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Fun freebie: Back to school clip art

    Fun Freebie: back to school clip art / jones design company

    Well, it’s back to school season. We still have two weeks before our kids head back, but it seems like facebook and instagram are filled each day with smiling kiddos in new shoes wearing too-big backpacks starting off their new school year.

    In honor of our kids and teachers and schedules returning and quiet houses (ahhh), I doodled a few back to school icons.

    sketching back to school clip art / jones design company via instagram

    And then I turned them into clip art (because why not?!).

    free hand-drawn back to school clipart / jones design company

    Use these for note cards, teacher gifts, scrapbook pages, photo overlays, bag tags, worksheets, etc. The files are .png with transparent backgrounds and you can alter, recolor and scale them using Illustrator with just a few clicks. I made a quick video showing how to edit the clipart HERE. And another video showing the techniques I use for turning black and white clip art into color-filled ones (like that polka-dot apple up there and the pencil below). See that one HERE.

    Best of all, they are free!

    To download the clip art, click the image below to log in or sign up for the archive where all of our freebies and downloads are stored for easy access.

    Download back to school clipart button / jones design company


    For more free clip art, check out the celebration collection, halloween collection, easter collection and under the sea collection.

    11 thoughts on “Fun freebie: Back to school clip art”

    1. Hi…same issue with not being able to pull up “The Archives”. Could you please send me the link also? Thanks so very much!!! : )

    2. Hello! I am really hoping I can get your adorable clip art to include in the first newsletter I’m putting together for my kids’ school! I’ll be checking back (a lot) to see if they are live yet! :)

    3. I’m also registered for the archives (& am on your mailing list) & the same thing that happened to Susan is happening to me – I click on various links & am taken to a blank page. I’d love to get the school clip art – is your archive down or are we doing something wrong? Help (& thank you)!

      1. I’m so sorry for the trouble! There is a plugin issue with the newest Mac operating system and we’re working to fix it. Until then, I have sent you an email with the direct link.

    4. Love the clipart and I’m registered for the Archive. However, when I click on the image to sign in, I get a blank page with the Jones Design heading. Am I doing something wrong?

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