Coffee Chat episode 28 | lilacs, springtime and such

Well hello there! It has been way too long since our last coffee chat. Isn’t that how things go, though? You have every intention of getting together with your girlfriends and weeks (or months!) go by before it actually happens. But here we are! Grab a cup of coffee (or whatever suits your taste buds – […]

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15 lovely watercolor-ers to follow on instagram

Instagram. The place where I keep up with family and friends, fellow bloggers, get fashion inspiration, drool over gorgeous homes and darling babies and admire talented photographers. Also, the place where I’m consistently in awe of lovely watercolor artists and their work. I follow quite a few artists on Instagram. Each one has her unique style and […]

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Watercolor for the everyday artist

Each month, I volunteer in the kids’ elementary school classroom teaching art. At our first art lesson of each school year, I like to ask the students to do something for me. I say to them: “raise your hand if you are an artist“. In the younger grades – kindergarten, first and second – almost […]

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What I learned in April

I decided that this year I’m going to practice slowing down at the start of each new month and reflect on what I learned over the last 30-ish days. This is now my fourth month of doing this and I am loving the discipline of it. It’s easy to focus in on the big things […]

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Entry updates for spring

I’m on a total lighten + brighten kick lately and the entry was next to get a quick makeover. (Mason didn’t know I was snapping pictures when he walked downstairs and I actually love that I captured him in this one!) Since December, we’ve had our vintage theater seats and a favorite Lindsay Letters Doxology […]

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the best chocolate chip cookie recipe / jones design company

the best chocolate chip cookie recipe

I posted this photo on instagram last week with this caption: “Not to brag, but I make some pretty amazing chocolate chip cookies.” I mean, just look at those?! It’s always fun to try out different chocolate chip cookie recipes to get just the right consistency. I like fluffy cookies, a little crunchy around the […]

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Special necklace for mama

I took my little charm necklace off about a year ago. I’m not really sure why. Maybe I just needed a break. This necklace has been with me for almost my whole time of being a mom. I ordered the two little charms when my first two boys were tiny and added more with each […]

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Life is beautiful … but it sure is prettier with flowers

Houseplants and fresh greenery are key to my neutral decorating style … but first came my love of flowers. As a teenager, when other girls were covering their bedroom walls with cute boys and fashion tips, mine were filled with magazine tear outs of flowers. Martha Stewart Weddings was my first subscription and I couldn’t wait […]

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Spring Breaking in San Diego

Each year we vow that we’ll go somewhere sunny and warm for spring break. For one reason or another, we never do. Until this year. Months ago we booked tickets to San Diego, California to visit my cousin and his family and to get some much needed vitamin D. We did not have much of […]

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What March Taught Me

I’m keeping up with this year’s goal to document a few of the things each month has taught me. You can read about what I learned in January here and February here. Now for March. March has not traditionally been my favorite month because it usually just rains every day. But this year was a little […]

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14 housewarming gifts anyone would love

It’s that time of year when we get the itch to move (well, not us. We’re not moving anytime soon. But lots of other people get that itch.) Spring is always a busy real estate season with people selling and buying houses, moving into new apartments or rentals, trading up or down and starting fresh. […]

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Oops. An unfortunate letterboard pinterest fail.

I felt so clever with my plan to alter my letterboard. As I gathered supplies, did the steps and took pictures as I went, I fully expected to knock your socks off with the finished product. I’m sorry to say that instead of making something wonderful, I destroyed my letterboard. It was absolutely a Pinterest fail. Let […]

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let’s have a heart to heart about instagram

So far this year I’ve unfollowed just about 700 accounts on Instagram. You read that right: SEVEN HUNDRED. I now follow 391 which means that at the start of 2018, I was following over 1,000. I shouldn’t tell you this because it might encourage you to go unfollow a bunch of accounts and that might […]

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