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sources for hall, living, kitchen + extras

    Did you enjoy the week of fantastic home tours? Thoroughly inspired to bring a little fall into your home? We had dinner with my sister this weekend and she said she was inspired to finally take down her 4th of july stuff and replace it with leaves, pumpkins and cozy textures. Her house always looks great and I’m excited to see what she has done with it now.


    So let’s talk about some of the items seen in the second half of our house tour (first half, click here. And for sources, here.) Most of the furniture and accessories are not new which means they are not always still available for purchase, but I’ll share links where applicable.


    wall // I double-stick taped pages from a french book to the wall about 7 years ago. They’re getting a little tattered, but I still love the texture it brings.

    seats // we found these old theater seats at our favorite local salvage shop called Second Use in Seattle. They came from a high school and I think we paid about $15 for the group.

    banner // this was a diy done a few years ago. I’ll post a tutorial shortly with templates.


    stag // he’s heavy and modern, but still quirky and a little traditional. I love the simplicity of having nothing on the mantle and the stag as the focal point.

    bow pillow // a pillow I made last fall that I’ll post a tutorial for. It’s made of a subtle plaid menswear-like fabric.

    sofa // I’m still loving our linen couch. It has held up well (we don’t let the kids eat on it and I’m slightly protective) and is super comfy.

    buck pillow // you can’t see it in the above photo, but it’s a pretty watercolor deer printed on canvas. All of the artwork that lucy does is beautiful.

    tray // not finding this one online, and maybe it’s no longer available because I’ve had it for several months. Trays are great for corralling items on a coffee table.

    coffee table // no longer available from wisteria (which is a bummer, because it’s heavy and really well-made) but here is a similar look from World Market.


    shelves + brackets // We still love the look of the open shelves and industrial brackets. Here’s a more detailed post about why we love them and how to keep them clean.

    rug // another discontinued item (why would you discontinue a striped rug? I do not know). You can get almost the same thing from here.

    silver // pretty much all of the silver pieces in our home came from my mother-in-law who finds them at the thrift store. And then she passes them on to me (lucky girl). I shine it maybe once every two years? Maybe? I actually prefer the tarnished look.

    stools // we replaced our bar stools last christmas when these were on a really good sale and it makes a big difference visually to not have backs. (you can see our old stools here).


    pom throw // inspired by this beauty, I decided to try a diy version. It turned out really well and a tutorial is upcoming.

    candle // I’ll be honest – scented candles give me a headache. Most of them, at least. But I love the cozy lighting and the gentle smell when it’s gentle and not overpowering. I found this one at target and mostly like it for it’s packaging, but the smell is good too. I’m not finding it online, but it’s the Shades of Glass wild mint + verbena.

    dishes // perhaps my most beloved christmas gifts ever – these dishes are stored away until the fall and they are for sure a seasonal favorite.

    chalkboard // such an easy diy project! And I especially like it with the Seahawks schedule #gohawks


    Did I miss anything? Please let me know if you have any other source questions … I’m always happy to share!

    17 thoughts on “sources for hall, living, kitchen + extras”

    1. Hi Emily, I’ve seen your lovely kitchen table setup in some of your other posts. I was curious where you found the bench pad for your kitchen table bench? Our bench has some scratches, and it’s one of those little things I would love to remedy (read: is driving me silly crazy!)… by hiding them completely with a cute bench pad. :) Thanks so much!!

    2. Dearest sweet Emily,

      You keep me in a constant state of fascination & ASTONISHMENT!!!

      Obviously you are the human equivalent to the energizer bunny, and actually – you wear me out!!! ?

      Only God could make, sustain, energize & inspire such a beautiful God-fearing woman to share SO MUCH with SO MANY. I can hear you saying, “Oh, I am not that perfect and I mess up often…”

      Just know what a very bright light you’re shining – and how Christ’s love is being seen through you. Now, if you could just teach me how to sew…even the simplest, most basic “move” to hand stitch something, anything…

    3. Can you tell me where your jute rug in the living room is from and if it sheds much? I had one long ago and loved the look, but it shed like crazy :-) Thanks!

    4. Would you mind sharing where you found your beautiful gray drapes in the living room? I absolutely love your style and would say I strive to “JDC” my home all the time, so thank you for inspiring me!

      1. The drapes were made by me with apparel fabric I found on clearance for $5/yard. Such a steal! It is sort of a mensware plaid in brownish/gray. I just hand-hemmed the four edges and clipped to rings to hang.

    5. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been moving furniture around today and cleaning as I go. Can I just say, yuck! I think this will take a tad bit longer than anticipated since I seem to be attached to my ” stuff” that I thought I was good and ready to purge! Ha ha! ( top drawer of filing cabinet is now empty but I opened the second drawer and had to just walk away. Think homeschool stuff that started when oldest, now 26, was young and starting. I am going to make a swag like your Gratitude one with the rest of my afternoon I think. ( to replace vinyl lettering I need to peel down to repaint entry wall. Sniff sniff. I just don’t see how I can repaint and leave it intact.) thank you for the inspiration.

    6. Yes, one more source request! Where did you purchase your armchairs? I just bought a leather Chesterfield sofa and want a fabric chair (that can stand up to two boys) in the room as well. I love how your comfy chairs balance the formal style of the sofa.

      Also looking forward to the new tutorials!

    7. Great job on the pom-pom throw. I would have guessed it was the pottery barn version (which I have been eyeing). I can’t wait for the tutorial!

    8. I agree with pp’s; this has been very inspiring! Thanks so much!
      So a couple of questions or maybe ideas for future posts.
      – The bench seating in the kitchen. I love, love, love the look, but how functional is it?! I assume very with kids, but am curious to hear your thoughts.
      – range…does it have one of those vent things that raises up? I’m not surprised you didn’t do a vent hood as it would ruin the openness and look of your kitchen. But curious to hear your thoughts on how well that works as well. Those ranges are pricey! What we pay for the aesthetic! = )
      Thanks again for showing us your home!

      1. I would be happy to share more! The benches are just built-in – no storage – although that would have been nice too. The kids sit around the table and it is perfect for groups. We would definitely recommend a big bench like this if you are thinking about it!

        The range deserves a post of it’s own because there’s a whole back story. I’ll post soon!

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