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details, sources and questions answered {plus a freebie}

    You sure know how to make a girl feel good. So many nice comments and compliments about our holiday house tour. Our house is beautiful and we are grateful for the way it comforts our family and entertains our friends, but you guys, it is so normal! You can practically touch the houses next door, we have worn carpet that I’m dying to rip up and truly nothing is precious {well, except maybe my couch. I really like the couch}. We’ve done our best to give this regular home personality and style and have learned a ton about loving where we live even if it is not our dream home. Maybe we’ll chat more about that another time.

    For now, I wanted to answer a few of the most asked questions and share sources.

     // deer mugs //


    Best find ever. From ikea.

    // striped cups //


    Also from ikea. They come in a pack of four with two striped mugs, two dot mugs. Perfect for small hands and kid-sized portions of hot cocoa {with extra marshmallows, of course}.

    // living room chairs //


    We bought these pretty tufted chairs about six years ago from Ethan Allen. I’m not sure what the exact name of the fabric is, but it is a nice taupe color mohair lookalike. Very durable and worth the splurge.

    // striped curtains //


    I should have done a tutorial. I probably still could. They were super easy to make.


    The curtains are plain white from ikea {we have them on almost every window downstairs}. I taped off 14″ stripes and used gold glitter spray paint for the stripes. It’s hard to tell in the photos, but they are sparkly, glittery stripes that catch the light in a really pretty way. Each panel took about 3 cans of spray paint and my finger was blistered from holding down the spray nozzle after doing these two panels. This is not the most cost-effective project {$7 per can of spray paint}, it took a few days of leaving them outside to get rid of the obnoxious smell and they can’t be washed. But they sure do look great.


    // dots on the entry window //


    The gold dots are just vinyl stickers from walls need love {2″ polka dots in gold}. I bought them to put on Audrey’s ceiling, but on a whim stuck them to the window confetti-style. I stole the idea from the Nester who currently has them sprayed out on her wall. Love it.

    // pillows //


    My love affair with pillows continues. Switching out pillows and throw blankets is the easiest and least expensive way to give your home a totally different look.

    from left to right:

    green pillow from target. Pom pom trim hand stitched to the perimeter
    noel pillow from target
    gold polka dot pillow from marshalls
    green print pillow is a tea towel from target sewn into a pillow
    leaf green pillow from marshalls
    green geometric from marshalls
    ticking stripe pillow made by me
    black & white ikat made by me. Fabric from here.

    // christmas card holder //


    my mother-in-law finds the coolest things at thrift stores and this is one she gave me. An old display rack now used for our cards.

    // silhouettes //


    First of all, I told my oldest son that everyone loved the snowflake wall and he wanted to make it clear that it was his idea. So there you go.

    The silhouettes have been up on the wall for over a year and I must do a tutorial! It will come. They are handpainted and in large ikea frames.

    // striped ribbon //

    Apparently I have a thing for stripes. Did you notice all of them throughout our home? It’s ridiculous. Striped curtains, striped rugs, striped lampshade and throws and cups. Goodness.


    I order a lot of ribbon wholesale from May Arts. That is where the skinny stripe and diagonal stripe are from.


    This thick diagonal stripe ribbon is actually ikea fabric cut on the bias into strips. It’s the same fabric used as a tree skirt. It’s also the trim on the dining room curtains.

    // freebie //

    Something beautiful happened through this post about heartache.  Coming together, sharing our stories, being honest and vulnerable and then encouraging one another – this is what makes life meaningful. Cute things, holiday decorating, gift ideas and sparkly dresses are all good and fun and bring beauty to our lives and we should celebrate them. But never do I want to just blog about the pretty things and forget our hearts. Thanks for being with me when I go to those places.

    Please feel free to use this card as a way to encourage those around you.


    Click on the image to download the file {use Adobe Reader for best results}.

    Did I miss anything? Let me know if you have any other source questions!

    xo, emily

    39 thoughts on “details, sources and questions answered {plus a freebie}”

    1. The little stand that was holding your Christmas card…did you make it? I have been looking for something like this or small sheets of metal with nicely sanded edges for projects!

