in there through all the SeaChicken days! I made a Seahawks tutu wreath for my front door and skirts for all the girls to go with their shirts! Love the word search will have to add that to the party prep we are already doing football bingo with prizes for the winners!

    8. I am loving those penalty flag party favors! Too cute!
      And I must ask… did you make or buy the pom pom garland that is hanging on the chalkboard?! It’s to die for!

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