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free hand-drawn easter clip art

    Have you noticed that cute, free clip art is hard to find? I’ve decided to put my drawings to good use and turn them into mini collections of clip art you can use to make note cards or invitations or little prints for your family and friends.

    The first set of clip art had a celebration theme (see it here).¬† This new collection is extra-cutesie with bunnies and chicks and swirly writing … and just right for Easter.


    I first sketched with pencil, then over with my favorite fine-tip pen (this one), erasing the pencil marks with a good eraser (like this). I then scanned the drawings and saved each one as a .png file (the process is the exact same as turning my watercolor paintings into digital artwork – shown in this tutorial).

    Then I went an extra step – partially to show you what you can do with clip art + digital paper and partially because I love creating art like this adding color and pattern to individual parts of a few doodles.


    The boy & girl bunnies are my faves … I want to make them into stuffed toys!

    The collection of clip art (both the black & white and colorful) is yours for free. Just download the zip files, unzip and each drawing is ready to use with a transparent background.

    If you’d like to make some changes on your own to the size or color, here’s a short video showing you how. I use the previous collection of celebration clip art, but the methods are the same for the new easter art as well.

    So fun, right?! If you’re totally lost, hang tight. I show you all of these steps again, and in better detail and a little slower in my new graphic design course.

    Registration for the next beginning graphic design class opens up on Monday April 21st (the first round sold out in less than 24 hours, so make sure you’re ready to sign up right when it opens!). Read more about the Simplified Graphic Design class here.


    To download the clip art, log in or sign up for the archive where all of our freebies and downloads are stored for easy access (click the image above).


    20 thoughts on “free hand-drawn easter clip art”

    1. Hi Emily,

      I loved what you did! My husband and I are hosting an Easter potluck and are going to print these so the kids can paint it. I’m trying to download and once I get to the freebies it doesnt show this option…Would you be so kind to tell me if I’m doing something wrong?!

      Thank you! God bless you and your family.

    2. Hey Emily, I purchased the class and I’m learning so much! Can you tell me which video you explain in detail using/altering the clipart? I’m skipping around and haven’t found it yet. Having a few issues with overlapping with these Easter clipart’s and I’m sure I’m just missing a step. Thanks so much!

    3. When I click the option to “remove background”, it removes everything except for the last four letters in “Risen”. All other letters disappear with the background

    4. I am trying to use the “He is Risen” in Microsoft word — I just happen to need that exact phrase for the kindergarten Easter craft I am in charge of! I can’t figure out how to just get the words to print and not the checkered background??

    5. Thanks so much for the great Easter printables. I was looking for a header for an invitation to dinner that I was creating. Your “He is Risen” was perfect!

    6. Thank you for the clipart to practice on. I took your Graphics class on Illustrator and got so much out of it. I am going to signup for a 30 day trial to test drive it and compare with CorelDraw that I have and find bulky. I have to tell you that your presentation is really good and so easy to understand in the videos.

    7. thank you for the adorable easter clip art! i call my daughter hayden, bunny (almost 15 years old!) often and i agree with you – the bunnies are my FAVORITE. your style is charming and your heart is generous. oxox

    8. Love these! Thank you! Did you add the patterned image to your vectors in Illustrator or PhotoShop? (Example, the bunnies dress pattern). I don’t know Illustrator as much as PS, so maybe I should take your class! :) Also, are you on CS4 or higher? Thank you!

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