    2. Totally copied you on the snowflake stairs, except mine is a wall in my kitchen. They are made out of copy paper and coffee filters. I think I’ll leave it up until February. Thanks for sharing! :)

    3. love your house.
      thanks so much for the list of sources/resources.
      I’ll stop off at ikea this very week for a few of those mugs.
      and, i’m going to check ethan allen for those chairs, or something similar for our family room.

      love your heart, too. {most of all!}
      I used to write more from my heart….somewhere along the way in blogging, I stopped.
      gonna ponder that a little more now…

      happy weekend to your gorgeous family.

    4. Thanks for the great freebie and so graciously sharing your sources. Your post about heartache during the holidays was so good. It helped me and now I see how common it is for others. I’m a children’s pastor and will be linking to that post in my next email to families. I hope it encourages them like it did me. Thank you Emily, posts like that are why I just love your blog! And your awesome style.

    5. thank you so much very for sharing your home and the holiday tour!
      you are a very gifted designer i am so glad you share your gift with us all!
      merry christmas to you and your family!

    6. Thanks, Emily! Love your pillows :) Green is my favorite color… Thanks for the printable – I loved it in that post, and was going to try to make my own, but I love your script…

      Grace and peace to YOU :)

    7. I really love that you share such a lovely balance of life. Your post the other day was spot on, and your home tour is just lovely. You are crafty and smart, and such a woman of God. I can always count on your blog for a dose of sweetness.


    8. I love visiting your home…and that’s what I love about it…it’s a beautiful home, not just a house. Thank you for making the Grace and Peace printable available…made my day!

    9. LOVE your home and all the great DIY ideas! I’m wondering about the “All is Calm” and “All is Bright” prints… they look like your own but I haven’t been able to find them. Please share :-)

    10. Brilliant idea about the curtains! I’ve read a few tutorials on people hand painting the stripes and it always seemed a bit daunting to tackle. Spray paint though seems very doable! I love that you love stripes…I love polka dots, so they are on everything in my house. I totally get it! It’s not planned, just kind of happens. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    11. You have no idea how excited I am that you’ve decided to offer that card as a freebie. I’ve been trying to figure out how to word the email I was going to send you to ask if I could purchase it. Now I don’t have to. I love your blog, and your home and family are beautiful. It’s one of the few I read every time a new post comes out. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


    12. I LOVE all the stripes in your house, especially the black & white. Fabulous! Thank you for sharing sources & ideas – you definitely make me think about using what I have in different ways!

    13. Emily-

      Everything you do is just fabulous! I am definitely going to try to spraypaint the curtains. Which curtain from Ikea do you use?

      1. I have a bunch of white Lenda curtains around here. They change the material from time to time, so they may be different now, but just white cotton with slight texture.

    14. I’m LOVING all the green pillows. The splashes of green look really good in that room. I’ve been looking for that deer mug from Ikea ever since you posted it on IG and can’t find it! :( Total bummer. It would be the perfect gift for my brother!!

    15. I love, love the striped blanket on the chair in your living room. Where did it come from?
      I think the recurring stripe theme throughout the house is great!

    16. It is always a treat to see what you are up to & how things have changed at your house. I love the stripped gold panels! So subtle, yet glitzy! By the way, you need to get a spray-paint trigger (I just made up the name), you attach this black thing to your spray can & now you have a more ergonomically correct trigger– no more thumb going numb! I bought mine for a few dollars at Walmart (I am sure Home Depot & Lowes has them too). It makes a WORLD of difference, especially for multiple-can projects.
      Is your office chair comfortable? My office is off of my front entry too & I want it to look good, but so many stylish chairs are not comfortable…just cute! :(
      Merry Christmas to you & yours! It is the most wonderful time of the year (with or without red!)

    17. You are beautiful inside and out Emily! Your home is lovely and we are lucky you share it with us. The clever, cost effective and fun tips you share to make your house a home are so easy for others to replicate ways in their homes. Blessings to you and your family for this Christmas season. And you gave never have too many stripes…can’t wait for the tutorial on silhouettes.

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