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matchy, matchy

    I’m not sure if this happens to you, but I find that most days Audrey and I end up wearing matching outfits. Well, maybe not matching but definitely coordinating.  I suppose it makes sense as I am the dresser of both of us as well as the purchaser of clothes and so whatever I am in the mood for, we both end up wearing.

    This is not really a what I wore post {I’ll be doing one of those soon}, but I’ve been snapping photos for the past few months when I’ve looked down and realized I am matching my daughter.

    IMG_1780 IMG_3008

    1. this is us at Alki beach on the lowest tide day of the summer. It was a total bust. But at least we looked nautical in our navy & white.

    2. me: gray & white dress from Walmart {who knew?!} and red shoes, Audrey in a cute dress made by my mom.

    IMG_3030 IMG_3079

    3. I’ve been into yellow lately. I like this shirt {from Old Navy} and love her ruffled cardigan {target} that she has almost outgrown.

    4. More blue, white & denim which is a theme in most of our clothes.

    IMG_3337 IMG_3781

    5. dusty lavender – a new color for me, but I like it. And Audrey has on a sweet little eyelet dress with lavender clip. Seriously, not intentional.

    6. This photo makes me laugh  : we look like we are posing for an 1800’s oil painting.  More navy, a little bit of brown and embellished cardigans.


    And these are our feet yesterday. Matching animal print shoes.

    I never thought I’d be one of those mamas who wore the mother-daughter matching ensembles : but I guess I sort of am.

    Does this happen to you?

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    1. I find I do that with my son! I’ll put him in an outfit for the day and when I look in the mirror, I realize the color scheme is similar to what I’m wearing! One day I put him in a onsie with black and white horizontal stripes, and passed by a mirror and realized I had thrown on a shirt with black and white horizontal stripes too! I guess my mood dictates what I wear, and since I dress him too… poor guy matches his mommy! ;)

    2. I’m laughing so hard! I was just thinking about this the other day – and I came to the same conclusion. I dress myself and daughters in what I’m feeling that day, so that must be why it always appears to be matchy-matchy.. only not on purpose. Glad to know there are so many others just like this!!

    3. yes… I have a 3 year old little girl and I often find that we match. Never intentionally… it just sort of happens! She even picks out her outfits at times and she picks out clothes she wants to wear and sometimes they are just like what Im wearing. Too funny! I love having a daughter and love that she loves clothes too….

    4. Yep I’m guilty too! After having two boys that are now 11 & 8, (sniff, sniff) having a little girl at age 2 to dress is just the best!!!!

    5. That is a totally cute dress, from Walmart. May I ask how long ago you bought it, in hopes that it might still be on the racks…even though it’s Fall now and I’m probably kidding myself? Very pretty, and I kinda want one now. Thanks for sharing these funny, cute photos of you two! : )

      1. Ok, I decided not to be lazy, and did my own leg-work (searching the dresses at, and unfortunately it does look like we’ve passed whatever season you bought that adorable frock in. So…I just wanted to throw it out there, that if ever it were to find its way into one of your donation piles, I would love to make shipping it to my own needy closet possible ;) Thanks so much!

    6. I am nearly 25, but back in school for my second degree and am also back at home with my parents. My mom and I get dressed at different times, and there are morning when we don’t even see each other, but I’ll come home from work or school and we’re wearing the same shirt. Not the same colors, but the exact.same.shirt! Then my mom always goes to change, and I have to tell her that I don’t care to be seen wearing the same shirt. Then, I can find her in public, because I always know what she’s wearing!

    7. My daughter and I are always dressed in similar outfits too! I think it is like you said, I am picking out the clothes for both of us so it is whatever mood I am in. I would love to know where you got the skirt in the last picture (the striped one). I saw a little girl yesterday with that same skirt and just loved it! I am too shy to ask someone in person, so I’ll ask you! Thanks!

    8. Loved this post! I have two girls and I do this all the time unplanned! Subconsiously picking out a coordinating color for the day. I am so impressed you have it picture documented so well!

