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three things I’m loving right now (subject to change in a matter of days)

My friend Jamie has the best podcast and at the end she always asks her guests:


When I did her show, my favorites were:

this album
this exercise video
this life-saving dinner service

I still love the album, but my music choice changes with the season and Zac Brown feels much more like summer. I’ve moved on to this album which I listen to on repeat daily and this weekend I caved and started listening to Christmas music.

The exercise videos are good for sure and doing them made a big, big difference in my muscle tone. Only problem: it’s hard to keep up the motivation at home. Our family just joined the local YMCA and I’ve been going to Barre class a few times per week. I’M IN LOVE. I knew I would love barre and now having a close-by gym where I’m committing actual dollars and the class is so fun and hard and perfect, all I want to do is go to class. It’s so good for me to have something I love to do that is good for my mind and body. Find your fitness thing and go for it (that’s my bossy advice for the day. Ashley would say the same.).

As for the life-saving dinner service, yep, still saving our lives.

Since I’m as fickle as the wind and always have a new favorite, I thought I’d share the current three things I’m into right now (in addition to the top items and subject to change at any moment).



Since giving up lash extensions, I’ve transferred my high-maintenance beauty tendencies to my nails.

Now, by high-maintenance what I really mean is that I might go get a professional shellac manicure once per month and 10 days later when the polish starts to lift, I peel it all off and cover up my damaged nails with at-home polish. I’m particularly in to soft pinky/white nails that make my hands feel pretty and just bought this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish in Creme de la Creme (as seen in the photo).  It claims to last like gel without needing the light to harden it. I’m super hard on my nails and nothing lasts as long as they claim on me.  This polish stays looking good for about 4-5 days (which for me is 3 days longer than normal polish!).



Nothing new for me, but every year around this time I’m delighted by the lovely seasonal milk product that is eggnog. I actually prefer a homemade eggnog latte to one at the coffee shop because I only like a splash of eggnog (otherwise it gets a little too sweet for me). This is how I make them. You should come over and I’ll make you one. Yum.


Ryan and I started a new show that is not new at all, but it is new to us. It’s called Suits. We’ve made it through season one and are moving nicely along season two. We loved the now-canceled show The Newsroom and when my friend Jen told me that Suits is like Newsroom in the quick, witty writing (only funnier) and that the character Donna reminded her of me (I’ll take it!), we were sold. We watch for free and in multiple-episode doses through Amazon Prime, but I think you can get it on Netflix too.

So those are the three things I’m loving right now.

Want to play along? Share your three in the comments …


50 thoughts on “three things I’m loving right now (subject to change in a matter of days)”

  1. 1. A big mug of Oregon Chai Tea
    2. My girls practicing Christmas carols on the piano
    3. My gel manicure light kit. My fingernails look as good as the salon!

  2. LOVE the album, thank you for the recommendation !! I am so hard on my hands too I will give the Sally Hansen a go. Normally if I paint my nails they barely last 24 hours ! Blame it on the house work, lol !

  3. What? You gave up lash extensions? Is there a specific reason why, that your readers might be enlightened by? :)

    Love your list–thanks for sharing, as I usually discover new things (your music pick, for example) from these blog posts :)

    I had an awesome barre class last year, with an instructor with years and years of ballet experience and who was also a former Rockette! She was such a great instructor, but alas, she moved to another state, so I have yet to find another teacher I like.

    1. Lash Extensions. I love them. Not as much for the length as for the fact that I don’t have to wear mascara. My natural lashes are long and thick, but very light. Mascara is an everyday must. So extensions allow me to have visible lashes without the makeup. I decided at the end of the summer to give my lashes a break. They were shorter than normal and have now grown back nicely. I mostly just wanted to save the time for appointments and money during this season when wearing makeup isn’t as big of a deal as it is in the summer when we are in the water, etc. I’m sure I’ll go back again. I do love the look.

  4. Do you know about Vinylux nail polish? It seriously lasts over a week on my nails (no chipping!!) and you can get it on Amazon to DIY. So simple! :) I have 3 colors on constant rotation – a blushy pink, dark gray and nude. :)

  5. Where did you get your “nourish coffee mug?” ?

    My 3 favorite things right now:

    Playing board games with my son who got a concussion a week ago. No screen time, electronics, etc. Our favorite: CLUE

    Overnight Crockpot Steel Cut Oats! A bowl full of warm yummyness to wake up to. Plus the myriad of toppings to choose from. My favorites: blueberries, cinnamon, slivered almonds, and a little bit of maple syrup.

    Christmas Music! Album I’m listening to now:
    Sara Groves O Holy Night⭐️

  6. I have to add my YES to Suits, we have watched it from the beginning and it is so good, I think the 2nd best tv show on (the Good Wife being number 1 in my opinion). My top three favorite things right now are 1.) eggnog lattes 2.) the tv show Outlander on Showtime-from the Dianna Gabaldon novels, wow is this good, and you’ll love a man in a kilt after seeing this one. 3.) Spotify- how I love making playlists for every occasion, like parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, work, workouts, whatever. Love the ability to make a playlist that plays only the songs I like, unlike Pandora, which plays songs similar to what I like. So fun!

