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what i wore these past two weeks(ish)

    Ready for another round of what I wore?

    I’m trying to be a bit more intentional about sharing my outfit choices because I know how stuck in a rut we can get when it comes to getting dressed (especially if you don’t go to a traditional job each day where you have a dress code).  I work from home half the week and hang with my kids the other half so it’s important that my clothes are functional, not precious, and make me feel cute without being overly ‘done up’ (see day 6). I share these photos to offer some inspiration both to get yourself out of your yoga pants(!) and also to try out different combinations that you might even have in your closet right now.

    While putting these photos together, I can’t help but notice that every single day I’m either wearing jeans or navy blue – oftentimes both. I guess I know what I like.

    So here you go …

    //  D A Y   O N E  //


    jacket: target (no longer available) / coral stripe sweater: j.crew factory / cropped jeans: express / flats: target

    //  D A Y   T W O  //


    Taking my pups for a walk.

    cardigan: target (similar) / t shirt: target (similar) / cropped jeans: express / flip flops: reef

    //  D A Y   T H R E E  //


    blouse: j.crew factory / cropped jeans: express / flats: target

    //  D A Y   F O U R  //


    drawstring maxi dress: gap (sold out, but here’s a striped version)

    //  D A Y   F I V E  //


    Headed to the rainiest baseball game ever. PNW weather is so sporatic! #goseahawks

    hat: seahawks / jacket: target (no longer available) / sweatshirt: landsend / jeans: hudson / boots: hunter

    //  D A Y   S I X  //


    This was a rare moment when I put on heels and dressed much dressier than normal. All I did was go to a doctor appointment (to get my Rwanda shots!) and to the mall to get my ipad fixed, but it was out of the ordinary enough to get out of my cropped jeans + flats box.

    top: banana republic / skinny jeans: hudson / heels: target

    //  D A Y   S E V E N  //


    Confession: I wore this outfit two days in a row.

    top: gap / cropped jeans: express / flats: old navy (old)

    // D A Y   E I G H T  //


    dress: gap (I just bought it on sale in the store, but not finding it online) / wedges: DSW (no longer available)

    //  D A Y   N I N E  //


    top: old navy (super old) / white jeans: express / wedges: dsw (no longer available) / bracelet: noonday

    There you go. Two weeks(ish) of what I wore.

    Wondering: do you have any fashion-related questions? Are these wiw posts helpful? Anything you’d like to see?

    29 thoughts on “what i wore these past two weeks(ish)”

    1. Hello! I absolutely love your style! We don’t have a Jcrew Factory where I live, but I’m dying to try out some of their shorts. Do you think their clothing runs true to size? I’d love to not have to send everything I order back or purchase 2 sizes of everything. :) If anyone else would want to chime in, please do!

    2. i think it’s safe to say you wear stripes just as much and navy and jeans. i love these posts. this is exactly how i would dress if i did something besides lay in bed all day. :)

    3. Hi,
      First visit here. I noticed you went to get shots for Rwanda. I just finished , via Relevant Radio, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with the host, of the program AND Immaculee ILibagiza who is a survivor of The Rwanda Genocide. Have you heard of her and/or read any of her books? She just recently became an American Citizen.

      Gods Speed &b Blessing on your Trip to Rwanda!

      With Kindness,

    4. Love this, thanks for sharing! I have to go to express now for some jeans seeing as you love them so much! I have to tell you I love the bed head superstar stuff you mentioned in your hair post, it’s awesome! And I had the hair gripper powder and I was using it all wrong! Thanks for your tips, they are making me a bit nicer to look at : )!

    5. You look great!

      I have a navy-and-white maxi dress and super cute navy wedges. The maxi dress is a little loose, and I’d like to wear a belt to dress it up a bit and give it a better fit. Do shoes and belts still have to match these days? Can I wear a dark brown belt with the navy shoes, or do I need to find a navy belt?

      Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you. :)

      1. I don’t think there is any sort of matching rule – in fact, the trend is probably to NOT match shoes and belt/handbag. If you like it, go for it!

    6. I love this post! I know you said that Target jacket isn’t available- but what is the style called? Maybe it can be found on eBay! Thanks for the inspiration!

    7. Love these posts and your blog. Can we talk about your hair? It looks fantastic. How do you style it? I’m a mom to two preschoolers and a newborn, and while I’m pretty pulled together outfit-wise, my hair always looks like a frizzy, unstyled mess. Consequently, I wear it up in a messy bun every single day. I’m ready to look like a grown up! Any recommendations?

    8. Hi Emily! Love these posts! So fun! Wondering if you’d recommend the beautiful white Banana Republic top? It looks great on you. I’ve had it in my cart for a while but was hesitant due to a couple reviews. Would you say it’s pretty true to size? Pretty see through without a cami?

      Your heart, your blog, and your outfits (!!!) are such lovely inspiration. Thanks again!


      1. Yes, I love the top! It is see through, but I just wear a B.R. cami under and it looks great. It is long (I like that) and probably runs a bit big. I am wearing an xs in the photo. Hope this helps!

      1. I think it always helps to try jeans on in person, but if you don’t have a close store, try ordering a pair to see what you think! Different brands of jeans fit each body so differently, so it’s hard to recommend one brand/style for all women.

    9. I love the fashion posts, and I think you’ve got a great post mix going on right now…for what it’s worth coming from a stay-at-home mama who really has little authority to speak on such things…but I’m lovin’ what you’re dishin’! :)

    10. Hi Emily-
      Thank you for taking the effort to post pictures of your outfits. Your look is adorable and (and the best part) attainable! Your nails look so pretty with the coral color. You mentioned a while back that you tried the Vinylux nail polish. Any updates? Did it hold up well? Thanks for the inspiration!

      1. I do like the vinylux – it lasts on me about 5 days. This coral color is just regular nail polish and did pretty well – maybe 4 days looking good. I’m just so hard on my hands!

    11. Love these posts! Thanks for sharing. I myself am a picture person, it is hard for me to picture how an outfit will look on a rack….I like to see it on! Thanks for the inspiration….please keep them coming :)

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