    9. yep! i totally am. today my little miss little sis and i were all stripes. most of the time it is not planned just fortuitous.
      my big girls and i not so much (although i can still get away with having them dress all matchy, matchy and for the most part they love it still – little miss big sis is starting to express angst at little miss middle sis wanting to match but i persist…).
      and by the way, love your outfits – so much i actually own most of them. too funny to see someone else wearing your stuff (granted i buy most of my clothes at cheap and easy major stores, so i should expect to see others matchy, matchy with me…)
      have a great day!

    10. I have twin girls and another girl who is 14 months younger than them (they are all teens now.) I don’t know if we all matched, but I know THEY were always coordinating. I never did the twin/matching clothes thing – but all 3 of them would have on something that had the same look or color.

    11. you both look great! I like to compliment my boys which is easy as navy, white, denim, khaki and gray are my favorites! And, at least you aren’t dressing in matching Hanna Andersson- I don’t like that look on a grown woman-it’s not good. I know awhile back you were looking for a dress for the wedding. Funny I don’t even know you, but I find myself looking for things you could wear. Didn’t find a dress you might like but check out the coat from Anthropologie’s catalog, issue ten 2011 page 9- ruched marigold coat…. so pretty. I thought of you when I saw it.

    12. So cute! I love it. If only I had a girl, and wonderful clothes like yours.

      Now, don’t think I’m a strange vampire or something when I say this, but: you have a lovely neck. LOL! I was thinking, “Man, how does she pull off looking so gorgeous. Even if I had those clothes, I couldn’t pull that off!” I think your neck makes you look so graceful! OK…this is probably officially the weirdest comment you’ve ever received. :)

    13. Ha, ha! I’ve noticed the same thing with my daughter! But like you said, I’m the 1 who buys the clothes and pick them out for the day, so it makes perfects sense. So if you ever see holly and I both in sundresses, the same color, or maybe a cardigan over jeggings, it’s because it was just that kind of day!

    14. all the time! i usually don’t notice until we are in public, then i feel really silly because it probably looks intentional!! oh well, at least we look cute! ;)

    15. I wish…my little darling is almost 3, going on 13 and knows exactly what she wants to wear, how she wants to wear her hair, & what accessories she’s going to adorn her head, arms and feet with. Most of the time it is a scary combination of all her favorite things that don’t go together. I don’t battle her unless we’re going somewhere important. More often than not, I am that mom at the grocery store with a daughter wearing “dress up” clothes or an un-matching outfit.

      P.S. where did you get your darling animal print ballet flats with the buckle toe…gotta have ’em! Thanks!

    16. it happens to me all the time. even with my boys. even though none of our colors coordinate today, we are all wearing stripes with jeans! haha. love your daughter’s outfits. all so cute!

    17. i find that when i pick out outfits for the kids i often coordinate them without really trying to. i like the boys to “match” a bit and i think it’s fun when we all kind of look like we “go” together! you and your daughter are beautiful! susan

    18. Oddly enough, since my brother and I were in middle school (me) and high school (him) we have always matched! One day it went as far as: he woke up got dressed and left for school, and i didnt see him at all. Then, I woke up got dressed and went to school. We both came home from school and were wearing the exact same thing – denim overalls and a green long sleeve shirt! To this day, over 10 years later, we still have color coordinated, unplanned, outfits.

    19. So I read this post yesterday and got a kick out of it. Then as I was getting dressed this morning I picked out my favorite red flats and debated my deep purple cardigan….in that moment, I realized I had dressed my two year old daughter in…you guessed it….red and deep purple. I thought about your post and laughed out loud, I guess I never realized that I dressed both Chloe and I based on my mood.

      I went with the black cardigan. :)

    20. You girls are just darling! I have the same problem we have an 18 month old little boy though. But for some reason we always end up leaving the house color coordinating. It’s worse when my husband is home too I can’t tell you how many times I have hollered into the closet while he is getting ready to not wear a certain color and he already has it on!

