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a touch of yellow

    Each season, a certain color seems to be just the right fit. Right now, that color is yellow. At least for me. Yellow shoes. Yellow rainboots. A new yellow wallet {this one, but in yellow}.

    And lots of pops of the cheerful color around the house.

    flower napkin ring propped on an old bible on the coffee table

    new pillow using this gorgeous fabric

    the original nonna wreath hanging on my favorite book-page covered wall

    you are my sunshine print {part of the JDC | Monthly march collection}

    yellow books

    a rolled paper flower bouquet and striped hand towel add some sunshine to the front bathroom

    potted flowers from my mom

    pom pom ribbon = cute.

    my favorite flower pillow {from the dwell line at target last year}

    old school house chair – the perfectly beat up shade of golden yellow.

    mini modern pearl necklace in mustard. A staple in my wardrobe these days. {P.S. these necklaces are handmade by the adorable Jessica of Allora Handmade and they sell out really quickly. If you sign up to be on her email list, you’ll be the first to know when her shop is restocked and you can grab one while its available}

    Lots of yellow … in little doses. That’s how I do color.

    How about you? Are you noticing any particular color preferences in your home or wardrobe lately? Do tell …

    36 thoughts on “a touch of yellow”

    1. I recently just spruced our home for spring as well, and yellow was definitely my inspiration. I pulled out my mustard nonna wreath, too, which I thankfully learned to make via your tutorial, and it now adorns my adorable little, refinished white vanity. Thanks for sharing your sunshine!

    2. I love your yellow touches. I saw your little white ceramic No.6 box. I’m assuming you bought it because you have 6 people in your family. I live in Portland and have 5 people in mine (me, husband, 3 boys around the same ages as yours). I bought the No.5 box at my favorite local thrift store and it’s a treasure to me. It’s so funny to see that someone else had the same thought–with the same box–small world! :).

    3. Yellow is by far one of my favorite colors! It makes me feel so cheerful to have pops of it around. Plus I have dark hair so i like to wear it a lot. You have some really cute pops of yellow in your home, and I love that Allora necklace!

    4. I’m swooning! Yellow is my favorite color– and has been for the last 17ish years. (Yep, I even remember my first yellow bedroom walls).

      I just found the most AMAZING yellow furniture piece last week and snagged it up. My husband and I spent the weekend redecorating the entire living room to feature the piece. You should host a yellow linky party! ;)

    5. I love all the yellow! This week I’m going to paint my bathroom grey, and I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to have yellow accents. Your post helped me decide. Yes! I will do yellow accents. I will also wear my mustard yellow shoes when I go to the store for some yellow spray paint. ;)

    6. I love all your yellow touches. Especially the colorful pillow and the bath.
      Yellow is one of my favorite colors…it will start to make its appearance about the time daffodils and forsythia think about blooming. Lately I’ve been on an extended red whim. It feels so rich and classy to me right now.

    7. I love all of it! All of the above. I was looking around on your blog trying to find more about book page wall. I would love to do that behind our piano with sheet music, but I was looking around on your blog and couldn’t find more on it. Did you do a tutorial on it?

      1. I papered the walls a few years before starting my blog … so no tutorial here. But basically, I just tore out pages of an old book then used my double-sided tape gun to attach directly to the wall. You could use wallpaper paste or modpodge if you would like it to be more durable. Or seal with some sort of clear poly-type paint. The pages on our wall have been torn in the more obvious places, but it just shows life is happening so I’m not too worried about it.

    8. Sigh. Emily, you are just trying to make me not like you. I found your blog over the weekend and have been drooling over ALL THE PRETTY for a couple days now. And this post? It’s just cruel, is what it is.

      <3 the potted flowers and the napkin ring.


    9. Thank you for posting exactly what I have been thinking and obsessing about lately. Oh how I loove yellow too! Can’t seem to get enough of it.

    10. i love seeing all this sweetness around your home. so inspirational!
      also, have you found easter outfits for your family yet? i have been looking, but have found nothing. you usually find great stuff!

    11. I’m finding that I am obsessed with lime green right now…have been for a while actually! It’s in my wardrobe, accent pillows, a jar of fake bright green pears… I even painted an accent wall in my new kitchen a bright crazy lime green, & love it:)

    12. Yellow has always been a favourite colour of mine and my kitchen and family room where painted a beautiful shade of yellow for many years (BM Concord Ivory). Recently we changed the colour to a more neutral shade (BM Barnboard) but I was missing the yellow so much that I went on a little shopping spree to pick up bits of pottery and flowers and other accessories in yellow to give the rooms some pop! Having yellow in my house is like adding instant joy and sunshine! Now I am on the hunt for a big statement piece in yellow for my kitchen – maybe a big fat yellow buddha to sit on a shelf!

    13. Well this is not about yellow but it is a funnt story about your monthly art print. The day b4 u put out the march monthly I was just lookin on pinterest and saw a wall hangin of “you are my sunshine”. That reminded me of how my mom would always sing that to us after our baths when we were little, and I was thinking that someday I would love to get an art print of the song. Then the next day you put up the march monthly with that art print!!!! That made my week!!! Thanks for an AMAZING art print!!! :)

    14. What a great post! I too am nothing short of obsessed with the color yellow these days:) So much so that I signed up for JDC Monthly as soon as I saw this month’s collection!

    15. Love all this. I’m especially interested in the wall that has what looks to be pages from a book on it. Do you have a totorial on that!? It looks so neat! I would love to do that to a wall in my house, and make it a wall of the Bible. :)

      Love your blog!

    16. I’m loving the yellow! Nothing says spring and fresh like a bright pop of yellow and flowers. I really like how it’s brightening up your already beautiful home! Thanks for sharing.

    17. I loooooove your use of yellow :)

      We have a lot of blues and grays in our home right now.

      In my wardrobe though its greys and mustards!

      I love the yellow books you have displayed.

      So much so that I am going to pack up my kiddos and go to the local thrift store in search for some to display on our book shelf.

    18. i found this post especially interesting since i’ve noticed myself using a lot of yellow recently! not usually one of my go-to colors…but now i can’t help but love it. :o) i recently finished up my living room and found myself drawn to it.

    19. I love these colours together. They are very rich, yet easy on the eye. You’ve actually encouraged me lately to use pops of colour in different rooms. I recently went and bought a few items in a bright, pillar box red and they look fab in my otherwise neutral kitchen. I think I might try the yellow in my living room as it is mostly greys/whites.

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