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The playroom in Better Homes + Gardens Magazine


    In December 2012, a team from Better Homes + Gardens came to our house to take pictures. It was beyond exciting. They shot both the office (featured in the September 2013 issue) and the kids’ playroom. We weren’t sure when they would publish the playroom, but it turns out, it made it into the June 2015 issue!


    My kids have been waiting for this one to show up. It makes them feel pretty ‘famous’ to see themselves in a real life magazine. And they look so little!

    If you haven’t gathered this, Ryan and I rearrange furniture a lot. Entire rooms, sometimes. So this darling playroom of December 2012 didn’t last that way for long. It morphed into Paige’s guest bedroom for a short while and then I painted over the stripes and moved Audrey in. Just last week we moved the kids around again and now each has their own room (no more cute boy bunk room, but some mini room makeovers are in the works) and Audrey’s room also had a few furniture changes. It’s a revolving door around here, my friends.

    Anyway, the playroom looks super cute in the magazine. Maybe we should have just left it alone.

    NS-Lex-Playroom-PRINT-1 NS-Lex-Playroom-PRINT-2

    When I received my BHG magazine in the mail, these pages where nowhere to be seen. I had to track down a copy and apparently this article only ran in some issues. Maybe based on geographic location? Or something? I’m not sure how it works. Thankfully the nice people at Better Homes sent us a few copies for safekeeping. Because you know the kids want to show these pictures to all their friends :)

    I feel so flattered that a professional magazine would deem our house magazine worthy. It’s pretty crazy, really, for a girl who grew up dreaming of living in a magazine house.

    (Also, here’s a random story: I called to make a grooming appointment for Atlas and when I told the lady our last name she said, “Oh! I was just reading about your playroom in the magazine. I recognized the name and figured there weren’t many Lex’s so it must have been you!” How random is that?!)

    18 thoughts on “The playroom in Better Homes + Gardens Magazine”

    1. Cute room! Where is your bedroom now if each your kids have their own rooms now? The article said you had 4 bedrooms.

      1. our master bedroom is on the main floor. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms plus a large bonus room with a small office space. Ryan moved out of that office and into mine downstairs so that our 2nd son could have that little room.

    2. I saw it! Funny how, through people’s blogs you “know them”…even though you have no clue who I am, I recognized your playroom, then your daughter’s picture. When I read the captions “Seattle area, Ryan and Emily” it was confirmed. Sorry if that is creepy, but oh so true. I love your blog and your style. Congrats on the feature.

    3. So exciting for you, Emily!! I love seeing what women can do when they pursue their passions. I admire you and love hearing of your success. I hope this is in my issue but since I’m in Iowa it’s probably not :/

    4. Hey Emily! I love your home and following your blog! You are very talented my friend. Where are your polka dot curtains from?

    5. I loved seeing the article…got it here in Nor Cal. Is it totally weird that I recognized your playroom and kids before I read the article?! Ha. You have great style and I love your blog. Our kids rooms are all revolving too. Totally normal

    6. I just read my BHG over the weekend and your article was not in ours here in Massachusetts! Fun to see it on the blog. I love to see all your room transformations.

    7. Congratulations on the publish! You guys were in our issue (So. Cal!). What a cute little room and a nice way to corral all of the kid stuff into one room!

    8. It looks beautiful! But, I’m bummed because mind didn’t have this article in it!! I’m all the way down in Savannah, Georgia, but I’ve been a follower of your blog for years now, and would have absolutely noticed it. :) Thank you for sharing!

    9. mary beth @

      That’s terrific! Shows how fab your decorating is when a magazine publishes a room 3 years later, right? I love your fun curtains

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