    21. So cute and how nice to have all these photos of just you and your baby girl! You will treasure them as she grows, I’m sure.
      The matchy thing inadvertently happens in my house too….I think having clean whites or darks has something to do with it! The worst is when my husband matches me too much when we are going out (and HE has to go change! :) )
      I think you need Sound of Music matching outfits made from old drapes for the whole family! What do you think??

    22. I noticed that same thing, when my daughter was little. She is a 30 year old now, and we continue to laugh about matching, accidentally, even though we don’t live together. One of us shows up to the other’s house, and sure enough, we match!

    23. Well, it does help that you are both QTPA2Ts! Seriously, you look like you have it all together, all the time. I did try to dress my girls alike, but now that they are both in their early 20’s, and they have mentioned how silly it is for “older moms” to try to dress like their kids, I’ve given up. I go to my favorite Nordstrom or Coldwater Creek department, and color myself happy. =]

    24. This happens to me as well, and I have a little boy! It is usually unintentional. I suppose I dress for my mood and that goes for his clothes also. I must admit that every now and then I do dress him to coordinate with what I am wearing. Well, I am going to be carrying him around all day, pressed up against my shirt and I don’t want us to clash!

    25. The sad thing is… for things like going to church and etc. I get everyone’s clothes together – including Hubby and I unintentionally coordinate all four of us almost every time! My girl (4) LOVES pink so she has a lot of that color and neither of my guys wear any pink so we usually don’t all “match” but we do coordinate! Now… if I could just get hubby to agree to a picture session :)

    26. Emily… I’m in the middle of packing for a weekend away in Big Bear (figured out clothes for my three EarlyGirls, the hubby, and finally me), and I needed a break. Your post popped up on my email, so I had to take a look… and laugh out loud. I had just packed the exact same yellow gingham button down from Old Navy. Great minds think alike, right? Now, if only you would tell me where you got those GREAT animal print flats!

    27. It actually happens with my husband and boys but not really with my girls since most of their clothes have been given to me by friends and family.

    28. I’ll have you know I went out and bought that brown cardigan last year, simply because I saw you wearing it in a “what I wore” post. And I love it!

    29. i wish it did, but i have no girl to match with :(
      Just a boy…and although he’s the best there are so many times i see cute girl clothes and wish just for a minute that i had a little girl to buy them for. oh well. maybe some day.
      p.s. LOVE your white jeans. I am always on the hunt for the perfect pair. Can you tell me where they are from?

      1. The white jeans are actually borrowed from my friend who was pregnant {who is now not pregnant and I should probably give them back!}. They are from the Gap.

    30. I thought I was the only one who did that!! I constantly find myself coordinating with my daughter – sometimes to the point where I find the need to change clothes if we go out somewhere! I LOVED this post!

      1. The shoes are Nine West from Nordstrom Rack a few years ago. And Audrey’s are from Target just a few weeks ago. We all need a little animal print, don’t we?!

    31. I wish…my almost 6-year old loves ruffly, sunshine colored clothes. I, on the other hand, love incredibly bold colors with striking patterns, simple styles. I do dress my two boys similarly, though; although, not on purpose. My 4-year old likes to dress himself, so he will come out wearing almost the exact style/patterns that I dress my 1-year old in.

    32. I never seem to match my boys :) But I do love dressing boys.

      you two are so cute. Your audrey girl is PRECIOUS, I tell ya. I love her in piggy tails!
      you cracked me up about the 1800’s portrait! ha!

    33. Yes, it happens to me with my 2 girls all the time! The other day we all went out wearing striped tops! I love, love stripes, so I tend to buy a lot of it, for all 3 of us!

    34. Yes! This morning my daughter (8 y.o.) dressed herself in navy pants & pink/purple shirt. I dressed my son (7 y.o.) in navy pants & rose-colored shirt. I was dressed in navy workout pants and a pink shirt. None of it was planned, but we were all in our favorite, most comfortable outfits.

