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valentine touches to our home

    Our house was feeling so bland since taking down christmas decorations. While I’m not normally one to decorate for Valentine’s day, it gave me the perfect inspiration to add in come color without going all the way spring (we still have six more weeks of winter!)


    Warm touches of pink, orange, gold and red. Nothing over the top, but just enough to feel festive and pretty and less-bland.


    A few sweet saying about love are scattered around as gentle reminders.




    And some valentine treats in old silver bowls.




    The living room feels much more feminine than usual – with pink pillows, flowers and ruffly details.



    Simply by changing out pillows, adding a colorful throw and a few choice accessories, it is easy to alter the look and feel of a room. It’s one of the things I like the best about having neutral basics like our linen sofa (from andella home) and taupe tufted chairs (from ethan allen).



    I sewed each of these pillows out of fabric I’ve been saving for a moment like this. The ombre pillow is made from a table runner, the orange geometric is from King Cotton, but I used the reverse for a less bold look. And the cutie heart pillow was a simple project inspired by this tutorial by Melaine at My Sweet Savannah.

    The stag got a fancy new flower bouquet. I think this is my favorite part.


    I just snipped the stems off of a few silk flowers and wired them together to make the bouquet, then wired them to the stag.


    Just a few pretty updates to help celebrate this month of love.

    34 thoughts on “valentine touches to our home”

    1. Love all your ideas! I was wondering where did you find your stag? I would love one for our fireplace, as well.

      Thanks so much and have a fab day!!

    2. I waited until January 31st to take down my lovely, white on white Christmas Trees. I have some Seahawks Stuff on my mantle now with green and blue heart garland. I think I will make some effort and add some hearts and romance into my home, too. I need a pick me up. It gets tough living out this commuter marriage where my husband lives 4.5 hours away and I haven’t seen him for four weeks now. I am so miserable. BUT let me stop there. LOL I am going to revamp my home with some romance and touches of Valentine’s Day. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    3. Love everything! Your circle garland.. Did you sew it together or just glue it? I remember a similar one in your boys room reveal pics, and would like to make one for my sons birthday next week! Thanks:)

      1. I have made a few of these. This red one is paper circles hot glued to bakers twine. A little fragile, but so easy to make. The one in the boys’ room is felt circles also hot glued to string. It is a little more durable since the hot glue holds better to felt than paper.

    4. Lovely! I just have one question for you–how often do you polish all that silver? I love silver items and have a few but I am SO bad at polishing them when they need it.

    5. As usual, you have found a tasteful way to decorate for the holidays. It is really hard to add Valentine’s Day touches to the home without coming off cheesy but you have done it! I Think the flowers on your stag are my favorite. It is so cute and whimsical.

    6. Your valentine touches are so perfect and sparkly, not over the top, but perfectly festive. I adore those darling pillows and the silver tray to hold your necessaries.. My daughter has a very large beautifully appointed home and decorates for every season. Her home has been featured in two home magazines for her Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day decor. She did NOT get her artistic home talents from me. My husband and I live in smaller mid-century modern rather eclectic home. (The same one she grew up in!) I always want to do a little special something in our home for the special seasons, but I feel like our home doesn’t lend itself to that. I have not the slightest idea where to start. Do you or any of your readers have any suggestions?

    7. i love it emily! we have very similar taste and home decor and you’ve inspired me to add a few extra touches of pink in honor of the season of love — AND — the anticipation of life that is coming so very soon. your style is beautiful and timeless. i might just be inspired to sew my very first {since middle school home ec class} pillow! thank you. blessings!

    8. lovely room! your things are great… I was wondering about that lovely framed print you have of the beautiful, colorful flowers.. is it a photograph or a painting?

      thanks :)

    9. I laughed when I read you calling your home bland! ;)If yours is bland, I fear what mine could be called…seriously though, you always inspire me and convince me that just because I have little ones, my home doesn’t have to be designed by Playschool, but can be beautiful and sophisticated.

      1. Well after all the pretty christmas decorations, things just felt so empty and un-decorated. It was time for a spruce up!

        And yes, you don’t have to have primary colors overtake your house! It helps if you have a designated place for them to play like a play room, but even if they do bring toys into the main living areas, I just like them to be put back in baskets or taken back up stairs by the end of the day.

    10. Looks great, but do those cookies and candies stay untouched by your kids? They would be gone in like 10 minutes in my house, maybe by me!

      1. No way! They were there for photos and then put up to moderate. The kids might do okay to not eat the whole bowl, but our dog would gobble them up in an instant.

      1. I did – several years ago. They are a little ragged around the edges, but I still love the wall. I just taped them up with double sided tape. It is going to be terrible to remove, but sometimes you just go for it.

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