  7. 1. my new fluffy purple robe – I had a robe that tied in the front, but I could never get it to stay closed around me. My new robe has a zipper front so I know I’ll stay wrapped up in it.

    2. making Christmas cards – I bought all the supplies I need to make Christmas cards this year. I’m writing out my plans for each color of card ( white, teal and red) and will be making them starting this weekend

    3. coloring page mandalas- I have been spending down time at work coloring mandalas with colored pencils and magic markers

  8. Have to share today, because we JUST FINISHED watching Parenthood and I’m in that period of mourning you go through when you’ve watched the last episode of the last season of a show you love. So that’s my #1 favorite at the moment.

    #2 is Celestial Seasonings Chai Teas — the cinnamon and clove spices are so fall-ey and warming. I love them just as they are without adding milk.

    And last but not least, my new pair of “Real Straight Fit” jeans from Gap Factory. They’re straight leg, worn-in just enough, and run big so I could buy a size smaller than normal which always makes me feel a little extra happy, even though I know it shouldn’t. :)

  9. My three Favs:

    – Shea Moisure Raw Shea Baby {yes baby} Butter Healing Lotion. Has frankincense and myrrh, makes my skin so soft, and smells oh night divine! :)
    – Chuck tv series on Netflix! And yes, Suits is FABULOUS!!!
    – Brunch! A friend and I have a standing Sunday Brunch date and we rotate through all our favorite local restaurants. It’s wonderful!

  10. Now it’s your fault I’m addicted to my lashes and you don’t have them! I went after reading about yours since I have terrible eye allergies and had to give up mascara. Oh the horror. Now I can’t imagine life without them!

  11. Oh, Suits, how I love thee!! And now I will think of you every time I see Donna!

    My current faves are:
    The fancy hot chocolate mix my hubby brought home to me last week when I wasn’t feeling well.

    The show Reign. My hubby says its a soap opera but I just love the characters.

    And Kate Morton. I just wish I had found her after she had already written 20-30 books so I wouldn’t run out! I found her from one of your reading list posts if I remember correctly. So thanks!! I’m eagerly awaiting my library copy of The Lake House.

  12. 1. Nivea Kiss of Smoothness lip balm. Totally affordable luxury for your mouth. Lots of shine without the stickiness. I love it on its own or as a base under lipstick or tinted gloss. It is a favorite of mine year round but indispensable when the temperature drops and we turn on the heat. You can find it all over – grocery stores, drug stores, target – usually for under three dollars.


    2. Winter scented candle from Bath and Bodyworks…


    3. Playing Set with my kids. Super fun, good for our brains, and no little pieces to get sucked up by the vacuum.


  13. Thanks for the new show tip. I read the Suits bio and it sounds a little like “Psych”, which was the only show my hubby and I enjoyed together.

  14. LOVED Suits! White Collar is another great one, after you’ve binge watched Suits :)

    I’m Loving:

    Lollia Wish Hand Cream- Amazing!
    Pentatonix Christmas Album- I don’t care that it’s still November!
    Starbucks Peppermint Mochas AND Stawberry Acai refreshers (with lemonade)

  15. 3 Things Right Now

    1) New England Patriots ~ thank you for being GREAT!
    2) Pilates Reformer Classes…..OMG can’t believe I haven’t been doing this for years!
    3) Adult Coloring Books ~ currently love the Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. So relaxing!

  16. My three current favorites are:

    1) painted nails
    2) my seasonally decorated home
    3) chocolate croissants (new bakery in town – swoon!)

  17. Thanks for letting us play along:

    1. Dry shampoo!!! I have very fine hair and dry shampoo not only allows me to go every other day with washing my hair, but also gives it such volume and bounce!

    2. LOFT! I have just discovered it’s SUPER comfortable fabrics and great prices!

    3. The chaos that comes with life when you have a 3.5 year old little princess and 1 year old boy! His name is Grady and we call him Grade-zilla :)


  18. Hi Emily,
    I met you breifly at the Seattle Bloom Workshop and descovered your blog from there. Love!
    1. Fitness classses. I am an instructor at my Y and I love the energy a group brings to a great workout
    2 the color purple. Re-reading it.
    3. My electric heated mattress pad. So much cosier than chilly sheets.
    I am looking forward to exploring your blog over the nexr few months.

  19. Hi Emily,

    Love this kind of post, will definitely do it on my blog as well.

    We seem to love the same things:

    l) I just started to use that Miracle Gel nail polish, I have the light pink on now but I just bought the ocean blue one to try next

    2) I LOVE Suits, watched all the seasons and waiting for the next one on Netflix

    3) I love that we’ll be renovating the guest bathroom next week, finally!

    And I have to agree with Beth about the show White Collar, I’m almost finished the last season on Netflix.


  20. 1. The Sidney Chambers mystery series. I watched the Grantchester series on PBS that is based off of these books and enjoyed it. But the books are better.
    2. Homemade bread. When winter comes, I love to bake. There’s something about the warmth and the delicious smell of fresh-baked bread. The current favorite at our house is English Muffin Toasting Bread.
    3. Walking in the sunshine. The weather is just right for walking in the park just down the road. And my son and I enjoy taking short day trips to our nearby zoo when the weather is sunny and cool. We love being out in the sunshine before winter really sets in.