    35. it happens all the time! and now that I have two girls, they end up matching even when I don’t mean to do it. Oh, and I also wish I had bought those cardigans from target in bigger sizes as extras for next year :)

    36. we had our first growth group on Tuesday and one of the husbands said, “oh, i didn’t know we were all supposed to match.” oopsies, the girls were wearing their long sleeved grey ruffle shirts, i was wearing a grey tank top with ruffles and mike was wearing a grey t-shirt. awesome.

    37. Emily, I’ll share an embarrassing matchy moment with you. A few years ago my daughter and I were leaving very early in the morning (still dark) for an interview with a soccer coach at a college 3 hours away. We jumped in the car and after a while realized we both had pink polos and khakis on..yikes! Horrifying for a teenager!!! (but kind of funny to me :)

    38. I do this, too! We are heading out of town and as I packed my clothes I realized that they are all in the same color palette as what I knew I was going to pack for my daughter. I love your style and your A is adorable!

    39. Yes, it does. Sometimes on purpose as my 7 year old loves to match what I’m wearing. I don’t mind though, because I know one day that will all change. Audrey looks adorable, and I’m loving that dress from Walmart!

    40. This happens to me all the time. I have two little girls, and I purposefully match their clothes to each other, because it is easier to pick out one outfit for them. But often, I realize I unintentionally match them as well. I sometimes change my own clothes to keep us from being too cutesy, but mostly, I just go with it. Because who has time to change their clothes anyway? You and Audrey look very well coordinated, not overdone. Cute!

    41. Matching ensembles with all 3 kids! I look back at photos when my son was a toddler and we are often in matching/similar colors. Like you said, most likely what I was in the mood for!

    42. it does! just started noticing it too. uncanny; but you said it well it’s likely because we’re in the mood for that look ourselves. cute post. love your blog; making a bunch of felt flowers via your tutorial.

    43. When I graduated college I lived at home for a year before I moved out. I got a job at a hospital and soon after my mom started working there too so we commuted together. At least 3 mornings a week, we’d come out of our bedrooms at the same time (just across the hall from each other) and we’d be wearing the same color pallets! It was uncanny!

      Then we’d debate who would be going back to change but its just not as cute to walk into work together wearing nearly the same outfit when you’re 24 and 48 years old! LOL :)

      There must be something in the blood or the moods of mother’s and daughters or something. It was a little annoying for us but still I think its a really nice thing!

    44. I love your animal print shoes! Where did you get them? I don’t have kids, but my husband and I too often find ourselves in matching outfits… totally unintentionally, but it’s still fun.

    45. Y’all are just the cutest! I have loved watching Audrey grow through your blog and seeing little bits of the special relationship I know you must have! I can’t wait to have my own little one to match with as well as you guys do!

    46. Yes! Sometimes I find that baby girl, the little guy and I are all matching or coordinating…unintentionally!
      My baby girl, Lorelai, has the same skirt as your little girl (in the last photo), but in pink and green. She is about to outgrow it and I wish I has bought it in a bunch of sizes!
      Can’t wait for a new What I Wore post…I need some Pacific Northwest fall inspiration!

    47. Haha! That is too funny! I have to say, I have one son right now, and when I was still dressing him, I noticed that we were definitely “coordinated” a lot of the time! Even with a boy it can happen! :). I love all the clothes though! Can I ask where you got your jeans you wore in the last shoe picture? I’ve been looking for some like that! I love them! :)

    48. This happens all the time with me and my daughter. I’ll pick out both our outfits and realize we are wearing the same color or have a similar look.

    49. On vacation this year my husband, older daughter and I were always coordinating…down to all having plaid shorts, blue shirts and flip flops although never on purpose. The matching still continues and I can’t tell you how many times my husband has changed his shirt before we go somewhere because we look like we’re trying to hard.

    50. This happens all.the.time! florals, jeans, and stripes are when we “match” the most. haha, i’m so glad i’m not the only one that notices this! oh and where in the world did you get her animal print shoes?!?! I’m dying to get her some!

    51. All of these pictures are just precious!

      I definitely do the same thing with my daughter but the funniest thing is that my mother and I often show up to lunch or a family get together matching also!

