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Balloon Invitations – a fun diy for birthday girls (or boys)

    Balloon Invitations / jones design company

    My baby turns six in a few weeks. Each year, we celebrate our kiddos with a party and this nearly-six-year-old has been counting down for the past several months. This girl is excited.

    Sometimes we host parties at home, sometimes we let a party place run the thing for us, but I always make the invitations. I mean, it’s what I did for my business for years and so I feel like it’s just expected, what I should do, what I have to do.

    But this year, I decided to take that pressure off myself. I don’t have to make my own invitations, I said. There are plenty of options for store-bought ones. Just make it easy on yourself and buy the invitations. 

    So on Saturday after barre class and a quick stop by the nursery, I popped into Target determined to let myself off the invitation-making hook.

    And you know what? I just couldn’t do it. I stood there in the stationery aisle with a handful of perfectly fine options and just couldn’t do it. I realized I actually like making invitations. It feels like one special thing I can do for my daughter to make her birthday feel even more exciting.

    So instead of grabbing a pack of ready-made cards, I went one aisle over and grabbed a few craft things to make a very simple, yet extra fun party invitation.

    Can we show you? audreyballooninviteWhat little girl doesn’t love a few balloons? I just added a hand-written tag and voila! Easy as can be.

    Here’s what you need: balloon invitations supplies / jones design company

    balloons (white, gold, teal) / string / confetti / helium tank / kraft tags / white pen

    STEP ONE: stretch out a balloon and add a few pieces of confetti inside. This would be cute in clear balloons. Wish I would have thought of that beforehand. balloonconfetti

    STEP TWO: Fill up three balloons with helium. blowing-balloonNote: let your nearly-six year old do this part. She/he will love it.

    You can buy a small party tank that fills 30 balloons. It is around $25 and found in the party section at Target (or walmart or similar big box store). You could also have the balloons filled for you at a store like Hallmark or sometimes grocery stores will do it, but it’s usually about $1 per balloon (sometimes more?). Buying the tank felt like the easier and less expensive option.

    STEP THREE: tie string to balloon. string-to-balloonI tied a knot and let the balloon reach the ceiling, then cut the string. You could use curling ribbon, I just happen to have a humungous roll of baker’s twine and used that. balloonsceilingBlow up as many balloons as you need. We decided to do one of each color per invitation. 

    STEP FOUR: write details on tags
    handwritingOn one side of the tag I wrote Audrey is 6. On the back are the details for the party (made up for this example).tags

    STEP FIVE: tie three strings together to make a little loop.


    STEP SIX: tie on the tag
    tag Now go deliver!


    The balloons tangle up easily, so don’t gather the whole bunch together and think you’ll be able to separate them easily. Not that I know anything about that …

    We delivered the invitations to a few friends’ doors and the girls were so excited to receive them. This was a great alternative to store-bought invitations and nearly as easy. Plus, it was a fun project to do with my birthday girl.


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    Oops. Looks like we didn’t throw her a party. But this post is a sweet read about our girl.


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    What fun keepsakes. I guess I’ll just keep making invitations.

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