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what I wore

    Since it’s been over a year since my last what I wore post, it felt like the right time to bring it back.

    But first, a few disclaimers before we get to the looks:

    1. I am not a fashion expert and spend very little time on clothes shopping, reading fashion magazines, keeping up with trends. There are so many great fashion blogs {this one’s my fave} but sometimes I feel like the clothes are not functional/practical/affordable for my lifestyle. Which leads us to number two.

    2. I am a mom of four who works from home. Yoga pants could be my regular uniform {and you’ll see there are days when they are!} but I do make an attempt to get dressed. It just seems to help with productivity and feeling good about myself.

    3. I really like jeans. If there is anything I splurge on, it is a good pair of jeans. Seven For All Mankind is my go-to brand, but each body is so different, you really have to try on a bunch of different brands/styles to see what works best for you.

    4. I’m not going to list sources below the photos because honestly, most of these clothes are not currently in stores. Like I said, I don’t shop a lot and it’s mildly frustrating to see something you like and then realize it’s out of stock {or three years old}. I will say that the majority of my clothes are from Target, Old Navy and Banana Republic {regular and factory stores}.

    5. I love pinning outfits on my pinterest board to get ideas of what to wear. My hope with these types of posts is that maybe you’ll see an outfit you like and pull things from your own closet and put them together in new ways. A little inspiration to be creative in your wardrobe.

    So here we go:


    Love this light weight sweater and the necklace {from Noonday} in outfit one. My husband thinks this striped sweatshirt dress is a little too much on the zebra side. I do agree, and yet I still wear it because it is super comfortable.


    Never did get dressed on day three. Day four is my version of soccer mom. I have learned that rain boots are the only choice while standing on a squishy grass field.


    So denim on denim has been in style for quite some time and I have finally decided to give it a try. The shirt is new {from j.crew} that I hope will be a versatile piece. It still feels a little 1996 to me, but I’m trying. Day six is the day I made the hair video. For a clearer image of the shirt {old old old} see this post.


    More workout gear but I can’t promise I actually worked out on this day. Day eight is probably my favorite look – a classic white button up {also from jcrew}, jeans, glitter belt and flats. Totally me. seahawks-shirt--gray-collar-sweater

    Actually, day nine is my favorite outfit. Go Seahawks!!! I look so mad in day 10’s photo. Not sure what was going on, but I hope I didn’t scowl all day.


    New jeans that still need to be hemmed. And day 12. Just look at that cutie in the background. She looks like a little girl instead of the baby I imagine her to be. That went so fast.

    So there are my outfits for these past two weeks. Do you have a favorite? Any thoughts on trends like denim on denim or staying in yoga pants all day? Let’s chat …

    {ps. if you want to see more what i wore posts, here you go}.

    61 thoughts on “what I wore”

    1. LOVE the striped sweatshirt dress! Also, I love that you document everything you wore, including workout wear. I work from home too and keep meaning to start a What I Wore series, but then never feel my wardrobe is exciting enough to actually post. Love your outfits! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    2. Did my comment sound snippy? if so, I’m so Sorry… frustration isn’t with you…I more meant people who live in my climate and act like they live in the climate like yours. Well, in all actuality, it isnt frustration its just more like a deep sigh of ” look how cute that is, darn Texas weather”. I love layers too and every fall/winter I get bummed because Texas doesn’t offer fun layer weather, hardly,…and I envy those that get to dress like that more often than I. And, yes, I have two boys, one is 2.5 years old and the other is 13 months, so I’m relying on lululemon to provide me with comfy, casual, chase my boys wear. Your outfits are definitely, cute, practical, even for my climate, and stuff I have in my own closet. So, thanks for the snapshots of life and fashion, via Emily style.

    3. Hollaaaaa, on the practical mom outfits. Geez, I get so disappointment when I follow fashionistas and all they post is stuff that I wouldn’t want to wear, but only for 10 minutes. Like a tank, under a button down, with a sweater over it, in a vest, with a scarf added, etc… How the heck do you move? Or breath? I mean, it’s SO CUTE, but not practical for a mom chasing kids. To each their own though and maybe one day I can dress like that daily. Not to mention, I live in Dallas, and it so hot majority of the year, we don’t get to don layers, often, and if we try we sweat to death. :) thanks for the posts. You’re cute, and real. And that’s awesome and inspiring.

