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Coffee Chat Episode 23 |

Sometimes I like to do a thing we call COFFEE CHAT. It’s been a few months (what?!) so let me explain in case this is your first one. If we were hanging out in real life sipping coffee, perhaps we would chat about these things. I basically jot down a few topics, turn on the camera […]

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Gift ideas for the boys who only wear athletic clothes

This post is sponsored by Nike When my boys were little, I loved dressing them as sweetly as possible. Fisherman sweaters with those adorable elbow patches, mini flannel shirts, corduroy pants and lace-up leather shoes. Then they got older and all those sweaters were replaced with hoodies, pants were traded in for year-round basketball shorts […]

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Christmas in the entry and living room

One year ago, we were mid- one million projects around the house. On Christmas Eve, we finally hung the shelves in the freshly made-over kitchen and my parents were so gracious to come help us clean and hide moving boxes in preparation for our family to come the next day. This year, we’re hosting our […]

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18 Gifts on my wish list

Truth be told, I really don’t need anything for Christmas. But if you really twist my arm and make me come up with a wish list, these are the things I would be more than happy to unwrap on Christmas morning. Maybe a few of these items will make it onto your Christmas wish list […]

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Homemade wreaths in the family room

I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday of the project I did the night before: Cute homemade wreaths hanging on a branch. I wasn’t planning on doing a full tutorial – this one was just something I wanted to put on that big, blank wall over the couch to enjoy for the Christmas season. But […]

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What do I do with Audrey’s beautiful wavy hair?!

Remember when my baby girl was this little? Many of you have been reading the blog from the very beginning and have watched Audrey grow from in my belly to now – a sweet, funny, cheerful, sometimes-bossy almost eight-year-old. Audrey’s hair is one of her prettiest features. It has always been very thick and gorgeous, with […]

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27 favorite Christmas picture books

Have you noticed yet that I have a deep love for illustrated children’s books? Whether we’re in a toy store, at the library, on Amazon or in a real bookstore, I am always drawn toward the picture book section. I love the sweet stories and am absolutely captured by the illustrations. At Christmastime, we pull out […]

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Jingle Bell Garland DIY + Christmas Studio

While I haven’t done a full house Christmas decoration yet, I did play around in the studio to make it all cheerful and Christmas-y. The studio space sits atop our garage and is where I work most days. It is bright and open and has turned out to be such a good use of this […]

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Christmas Art Print Collection

I am so excited to share with you a new collection of Christmas art I’ve created for you. These five prints make delightful decorations and work equally well as thoughtful (and inexpensive!) gifts. Give them to teachers, bring them as hostess gifts to your holiday parties, or scatter them throughout your house to add instant […]

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Favorite Things of 2017

Today I’m joining a group of bloggers as we share our favorite things from 2017. Melissa, from 320 Sycamore, is hosting and she has the whole lineup right here (there are so many great gift ideas in each of the ladies’ posts!) I am notorious for calling everything my favorite. A new song, the current […]

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