ombre painted wave wall

Progress continues in the kids’ bathroom mini makeover with a super fun painted wall.


Let me start at the beginning …


This is the wall opposite the sinks/mirror. I took inspiration from my very favorite art print and thought painting ombre waves on the wall would be a fun way to fill it up and add a bit of color and whimsy to the room.

I began by sketching waves onto the wall with a pencil.


Then using a few shades of paint (two blues leftover from other rooms) and white, I mixed up seven colors starting light and getting darker as I moved down the wall.


Originally I wanted the waves to have a watercolor look, so I mixed in a few drops of water to thin the paint.      wave-wall-progress

Once finished, I decided the top wave was way too dark, so I painted over it in the white wall color and planned on going back over it with a lighter blue.


This is how it looked at the end of day one:


Cute … sort of.  I liked the idea, but I was not crazy about how splotchy the paint looked. The whole ‘watercolor’ thing did not turn out.

So yesterday I went over the whole thing a second time, mixing paint without water this time.


I love it so much more now!  wave-wall-finished

(the paint was still wet, so the color looks funky in that second row).


The wall hides behind the door, but it is visible from the mirror. The kids think it’s fun and I am happy to have some subtle color in the bathroom. It’s still a total mess in there, but I’ll keep plugging away and hopefully have it done soon!

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the kids’ bath mini makeover

Some people go to tropical places for spring break. Others spend their week redoing the kids’ bathroom. I wish I was in the first group, but as I look at my typing fingers, I see lots of dried paint which pretty much gives my spring break activities away.

I’ve posted about the kids’ bathroom before with before shots and some inspiration. And then I waited two years to actually do anything about it.  While driving home this past weekend from a little beach trip, I suddenly felt the urge to tackle the room. Nothing too intense, just a lot of paint, some hardware and a new light. My hope was to get it finished this week, for as little money as possible. So far, so good.

Here’s the before:


A nicely sized room with decent lighting and everything functions fine. But it’s just so boring. I thought a little bit of color, brighter walls and painted cabinets would make a huge difference and make the space fun for the kids.

So tuesday morning, the boys and I set to work (they only lasted through the priming).


This is the third time I have painted cabinets in our house; the kitchen was first – which received oil paint for durability and have held up very well and the laundry room was next. I used latex in there because oil takes forever to dry and I just wanted a quick fix. After a year, they are doing perfectly so I decided to go the easy route again in the bathroom and use latex. I shared the process of painting cabinets here.


To help the existing laminate countertop blend in, the cabinets were painted gray. I used leftover paint from our bedroom (Bedford Gray by Martha Stewart). The paint makes the cabinets look instantly cleaner and more modern and I’m so happy I finally painted them!


The walls are getting a much brighter shade of white (the photo was snapped after the first coat). I never thought of our walls as being dark, but once they were white, it feels so much lighter. The white is admittedly a bit sterile (pure white by sherwin williams) but hopefully once there is art and a few accessories, they will warm up a bit.

Next up:

  • finish up a fun painted wall (if you follow me on instagram, you’ve already seen it in it’s first stage!)
  • decide on the backsplash. I’m thinking white subway tile all the way up the wall behind the mirror and on the sides of the vanity walls. I’ll have to enlist the help of my handy husband for it, or learn to tile.
  • add a frame to the mirror. Originally I thought I would replace it with two separate mirrors, but I don’t really want to spend money on new mirrors in here and the big mirror actually works well when multiple kids are in the bathroom.
  • new light.
  • hardware for the cabinets.

My hope was to finish the room this week, but these things always take longer than expected – and turn into larger projects than intended – so I’ll take the next few days off to finish out our spring break doing more kid-friendly things like going to grandma’s house to play with her puppy.

More to come …

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on the hunt for the perfect office chair

It’s time to upgrade my office chair.


The one I’ve been using is fine – it’s an extra dining room chair that we don’t regularly use, it’s simple and easy to get in and out of and has clean lines.

But – I feel like such an old lady saying this – it hurts my neck.

I keep getting these terrible headaches that stem from a spot on my shoulder/upper back that is super tight. I’ve narrowed it down to be an issue with my posture at my desk. I sit up nice and tall (thanks to my ballerina tendencies) but I raise my shoulders when I’m typing or designing or doing whatever I’m doing at my desk because my chair is just a bit too low. I’ve always read about needing to be a certain optimal height and distance from your keyboard/screen/tabletop and now I get it. So, I’m on the hunt for the perfect office chair. the-perfect-office-chair

There are a few qualities that are important to me as I’ve been searching:

1. Seat Height. It must be between 19-21 inches. I might be okay with 18.5, but I’d rather err on the side of taller than shorter. (my current chair seat height is 17″)

2. Clean Lines. I prefer a back to lean against and no arms.

3. Comfort. I do sit for hours at a time on my work days, so comfort is pretty important.

4. Style. Something classic and feminine and neutral.

Okay, so here are the options I’ve narrowed it down to:


1 / 2 / 3

A tufted back is always a favorite (just look at our living room sofa and chairs). I like the wood legs and simple shape of each of these.  The middle chair is a bit pricier as it is from potterybarn (as opposed to overstock on the left and target on the right) but because it is a chair that I sit in often, I’m okay spending more if the quality is decidedly better (I’m not totally convinced it would be in this case). The seat height of the potterybarn chair is perfect at 20.5″ while the others are in the 19″ range, so maybe that makes the price worth it. I do like the blue color and it could be a fun touch of color in my office.


1 / 2 / 3 / 4

What these chairs lack for in comfort, they totally make up for in style. The casters! The wood/metal mix! That leather seat! If it were a chair I wasn’t going to sit in as frequently, I would choose one of these in a heartbeat, but I’m pretty sure I would regret not going with something more cushy. And because my office is carpeted, I’m not sure how the rolling casters would do.


1 / 2 / 3

I really like all three of these options. The first linen chair has a cute metal ring pull on the back – a detail that gives it something special. The center wingback is not a typical office chair and I like how stately, yet relaxed it is with the slipcover. And the final chair has great lines and a subtle diamond pattern in the fabric that I love. It comes as a set of two, which I don’t need, so that’s the only slight drawback there.

I’d love your help in deciding on the perfect office chair. Thankfully, there are so many great options to choose from and I’d love to know which one you like best.

What office chair is your top pick?

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