      1. Keep in mind that 1. I’m not chasing kids anymore {our youngest is nearly 4} and 2. the climate here in the PNW is quite different from the south. Layers are sort of essential to keep warm on days you are running errands and don’t want to always put a jacket on. And, probably, I’m just a big fan of layers.

    4. I love all the looks but I really dig day nine. The Seahawks tee and the layering of the other shirts super cool. Is the check shirt from J Crew?
      Thanks for sharing all of your looks.

    5. I know you don’t consider yourself a ‘fashion’ person, but I have to say that I adore the way you dress more than any other blogger. I’m not just sucking up…I’m serious. Maybe it is because it is how I’d like to dress daily or because it is more functional and from practically priced stores, I dunno. I just really love seeing how you rearrange your pieces of clothing! It reminds me of the clothing version of your graphic designs–simple, creative & classic.

    6. Amazing that you are momma of 4! The outfits are cute and definitely easy to wear which is what moms need. It IS a struggle to put focus on oneself when we’re so focused on the kiddos. I think I’ve worked my hardest in the last few years, trying to put as much effort into myself as I do my family.

    7. I love the denim on denim!! I wear that all the time though, so I’m biased ;). You look awesome in everything. I struggle with how to look stylish yet comfy every day (I stay at home as well). I have found that if I don’t get out of my sweats at least a few days a week I feel really blah! My favorites are #5 and #9!

    8. Hey! I am in need of some shoe shopping. Are the shoes in 9 and 12 recent enough to be worth asking the sources on them?

    9. Very cute. I also like day 8! I’m mom to a 4 month old and only work outside of the home 2 days a week, so I wear yoga pants at least 4/7 days. So, I totally get it.

    10. Love your style because it’s so much like mine….though I’m not a Seahawks fan…though I could be because I love Seattle I LOVE the way you put the checked shirt under the t-shirt!!!!! So stinkin cute!!!

    11. I’ve seen people wear the denim shirts with black denim skinny jeans, and that looks really great. They also look good with colored cuffed/ankle pants and a chunky necklace. Another very 90s fashion trend that’s in is sheer button-downs. You can wear them with a thin strap blouse underneath. I think other commentators are right: mix the 90s elements with something contemporary or 70s to make them pop (like you did with the boots.)

    12. I love your style and wish we could share closets! I also love how honest you are about your life and style. Though I think you always look adorable, I love that you are honest about the days where you don’t really get ready. We all have those days, it’s just nice to see our favorite bloggers do too :)

    13. Love your style – it’s very similar to mine. Your comment about the denim on denim feeling 1996 made me laugh ( I’m guessing we’re around the same age). Not sure how I feel about it either but your outfit looked very cute on you!

    14. My favorite is the denim on denim! It looks SO good on you! The brown boots break it up so its not TOO much denim. I have the same shirt from j crew but havent paired it with denim yet (now I want to)!
      I love your puffy vest too – ive been looking for a good one everywhere!

    15. Glad you brought back WIW. I bought a yellow/gold belt from Target and wore it with a navy/white dot shirt. Felt good to accessorize on a “normal” day! Thanks for inspiring me! BTW…was that deer mug recently in ikea (instagram)? LOVE!

    16. I’m so happy WIW is back!!! I initially found your blog through WIW. I followed you and 1 other blogger for a few years, and then when you did your blogger series, I started following all of them too! It’s like WIW opened me up to the awesome world of blogs! 😀

    17. Yippee!!! I’m so glad you brought it back!!! I think you’re quite the fashionista. Wish I had the fashion forward ness you do – good instinct. Moxy! Equally cute is the photo where your little lady got in the action.

    18. Thank you for bringing this back! Please keep it on a regular basis and definitely share if you bought anything recent (especially from Target;)

      Go Seahawks!!!