    P.S. Have you watched White Collar? It’s another great series, and I think they have all the seasons on Netflix now.

  21. Suits is pretty good, but the Newsroom was the B E S T! Anything Aaron Sorkin touches is just magic. He is such a smart writer.

    My 3 favorites right now–

    1. The dining room table my husband I are building.
    2. Fleece lined quilted Barbour jacket
    3. Louis Armstrong holiday pandora station

  22. i went to a barre class once and the instructor had to STOP THE CLASS FOR ME. i almost passed out and she had to get me gatorade and a granola bar. i never went back, obviously.
    i’m 1000000% going to buy that nail polish.
    and lastly, i’m finishing up the west wing, which i’m out of my mind obsessed with. aaron sorkin, the writer, also wrote the newsroom so i’m headed there next. you should watch the west wing if you haven’t already. i mean how can you say no to rob lowe? ;)

  23. I love my barre workouts too! I go to a local studio called bar method and have been since February. It is the hardest and best workout I have ever done! Glad you are enjoying it too!

  24. 1. kristinschmuckershop.com (lovely products)

    2. dark choc. and seasalt KIND bars, only 5 g of sugar!

    3. pumpkin scented candles, I’m going through them like crazy.

  25. Three things I’m loving right now:
    1. Home Fires on PBS- I love the fashion from the 40s and I want to live in this small town in England.
    2. Physique 57 30-minute Booster workouts with Shelly Knight- I can only afford to go to Barre class once a week so these DVDs are a great addition!
    3. TAZO chai Pumpkin Spice Latte- It’s only $2.99 a box at Target and it is soooo yummy!

  26. My husband and I love Suits! It’s kind of our guilty pleasure. We are all caught up and are DYING for the new season to come out. Every season I’m amazed that it gets renewed because I know basically no other people that watch it. Glad you guys do!

  27. One thing I have DEFINATLY been loving since I started earlier this year is barre! I love the burn and so does my body! However, since I live about 1 hour and 45 min. away from the nearest gym offering a class, I use an online streaming service. It’s easy and affordable(around $10 a month).

  28. What a fun post! Here are my 3 things, thanks for asking! :)

    * barre3 – I LOVE barre3, in the studio or online workouts
    * cranberries – I made homemade cranberry and orange relish/sauce over the weekend. It’s a Martha Stewart recipe I really love.
    * A Chef’s Life on PBS – it’s amazing! I watch it via the Watch PBS app on my ipad

    Have a wonderful day!

  29. My three favorite things that I’m loving right now: the Dansko Maria Bootie–super cute and comfortable , Barre 3 online classes–the best workout ever for $15 a month, and Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer–gives your face a subtle glow.

  30. Well, since I’m currently in Christmas decorating mode, my 3 things I’m loving are PLAID, crafting, and Pinterest! Ha! I’d love an eggnog latte please ;-) I’ll definitely have to try your recipe!

  31. So fun, I love Jamie’s podcast and have done the three things I’m loving on my own blog a few times too- its just such a great get to know you question. I also love getting shellac manicures every once in a while- its not even worth it to me to put regular nail polish on because it chips so easily. Okay so those were two things I love, the last thing is felt hats. I just bought one at TJ Maxx and now I’m excited to put together an outfit and wear it. I’ve been searching Pinterest for some inspiration and they’re just so cute!
    ~Bethany (www.thehouseoffigs.com)

  32. My husband and I are about as far into Suits as it sounds like you guys are. We LOVE that show; its so fun! I agree, you do look like Donna and I’ll think of you each time we’ll be binge watching on Amazon Prime.


  33. 1) Flannel shirts. I bought my first flannel shirt this season and then number two and three as well! I always thought they were too casual for me because I prefer dresses most of the time. Wow, was I wrong! Flannel shirts are my new cold weather uniform, just dressed up with some pearls 2) BIG couch pillows. What a difference they make in the comfort factor of my couch. I always bought the 18×18 standard size but buying a couple of oversized ones was the best decision I’ve made for my living room in a while. 3) My lemon button fern that I’ve kept alive for a whole three months! Thanks, that was fun :)

  34. I never thought of it before, but it’s true — you look just like Donna! I think it’s time for a Suits re-watch marathon.

    Also, I’ve only been to one barre class but I loved the amount of workout that I got in just one class. I really need to bite the bullet and sign up for classes this winter.

  35. My 3 “Right now” favorites:
    1. Online shopping… My Christmas list is long and the UPS man has been busy with deliveries to my door already, so much easier than standing in long lines!
    2. Minimalizing my decor, will help this season, and it seems to be all the rage lately!
    3. Design books, there are SO MANY awesome ones out right now, and have purchased some and others are on my Christmas wish list!
    Thanks for listening to me ramble!:) ~Kim

    1. Kim if you’re into minimizing clutter, you should read:

      The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo ~ the Konmari Method

      It really is life changing!

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