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18 last-minute gift ideas

    We just have a few days until Christmas! How are you feeling? Are you ready? Stressed out? Savoring the music and trees and twinkling lights?

    Perhaps you’re like me and are still finishing up the gift-buying. No shame here. We have become almost 100% online shoppers and since most of the shipping deadlines have passed, the final gifts are being purchased from Amazon. We’ve been Prime members for a long time now and fully take advantage of the free (and fast!) shipping. Our poor UPS guy probably thinks we’re crazy for the amount of Amazon boxes he has been delivering to our new house :) But seriously, the convenience of a one-stop shop for almost everything plus great prices and quick shipping is pretty amazing when it’s December 19th and there are just six days until Christmas.

    If you’re still doing a bit of last-minute shopping this week, I’ve put together 18 items perfect for gift giving. Many of these items I have and love, some are things I’d like to have and love. And all of them are Prime items so you should get them in time for Christmas!


    1. Everyone Brave is Forgiven | $18.89
    I have had this book on my kindle app for months and finally started it this weekend. I’m so hooked already. If you’ve read The Nightingale or All The Light We Cannot See and loved them, you’ll love this one, too. If you’ve read either of those two and feel like this is just another version, don’t miss out. It has a new angle that feels special and a story of it’s own. Plus the cover is so pretty it makes a nice gift.

    2. Brass Dinner Bell | $16.85
    This is a fun gift for new homeowners! We just added one in our kitchen so we can call the kids down for dinner without shouting.

    3. Leather Phone Case | $25.99
    I converted to a wallet phone case last spring and haven’t looked back. I like the color of the leather and the dainty size.

    4. 3 Piece Mixing Bowl Set | $59.95
    This is a totally unromantic gift, but so practical. These bowls have rubberized bottoms that make them stay put while stirring. I use at least one bowl from the set pretty much everyday.

    5. Signo Black Micro Pen | $11.21 for 12 pack
    My favorite pen to write with, hands down.

    6. Signo Gel Pen in White | $6.80 for 3 pack
    My favorite white pen to write with. It is great for colored envelopes, chalk tags, metallic stickers, anything non-white that you want to write on.

    7. Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks | $14 for set of 2
    You can never have enough pretty notebooks. I keep one in my bag, one on my desk, one on my nightstand … you get the idea.

    8. Jenga Game | $16.99
    This classic game is a regular in our house. Great for kids and adults (bonus: the blocks look great left out!)

    9. Kitchen Timer | $14.99
    A retro-inspired timer for the home chef or aspiring baker. Comes in a few different colors and it’s magnetic, too.

    10. Wetbrush in Natural | $15.99
    Audrey and I converted to these brushes this summer and we no longer cringe while brushing our thick, tangly hair.

    11. iPhone Dock | $59.99
    This was a recent purchase as I needed a spot to charge my phone downstairs and grew tired of going upstairs to grab my cord. This dock now sits in the kitchen ready for regular charging. It is heavy and well-made and nice to look at.

    12. Milk Frother | $129.93
    If you get anything on this list, I vote this one. You can find less expensive frothers out there, but I stand fully behind this one. We use it daily for lattes – here’s how I make them at home and here’s my eggnog latte recipe. If you have a coffee drinker in your life, he/she will thank you for this one.

    13. Weighted iPhone cable | $39.99
    Black and white striped cords are so up my ally. This cord is 10ft with a weighted knot to hold it in place. Such a smart idea.

    14. I Had A Favorite Dress | $11.44
    Looking for a sweet picture book? This is our favorite girly one.

    15. Telephone | $14.75
    And this is our favorite boyish version. Although, it is not just for boys, so don’t hesitate getting this one for a girl, too. The pictures are so great and the story is witty. The best combination.

    16. The Secret Keepers | $10.79
    For the older kid-reader, this is a new novel by the author of one of my oldest son’s favorite series, The Mysterious Benedict Society. I may or may not have purchased this one for him.

    17. Brass Plant Mister | $17.45
    You know how I feel about fresh greenery around the house (if you don’t know, now you do: I am a big believer in lots of plants) and one way to keep them alive is by daily misting. This brass mister looks great left out on the kitchen counter so you don’t forget to use it!

    18. Don’t Tip the Waiter | $19.99
    How fun does this game look?! It would be a good one to leave out on the coffee table for guests to pick up.

    Hope this list is helpful if you’re searching for a few last-minute gift ideas!

    11 thoughts on “18 last-minute gift ideas”

    1. I always love your favorite things and gift lists. Thank you! And keep them coming! I live rural and pretty much do all of my shopping online. This years I got 5,6,7,10, last year 15. And I’m stilling loving the grey stripe pj idea I got from your blog way back. Thank you!!

    2. On family vacation in north Georgia mountains. At your suggestion got Monopoly Deal. So much fun. Thank you and have a wonderful Holiday.

    3. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

      I’m worse off, I haven’t even BEGUN my Christmas shopping yet, which is why all of these last minute gift guides popping up on blogs are super helpful right now! I love the leather phone case.

      Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4. Emily…I’m feeling defeated. I am so unprepared for Christmas, I cannot think about it! I’ve been fighting a virus for the past couple of weeks which has cost me way more time that the actual 13 days. We have 5 grandchildren (ages 3 to 11) we haven’t purchased a single gift for yet. I have signed only a half dozen Christmas cards, no baking has been done and I’ve NOTHING to wear to the Christmas Eve Mass which will include a pageant with my gorgeous 7 yr. old granddaughter, Isabelle, playing the part of Gabriel. We live in a university town and dressing for Mass involves a much more casual approach; trousers, a blouse, jacket and flats. Not so in their large urban parish where parishoners “dress” for Mass.
      Your gift list above is quite enticing, though all of my adult gift purchasing is finished; there are a couple of treats there my husband and I really like for US.
      Any suggestions you or any of your readers might have would be graciously welcomed!
      Above all, I wish you and your family and the greater family of your followers a beautiful and blessed Christmas!

    5. I bought that milk frother to replace my Aeroccino (by Nespresso). The Aeroccino was faster, but my daughter forgot to put the whisk on the stem just one time and the burned milk caused the nonstick finish to bubble off. I won’t buy another Nespresso product because of the poor design coupled with less than satisfactory customer service. The Breville is great because you can heat enough milk for 2 or 3 drinks at once, it has no nonstick finish to baby and the pitcher and lid are dishwasher safe. Highly recommend it as well!

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