    19. Ok Miss Emily, today’s post struck a chord with me. Not just because I’m a fellow Washingtonian (Go ‘Hawks!), or because your style is crazy similar to mine, but because of Day 11 and your “New jeans that still need to be hemmed” comment. I am 5’ 4″ with a long torso and short legs, so every pair of jeans I buy has to be either hemmed, worn with super tall shoes, or tucked into boots. I once hemmed a pair of jeans using this method ( with halfway decent success, but I just didn’t love to wear them afterwards, which was unfortunate because they were my favorite pair of Joe’s boyfriend jeans. Do you hem your jeans or do you send them to a tailor? Whichever method you use, do you like the results? And if you do hem yourself, how?? :-)

      1. I usually just have Nordstrom hem the jeans when I purchase, but I have also taken them to a tailor to do. And I may try this pair on my own. I’ll let you know if I come up with any great tips.

    20. I’ve missed your What I Wore posts. I love them because you keep it real! (As I type this, I’m still in my jimmer jams. Whoops!) Anyway, while fashion blogs are certainly fun to poke around on, I find your practical but cute outfits to be a bit more inspiring because they’re more realistic for us stay at home mamas. Thanks or sharing!
      PS You’re denim on denim outfit looks super cute! :)

    21. All adorable. I have that Loft top/tunic in pic #2 and I’m so short and bought it too big, so sadly it doesn’t look this cute on me! I do love brown boots and black leggings, though :) Thanks for sharing your pictures – so much inspiration!

      1. I was hoping to go for more of an outfit inspiration rather than product inspiration here, but it sounds like many of you want actual sources! I’ll try to add relevant ones to the next post :)

    22. I’ve had a chambray shirt for over a year now. It’s def. one of my favorites…but I’m usually wearing it with a skirt or some leggings when I’m feeling sorta lazy. I’m with you on the denim on denim thing. Maybe I’ll try it one of these days…but I might need a new pair of jeans first. ;)

    23. I love your style, both in your home and your WIW. Would you mind sharing where you got your black and white striped bag? Even if it’s out of stock, it’s nice to know where to start a search! Loving your boys room makeover, too! Thanks for always being so generous with your ideas and sources.

    24. Day 2 is pretty much my favorite look and what I usually wear (when I get dressed and when it’s Fall). Love it! Zebra stripes and all….they all look cute! You have great style.

    25. These are my favorite posts! Thank you for sharing. They are all such hip looks, yet so classic…a perfect combo if you ask me!

      Keep them coming! :)

    26. Emily, I can’t even believe you put a disclaimer! You ALWAYS looks so cute, even in your yoga pants! I do look to you for inspiration because I am a mom of 3 and if you can look cute, so can I! I like in Florida so it is typically shorts and t’s or tanks with flip flops. I like your “pull-together” looks with accessories. I will say after you posted that belt pic on IG I tried it on at Target–ummm, did it run super small on you! I was a very comfortable large in all their other belts and that one look about two sizes small. Of course they didn’t have any other larger sizes, so no glitter belt for me :(
      I will say also, the jean on jean looks so cute on you. I know I feel so self conscience when I try something new, and then I see other people do it and think, it looks cute! So go for it! And I will too!

      1. Oh my goodness YES! It was so tiny. Probably meant for wearing around your high waste to belt a sweater or shirt. I wanted it to fit on my pants, so I went up a size {or maybe two?}.

        1. Thanks for your reply. Glad I wasn’t the only one with the belt. I did end up buying it in a large for dresses, but it won’t fit on my lower sitting jeans.

    27. Hi Emily,
      Thanks for sharing! I love your look. I was in my black wellies just yesterday. I have a thing for stripes…any sources for the tops in pictures 1 & 2 and the black vest? Thanks for the inspiration!

      1. I might hem these, or you can take them to a dry-cleaner and they can cut off the original hem and sew it back on where you need the length. That way, you don’t loose the good looking hem.

    28. Thanks for brining WIW back!! Your style is a lot like mine (like I have a lot of the same clothes you are wearing). It’s fun to get new ideas and inspiration. Kind of like making the old clothes new again! It’s easy for a mama to get into a rut. Thanks again!!

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