      It’s a Mama thing : )

    52. This happens to me &my babe all the time! I use the same reasoning as you, it’s all because I pick out both of our outfits every day! So funny to see another mom doing the same thing!

    53. i’m laughing because not only do i have {and love!} that dress from wal-mart {and ALWAYS get complemented on it when I wear it}, but i the yellow checked shirt from old navy is my new fall favorite {especially for here in texas where i’m ready for fall but it hasn’t shown up yet…it’s lightweight fabric is perfect!}. you and audrey look gorgeous as always! : )

    54. Hey there, one of your newest followers here! I think it is so sweet you match! Way better than matching your hubby, as I too often do. And then he refuses to change – he thinks its funny. But you too matching is adorable (and it doesn’t look intentional!)

      Tanya from

    55. This happens to my daughter and me as well. Sometimes it’s intentional (like on Sunday’s for church) but most often it’s not and just happens. :) You both look cute!

      Where did you get your dust lavendar top? It’s very pretty.

    56. Audrey is a doll, I can’t believe how much hair she has!! WOW! She is about the same age as my little girl and Audrey has a ton more hair than she does, lucky, lucky. After having three boys it’s fun to finally dress a little girl, ruffles and bows…ahhh!

    57. i LOVE it! and although i have no daughters (3 sons), you better believe i matched/coordinated them LIKE CRAZY when they were younger. i still find myself doing that occasionally, especially on sundays for church. and easter?? the whole family HAS to have a unified look – we are a team, after all! :)

    58. We don’t have children but I had an Interior Designer friend come to our house to give me advice with a project. The first thing she exclaimed when she entered our house is “You painted your house to match your dogs!” I looked around surprised with her comment but she was absolutely correct. My dogs are cream/grey/carmel and my entire living room & dining room was painted grey walls with creamy white trim and carmel colored furniture. Lol! The photos of you and your daughter are darling and it’s cute that you’ve unintentionally matched outfits!

    59. I am so happy someone else does this! I get myself dressed first, and then usually end up grabbing clothes for her after, and we coordinate most days of the week. I don’t even notice until later in the day, most of the time! Sometimes I feel silly that it happens, but then I remember that she’s 2 and won’t let that happen as she gets older. So I’ll enjoy the cuteness, when it happens, while it can happen :)

    60. I do this unintentionally all the time with my boys. I didn’t even notice until a friend pointed out that we matched one day. Now I notice it all the time. Mostly with color choices or we will all be wearing stripes. Guess it’s just whatever my subconscience is feeling that morning or afternoon because honestly that’s when we usually make it out of pajamas. :)

    61. Really nice. Your hair looks great in the dusty lavender picture. (Not that it doesn’t in the rest of the photos).

    62. You guys are just too cute!

      I never thought I’d be into matchy matchy either…but just last night, I was saying to my hubby how I LOVED that recently my daughter & I matched (intentional this 1x). I’m going be on the look out for more accesories we can both wear. :-)

    63. YES, I’ve noticed I do this with my kids just seems whatever color appeals to me that day carries over to their clothes when I pick them out..funny..always wondered if anyone else does this..

    64. I love it! I too do this all the time and honestly don’t even try to. I agree when you’re the one who purchases the clothes and the one who gets everyone dressed it’s only bound to happen! I too have the wal mart dress and love it! Who knew?

    65. So cute! Love your outfits….
      I find that my two daughters and I end up wearing all skirts on a given day, and I have to change one of us, because I’m afraid of what people will think if we go out with my husband and son…like we HAVE to wear skirts or something. : ) I should be mature enough to not care what people think!
      Love your “what I wore”….can’t wait!

    66. Our two daughters are roughly the same age and I find myself unintentionally doing the same thing. My husband pointed it out a few weeks ago calling her my mini me. I am looking forward to the day when she picks out her own wacky little outfits like I did as a 3 or 4 year old. I see Audrey in pigtails in some of your photos, does she actually leave them in? Every single time I try Lucy pulls them right out. *sigh*

      p.s. Looking forward to what I wore making a comeback!

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