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what i wore {maui edition}

I had great intentions of having Ryan snap a photo of me each day for this post – somewhere scenic and beautiful and not just me standing awkwardly in front of a flimsy mirror like normal.

The first morning he did take this photo

but that was as far as we got.

It didn’t take me long to get in 100% vacation mode.

But I still thought a what i wore post would be fun to share my vacation outfits, so i’ve put together some photos for you. Sources are listed under each photo with links where available.

for the flight


jeans: emersonfry lowrise vintage | blouse: old navy {old} | shoes: DSW life stride romp wedge

to the club

dress: borrowed | shoes: payless {old}

to mama’s fish house

dress: nordstrom rack max studio | shoes: payless metallic wedges

to the luau

dress: old navy printed ruffle sundress | shoes: payless {old}

to casual dinner

shorts: jcrew 5″ chino | shirt: marshalls {old} | necklace: target {purchased recently, but can’t find it online} | shoes: payless {old}

to the zipline

zip-up: lululemon in stride jacket | capris: marshalls | flip flops: rainbow {old and very worn in}

to the snorkle trip

tunic: marshalls jordan taylor | sandals: gap outlet

to the bbq

shorts: banana republic factory store | shirt: target {old} | necklace: target | sandals: gap outlet

to the beach

dress: old navy {recent purchase, but can’t find online} | flip flops: rainbow

dress: target kimono dress | sandals: gap outlet

coverup: target ruffled tube dress | flip flops: rainbow

coverup: nordstrom riviera stripe tunic | flip flops: rainbow

beach accessories

sunglasses: banana republic | hat: san diego hat company large brim hat

beach bag: lands’ end canvas washed tote

to swim

old navy | rey swimwear | lands’ end canvas | old navy

And that is what i wore {maui edition}.

26 thoughts on “what i wore {maui edition}”

  1. Emily, how do you like your Rey Swimwear suit? I love their styles, but I’m feeling nervous about buying a suit online sight unseen.
    Thanks for sharing your styles – too cute!

  2. Wonderful choices! I also have that blue/green/silver beaded necklace from Target. I love it, and I wear it with everything! I see you picked up the other one in the orange/pink colorway, too. I wanted that one, but it didn’t flatter as much. Unless I am prepared to pick up something new, I always have to stear clear of the jewelry section is Target…

  3. Thank you for the return of What I Wore. We arrived in Maui on April 29th….looks like the date you left. We also ate at Hula Grill, but brought our three kiddos. I would have loved to run into you on Kaanapali. You’d be easy to spot with that stylish wardrobe. And for the record, I sported my yellow striped Target sweater while walking down Kaanapali beach walk at night. :)

  4. Cute outfits Emily! I own that ruffled target dress – suit cover up (embarrassed to admit having two one in black and one in white lol!) I also own a top that is just like your club dress and same color too but it only goes to the waist and gathers at the waste. I also got that same San Diego hat but in black… if it is the same one it has wires so it bends around the rim – love that. Good style choices ;) You trip looked fun and yes y’all look pretty darn fab for having all those bebes. Glad you had a great time!!

  5. I spied that you went to Mama’s Fish House. How great is that place? Hubs and I went on our trip and I was in awe of the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom, but it was gorgeous with all the flowers.
    Your outfits are totally cute and it was fun to see that you got many of them at discount stores and didn’t spend a fortune. How do you like the Canvas suit? I just ordered one in blue and when I tried it on, I didn’t love, but I think it’s because of my pasty winter white skin right now.

  6. I want to say “You are SO precious,” but that sounds condescending. So I thought I’d say, “Gah, you’re beautiful!” but that sounds a tad creepy. I think maybe I’ll just beg you to take me shopping instead. I’m fantastically inspired by your mommy style!! (Long time listener, first time caller. Woot!)

  7. Loved your post, and of course all your clothes (going to loose 50 lbs and then have you come shop for me!) however …..I am in SERIOUS LOVE with the wooden floor you put it all on – incredible!!!! Is that seriuosly in your house? I want it! :-)

  8. What a fun wardrobe! I couldn’t help but notice your LuLu lemon sweatshirt! I have it in gray….. don’t you just LOVE IT!? I get compliments on mine all the time! Glad you had great trip!!

  9. So cute! I LOVVVVVVE my rainbow flip-flops. They are a summer staple (wearing them right now). Mine are very worn in as well. So comfy!

  10. I love it! I, too, had big intentions of doing a what I wore for our recent Europe trip, and got my husband to take a photo ONCE. LOL But I love the way you did it here – still gives a feel for your trip! Unfortunately, my clothes wouldn’t photograph quite so well on their own – most were black so I could try to blend in in France!

    1. I really like them. They are a little higher waisted than I usually go for, but they fit well. I ordered my normal jean size and they are great.

  11. thanks for taking the time to lay everything out and snap pic’s. i’m sure it was a bit tedious, but it’s so fun to check out the fashions, and vacation vicariously through someone else’s wardrobe! as for the rainbow’s, i live on vancouver island, a pretty casual place, and i think as long as your lifestyle permits it, if the shoe fit’s, wear it! i’m in my 30’s, long since out of college, a wife and mom of 2 kids, and generally speaking i spend most of my days in ugg’s or havaianas! perhaps, your only as old as your shoes! : )

  12. You are very talented at mixing the high and the low. I always think your shoes look so expensive! Loving these Hawaii posts. I am more than a little envious, I am sorry to say. So glad you had such a wonderful trip! You look gorgeous and happy in all the photos!

  13. Love me some rainbows. Too bad I’m not in Maui and still wearing them everyday….think I’m too old for that (we aren’t in college anymore!).

  14. Some lovely items of clothing Emily. You are very lucky to have the body and legs to wear it all! I’m all about covering up as much as possible, no matter what temperature it is!

    Thanks for another great post x

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