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watercolor silhouettes

    It is no secret that I like silhouettes. They are graphic, they are old-fashioned and sentimental.

    Last weekend I pulled down the bird collage above the piano, decided not to paint piano and instead painted the wall behind it. Then I needed something to fill the wall above.  Somehow this painted silhouette picture came forth.  I have not finished the wall and didn’t even hang the picture, but I’m impatient and wanted to share it anyway.



    It was an easy piece to create :

    STEP ONE: make silhouettes {using this tutorial} and print in desired size. For mine, I added numbers using one of my favorite fonts, Engravers.


    {Audrey’s is funky because I made it in Illustrator and didn’t fill it all in}

    STEP TWO: on the back side of the print, scribble with a pencil around the perimeter of the silhouette. This is a really great transfer method that I used here and here.


    STEP THREE: turn your paper over and trace along the outline of the silhouette onto artist paper .





    STEP FOUR: now paint in the lines. I used watercolors, but you could use acrylic craft paint as well. I haven’t decided if I love the blotchy watercolor look. Maybe I should have used craft paint.



    I put it in an old frame and smile when I see my four babes in one place.


    What I’d really love to do with the walls behind the piano is wallpaper with this gorgeous paper from Farrow & Ball. But it is $275 for a roll which is just a teensy bit over my budget.


    My blog friend Britt hand painted her walls using this paper as the inspiration. Maybe that is the route I should take instead.


    How beautiful! Yes, maybe that is what I should do with the wall :

    36 thoughts on “watercolor silhouettes”

    1. My daughter has a small hall entrance and she too wanted a lovely expensive wallpaper. Unfortunately it was very expensive so she went look at nice heavy flocked wrapping paper. It’s been there for 2 years now and you would never know it was wrapping paper. Just an idea. Brenda

    2. I was wondering what font you use for everything…? I love the font on your website and the font you use in all of your prints.

    3. I love the blotchy watercolor look, but I don’t think I love it for this project. I think one of the things that makes silhouettes so classic is the solid black they are often seen in. I think the one you did of your four babies is adorable though! In fact, I love so much of what you do…I just need a house and kids to use all these great ideas in and on!

    4. I love your sweet silhouette art – it turned out beautifully. I (of course) love the Farrow and Ball paper and think you would do a wonderful job of painting it. Can’t wait to see how this space turns out!

    5. just about peed my pants seeing those sillohettes. cuteness.

      and also, have you seen graham and brown wallpaper? it may be a touch too modern for your tastes, but they have some great damask prints for like, $60/roll. still expensive…

    6. These are lovely! I really love the idea of the hand painted wall paper too- I’m sure if you did it it’d come out great, the last time you did it it did! Actually, I’ve been considering doing something like that in my home as well. I think it’d really add some personality to my blah-boring military housing. Thanks for the inspiration!

    7. Wow! Major change! And gotta say….this is very YOU!!
      Hmm…not sure about blotchy-ness. But, if it wasn’t so…you would be better off to go with the ‘standard’ solid black…so I guess it depends on what you want to achieve. This is definitely more artsy.
      Now…about that wall. I was noticing that your piano rack has a very wonderful geometric design. Why not duplicate that on the wall? Black wall with the design in white or gray or beige or… Or maybe that design…black on the light wall as it is. That you can do for sure…just like your office…but a different design…and one that I think is a wow. What do you think?

    8. to achieve the same look at this wallpaper, use the stencil technique..go to Jan Dressler stencils (google Jan Dressler) she has some stencils that have the same look and feel..her stencils are hand designed by her. I think they are the best, design wise, on today’s market. They are not cheap crafty looking designs. She also sells good quality stencil brushes and supplies

    9. I’m so happy you decided not to paint the piano! I love painted pianos, but the thought of covering up that beautiful wood is just too heartbreaking! I wouldn’t hesitate to re-paint an already-painted one if I didn’t like the color, but I just couldn’t be the first one to touch it :) !
      I definitely think you should try painting the wall! Your friend’s room is beautiful, and with the wonderful job you did on your office, I’m sure you could do an amazing job (and save a little money on that slightly expensive paper Lol)!
      LOVE the silhouettes!!! Every time you post another tutorial, I almost go crazy if I don’t have time to go try it RIGHT THEN :D !



    10. I love silhouettes too! They have been on my to-do list for awhile now. Could you find wrapping paper or fabric that was similar to that pattern? Just a thought that might be a cheaper option. Otherwise, buy a stencil and paint! You did such a great job on your office, I’m sure this would look beautiful as well. The worst that will happen if you hate it is that you might have to re-paint and start over. : {That’s the philosophy I use anyways!}

    11. I think you could hand paint that! That would be so pretty. It would take a bit of time, but you could do it. So pretty. Love the silhouettes! Great idea! And… silly me… love your font choice! ;)

    12. Very sweet little silhouettes! Would love just a wall of wallpaper for a punch of interest and fun – thought I might try painting too, but I think that might be a little above my creative talent level. ;) You on the other hand should go for it!

    13. Well, u handpainted your office. Ok. this one might be a bit more tricky, but its not that much of wall. So go for it! I’m looking forward to see your pictures.
      And well, i think another kind of paint color would be better for the silhouettes.
      Good luck on the wall (maybe a Pink Floyd “The Wall”? ) ;)

    14. Love the blotchy! Looks perfect! Oh, and we have a piano that looks almost exactly like yours and you don’t know how bad I’ve wanted to paint it. I’m not brave enough to ask my husband and it all seems so well…permanent. If you ever do yours, it’ll go into my bag of tricks for convincing him {and myself} we should indeed paint it.

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