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fun freebie: summer essentials watercolor art


    Well happy (official) summer! School ended for us last week and we’ve jumped right into summer mode: lazy mornings, shorts + flip flops, grilled anything for dinner and evening walks around the neighborhood. This time of year is the best in the Pacific Northwest – the weather is warm, but mild (think high 70’s – mid 80’s), the trees are green and water is blue and people are out and about until long after the sun goes down around 9pm.  It’s glorious and really the main reason we stay around this part of the country during the dreary winter months.


    This time of year also means it’s time to switch out your essentials print to the summer version. (See the autumn print here, winter here and spring here).  They are a fun collection of our favorites in illustrated form – things like watermelon and popsicles and brightly painted toes. Which reminds me, I really need a pedicure.


    You can download your print here and feel free to print off a few for your friends, too! I like printing on matte photo paper using this printer for super crisp colors, but it also looks cute printed on watercolor paper.

    Free summer art print from jones design company

    Enjoy and happy summer!


    I’ve joined with 10 other talented ladies for a summer freebie blog hop. Click through to download + print more great freebies!

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    4 thoughts on “fun freebie: summer essentials watercolor art”

    1. I love the watercolors…I printed them on photo paper and framed them with white mats/frames and they are currently residing in my master bedroom. LOVE these! Thanks for being so generous with your talent!!

    2. AHHH! I love this! What a fun surprise to see this is the next in a series! I love them all! And your talk of Seattle weather is making me jealous and excited to visit my brother. I love Seattle in the summa. It’s like a marathon, enduring the winter, and then you get to summer and it it is so great you are like wheeeeeeeeeeeee! I grew up in Juneau, so our winters were a bit worse, when you add in all the snow we’d get, but the rain… the same! I actually think Seattle has it better off, that is why I’d move there in a heartbeat. Anyhow, my chatty kathy is coming out! Def going to be printing this off!

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